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  1. Thanks Jack, l bought a new 900T last year. My wife now rides my 850 but it is getting enough miles on it l should be trading it soon. Thinking a 600R would be ideal machine for her.
  2. Article posted today regarding timing of future border opening. 1. Really hope the border will open by January 1, 2021 so all our American friends can ride Quebec. 2. Be interesting to know the percentage of permit $ sales that is from American riders? It has to be significant. Because most US riders are usually coming for a week trip the $ spend on lodging, food and gas is significantly more than the typical Quebec citizen permit holder. 3. Always figured many of the motels, lodges, gas stations etc weren’t much more than surviving in the past years when things were normal. 4. Believe it was on Dootalk was reading people are booking lodging in Maine now and supply is already very tight. Hoping for a positive change soon so we can get back to normal soon for the benefit of everyone for the long term good of Quebec Sledding https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/covid-19-divide-northern-wall-between-u-s-canada-could-stay-up-longer-than-anyone-expected-1.5087444
  3. Mike you could have your cheapest winter of sledding ever. Call up Justin Trudeau and tell him you want to claim refugee status. Disclose your secret border crossing point and the RCMP will meet you there. Will carry your luggage over the border, fill you sled with gas, new full season trail pass. Arrange for free room and board at the Universal. Maybe pack the new Klim designer suit and Oxygen helmet in a suit case, better to wear some tattered clothes and throw a little mud on that new 650 Matyxr. As a Canadian tax payer for a good guy like you glad we could help.
  4. Thanks Playhard for posting the better format of the article with the picture. Hope l’m riding with my sons when l’m 80.
  5. “Ultimate Arctic Cat Journey” is Complete with Warm Welcome in Thief River Falls Bob Steeves, an avid Arctic Cat snowmobiler, has talked about snowmobiling from his home in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, to the Arctic Cat plant in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, for the last 40 years. Last week, Bob, 80 years old; his son Lorne; good friend Trueman Copp, who is 74; and Trueman’s son Trevor completed the more than 2,800-mile, “Ultimate Arctic Cat Journey” to Arctic Cat’s headquarters in Thief River Falls, Minn. The journey was completed on three 2018 Thundercats and a 2020 Riot 8000. “We ran into so many people who recognized us when we stopped that were following our journey. It was amazing,” said Lorne Steeves. “We had no issues with the sleds, they were bulletproof.” The journey took them from Moncton, New Brunswick through Quebec where they crossed the Ottawa River into Ontario. In Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, they met Arctic Cat dealer River City Motorsports who drove them across the border. Once in the United States, the foursome headed across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan into Wisconsin, and then into Minnesota. When they arrived in Thief River Falls, they were greeted by current Arctic Cat employees and former executive and Hall of Fame member Roger Skime with a banner signed by the plant commemorating the epic journey, took a plant tour, and enjoyed dinner with members of the Arctic Cat team. “We had such a warm welcome from everyone at Arctic Cat. I’ve never met such nice people than those working in the Arctic Cat plant,” added Steeves. The memories of the two-and-a-half-week journey will last a lifetime and is a true testament to the passion for the brand that only Arctic Cat snowmobilers understand. #UltimateACATJourney
  6. It’s a long time until January. For the good of the sport let’s hope the border is open and we ALL get to enjoy another winter in Quebec
  7. Thanks Slomo, Yes highway 155 would be the type of roads we look for, thanks for the suggestion. Try to avoid the main highway/interstate type of roads as much as possible. Steve
  8. Mine going to be very similar to Smclelan’s 1. 587S from Albertville clubhouse south to where it’s connects back up to trail 5 north of PLC. Fast sweepers at the top end and then the beautiful ride through the valley and gorge in the mid to south part. 2. Chic Choc trail between LaCache and Murdochville. 3. Gaspe North Shore, Cap Chat to Mont St Pierre to Rivière Renaud 4. “Roller Coaster” between Baie Comeau and Godbout on the Cote Nord 5. Orange Trail north from St Ann du Lac up to 100 du Lac
  9. Your Baie Comeau idea has merit. On the guys trip this winter we stayed at the LeManoir for a night. It would be spouses approved, the Travelodge maybe not so much. We stayed at Grand Nature also this winter. No problem doing a gravel run like that to get to a destination. I was mistaken saying Cap Chat. It’s the large lodge south of St Ann des Monts on the 299 l was wondering about Thanks for the input.
