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  1. Teaser is right. Really enjoy your ride posts and pictures. See last years first ride was Dec. 18th. That's only 25 days from now! Have a great up coming season.
  2. Well it is a start

    Hi Cnc Any new developments on the trails reconnecting south of Tremblant. Saw where the local town people were lobbying for it but is there any hope it will happen in the near future.
  3. CAA Quebec

    Yes I learned about it this summer when we were planning our Spyder trip to the east coast. Called CAA to be sure we had flat bed roll off service in case of any issues with the bikes. Lady told me about sled service in Quebec. Not available in Ontario or NB as far as I know. Need to have CAA Plus. 100 miles or 160 km tow to your desired location. Will be a real benefit to sledders. I'm sure there is many parts of remote Quebec the logistics maybe a challenge. Will be interesting if you break down a long distance from a regular CAA Towing company if they will assist to have a more local company do the recovery. This summer our daughter's car blew the engine on the highway in a very busy dangerous location. One of the Bandit highway tow trucks showed up immediately and the police office demanded he tow the vehicle vs waiting for the CAA truck to arrive. CAA reimbursed us for the majority of the ridiculous towing charged by the other company. CAA people were wonderful to deal with. Would be interesting to know if AAA members will be covered under this program?
  4. Big White Tour

    Do you have a map or a link to this tour? Not familiar with it.
  5. Proline Trailers

    Ya I'm thinking a little cabin on the Trail in Quebec would be a good retirement plan. After our Gaspe trip last year I came home and looked up real estate prices out of curiosity. I could sell my house here on the urban fringe of Toronto and buy a village in rural Quebec.
  6. Proline Trailers

    Beautiful trailer. That 22 feet plus the v-nose or 22 total? Have a 10 year old 4 place now that is getting past its prime. Can't decide what style and configuration to buy the next time
  7. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    HI PMAC We rode the Cabot Trail on the Spyders this summer. Looking at the NS maps looks like a good trail system on the island. Is it something to put on the bucket list for sledding?
  8. We travel from Ontario to Quebec each winter a couple times for our major sled tours. This year considering trip to NB to explore some new areas. Heard there is some great trails in NB but there isn't the resources like QR to research NB. Know many of you from QR have travelled NB so wondering what your experience is. We did the Gaspe loop last winter so after that great experience have to compare it to the Gaspe. Received the NB maps yesterday in the mail from nbfsc. Looking the maps over looks like you could do a big loop of NB similar to a Gaspe trip but you never hear of this like we always hear about various multi day Quebec adventures. We did a tour on our Spyders this summer in NB, PEI, Cabot Trail/ NS. Real nice topography in NB. Has to be some nice sled trails in those hills. If we go would be a 4-5 day saddle bag trip so we can cover some territory. Any NB trip may incorporate some travel through Quebec like have read many of you on here have done. Studying the NB map looks like a connecting trail between Quebec and Moose Valley. At Campellton it looks like the trails may not connect? Do you have to take a shuttle service there? Thanks Steve
  9. Thanks Phil for posting the pictures of your set up for gas and bags. Really like your idea of plumping in the gas caddy to use first. Makes so much sense for so many reasons. Have a great summer on your bike. Getting our Spyders out today for first quick ride. Planning on doing a tour to PEI and Nova Scotia in late August. Steve
  10. One more dose of handle bar therapy

    Are these pictures from your phone? If so what App are you using that labels the town with each photo. Does it do it automatically or do you have to enter info your self. Good reference in the future when reviewing photos
  11. Think I'm going to pulled the trigger and Sno-Chek a new 850 Renegade X Presently riding a Yamaha Viper so will need new luggage and gas options etc. Never dreamed I would go back to a 2 stroke but doing a lot of research and keep hearing about the FUN factor about the 850. Lots of times from long time 1200 riders. This year on our Gaspe trip there was 8 of us. 4 4 strokes and 4 2 strokes. We started the first day with the 2 strokers at the back of the line. that worked for the first hour😀. It's seems you put a bunch of males in nature the Alpha Male issue comes out. So we spent the week with a few of us switching off riding point. By the end of the day we all stunk. See lots of pictures on QR with different combinations of bags and gas cans. What are you running, or if you were starting out new what setup do you suggest. Assume need to carry some extra gas and would be nice to accomandate 4 litres of oil. Wonder why some genius at BRP hasn't had the fuel can suppliers develop a gas/oil combo can from that 14L base stackable fuel caddy. 1/3 oil 2/3 gas would be perfect. With the mileage of these new sleds gas isn't often a huge issue. 2 gallons of spare fuel would be lots for comfort level for the majority of riding in Quebec. For you guys that rode the the 850 this year what windshield do you see being the most practical for this coming year. The new adjustable windshield looks interesting but will be pricey by the time you get everything need to make it work. These sled companies sure have mastered selling us an expensive engine and chasis then you have to spend another zillion dollars to buy her a prom dress and matching shoes and purse to make her respectable enough to take out in public.😄😄 Pictures of what your using and the pros and cons would be great. Thanks Steve
  12. Mont Laurier conditions

    Thanks for the update, was geared up to go Thursday night but now my son says he can't make it. ( Darn girlfriends)
  13. Mont Laurier conditions

    Are you there now? How are conditions. Trying to decide if we take a run up there for Friday, Saturday
  14. New to Gaspee - Stop recommendations

    The orange trail (I don't know why the Orange trails aren't numbered) between LaCache and Murdochville is one of the "must do" trails in the Gaspe. So you would go N on 595 from New Richmond, gas at LaCache, Orange Trail to Murdochville, gas there as it's handy, then N on 597 to MSP . We found riding trail 5 if come across gas right on the trail or very close we would stop and fill if half tank or less. Some of the fuel options maybe in the small towns that can be 5-10 km off the main trail. Can lose 30 or 40 mins pretty quick. When are you starting your trip? You likely have seen the weather for this week. Looks like a snow storm with high winds We'd and Thursday. You don't want to be on the N shore if getting a storm.
  15. New to Gaspee - Stop recommendations

    For the most scenic ride you want to do your proposed route. NR to LaCache -Murdochville-Mont Saint Pierre You may know for gas at LaCache you need to go a few miles N of the Murdochville Trail junction on 595. Gas, cash only, no food. Grampsledder summed the trip up very well. it will be a full days ride to carry on to St Anne De Monts. I assumed they just had the time change so an extra hour of light at night will be a big positive. MSP both motels are definitely older Mom and Pop type places. St. Anne de Monts are more modern type hotels. 2 weeks ago was my first time I've been in St Anne De Monts. We went to the Hotel &Cie for lunch. Gas station across the road. We had to run a few blocks of pavement to get to it from the end of the Orange trail that goes into town. The restaurant and food was excellent, I would definitely stay here if needed. The Motel Brunante was right next door, also looked like a decent place. Just looking at a street map of the place you wondered about I'm thinking it is not very accessible by sled. Maybe someone has been there and there is a good way by trail????? The issue we had on our recent trip staying at a couple of the older motels was the lengthy time it took to have supper and breakfast. They are trying to survive with very limited staff. one poor waitress and one cook in a tiny kitchen are trying to serve a lot of people at one time. Food was usual good but very slow to be served.