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  1. markusvt

    First ride .. Zenon area 11/29/18 !

    Got Snow 😵
  2. markusvt

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Thanks for the update RR! I was really close to getting the Oxygen helmet...........
  3. markusvt

    First ride .. Zenon area 11/29/18 !

    Watch out, Fozzy's intel says trails are closed. 😍
  4. markusvt

    Towing's season opener teaser video

    Only a day apart or we would have connected 😊
  5. markusvt

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    We only have 1 day on ours, and the overall calibration ,(including gearing) seems darn near perfect. How in the MPG compared to the 900T's you guys are riding?
  6. markusvt

    First ride .. Zenon area 11/29/18 !

    Folks posting FB pictures from everywhere in the area, all looking very good! The advantage of course is mostly park roads so no ditches or water bars to worry about.
  7. Its legit. My round was the closest they ever had, they had to go to .01%! They quadruple checked and I was a very, very, very close second. No doubt in my mind they got it right. Thanks again for the support, QR folks are awesome!
  8. markusvt

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    On trail does the BC gearing seem about right?
  9. markusvt

    All this early Snow....not good.

    Topic right on point. The southern clubs will struggle with this. It is an issue in VT everywhere now and the clubs are out doing what they can. Our Zenon blast Thursday was good, but again no water issues on park roads generally.
  10. No worries, if was fun reconnecting with long lost souls!
  11. The results were very close, and the final tally shows I officially lost by just a handful of votes. Everyone should keep voting for the remaining contestants and keep your chances up for winning a prize yourself. Thanks for the great support all along the way!
  12. markusvt

    Saguenay Bill

    We heard next year it will be a more common bucket of money distributed to the clubs/groomers by FCMQ?
  13. markusvt

    First ride .. Zenon area 11/29/18 !

    Lots of trails all opened, plenty to ride on Fozzy.