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  1. Hi Groomer, Must be time for a new Tractor for you soon. How often does your club replace machines. And when they do want type of machine will the new one be? Steve
  2. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5283510 Thinking about possible trips this winter and a Cote Nord/ Gaspé ride is one of them. Read last winter here on QR about the break down of the F A Gauthier and then problems with the replacement ferries. So I Goggled to see what the winter schedule and present situation is. If you read the above article what a disaster and expense this has been for the Quebec government. Hopefully they get the F A Gauthier back in service soon and a predictable service back this coming sled season.
  3. That is great news. Wonder why it’s taken so long for BRP to make that decision, especially when some people have already taken delivery of their new sleds.
  4. Thanks Neksledr for taking this project on! l didn’t try placing order yet to see if shipping to Canada has been figured out yet? I Assume Credit Card payment will facilitate the money exchange issue. Any chance the company doing the clothing can also provide QR stickers. Would really like to have QR sticker on my sled windshield so other QR could notice and say hi if happen to see on our travels in Quebec Thanks Steve
  5. Steven is that the high windshield you have installed? Can you confirm there is no Trip B?
  6. Received my trinket throttle hand pump from BRP today. Sent them a message thanking them but a more useful gift would have been one of these manual counters we can duct tape to our bars to replace the Trip 2 that is no longer on the 2020 sleds.
  7. I'm from Ontario, 50 miles east of Toronto but travel to Quebec to do 80% of our riding. Like Quebec Ontario is a vast area with variety of topography and conditions. Many pass years having adequate snow for great conditions has been a challenge until later in the season with a narrow window of ideal conditions usually in February. From Maine and looking for a new area to,ride I would consider: 1. Chaudiere Applaches. THetford Mines area would be a great spot to day trip out of. Different riding than most of Quebec. Not remote like to the north. Rolling farm fields, sugar bushes multitude of loops to do what ever mileage you want for a day. We stopped here for a few days last winter on our way back from Mont Valin. Had such good riding went back the next week with my wife for another 4 days. Some good Trip reports in the Chaudiere Applaches region section here in QR. 2. Northern New Brunswick: Great riding in New Brunswick. Not as scenic as the Gaspe, more remote .We saddlebagged there for 5 days and did 1,150 miles. Maybe not as well suited for day tripping. We spend a day riding in the Hartland- Grand Falls- Plaster Rock area. Really nice trails and rolling topography with lots options for day loops. We find after 3 days in any one spot you have rode most the area. A 1 or 2 hour truck ride can provide a whole new base to ride out of for another couple days. 3. Mont Laurier: 8.5 hour truck ride from Bangor. For day tripping I still like the Mont Laurier and north area. Stay at one of the lodges to the north, Rabaska Lodge or Mekoos. This area has multitude loop options, beautiful trails, wooded rolling topography and if weather has been cooperative grooming is usually excellent. I would avoid this area on the free weekend as it will get lots of Ontario traffic then and will take a few days after to get trails groomed up again.
  8. No Trip 2 on either the 5 or 7" gauge. BRP confirmed that my XRS would only have one via email.
  9. Hi CNC, Whats your situation now? Hopefully the water has started to recede. We didn't ride in the Laurentions this winter but the amount of snow we saw further east in Mont Valin and the Chaudiere Applaches late February and mid March oI was thinking I couldn't imagine the run off once the spring melt starter. Thoughts with everyone dealing with the flooding challenges.
  10. For anyone that ordered a new 2020 Ski Doo you may not be aware the new gauge cluster only has one trip meter, not two like we have had for years. Unbelieveable how BRP could go to production and feel this is acceptable. For anyone concerned contact brp.care@brp.com to register your concern.  Thanks for your time and continued patience, we are sorry for the delay.  We have heard back from our technical support team, and the 2020 Ski-Doo XRS only has one trip meter. We are sorry for any future concerns or inconveniences this may cause you. At this time, we invite you to reach out to your dealer to continue the conversation but please do not hesitate to reach back out to us if you have any further comments or concerns.  Kindest Regards,  David-BRPcare Quote Edit
  11. A friend of Jim has been posting updates all winter on Dootalk. His wife recently also posted, she rode 9,400 miles with Jim this winter on her 900NA. I think she is 72 years old. Helps me explain to my 49 year old wife what her retirement looks like.😄
  12. Following your ride with great interest guys. We had planned on doing the Cote Nord end February right when the 3 day blizzard hit so we had to abort our plan. Beautiful pictures, just send the link to my riding group, most of them aren't QR followers. We will likely do this run next winter, maybe a Cote Nord/Gaspe combo run. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Who is the young guy riding the red Back Country with the cool helmet?