  10. Avoid gravel roads as much as possible. Being belt drive always the risk the front left tire could flip a stone into the rear belt/sprocket. Drive it like l own it.😏 My understanding the road is paved up to Manic 5. From there north believe it is gravel.
  11. Being hopeful the world is back to normal by summer time thinking about places to go for my wife and myself annual Spyder tour we do for 2 weeks in mid August. Last year we did the Cabot Trail and west side of Newfoundland. In 2018 did the Maritimes including PEI, Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia and NB. Our plan a few months ago for this summer was to fly to Calgary then rent a Polaris Slingshot and spend a week touring the Rookies in Alberta and British Columbia. With the present Covid 19 situation think we will travel to Quebec, something we can do on short notice if tourism and travel becomes an option again. Playing on the CAA/AAA interactive map site l sketched out this possible route starting from Quebec City. We travelled all this area over the past two winters on the sled. Like most people on sled trips travelling new areas always think l would really like to come back here in the summer to explore the area. Few questions for those that have travelled these areas in the summer: 1. Manic 5, the Hydro Dam north of Baie Comeau, is it worth the time? I believe there is a tour you can take at the dam. 2. Is Hwy 138 east of Sept iles to Havre St Pierre scenic? 3. We like to spend two nights at one spot A couple times in the trip vs pounding the road every day. Any suggestions on places on this route to stay and can spend a day puttering around exploring the area? Was rereading Iceman and Playhard’s Spyder Trips to the Gaspe and CA the past couple of summers with interest. Any chance you stopped by the big lodge south of Cap Chat in the Chic Choc on the 299? Just toying with ideas at this point if anyone has other suggestions. Below is a few pictures from last years NFLD trip. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia Lobster supper, Baddeck, Cabot Trail Waiting to board the ferry in Port Sydney, NS for the 6 hour night crossing to Port aux Basques NFLD Norris Point, Gros Morne national park NFLD. Beautiful area.
  12. Beautiful old bridge. Costly to maintain these historical landmarks. Firstime l was in the Gaspe was summer 2015 when we did a family camping trip around the Gaspe. We would have drove right past the bridge but lf don’t recall seeing it. To bad the snowmobile trail didn’t go this far down the valley. The bridge and the Auberge Rivière Matapedia fishing lodge would make a great destination and over night stop. Hope you had a great Birthday Groomer. Another covered bridge we rode past in New Brunswick between Lac Baker and Edmunston. The covered bridge in Hartland NB is something to see. Forget the exact length but something like 1,200 feet long. Can be reach by the snowmobile trail.
  13. Problem Solved Lets Ride!👍
  14. Hadn’t snowmobiled for years since being teenager around 1980. 2005 bought a Polaris 550 then a 2006 Fusion 600. My boys were getting old enough to ride and we did all our riding around the cottage north of Peterborough Ontario. Fall of 2007 starting doing business with a fellow. Wasn’t long before we realized we were both sledders. One day during break at a meeting we were attending he said your a sledder; yep, you have a diesel truck; yep, you have a four place trailer; yep; you want to come to Quebec with us; yep. So would have been winter of 2008 four of us went to Mont Laurier. Stayed at what was then La Sentatier hotel (now Quality Inn). Arrived about 4:00 pm mid week day. Unloaded and headed north. Don’t recall wether it was Rasbaska lodge or maybe St Ann du Lac we rode up to for supper. Riding these perfectly groomed trails, beautiful scenery. We day tripped from there for 3 or 4 days. Weather was perfect, temperature was cold enough trails set up perfect. Hardly hit a bump over those few days. That was it, l was hooked on Quebec. Each day stopping into a different lodge for lunch. Seems the lodges added so much to the experience and the Quebec sledding culture. Ever since 2008 the same group has been doing our annual trip to Quebec. Going to different regions over the years . Have had 3 of my sons for trips over the years and now have my wife hooked on Quebec. We progressed from day tripping in the earlier years to saddle bagging. One of the enjoyable things has been introducing other people to Quebec. Everyones first trip always has that wow factor . Challenge we are having now is trying to keep our group to a manageable size. For several years always the four us us. This year we had to make a policy maximum of 8 guys. 2 years started a second group with some fellows never rode Quebec before. This winter took them to the Gaspe and had an epic trip in early Feb with 5 beautiful sunny days. Every winter spending more time riding Quebec. Self employed using up both holidays and mental health days. Already planning next winter, can’t wait. Steve