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  1. Hi I'm interested would you give me a call 203 671 9598 Pat
  2. First Day Jan 3 Leave from St. Raymond to Pourvoirie Windigo. Day 2 Windigo to ? Passion Quebec or wing it
  3. Way to early for that trip. Do you have CAA you may need it.
  4. Merry Christmas to all Let the winter begin Let it SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Happy Turkey Day to all. May the good lord keep us all safe on the trails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Balmoral Has been SOLD
  7. So is there a new trail to Mont Valin
  8. the people that ran the relais.last year said it was going in the sane place as the trailers where.
  9. Just hope they put some one in there that will keep it clean
  10. Has any one heard anything on the new trail from Lac Mauro to the park 23 or 369
  11. Congrats on that ride and Drive that a real mans day hardcor
  12. Hey dose any one have a phone # for the 22
  13. I have stayed at Four Point many time never had a problem park truck and trailer right in front cameras are on it 24 -7