  13. So we spent the last two and a half days riding the Chaudiere Applaches for the first time. Been hoping to ride this area after Snowfarmer posted couple of his trips here last year. This opportunity came up after we aborted our Cote Nord trip due to the storm first of the week. Wow, what a enjoyable area to ride.Arrived in Princeville(just east of Victoriaville) Wednesday night, having left Sacre Couer mid afternoon. Thursday rode from the hotel DuPre heading for LacEtchemin via Thetford Mines and St. George's. 320 km by the time we arrived at the Manor du Lac Etchemin RoadRunner mentioned above. Of rhe 320 km we rode there was only about 20 that wasn't groomed in the previous 36 hours. Pristine would describe the trails. Friday another 300 km back to Princville making a loop further to the south. Great variety of trails throughout the region. Rolling farm fields then through the sugar bushes. They take their Maple Syrup business serious here. Very impressive pipeline systems and Suger Shacks .Amazed how much fun riding the rolling farm land was. Traffic really picked up mid afternoon Friday. By Friday evening trails were just starting to get bit choppy in spots. Team meeting Friday night to decide if we departed for home Saturday morning or ride one more day. 3 guys decided to head home first thing Saturday morning and 4 of us decided to ride a part day before heading for home. Hit the trails at 7:30 and rode 200 km. Every trail we rode was groomed last night They must have an incredible fleet of groomers in this area to cover the miles they have to maintain. Beautiful sunny weather all 3 days we rode. Two other friends got stranded in Murdochville on Sunday. Took a $350.00 cab ride back to Matane to retrieve their trucks. Was Wednesday morning before they were able to depart by truck. They were heading back to Ontario until we suggested they join us for our CA ride. Worked out well for them to salvage some of their week. I had spent hours researching the Cote Nord, read every post related here on QR posted in the last 5 years.Had hotels booked for the first three nights. This ended up being one of our best Quebec trips after changing all plans 8 hours before departing home after studying the weather forecast. Rest of the week was on the fly. Think we will operate this way more in the future. Picture below is some poor sole truck drifted in at Hotel Coronet Wednesday morning . Just by luck ours were parks on the opposite side of the lot and the wind blew around them. Had to climb in from passenger side, some minor shovelling and had them out. The hotel staff yard man was very helpful to assist us.
  14. Wednesday morning Feb 27th Departed the ski hill at Mont Valin this morning heading to Sacre Couer via the 93. Have arrived in Sacre Couer, had a great ride down all the way. Some minor drifting first 10 km north of Sacre Couer, after that great from SC to Auberge 31. Mont Valin to Auberge 31 was groomed last night. Beautiful conditions Wind has stopped blowing and most of the snow has firmed up. Would say most of Mont Valin and all the areas that are treed will be groomed up and great conditions by tonight or tomorrow morning. The flat clear areas Saguenay had severe drifting. We had to avoid the past two days. Only speculating it will take a couple more days to get things back to normal there. To bad Bill wouldn't report. Lot of good QR people would benefit from a boots on the ground report right now. Anyone that had Cote Nord or Gaspe plans hope this helps give you some options Nous somme une gang de VTT et de motos-neiges qui descendent une fois par année pour un week-end au Complexe Du Pré. On se sent comme chez nous. Rendu à l’hôtel, on relaxe, on prend un excellent souper, une bonne nuit de sommeil et avant de partir on prend un très bon déjeuner. Pour pas de frais supplémentaire, nos VTT et motos-neiges sont dans le garage au chaud.
  15. Jack, we just rode down to Sacre Couer from Mont Valin today. 93 is good to great all the way up to Mont Valin. Minor drifting first 10 km north from Sacre, after that good going if you are looking for alternate plans