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  1. Thanks, friends heading there this weekend, need fuel before heading north
  2. Can anyone confirm there is still the gas station in Sainte Ann du Lac?
  3. Jeff , Trailblazer, Iceman, Roadrunner and others, We are planning to go to Sept-iles for sure in a few weeks. We may have time to continue on to Havre Saint Pierre. Assuming good weather is the ride to HSP a great ride vs turning around at Sept-iles and spending a couple days around Mont Valin?
  4. How many beds are in those cabins. We are heading for Mont Laurier today. Have the wives with us this trip so staying at Village du Windigo.
  5. See on the map the river is now showing it closed to traffic with the red dot. The river is just west of the orange local trail so it is not an option to bypass. Confusing thing is a fellow posted this morning a group of them rode yesterday from BAIE Comeau to Sacre Coeur. Didn’t mention anything about any trail closures or problems. He did say they rode a few unmarked trails so maybe they found a by pass loop?
  6. The GREAT NORTHERN RIDE snowmobile charity ride is doing the Levi to Matane, across the ferry to Baie Comeau back to Quebec City loop this year starting Sunday Feb. 23. This is a group of 100 riders from Ontario that do this charity ride in a different region every year. The funds raised are donated to a Children's Centre. Anyone riding this area that week will want to plan your hotel or ferry crossing plans accordingly. Their web site only provides the map of the route, not the hotels they are staying. I'm not involved in the ride. I added the days of the week to the map, l believe l have them correct. If there is anyone on QR that is part of the ride and can confirm this that would be great. l hope the weather and the ferry co-operates that day. I hate to be the person responsible to reschedule 50 hotel rooms for the group. Happy Trails to the group!
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/provincial-police-quebec-chic-chocs-mountains-1.5425798 This is why l appreciate the groomer operators and the whole groomed trail system
  8. App works normal with no problems on my iPhone but is almost unusable on my iPad. Panning and moving the map is biggest issue. Then map will disappear and the site reboots. I deleted all older versions from the iPad and reloaded the app with no improvement.
  9. These bags are 38L to give you an idea of size. Bigger than l need for the sled but have for our Spyder adventures. The brand is Dryspec. Secret to make dry bags so useful and versatile is using ROK STRAPS to secure them. Use the 60"long x 1 " wide. You can cinch bags down super tight and will never move.
  10. On the Club Matagami FB page today (Jan. 8 ) they posted: Still working on trail, will be open later next week.
  11. Snowmaster you can exclude this Canadian from the “you guys” that re-elected Justin. We are all fortunate the great trails are in Quebec. I’m surprised Justin and his merry crew haven’t suggested sledding is to be banded in the near future due to the evil fossil fuel burning sport it is.
  12. Happy 1st Day of winter to you also Playhard. PLAYHARD; myself and I’m sure many others on here were hoping with your charm and wit you would have convinced ICEMAN to return back to QR with his on the ground early season reports and in season detailed ride reports. The detailed ride reports like Iceman, yourself plus the multitude of other members is what makes QR such a valuable asset to all of us. Merry Christmas and Happy Trails
  13. Hey Mike, l ride a 900T, looking for a riding buddy to do the WOLF RUN, only interested in riding with guys on 900NA. You interested, promise won't touch your DESS cord, l'll buy the wine!
  14. LOL, Groomer my French not so good but reading article below can figure why Captain Cowboy needs a tow into Matane And 24 hours later new development New twist in the saga of the infamous ferry "F.-A.-Gauthier" which crosses Matane-Baie-Comeau-Godbout. The CEO of the Société des traversiers de Québec (STQ), Stéphane Lafaut, announced Saturday morning that the return to service of the ferry is once again compromised due to a problem with electric motors discovered on Friday during the trip between Lévis and Matane. “The engines did not operate within the parameters prescribed by the manufacturer. There are sensors that weren't green [Friday], "said Stéphane Lafaut. This new problem could delay the return to service of the ferry, originally scheduled for December 20.
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies. Decided we will start from Sacre Couer for various reasons. Reading old posts in the Cote Nord section saw couple pictures of the Seafood Platter at Resto Chez Julie. Gives us something to aim for. Doubt we will have time to reach Havre-Saint - Pierre. Take it day by day and hope we get the weather to make the run this year.