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  1. The red is the NB trail, the dot is MV. You will be riding 30 miles on the NB trails from the QC border.
  2. Doable yes, but if you are used to 220 then 310 at 30% more will be a stretch. You cannot easily add MPH to your speed. You will have to leave earlier, less stops, shorter lunch and get in later. You have to figure out how to "gain" 3 hours on your normal riding day.
  3. Glad they were all OK and wrote a nice summary. They summed it up well, Live and learn. I'm sure we all were able to take away something positive from their experience without actually having to live it.
  4. We rode the area a week ago. The trail does go on and off the very edge of the ice and was marked well at the time. We did comment no tracks were venturing off the marked trail and onto the ice. At night, wind blowing you could get disoriented.
  5. Even in Quebec, it will be adding power.
  6. Almost too much fresh snow 😉
  7. Looks like your trip is off to great start! Can't beat the conditions you are finding and as always 83 when nice is the best to rack up the miles.
  8. Alain, Nice run, we ran those trails on our way north and west a few weeks back ourselves. The local clubs are doing a great job with the snow they have, we had a good time for sure. Mark.
  9. markusvt


    They are all about the package, (stay, dinner and breakfast). Lunch hours are pretty strict so get there early and defiantly make reservations for staying. They have huge gas reserves, so fuel generally never a problem.
  10. Looks like we should have grabbed JG to go with us 😉
  11. We have stayed in the past. We mostly stopped when they started charging more and more for parking and they wanted you to leave your truck keys with them. The location is nice and the trails were always good right from the lot.