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  1. If you look at it from the point of view that you would submit to a road side check stop for alcohol levels? Maybe? Protecting other people. It's a new world out there. Congrats on the vaccinations.
  2. BTW - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI have similar (but different) protocols for visitors. Plan ahead! Some handy URLs: Nova Scotia PEI New Brunswick Newfoundland Labrador
  3. Just sharing experience toward an upcoming trip to Newfoundland....similar procedure will likely be in place for other border crossings as well in the future as things get figured out.... Within 3 days of your planned visit....fill out this online form: Then if you don't want to self isolate upon arrival, or in some cases actually be allowed in without being turned away (has happened to a couple of ATVer's I know) document the two health authority forms detailing your vaccinations: Upon submission, you are given a reference number to be quoted at your point of crossing. In this case, while driving through Nova Scotia to get to Newfoundland, good idea to have your vaccine receipt records from your health authority printed out in case of some kind of check along the way.
  4. A little less expensive than the one above....(although that one looks great...) Open summers only....we stayed here two year's ago, plain but lots of room and good views if you pick the right room. Could be a climb down to the water. English and poor French understood.
  5. Are you accepting Canadian currency at par? 😷 (jk & bump for you) Good luck with the lottery.
  6. Just giving those that need it a heads up to get their affairs in order while there is time. There will be additional concerns regards certain groups of which people might be members.
  7. Scrutiny at the border for other things while checking for vaccinations...drunk driving, criminal record etc. will be much tougher. If you have such charges and have been lucky crossing so far, might be a good idea to look into pardons etc. while there is still time.
  8. I believe that the U.S high percentage of vaccine deniers and anti-vaxers might also be a consideration to border openings.
  9. Ford currently does this with its F150's running on those ecoblow engines. You can use forscan software to shut it off. A stretch...but while at a gas station fueling up during moose hunting season, a fellow pulled in towing a utility trailer on which was a 5 cubic foot freezer and a small generator which was running to keep the freezer going. The small generator would burn very little fuel. Tow one behind your electric sled and charge as you go. Works for locomotives too - diesel to dc electric.
  10. Some nice places for sale there. Given the upswing in prices of vacation property in parts of Ontario, you could buy one of those lodges listed for the equivalent price of a summer cabin - or camps as we call them where I come from - and not open them as a business - use as your year round vacation home.
  11. Depending on how much you want to spend, in the same area with trail running through the property is this place: The roquemont is basically a motel - as opposed to having your own chalet/hot tub etc. English spoken, cook your own meals or order in. Wife will like it much better. Plenty of trails. Fuel in St. Raymond or bring your own gas cans. With regard to the St. Zenon mention above, snow if more consistent north of the seven falls area. Try this place:
  12. Merci! Was in that area three season's ago in my first year of riding Quebec. Good memories of the Condos at lac Taureau and the trails north and south.
  13. Not to beat the wasp nest with a stick...but my future border crossing friends...keep yourself clear of these "elements" that have come to life might be getting a few extra questions and checks at the border... January 10, 2021 Feds looking at declaring Proud Boys a terrorist organization in wake of U.S. rioting Further, in a separate interview, Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne said the federal government is “reflecting on what additional measures could be taken” to protect Canadian democratic institutions from future extremism and violence on display in the U.S. this past week. I am not picking a fight, arguing, or anything of that nature on this forum with this post....just be aware of what you might be running into trying to cross the border in the future.
  14. Your prize is a personal key for the nearby warm up station and the inflatable outhouse next to it! I was impressed with the propane heater in the building - many are wood fired but the propane enabled instant warmth when you stepped in.