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  1. Check this out: Blind Nuts and Insertion tool
  2. Mt Valin looking good

    Way to get after it boys. Looking forward to hooking up sometime this winter.
  3. Ice’s new ride

    I always like them better 1/2 naked, but that's just me. Looks like a nice ride!
  4. 2100km Loop Guidance

    Yup, most years too early for that mission and it would be very cold. I would dial it back a notch and move it out a few weeks for your first trip.
  5. Suggested Tour guide?

    Yup! Pick your riding mates carefully.
  6. Mt Valin looking good

    Beginning to look a lot like winter.
  7. Suggested Tour guide?

    Everybody breaks down, only a matter of time. Every trip you need bailout plan A-B-C.
  8. Mt Valin looking good

    You bought gas at the clubhouse or Pelchat? The 1200's hate water in the gas.
  9. GPS

    The solenoid is easily accessible, no need to go back to the battery.
  10. FCMQ map

    When the FCMQ uploaded the 2017/2018 it was grayed out. I am assuming it will go live on a particular date.
  11. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    December 20
  12. Tour du Gouin

    Really nice run JG! Thanks again for sharing.
  13. On line trail permits

    The online is SUPER EASY. You can select the region and club you want right there. It brings up a map where you see the clubs in the region, click on the one you want and done.... The $7 charge can be easily offset by getting the bank rate on the exchange. FCMQ seems to have this one dialed.
  14. Club Notawissi closed for the winter season.

    It was a really awesome place to stay, super bummer.