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  1. Sad news to announce

    R.I.P. to the original hard core sledder & a true pioneer in snowmobile forums
  2. Great Anti NFL song

    I would much rather watch this than a bunch of over paid primadonnas prancing around playing grab ass
  3. Great Anti NFL song

    One of my suppliers gave me 4 tickets to a giants game at the meadowlands...I gave them away & instead drove to Charlotte for the world finals of dirt track racing...no one kneeled during the national anthem there Fuck the nfl
  4. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Mike most of the suggestions you have received are very good EXCEPT one...drink less vin rouge??? How dare Road Runner even suggest that...lol But here's one that will really save you money & maybe even your life...https://www.cancer.org/healthy/stay-away-from-tobacco/cigarette-calculator.html You would probably save enough money to be able to buy two sleds per season.
  5. Proline Trailers

    It sounds as though this Aaron guy was doing some profiling....
  6. Proline Trailers

    Where’s the nitrous bottle go?... nice trailer team gutz 👍
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy thanksgiving
  8. Meanwhile today at the Delta...

    YES....in my dreams 🤣
  9. Plenty of parking available tonight
  10. Slow Times

    Sitting on The lanai in Sarasota 🌞
  11. Big east snowshow

    It was great to see you & your Dad too Blake.
  12. Happy Birthday SnomoGary !!!

    Happy Birthday Gary
  13. Never Forget

    For sure NEVER FORGET!