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  1. Permit prices for the 2021-2022 season The price of a trail permit includes the cost of the liability insurance, defined as mandatory under article 19 of the Act respecting off-highway vehicles, as well as all applicable taxes. $ 375 for an annual trail permit purchased on or before December 9, 2021 $ 455 for an annual trail permit purchased after December 9, 2021 $ 700 for an annual trail permit sold in trail* $ 285 for an annual trail permit for antique snowmobiles (2002 and older) $ 240 for a 7-day trail permit $ 150 for a 3-day trail permit $ 70 for a 1-day trail permit $ 590 for an annual trail permit for a rental snowmobile $ 30 for a replacement trail permit
  2. When I get within a few miles of Hotel Central I usually get this loud music in my helmet?
  3. More info on new models in general.
  4. 3 models. A big bump Renegade, Back Country and Summit equivalent.
  5. How do you guys keep moving that boat to your sled?
  6. 21 of us looked at it 1000 times 😁
  7. There was the one bus 1/2 way between KM31 and Pelchat, but I am guessing there are many more scattered about.
  8. https://www.tripadvisor.co.nz/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g2271934-d1013537-i205298406-Parc_national_des_Monts_Valin-Saint_Fulgence_Saguenay_Lac_Saint_Jean_Re.html
  9. Way too easy. la Hutte
  10. http://www.barragegouin.com/?fbclid=IwAR1e92cjTcM7qSoWuTu3axsHFeoQS0EhA8DE_wZFH8t5rz4vANOnhBdoiuk
  11. But who's wall is it mounted on?
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