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  1. Wasn’t familiar with New England Bob so googled him and came up with this QR post from 2012. Some interesting reading and history for Bob and a few other characters.
  2. 2 year plan is to get the sled and truck miles equal. 5 year plan is twice miles on sled vs truck.
  3. I thought no grooming was happening anymore? Or were they moving the machine to summer storage?
  4. Some impressive miles many of you put on this season. Can’t wait until l’m retired so we can spend more time in Quebec. We did 4 trips from Ontario to Quebec 4,800 km, 3,000 miles Mont Laurier Cote Nord Gaspe twice Spend last week doing the Gaspe and a side trip into New Brunswick with my wife. Great trip with ideal conditions to finish the season. Numbers l’m not so happy with: 7,200 km total on the truck for the 4 trips 72 hours truck travel time. Everyone have a great summer and let hope we get through the present challenges ok. Steve
  5. Drove from Ontario yesterday (Saturday) to RDL Universal Hotel. Lot less traffic than normal on the 30 South Montreal by-pass. Everything relatively normal at the Universal. Pool and hot tub was still open. Left RDL this morning and rode south to Lac Baker, NB. In Edmunston now at the Travel Lodge. Very few people on the trails today, almost no one at the hotel tonight. No direct impact on sledding yet on our travels today.Plan on spending next 4-5 days riding the Gaspe. As long as no critical gas station is closed l’m hoping we will be ok. Mother in-law is in Portugal , suspose to be there until April 1. Travel company is trying to figure out if they can get the group back home sooner. Friend is in the travel business, fleet of tour coaches, motels in Florida and Myrtle beach. Family business celebrating their 60th year in business. Getting decimated in a matter of a few weeks. Hopefully situation gets better soon.
  6. day's goal was the southernmost area below RDL, the Packington Loop. We left in snow flurries which quickly changed to a blue sunny sky for the day. Trails were beautiful, traffic lighter the farther south we got. Coffee at Frontier club, and off to the Packington Loop. We top of our gas in Packington and march on, We come to the intersection of New Brunswick signs. The forbidden Lac Baker trail!!! We look at the signs. We gather. We discuss. We pee. We discuss some more. Its a GO. The trail is fun, groomed to perfection, and in seven miles we are cruising down the middle of Lac Baker. Another mile and a small sign out on the staked trail on the lake, a relais. We pull in, and it really is a full fledged restaurant. The food truly was amazing. I thought this area would be remote. Lots of camps on the lake, lots of people around like maybe a town near by. We had pulled it off, another new trail and place to eat. A great trip back and as always after a stellar day, a good happy hour. mike Mike you mentioned you gassed up in Packington. Is the station right in the village? Don’t see a gas station on Google earth. May head to Baker Lac then over to Moose Valley tomorrow. Thanks Steve
  7. Hi Zeusand, Wonderful pictures you been posting. Enjoyed following along as we are headed for the Gaspe/NB Saturday. Where did you meet the Mundle Shuttle on the Campellton side? Are they available on short notice or do we need to call a few hours ahead to set a tentative pickup time? Thanks Steve
  8. Would appreciate that JG. This weekend before we are in the area. Thanks Steve
  9. Anyone know if the orange trail running south from the 587S to the New Brunswick border connects with a trail in New Brunswick. On the NB app doesn’t show a trail on NB side. Would like to ride from Moose Valley to Point La Croix but include the south end of the 587S as part of the ride. TIA Steve
  10. Great to see you back on the trail Playhard. Seen you been posting but not riding all season. Happy trails!
  11. How many miles was the round trip to Baker Lac Mike?
  12. We did the Cote Nord couple weeks ago. Started in Sacre Coueur and had a great run out to Sept-iles. Tuesday night in Sept-iles our plan was to continue east to Havre St. Pierre. By Wednesday morning the forecast had changed with snow and high winds by Thursday. Thursday plan was to depart Baie Comeau and ride to KM31 on the Pelchat trail. By the time we got to Forestville really started to snow and blow. Arrived at the gas station west of Forestville right on the highway. Gas station power was out so no gas. Impossible to make the 185 km run to KM31 with no gas. Time for a team meeting. We called the Pelchat hotel and they had rooms available and we should have enough gas to make the 80 km trip. Off we go in poor visibility conditions. With the aid of GPS made it to the hotel about 4:30 pm. Highway was closed by then and hotel was full. Arriving at the Hoteliere Pelchat Hotel Thursday Feb. 27 Next mornig machines drifted in, clutches were packed with snow. Friend says we have to ditch the spare underware and socks next trip to make room for a nylon sled cover. Left hotel Friday around noon heading for Sacre Coueur. Other riders had broke trail out to trail 3. Trail 3 the groomer had already done a pass for the first 20 km then he turned around at the end of his run. From there no one had been further west on #3. We had to break Trail in almost 2 feet of powder. Did that for about 20 km then come over a hill and see the flashing lights coming towards us from the groomer out of Sacre Coueur. Thought we would be golden for the remaining 20 km into Sacre Coueur. The snow was so deep the groomer was having problems climbing the hills and had to often back down the hill and do another attempt. Every place he had to back down the drag left a huge snow pile blocking the trail. Some were low enough we could drive over them . Others were to high and steep and had to go around them. Had a few stuck machines but we finally made it to Sacre Couer. About a 3 hour trip to do the 76 km. The adventures of sledding. The seafood platter at Chez Julie in HSP was our goal. That will have to wait for another trip. Have a great ride.
  13. Really enjoying the pictures Jack. What did they serve for supper at LaCache. We stayed there one night a few weeks ago. Two pieces of homemade pizza is what we had. Was very good but that was it, nothing else was offered. The shower was not working in the motel building when we were there. Justin was the young lad running the place when we were there. He was very helpful making some phone calls for us to Mont Joli to make arrangements to have my truck come rescue one of our group who sled chain case grenaded.
  14. Mike, My wife has a cousin that owns a cottage on Baker Lake. We stopped in there this summer for a visit on our way to Newfoundland. First thing l asked was there any snowmobile trails nearby? Pulled up the NB App and the trail ran right in front of their cottage on the Lake. It appears the local club uses the marina on the lake for their Clubhouse/restaurant during the winter. Scout it out for us, slight chance we may head RDL way in couple weeks. Steve