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  1. Last ride for the season.

    Nice last ride! Ending soon for everybody I think.
  2. Dravereus trail

    Yup, rechecked and now its white with no date. I think grooming app lies!
  3. Dravereus trail

    Looks like they groomed it........
  4. Team Vermont in British Columbia

    When the guys on the East Coast post they are riding in deep snow they have no idea
  5. Team Vermont in British Columbia

    Snow base was 12-20 feet depending on where we were. Most snow I have ever seen.......
  6.  Pourvoirie Windigo.

    That's Stephanie (1), the original........
  7. March 9th-11th Chenail Du Nord adventure.

    Day 3, Sunday, March 11th 2018, 202 miles. We woke to blue skis and it stopped snowing, yeah! With only 200 miles back to the truck we weren’t in a big rush. Mont Vilian does not start breakfast until 8:00AM, a bit of a pain under normal conditions. All was good with the food and the cabin but the poor to no internet is a show stopper for me. We were expecting the worse as the last 5 miles in was all ice and no fresh snow. As soon as we hooked a left towards Alma we could see they had gotten plenty of snow this last storm. It was perfectly fresh groomed and we were first tracks all the way to Alma! Best I have ever seen these trails. We crossed the bridge, meandered through town and stayed on the 23 all the way into Mont Apica. The trails were in really nice condition and the traffic was not too bad. A few of us grabbed a splash of gas and off the Le Tape for food and gas. I think overall better food and much quicker service. 23 to Le Tape was a tiny bit bumpy in the turns but mostly really nice. The side trail to Le Tape was very good considering the traffic as we got closer. After lunch we grabbed the 369 back to Route 3. I would say the 369 may have been the best I have seen it ever. It’s amazing what a pile of new snow and grooming will do. We did jump on the 304 to avoid the last twisty part of 369 through the mountains. We were dreading Route 3 but it was totally fine for a warmish Sunday afternoon all the way back to the Hotel. High 5’s and hugs all around and a successful 780 mile trip in the books. No sled or rider issues. Gas, oil and go, just the way we like it.
  8. Auberge du Ravage

  9. March 9th-11th Chenail Du Nord adventure.

    Bummer Jean-Guy, next time
  10. March 9th-11th Chenail Du Nord adventure.

    Day 2, Saturday, March 10th 2018, 212 miles. Did I say the free WIFI worked excellent here at Chenail du Nord! We woke to an additional 6 inches and still lightly snowing. We cleaned the sleds off then headed to breakfast at 7:30. Breakfast was awesome and while we ate Benoit loaded the tracks for the off trail connection to the C-900 Pelchat trail into the GPS’s. He has a new way this year as both of his ways last year have portions that are plowed, sanded and logged this year. We took a few pictures, filled the sleds, spare tank and the windshield washer jugs with gas. One of our team members expressed concerns about the miles, the deep snow, gas and getting stuck so we put him at the back. Move on we must. These are snowmobiles after all and they do go in the snow. We packed our stuff and off we went into the abyss. The snow was deep and no one had ridden this trail since the all the new snow and there was a lot of it. It was fun bombing through the snow on the way to the C-900. For the most part we were the only tracks but in a few sections there were local camp sleds that had broken the trail near them. It was mostly flat with some gentle uphill’s. Benoit said there are (3) separate type of systems you ride through. Doublewide class 4 type roads in the summer for the first part, bigger summer logging roads for the second part, and narrow ATV summer trail type for the 3rd part. All unplowed and full of snow fun. Benoit has it signed pretty well but I would not do it without a GPS. We stopped 20 miles out and emptied the windshield jugs into the sleds that we thought may need them. The 900 would be good and I had 4 gallons onboard that I would need breaking trail most of the way. 15 miles from connecting with the C-900 we started seeing a few huge holes from locals getting stuck and digging out. A few miles later we came on a group of locals stopped and resting from the deep snow challenges. They were headed to Chappell after a morning of fishing and drinking wine they said, good times. We arrived at the C-900 Pelchat trail at 75 miles and to Chappell with 112 miles. Only the last part was groomed wide and nice. We got gas out of their (2) big tanks. I have not been there in awhile so I’m not sure how long they have had them. We went in for lunch and with all of the renovations it is pretty darn nice now. The servers did not disappoint and the food came out faster than McDonalds. We took the lake over to KM31, then a short blast on whooped out 93 to the Brais Louis. The trail was groomed perfect all the way to Onatchaway, super fun. A quick blast on the secondary trails to Mont Vilain with the last 5 miles pretty icy and no new snow here.. The place is redone and more upper class than the old Scooby Raid. We went in to check and Huston we have a problem. They don’t have our reservation. A quick show of the confirmation on the cell phone and they admit they hosed it. Next best option is they set us up in a cabin ¼ mile away, no WIFI and knock $30 off everyone’s price. With no choice really we took it. Off to the cabin to checkin and shower up. Nice place really. Dinner was 5 star for sure. Owner’s and wait staff all supper nice. Terrible WIFI in the lodge, come on folks this is 2018. Early bed time for all as plowing through the new snow was pretty darn tiring.