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  1. Yes, Hotel Colibri shuttle .
  2. Nights were 15F-20F, days got up to 40F-45F
  3. This was L'Etape this week Wednesday and Thursday, 369 groomed and 23 down to St Raymond and all of Quebec City. They are supposed to get another 8 inches ending Tuesday the 16th. There is so much snow there still.
  4. True, but 20K miles and $30K in one year loss sets a new standard for most I would think.
  5. Anyone want to try for 30,000 miles next year?
  6. Loosely from Dec-1 to April 1 is 121 days, or 17 weeks of riding. 6 days on and 1 day off would give 100 days of riding at an average of 200 miles per day. I estimate very close to $20K in travel expenses, another $10K in depreciation, sled maintenance, insurance and registrations. Expensive year.
  7. There are others.
  8. He allegedly stole nine snowmobiles GUY LATOUR MARCH 11, 2019 Photo courtesy OTHER NEXT ARTICLESagging the building of Hopla Acrobatic School TOOLS TO PRINT EMAIL
  9. I'm pretty sure flipping out wont remedy much, you will get no gas or the "pas d'anglais"...............
  10. 83 you can make great time on. 3 north of 83 is slow going, twisty and then you have the ferry. LOTS of options once you get to Chicoutimi, not so much in Tadoussac or Sacré-Coeur.
  11. Depends on where you want to sleep, and how many miles in a day. 23 is generally nice also, at Le'Tape you can come back on the 369.