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  1. So comfortable and warm. Bit of wind noise from air management system. Helmet can loosen up from first try on, should fit snug, the dimensions to fit head size by CKX were spot on for me.
  2. Great pictures, I never wanted to stop to take any-lol. Did realize later had lots of nice flat trails but nothing with great back ground like first post. One picture below is out of my truck window in Quebec and other was showing a new experience riding with the wife on same sled, neither thought we would like it but it is good. Lots of my photo's look grey blueish because it always snows! I generally ride with friends and now my wife wants to go more to Quebec which is great. Picked up a Mission helmet for the cold days, just not sure what higher windshield to get for my XRS.
  3. 3200 kms on new sled, 2400 in Quebec Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, rest in Ontario- I had a crazy busy winter at work but also had three trips cancelled last minute all for good reasons including last weeks due to Covid. Trails and hospitality were excellent as always, looking forward to some trips in Mt Valin, Saguenay and Gaspe next season.
  4. I doubt you will be hassled if permit paperwork matches sled id and sticker on sled. I was stopped a week ago, they didnt ask my name but checked paperwork and sticker.
  5. I ordered Dec 3rd and paid extra for priority delivery. Did I waste $15? I have two + weeks off starting Friday- Dang
  6. 2020 sleds will have trip B will be added during PDI.