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  1. markusvt

    GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Snowmobile Trails Maps for Garmin GPS Map Trails Snowmobile 2019 v11.1 The map is still available on PC, Mac, Android, and is compatible with Garmin GPS. Here are the links where you can recover the files. For PC Trails Snowmobile PC For Mac Trails Snowmobile Mac For Android Trails Snowmobile Android For PC, specially designed card for Garmin GPS cars such as Nuvi and Zumo PC card (Nuvi or Zumo)
  2. markusvt

    Motel Ours Bleu

    Very nice place, 5 minute truck ride to the restaurant.
  3. markusvt

    GPS Tracks

    T&B map is wrong from Clova to Martins, correct from Martins to Obj, and incorrect from Obj to Barrage Gouin.
  4. markusvt

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    Nice run Don and team! Looks like you timed it just right. You are the master trip reporter for sure 😉We are getting in plenty of riding, but have temporally lost the desire to post many trip reports, (I'm sure the illness will pass....).
  5. markusvt

    Gas in Weymontachie???

  6. markusvt

    iMotoneige App

    IMPORTANT NOTICE For everyone’s safety, the best source of information about trail conditions and trail closures is your snowmobile club. Snowmobile club websites and Facebook pages are also useful sources of information. Trail grooming intervals can be found on the Quebec federation of snowmobile clubs’ (FCMQ) interactive trail map as well as on the iMotoneige smartphone application. Grooming data is updated twice daily, at 6:00 am and 1:00 pm. Trail information is constantly updated based on information received from snowmobile clubs and the data compiled from the GPS transmitters located in each groomer. For all questions and comments, please do not hesitate to write us at Have a great snowmobile season!
  7. Nice ride! I feel your pain on the cold. Last week-end we rode 4 days all starting between -15F and -25F, never got warmer than -5F. Took me all week at home to warm up 😉
  8. markusvt

    Fer A Cheval or 100 Lacs

    Both really very equal, splitting hairs.
  9. markusvt

    RDL to Levis Question

    Get your miles estimate from here:
  10. markusvt

    Hotel in Mutane

    Only 9 miles.
  11. markusvt

    iMotoneige App

    The ap only gets what is on the server, (same as on the PC). Hit refresh and you get the last uploaded data. What club has what GPS, how often they send the data to FCMQ, how often they update the server so you we can see it is hit or miss. It is much better than nothing but there are gaps in the execution. We often ride on perfectly groomed trails, or trails that for sure have been groomed and the ap/PC says nothing. Not sure of there is a conscious effort to deter groomer chasing. I think it only gets updated once a night with what they have.
  12. markusvt

    Oxygen Helmets

    4 is a good start, but not nearly enough 😀
  13. markusvt

    RDL/Rimouski updates

    Looks like a great trip! We will be doing a similaish trip next week also.
  14. markusvt

    GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Mapsource will load them correctly also.