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  1. driving to mekoos

  2. She's Warming Up : (

  3. HAPPY summer sports to all .

    Mont Apica closed, no food, no gas, keep that in mind
  4. Mt Valin

    Power of the Internet makes real time information way too easy
  5. Mt Valin

    Pourvoirie Windigo from today.
  6. Mt Valin

    Seems St Raymond, St Zenon, Clova all claiming riding still, no problem.........
  7. Mt Valin

    Relais la chapelle from today!
  8. Mt Valin

    KM31 from 4/1/2018
  9. Mt Valin

    Picture from the 93 today from Club-Motoneige Chapais
  10. South shore ride

    Wall of bicycles!
  11. South shore ride

    Tomorrow back to the truck in Levi’s, got to be 2 weeks left!
  12. South shore ride

    First time at 12-12, very nice!
  13. South shore ride

    Welcome to NB
  14. South shore ride

    Trail to Moose Valley.
  15. South shore ride

    Snow up here is ridiculous.