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  1. The miracle will be with the current world events and the obvious supply chain issues that are and will occur will be if any of the manufacturers will be able to ship you a 2021 sled at all before January of February of next year. Your used sled may be worth more in the fall because it may be the only sled folks can get.
  2. 2021 850 BCXRS is $17,049 CAN in CANADA or $14,849 US in the US. At today's rate of 1.45, you could turn $11,758 into $17,049 CAN and save $3092 US on your next sled. Additional fees, details, discounts, programs, ethics, killing your local dealer relationship and logistics play into it of course, but it gets you thinking a bit 🙂
  3. In our experience leaving Repos and heading towards Manwan you enter a different world 1 mile from Repos. Our theory is only 1% of the folks entering Repos go in or out this direction. We have found it generally in very good condition.
  4. In a bar fight I want this guy on my team 😉
  5. Nice run dudes, love it up there 😉
  6. Did the same run on Friday, awesome conditions the whole way.
  7. Snowmobile Trail Maps of Quebec 2020 Snowmobile Trail Map v12.1 This map is free, available on PC, Mac, Android platforms and is compatible with Garmin GPS devices. Here are the links where you can get the different versions of the card. The PC version!AlrtCHHWCApwg1il7iBHcPUkSGG7?e=BRsxvF This version consists of 2 cards. A poorly detailed background map of Quebec and another transparent containing only the paths and the points. It gives you the possibility of superimposing it on another card of your choice. Mac version!AlrtCHHWCApwg1dVF6rh4lAwiUqg?e=KDctV7 Its name suggests, it is designed for Mac computer users. It is the same card as the PC version. Its installation method has been changed. We have dropped the use of Javawa to make it available to all Mac versions. The Nuvi / Zumo version!AlrtCHHWCApwg1SyQyuOTTrPv9J6?e=StYXFl Unlike the Mac and PC versions, this one is made up of a single card which is not transparent for display reasons, because this type of GPS does not does not support transparent maps well when using the route function. Android version!AlrtCHHWCApwg1n9yKRCvJgDrM0x?e=uNadXl This version can be installed on an Android tablet or phone. It requires the use of the OruxMaps or Locus Map application.
  8. Congrats, quite a long run!
  9. Nice ride! We did similar stuff a month back and it was all good then too. 😉
  10. Love Mario, his wife, that's another story.........