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  1. Here’s an investment opportunity for you guys. Providing diesel generators to operate electric charge stations for our electric sleds we will all be riding in 2035. How many of these units do you thing a Mekoos, Repos, Km31 etc etc will require on a Saturday at noon during peak sled season.
  2. Is the village St Jean Port Joli? Think it maybe the Le Massiff ski hill you see on the north side of the St Lawrence.
  3. Did you return in the summer Bob and go kite flying off the cliff here? First two times did the loop we came from the west and missed this look out. Last trip we came from the east and fortunately found this outlook. Much better view and more to see then from the west side of the valley.
  4. $2.00 L cash only, Serpentine Lodge is the only other place l seen a drive through setup like this for gas
  5. I know , we were there last March, nice fuel filling setup. Will see who else knows.
  6. This was just posted this morning on FB. Feel bad for all the Lodge owners trying to survive this Covid situation. Be interesting how many we lose on a permanent basis for 2022 even if the world gets back to normal.
  7. Bob, l’m sure that is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. My father-in-law grew up in Bridgewater just down the road. We visited there couple summers ago on our Spyder tour. The Cabot Trail, rest of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island sure makes for enjoyable motorcycle touring.
  8. Mounted my new Garmin 750i today. Played around with some different mounting locations. Been using a Montana 610 for for several years. Last year had it mounted on my handle bars. Liked this location bit better than the glove box mount location l used previous two years because it was easier to reach. The 750 is to large to mount to handle bars. Obstructs the view to much. Previously had a SPOT3 mounted to wind deflector with Ram mounts. Decided this is where l will mount the 750 for now. If for some reason don’t like it there will relocate to the glove box location. Wired it direct to the solenoid. Fits the glove box location well. Ram Mount on the wind deflector Blocked view gauges mounted to bar. Going with this location. Doesn’t block view of gauges and bit easier to reach vs the glove box mount location.
  9. Here's a new one, don't think there has been a picture from this region yet.
  10. Saw this today Dec. 19 on FB Really puts a wrench in the Cote Nord run. Special appreciation to all the club members that have to deal with these ongoing trail access issues. Hopefully they can get the issue resolved quickly
  11. First saw picture thought maybe Manic 5 but looking on trail map there is no sled trail to the dam
  12. My pic of the dog is from Serpentine Lodge in New Brunswick
  13. They do look alike but my picture is from another lodge