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  1. 182ray

    Early ride

  2. 182ray

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Great reports Howard keep them coming. Maybe sometime you can give us a build report on the sleds. Unless of course that's classified intel...lol Ginger & I have have Oxygen helmets for this season great to hear they are working good for you I don't know about that balaclava...probably would work better with the bottom 2'' trimmed off...hahaha
  3. Gary is smart chap...he wouldn’t even enter the contest 🤣
  4. You’re on the Queens shit list now There is ONLY ONE top Europe snowmobiler and it’s not a man
  5. I just used my multiple accounts to place 6 votes
  6. 182ray

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy thanksgiving to all my Quebec rider friends from sunny & warm Sarasota
  7. 182ray

    Software Update

    Is there any intel on the red rocker I need to know so I can be ready for the “challenge” 😆
  8. 182ray

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    I can see Gemma will be chauffeured around Quebec in stile this season where did you buy it?
  9. I say use them all...whatever it takes it get Mark the W...
  10. You have my vote make snowmobiling great again
  11. 182ray

    A visitor stopped by the other night

    Yeah as a bear skin rug 🤣
  12. 182ray

    Advertising Input

    Since we are so close to the riding season maybe the cards should be planned to be ready next season so there's enough time to hopefully get them right. It is a valid point that Quebec is a French speaking province & the cards should be in French to be respectful to the people & business's we are trying to reach. In the mean time maybe what the administrator's of this fine site can do is to contact various hotels, relais, restaurants, etc around the province that are popular with the Quebec Rider crowd to become sponsors.