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  1. Rental Sled Near Casino

    See Pierre at Top Location 418-665-1531 right at the Fairmount & if you rent from Pierre you will be supporting a site sponsor...if that matters to anyone....
  2. The Challenge

    I challenge the Red Rocker to a 98.7 kilometer race non stop non refueled 😆
  3. That vin rouge last night must have been exceptional....
  4. 4 Points Sheraton Quebec City

    Very nice place I have stayed there a couple of times Not sure what they have for secure parking this year but I believe previously they did Did you inquire about secure parking when you made your reservations?
  5. With all these retirees I’ll probably have to get a second job to pay in enough social security they can enjoy their hobbies
  6. Conditions

    Except for being thin around Alma to Roberval the rest was excellent They did get snow today
  7. Delta Saguenay Parking question

    Unfortunately no Ginger and I drove home yesterday
  8. Delta Saguenay Parking question

    Nice pics John
  9. Bernieres Hotel

    Great news
  10. Conditions

    I left the Saguenay yesterday & the conditions were good from what I could see from highway 20 the conditions looked thin on the south side of the St Lawrence
  11. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    You always post the best pics JG
  12. 1/20 day trip

    My first venture into Quebec back in '84 was through the border crossing at Jackman. Still some of favorite riding memories are in the Chaudiere Appalaches. I always told Ginger to spread my ashes on the section of trail 75 between the border & the first clubhouse.
  13. Nice color combo on that sled Terry
  14. Mont Valin Waterfall

    When Ginger & I passed the intersection Sunday the hut was not there