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  1. Les Escoumins to Sept-Iles is easy, gas has been no issue. Its after Sept-Iles where is gets more interesting 😉 Post COVID-19 all bets are off.
  2. Almost zero chance of an open border this season I am guessing.
  3. Grooming for 1 😉
  4. First ride in Quebec 1986. Well over 125,000 miles later I have made the best LIFELONG friends ever on both sides of the border 😍
  5. I don’t know who wrote this but SOMEONE FINALLY put into words what many of us have been thinking and I couldn't agree more! I’m sick of covid-19. I’m sick of blacks vs. whites. I’m sick of Democrats vs. Republicans. I’m REALLY sick of the media. I’m really sick of the wearing a mask debate. I’m sick of no one being allowed to think what they want & feel how they do without offending someone. I am sick of the people who are out there jumping on the bandwagon just to spread hatred. And start riots, looting & destroying others properties. I am sick of blaming the world for the sins of a few. We’re one race - the human race. You want to support Trump? You do it! It’s your choice! You want to support Biden? You do it! It's your choice! You want to believe in God? You do it! It's your choice. You want to believe in magical creatures that fly around & sprinkle fairy dust to make life better? Awesome... you do it!! BUT how about being MATURE enough to be able to deal with the fact that everyone doesn’t have the same exact mind-set as you. Having our own mind-set is what makes us all individuals and beautiful. If you can’t handle that fact....oh well! I don’t have to agree with everything you believe in & YOU don’t have to agree with me. It's your choice! It's my choice! Just be a decent human being.
  6. Never will see this in the media.
  7. The US won't let me back in unless I quarantine for 14 days in Canada. If the rules stay the same for the winter, I can go.
  8. They are allowing family to cross, so with my Son living in Toronto so I can legally cross. I have to stay 14 days. This will be tough on me come next winter 😉
  9. OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed on Tuesday that the Canada-U.S. border closure on non-essential travel will remain in place until July 21. The previous agreement was set to expire on Sunday.Jun 16, 2020 Canada-U.S. border to remain closed until July 21 - POLITICO