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  1. I sent a pm on Doo Talk to Jim’s wife Melissa asking them to consider posting here We buy our sleds at the same dealer in PA that’s where I first met them I also saw them a few times this season at The Delta and got to talk to them really nice down to earth people 👍
  2. Congratulations on a great season ender guys looked like you had great weather trails & riding buddies
  3. First Farmer Old switches to Doo now you? What's going on in western NYS??? lol
  4. Happy Birthday BJ no better way to spend your day!
  5. Sounds like someone was given fake news 😁
  6. That is completely unacceptable that you haven’t received your poutine yet instead of discovering self service gas stations a certain “mod” should have been wining and dining the gaspesie’s premier trail surfacer operator 😂
  7. Yes that would only be topped a a rouge vin dispenser 🤪
  8. https://www.wwlp.com/news/local-news/hampshire-county/us-army-to-determine-how-snowmobile-crashed-into-blackhawk-helicopter-in-worthington/1846720009 Odds on favorite....Long Hair???
  9. Um it’s 182Ray thank you 🤣
  10. I REST MY CASE!!! Thanks Fozzy for the ride report
  11. Be sure to give us a ride report Fozzy.
  12. There's at least one bank in Jackman (or at least there was) you could exchange some money there. After crossing the border it's fairly rural country side. Recently I have been using an ATM to get CA money the service fee was $2.00 a transaction which I can live with. If you use a credit card make sure they don't charge foreign transaction fees. Jackman Powersports sells all four brands & has great service if need anything
  13. It's easy for people to rag on Tug Hill but don't forget there's a lot of hard working volunteers making the trail system happen. Like most places you'll find if you can ride during the week the trails can be as good as anywhere. Hopefully you have a great time. As someone else mentioned there's a lot of pits tops to check out.
  14. I think what has been overlooked in this Team Gutz saga is the irony of your custom fabricated aluminum bumper failing on the aluminum bridge must not have been Saguenay aluminum 😆