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  1. Welcome Quebecrider and good luck with your new endeavour. Great we will now have boots on the ground weather and trail reports from this region. So helpful when most of us on QR are 4-10 hour drive away from Quebec. My first introduction to Quebec sledding was 12 years ago to the Mont Laurier and north area. Have returned many times since, your place is always a lunch stop for a great meal. Still feel the Mont Laurier and the area to the north is the best riding and opportunity to experience Quebec sledding and culture for anyone from southern Ontario. 6 hour drive for us from the Oshawa area which is a hour east of Toronto. Was reading Jim that did the 20,000 miles last winter on the 900T often rides from your location. Him and his wife are people would really like to have lunch with some time. Steve
  2. Can’t combine corn here in southern Ontario because of snow so a rip from Sacre Courer up to Mont Valin on the 93 would be good use of time
  3. We have given up on the Cote Nord - Gaspe idea. Figure lose to much riding time and complicate trip trying to make ferry schedules twice.Plus couple guys in our group need to be home for work on Mondays so getting stranded in the Gaspe if there is ferry or weather issues wouldn’t be the best. Plan now is one trip to do Cote Nord and another Gaspe loop as a separate trip. All we need is two separate weeks of perfect weather. Not much to ask for two severe storm vulnerable areas😏
  4. Test pic 1test pic 2 Ok Gutz think have it figured out now. Thanks Anyone have a easy way to resize pictures on a iPhone or iPad so small enough to down load here on QR
  5. Can someone explain how you post pics then enter a few lines of text to explain the next picture then continue multiple pictures and text. Have no problem downloading my first picture, then my only option is the submit that post. Thanks
  6. On the screenshot below it shows the Trail 63 running east from Mont Laurier down to Nominique. It is a rail trail, lots of road crossings and driveways. I would avoid it. From River Rouge head north on the 319 then west across 322. All the area and trails north of Mont Laurier are great, blues, orange or green doesn't matter. Pick a loop based on the time and miles you have planned for that day. Usually significant more snow north of Mont Laurier than south due to the higher elevation. Ater you depart LaCabbanon you will travel east to the junction of trail 33 and 63. From here trail 63 that goes over the top of Tremblant park is a park road. Groomed double wide and is a rocketship ride east to River Rouge.
  7. Schooter, here's a map showing Devils Mountian and Chute du Windigo #1 Devils Mountian Lookout, small restaurant right at the drop, not always open, depends on day of week and weather. #2 Chute du Windigo waterfalls : very interesting falls, definitely worth the time if can fit it in.
  8. Where will you be coming from the day you are approaching Mont Laurier? If your not familiar with Mont Laurier area should try to pass by Devils Mountain lookout and the Chute Du Windigo waterfalls. They are close together and I can map them out if you want. Rabaska Lodge or Village du Windogo would be good lodging options. Both on the east side of the Baskatong Reservoir. Hopefully by the time of your trip the Reservoir crossing is open, trail 322 then you can take it west then drop down to the 63. l have travelled the Mont Laurier area multiple times but have never gone west on 63 so can’t comment on it
  9. CNC do l have the right spot marked on this map?
  10. New Ferry discount program announced to encourage tourism for ATV and snowmobiles. Hopefully operations go better than they did last winter. If l'm reading this announcement correctly the sled would be free and half price for the person so $10.00. Correct me if I have that wrong. News Release: Traverse de Matane - More than 50% discount to cross between Gaspésie and Côte-Nord 23 September 2019 A minimum of 50% discount for visitors, snowmobilers, motorcyclists and ATV drivers: the Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) rolls out the red carpet to encourage the public to enjoy the attractions of Côte-Nord and Gaspésie. fall and this winter. These major discounts will be awarded from October 11 to March 31, in order to support the vitality of the recreational tourism industry on both sides of the St. Lawrence River. This promotional program is in addition to the credits provided to regular customers last spring during a first phase. In total, the STQ will have contributed nearly $ 600,000 to the communities of Côte-Nord and Gaspésie in 2019. The period covered by the rebates includes most of the hunting season and the entire snowmobile season, during which the marine service was disrupted last year. These measures, including support for the recreational tourism industry, will accompany the government's already announced digital promotion campaign, which will begin within a month. citations "This second phase of measures is intended to allow Côte-Nord and Gaspésie to continue their successful tourism results this summer. These are extraordinary regions for activities such as hunting, snowmobiling and the outdoors. We targeted the regular and commercial clientele with the client credits during the first phase in the spring, and we are now targeting the recreational tourism clientele so that people from all over come to eat, sleep, have fun and spend in these areas. " "The STQ supports the economies of these regions by implementing promising measures. The entire Gaspé Peninsula and the North Shore will benefit, as the tourism industry generates significant spin-offs in several sectors. " - Stéphane Lafaut, President and CEO of STQ The discounts in detail The campaign has two complementary components. Visitors staying: 50% discount on rates and free for children The first part of the campaign targets mainly tourists from outside, but also residents who wish to enjoy the attractions of the neighboring region. Thus, the crossings will be offered at half price for motorists and drivers of recreational vehicles staying at least one night in an accommodation institution on the North Shore or Gaspésie. In addition, children 15 years old and under who accompany them will cross absolutely free. Free for small recreational vehicles STQ will also offer free admission for all small recreational vehicles (including trailers when used to transport a recreational vehicle). This measure is specifically aimed at ATVs, which are used by hunters in the fall in particular, and snowmobilers, which represent an important part of winter tourism in these two regions. It also includes motorcycles. Customers who have already reserved their passage will be able to benefit from the discount, provided that their crossing takes place between October 11, 2019 and March 31, 2020. The discount will be applied at the time of their crossing. Examples of discounts For a family of two adults and two children traveling by car and staying at a hostel: 61% off, or $ 44.40 instead of $ 113.40. For four adult snowmobilers who rented a cottage on the North Shore: more than 85% off, or $ 40 instead of $ 219.60. For two tourists by car having booked a night at the hotel: 50% discount, or $ 44.40 instead of $ 88.80. For two hunters who booked in an outfitter, traveling in a van and carrying an ATV in a trailer: 63% discount, or $ 44.40 rather than $ 120.
  11. What's been your Quebec experiences this late in the season? One of my riding buddies has limited opportunities for a Quebec trip this year and the week of March 22-29 maybe the only option. Have read through all the previous years archives from the Gaspe Region and looks like many years conditions are still good late March. Mont Valin and northern New Brunswick look like maybe other options. A warm week and rain looks like the biggest risk vs lack of snow. l have 2 other trips to Quebec in the work for earlier in the season. Thanks. Steve
  12. Hi Groomer, Must be time for a new Tractor for you soon. How often does your club replace machines. And when they do want type of machine will the new one be? Steve
  13. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5283510 Thinking about possible trips this winter and a Cote Nord/ Gaspé ride is one of them. Read last winter here on QR about the break down of the F A Gauthier and then problems with the replacement ferries. So I Goggled to see what the winter schedule and present situation is. If you read the above article what a disaster and expense this has been for the Quebec government. Hopefully they get the F A Gauthier back in service soon and a predictable service back this coming sled season.
  14. That is great news. Wonder why it’s taken so long for BRP to make that decision, especially when some people have already taken delivery of their new sleds.
  15. Thanks Neksledr for taking this project on! l didn’t try placing order yet to see if shipping to Canada has been figured out yet? I Assume Credit Card payment will facilitate the money exchange issue. Any chance the company doing the clothing can also provide QR stickers. Would really like to have QR sticker on my sled windshield so other QR could notice and say hi if happen to see on our travels in Quebec Thanks Steve