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  1. 182ray

    ON MY WAY!!!

    I REST MY CASE!!! Thanks Fozzy for the ride report
  2. 182ray

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Be sure to give us a ride report Fozzy.
  3. There's at least one bank in Jackman (or at least there was) you could exchange some money there. After crossing the border it's fairly rural country side. Recently I have been using an ATM to get CA money the service fee was $2.00 a transaction which I can live with. If you use a credit card make sure they don't charge foreign transaction fees. Jackman Powersports sells all four brands & has great service if need anything
  4. 182ray

    ON MY WAY!!!

    It's easy for people to rag on Tug Hill but don't forget there's a lot of hard working volunteers making the trail system happen. Like most places you'll find if you can ride during the week the trails can be as good as anywhere. Hopefully you have a great time. As someone else mentioned there's a lot of pits tops to check out.
  5. I think what has been overlooked in this Team Gutz saga is the irony of your custom fabricated aluminum bumper failing on the aluminum bridge must not have been Saguenay aluminum 😆
  6. 182ray

    FCMQ map

    The Delta to Forrestville is very doable in a day...from Roberval now that would be a challenge
  7. This is the first snowmobile club house after crossing the border if they're open you can get trail passes there https://chaudiereappalaches.com/en/travel-quebec/la-beauce/saint-theophile/club-motoneigistes-liniere-marlow/snowmobile-club/ This where the shuttle will pick you up http://hotelnormandin.com/accueil-hotel-bernieres/ This is where the shuttle will drop you off Hotel Motel Colibri, Quebec 8516 Boulevard Hamel, Quebec, QC, G2G 0H8, Canada, 888-950-5062 I think it's about $35 CA per sled The Signature Hotel is a good place to stay & depending on the how your crew rides you should be able to make it there in one day including the shuttle across the bridge. Crossing the border from Jackman is very convenient on a sled you drive right up as if you were in a car. Have you passports handy & hopefully no one in your crew has anything on their record that would prevent them from entering Quebec. This is a great area to ride. Have fun & be sure to give a ride report. Ray
  8. The lengths guys will go to defrost the new oxygen shield 🤣
  9. 182ray

    Oxygen Helmets

    You must have some good connections you say it...& it's done....godfather...lol
  10. Hi Team Gutz, I know you guys have been at The Delta since Thursday evening. I was wondering how the trails are, how the sleds have been running, how's the Team Gutz fabricated items are holding up to the extreme testing regiment by Team Gutz? So in short what's HOT??? Sincerely your snowmobile buddy, 182ray
  11. 182ray

    Oxygen Helmets

    They must not have had any test riders that wear glasses. I've worn the helmet for 6 days in temps from +25f to -25f the only way I could keep my glasses from fogging was to crack the shield. I didn't pay $600 to ride around with the shield cracked. The worst $600 I ever spent.
  12. 182ray

    Hotel in Mutane

    Ginger & I have stayed at Le Portage & we liked it. The room we had was recently renovated & breakfast was delicious. We would stay there again.
  13. I have the Klim Fusion gloves for a few seasons at first I didn't like them but now they are my go to gloves.
  14. 182ray

    Imago Village - Mont Valin

    Ginger & I stopped into the bar/restaurant last season it was nice.
  15. 182ray

    Where am I?

    It could be this one