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  1. Connector Trail South of 100 du Lacs?

    Thanks Mid Range Hopefully I can get the crew going early and we can circle up around Chevel and 100 Lacs so won't need the short cut. If your near Rabaska Thursday- Sat night stop in and I will buy you a drink
  2. Anyone know the status of the connector trail that runs between trail 13 and the Orange trial that runs south from Pourvoire 100 du Lacs? Woodrunner maps shows it green and open. i Moto map doesn't show a trail around the reservoir. Paper map shows a trail following road along the S side of the reservoir. If it is on the road and it's plowed likely melted off by this weekend. Staying at the Rabaska lodge this weekend, if trail is open and snow covered would work good to do a day loop. Don't want to run 14 km of bad road. Thanks Steve
  3. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Hi Jack, In Ontario the speed limit is 50 KPH or 30 MPH. Very seldom have I seen or heard of radar on Ontario trails except near Bancroft there is a rail bed and often police will set up there and ticket unfortunate riders. In February we rode for 5 days in northern New Brunswick. My understanding there is no posted speed limit for snowmobile trails in the province. The message was use common sense which really is the only practical system for the diversity in trails, topography, conditions etc that exist on the trail system. Was a benefit in New Brunswick because there is a lot of fast riding there. I feel staying on the right side of the trail is much more of a safety issue than speed. One of the reason enjoy Quebec so much is it seems to have a older more mature group of riders than you will find on Ontario trails during the weekend. Steve
  4. Pirate ride.

    Phil is this the last ride for the 1200?
  5. Riding out of Maniwaki

    Thanks for the pictures Mid Range. We are coming up Thursday fro 3 days of riding.
  6. Trail report

    That looks so good we are heading back to ride next Thursday to Sunday. Havent booked lodging yet but thinking we will head for Mont Laurier then head north. Thinking the hotels in town parking lots and streets might be getting bare by then. Debating if should be making the extra hour drive north and start from Rabaska or Mekoos. Any thoughts. Hard to know exact conditions from 6 hours away. Thanks Steve
  7. Gaspe - Best Hotels and Attractions

    Hi Carman Friend just got home from the Gaspe. They stayed at the Grand one night then the next at the CARIBOU at Rivière de Nard, just north of Gaspe. Said it was a really nice spot. 300 km which you won't want to do much more than that on the north shore. Very scenic but also not real fast trail because of the topography. Will be stopping at the look outs which all takes time. At New Richmond the Francis hotel is very nice spot .
  8. Carvings are incredible Alain. Thanks for the pictures. We spend last Thursday to Saturday in Saint Michel des Saints. Didn't realize this event was on. On Friday we went south down to Coin Lavigne then headed east for a loop. Could have easily went to St Come if knew festival was on. Spend the next 2 days riding to the north on perfect trails. Loved the 345 south from Repos down to the 360
  9. Here's a picture of what Sledwhore suggested. Never seen it done until last year on our Gaspe trip. The newest sled in the fleet of 8 died on trail 597 heading from Chandler to Murdochville. Veteran rider in our group backed up tight to the down sled, tied the ski loop off tight to his bumper. Owner of dead sled jump on the back of another sled and off we went. I rode in front to warn any on coming riders as you are pulling the machine offset so likely 6 feet wide. He hauled that machine at 50-60 mph on the flat running. The owner of the Polaris that did the towing is good buddies with his Polaris dealer. When we arrived at Murdochville I said you better send a picture of you pulling that new Ski-doo to your buddy. Just smiled and said "I already have". In this case I had left the keys for my truck and trailer with the Mont Joli Motel, which I think it Iceman had suggested for their rescue service. Maintenance guy from the motel drove 3.5 hours through a snow storm to Murdochville, then back to Mont Joli. Charged our guy $150.00 for his 8 hours of time. Ended up the problem was the Dess Module.
  10. Jack & Sandi's trips

    Hi Jack, Sandi must of let you have a chance to ride the 600. The 600 has my interest as a second machine for my wife and the odd occasion one of my sons has a chance to come ride with me. Have a Arctic Cat 5000 4 stroke now for them. My son was able to come to Saint Mont des Saints the past 3 days to experience Quebec with me. The gerbers just couldn't pedal fast enough when we got into the excellent running up to Repos and area. Loving my 850, have 1,000 miles on it now. Has made riding fun again. Like everyone else hoping these motors hold together for a lengthy time. Steve
  11. Yes, you have to get the machine to the road. Someone else posted about the CAA back in the fall. I think someone from the States contacted them to inquire about the coverage. I believe they were told had to be a resident of Ontario or Quebec but I'm not positive that is the fact. Be worth a call to confirm
  12. Sledzz I believe you are from Ontario. If you have CAA Plus and are a resident of Ontario or Quebec you are eligible for 160 km towing service for sled rescue. With much of Quebec sled trails being remote I'm sure there's not always CAA towing agent close. I'm guessing if you made your first call to them I'm they may cover the cost from a more local tow company. 160 km or 100 miles in most cases would get you to a dealer or at least a safe more manageable spot to recover with your own truck and trailer. Our daughter blew the engine in the family car this summer on Highway 401. Car was in a bad spot in an urban area. The police demanded had to let the Highway Bandit towing company remove the car to their local pound vs waiting for CAA towing company. CAA paid the other towing company ridiculous fee. CAA was excellent to deal with. They also provide this service for motorcycles and Spyders.
  13. Got the link figured out. I had an old 2016-2017 map was using on my phone. Down loaded the 2018 iMotoneige an all is good. Since switching from my Yamaha to 850 Ski Doo nothing seems to work right until I add expensive 2 stroke oil to it.😖
  14. Iceman, We are headed that way Wed also. Can t open the links on my iPhone. Get the following message in French, need help to translate. Viaexplora map opens but no routes showing. Zooming in doesn't make the route appear? Thanks
  15. trail status mount Laurier Area

    Thanks Mid Range for the trail report