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  1. One more time

    We rode there late Thursday until noon Sunday. Riding out of Rabaska Lodge. Had 3 guys with me that had never ridden Quebec. Between the perfect trails and perfect weather had great 3 days of riding to end the season.
  2. parent area

    They changed some of the trail status and the note on the Woodrunner site today. I'm not sure what "the last weekend" means. DO they close trails March 31? We were as far N as Fer Cheval and 100 du Lacs on the weekend. if they receive a bit of snow on April 5 to cover the isolated road spots and crossing there could be some great riding there if still open
  3. Really enjoyed your trip pictures Alain. We spend 3 days at the Canadaventure Lodge just north of where you stayed on the lake so recognized many of the sites. We spent the weekend riding north of Mont Laurier, what perfect weather to enjoy our season ending ride. Was also enjoyable trip because my 24 year old son was able to come with me for his first experience riding Quebec. The reservoir system in Quebec amazes me. We stayed at the Rabaska Lodge, the Baskatong Reservoir is basically empty at that location, just a river running through it. The volume of water it will take to refill these empty reservoirs is hard to imagine. Was looking at the maps and in some cases the watersheds include huge areas but have to wonder if there is enough snow to refill them? Have a great summer. Steve
  4. Cote Nord Planning For Next Season

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. Give me something to ponder over the summer.
  5. Another gas stop loss

    Fortunately these new sleds are much more fuel efficient than the older machines. We were riding the north of Mont Laurier area this weekend. In the past Nottawassi was usually a lunch and fuel stop. Luckily from QR I knew it was closed this year and we planned accordingly. This year I switched from a Yamaha Viper to a 850 Ski Doo so did get the gas caddy to carry fuel. In my case I need to carry fuel on the Doo to give us some cushion for the Arctic Cat 5000 I have for my sons to ride. It would burn about 25% more gas than my 850. But my son had to be flailing on it pretty hard as he did well to keep up with us on the bigger machines. Rode 4600 km this season and never used the spare gas once but it sure was a comfort on several occasions that someone in the group had a fuel light flashing but it wasn't a big deal because we had fuel with us. Disappointed BRP didn't come out with a split Gas/Oil caddy. Don't need to carry 4 gallons of gas. A 2.5 gas, 1 of oil would be perfect. Obvious the BRP bean counters figured they will profit more making us buy the new oil caddy.
  6. Trail report

    We rode out of Rabaska Lodge Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Did 1,080 km of near perfect trails. Beautiful weather made for 3 epic days of riding. Had one of my Sons and 2 other friends that had never ridden Quebec before. They will be back. Majority of the miles were couple different loops N of St Anne Du Lacs. Sight seeing loop to Devils Mountain and Chute Du Windigo. Rode through Ferme Neuve Thursday afternoon when it was + 5C. Enough slush we sneaked through but sure by Friday all the roads were bare through town. Avoided it the next couple days. Really like to thank the clubs and groomers that look after this vast area. Job well done.
  7. Cote Nord has my interest to explore a new area of Quebec for next season. What's the common staging hotel for the 3 days out and 3 days back that often hear about. Looking for the groomed trail adventure not the off trail adventure some of you do that is very interesting to follow. Did the Gaspe last year, how much of the Cote Nord is as scenic as the N shore of the Gaspe? Just got home last night from 3 days riding N of Mont Laurier. Between the perfect weather and perfect trails can't put sledding to rest, need to get planning next year. Thanks Steve
  8. Connector Trail South of 100 du Lacs?

    Thanks Mid Range Hopefully I can get the crew going early and we can circle up around Chevel and 100 Lacs so won't need the short cut. If your near Rabaska Thursday- Sat night stop in and I will buy you a drink
  9. Anyone know the status of the connector trail that runs between trail 13 and the Orange trial that runs south from Pourvoire 100 du Lacs? Woodrunner maps shows it green and open. i Moto map doesn't show a trail around the reservoir. Paper map shows a trail following road along the S side of the reservoir. If it is on the road and it's plowed likely melted off by this weekend. Staying at the Rabaska lodge this weekend, if trail is open and snow covered would work good to do a day loop. Don't want to run 14 km of bad road. Thanks Steve
  10. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Hi Jack, In Ontario the speed limit is 50 KPH or 30 MPH. Very seldom have I seen or heard of radar on Ontario trails except near Bancroft there is a rail bed and often police will set up there and ticket unfortunate riders. In February we rode for 5 days in northern New Brunswick. My understanding there is no posted speed limit for snowmobile trails in the province. The message was use common sense which really is the only practical system for the diversity in trails, topography, conditions etc that exist on the trail system. Was a benefit in New Brunswick because there is a lot of fast riding there. I feel staying on the right side of the trail is much more of a safety issue than speed. One of the reason enjoy Quebec so much is it seems to have a older more mature group of riders than you will find on Ontario trails during the weekend. Steve
  11. Pirate ride.

    Phil is this the last ride for the 1200?
  12. Riding out of Maniwaki

    Thanks for the pictures Mid Range. We are coming up Thursday fro 3 days of riding.
  13. Trail report

    That looks so good we are heading back to ride next Thursday to Sunday. Havent booked lodging yet but thinking we will head for Mont Laurier then head north. Thinking the hotels in town parking lots and streets might be getting bare by then. Debating if should be making the extra hour drive north and start from Rabaska or Mekoos. Any thoughts. Hard to know exact conditions from 6 hours away. Thanks Steve
  14. Gaspe - Best Hotels and Attractions

    Hi Carman Friend just got home from the Gaspe. They stayed at the Grand one night then the next at the CARIBOU at Rivière de Nard, just north of Gaspe. Said it was a really nice spot. 300 km which you won't want to do much more than that on the north shore. Very scenic but also not real fast trail because of the topography. Will be stopping at the look outs which all takes time. At New Richmond the Francis hotel is very nice spot .
  15. Carvings are incredible Alain. Thanks for the pictures. We spend last Thursday to Saturday in Saint Michel des Saints. Didn't realize this event was on. On Friday we went south down to Coin Lavigne then headed east for a loop. Could have easily went to St Come if knew festival was on. Spend the next 2 days riding to the north on perfect trails. Loved the 345 south from Repos down to the 360