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  1. Been done since March of 2021 😀 I certainly like it up there but being an outsider I think you would never really fit it. It is a bit of a lawless wild, wild west at times...........
  2. Go back and edit the post and remove the pictures from the body and save. Not your fault, terrible forum software.
  3. For sure bring your trip in a few weeks if you want to ride there.
  4. Last year the relay was no fuel, and limited on the days and hours for food. They are on the map again this year for food.
  5. 90 second video in french, not a big drain on my life at this point. Same as others have reported, my go to credit card got denied several times, had to go to the debit card and it took one failed attempt and then a second good attempt. 😜
  6. Not a heavily traveled trail. I would not do it without carrying extra gas. 142+ miles is a long way...........
  7. Should be it's own thread, but....... You have a very shallow oil pan, (the dip stick does not go there). It is deep enough to cover the main bearings, thats about it. You have a dry sump system. Designed this way for 2 reasons, the engine can be mounted much lower, and more constant oil pressure regardless of tilting and tipping of the motor. You have an oil tank. You can only get a valid reading after warming it up, otherwise the oil on the dipstick can read high, low, none or in the middle cold, all of those readings are invalid and NORMAL. Depending on how hot it got, how long it sat, how you ran it, where its sitting and lots of other factors will define the cold dipstick reading. "Under normal operating conditions the engine oil pan does not store any oil, but if the vehicle has been parked for an extended period without the engine being started, some oil will seep back into the oil pan, reducing the amount of oil held in the dry sump tank. There could be no engine oil at all showing on the level indicator. This condition is normal since the level indicator is designed to read the engine oil level only after the engine has run long enough to reach normal operating temperature. Do not add engine oil based on cold engine level indicator readings." If you really have low oil pressure it will light the check engine code<(P1520), and you will for sure hear some clacking from the motor. Shocking how many engines the local dealer gets in overfilled by 1-2 quarts by customers that don't read the stickers or manuals. The 1200 has a huge sticker right there telling folks how to check it.
  8. https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/webcams/mont-valin_canada_6077462
  9. I'm thinking we still have some time 😜
  10. Last year the trail went through the property, but no gas for you 😜
  11. Trail was great last year, just bring gas.
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