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  1. I must be missing something, because the Universal in RDL is at the bottom of my list for places to stay in Quebec, terrible experience there! Prefer the smaller outfitters and try to avoid the big hotels like the Delta and Universal... We are looking at Maine as well for a Plan B, coming from Ohio the UP of Michigan is closer, but Maine is on the list of places to try. The North Shore of MN is excellent as well, if they have the snow - but that is a long haul for most! Hopefully this shit passes and Quebec is a go!
  2. Sounds similar to our Hotel Universal - RDL experience last year, except we had reservations for everything...it’s on my list of “no go’s”. I totally agree, I would much prefer a “Bush Lodge/Outfitter” vs a big Hotel in town - I hate sidewalks, LOL. Hot Tubs and Suanas are a huge plus at the end of a long day, but the people often times make the place. Good people/owners can make a shit hole great and they can make a 5 Star place a “ No Go” for sure. We just got home from Ravage, the place is impressive for sure and we had the place practically to ourselves! Think Snow
  3. As a rider who enjoys both on and off trail, I think some additional education and resources would go a long way. We have spent a lot of time researching our off trail trips, we are always looking for legal places to play...it would be great to have a map that depicts this. Will this fix the issues, absolutely not - we are driving as I type this and every farm field with a trail we pass has corners cut and tracks everywhere...my guess is that most of these tracks are from trail riders, not those seeking out deep powder. I think if the snowmobile community works together, we can build something that caters to all riding types! - Our off trail trip was out of Pourvoirie Wapishish in February, we had a great time and never laid a track on the trails! - Think Snow
  4. I'm riding a Snowbike this year too - we will see how it works out. Mont Valin in early Feb for a week!
  5. I have had a few trailers over the years, I think I'm on number 18 in 8 years - from all my experiences this is my list: 7.5' wide - the perfect width, I have had narrower and wider, the 7.5' seems to be the sweet spot. Fuel Doors - we never use them Man Door - is a must IMO, we are always in and out all the time Finished Interior - I like something on the walls - protects the outside from the inside, and your buddies are never as careful as you are Interior height - 6'6" minimum, it is nice to walk around with your helmet on Length - 18'+V we can get 4 into with some work - I'd say go 20' or 22' Aluminum Wheels Axles - I like the idea of torsion's, but springs are easier to fix road side - we are currently running torsion's Helmet Cabinet - great for getting some stuff off the floor Here is the current rig - R&R PSD .... I have been really happy with R&R
  6. Hi All, Looking to see if anyone knows of a snowmobile accessible only cabin rental, looking to ride mostly off trail from a remote base camp - I understand this presents the need to tow in supplies and gas, but we are looking at it as an overall adventure! Let me know if you have any suggestions. THINK SNOW
  7. We stayed at Chenail Du Nord and linked from there over to Wapishish! This was the first week of Feb 2018!
  8. Looking for some insight on where to head next week - 3/3 - 3/11 ... group of two from Akron, Ohio - we typically ride Quebec - mostly Mont Valin and St Michelle areas. Option 1 - Ontario - 520 miles or 8 hrs in the truck - Sault - Hearst- Cochrane - Timmins - Chapleau - Sault - this would be our first time in Ontario, not sure what to expect from a grooming/traffic stand point Option 2 - Western Quebec - 803 miles or 14 hrs in the truck - Val'dor - Matagami - Chib - Roberval - Gouin - Balbuzard - Val'dor - we have covered this are before Option 3 - Gaspe - 950 miles or 15 hrs in the truck - no set route as of yet, but I think your typical Gaspe loop would work for us. In Feb we rode the Cote-Nord and saw the North side of the St. Lawrence. The shorter drive to Ontario is appealing, but it is not the end all be all - unfortunately we are used to driving...we have season passes to Quebec, but again it is not a problem to buy an Ontario permit.
  9. Does anyone have an update Way-points list they would care to share? Thanks
  10. I have traded emails with them recently, I also purchased my annual permit from there site and it was redirect to the FCMQ . . . I just received the permit in the mail today and it was purchased on 12/9.
  11. We are a group of 4 - we all ride well together! We like to have a plan in place as a guide, but we all realize things change and plans might have to adjust . . . I'm not sure we have had a trip workout exactly as planned on the computer. It looks like we might adjust Day 1 and split it into two lighter days, as of now it looks like we will be a late arrival into RDL and no reason to over do it on day one . . .
  12. Here is a quick layout I did on the Interactive map - any issues with any of these days?
  13. Hi All, I have been looking and reading at all the other loops people have done on the Gaspe, plan on giving it a go the first week of Feb. We would like to see the interior Chic Choc mtns as well as the coast, looking for the best layout to see the best of both and not miss any must do's if possible. I have contacted Dale and Louise at quebectrails and they suggested the following (leaving from RDL): "I would suggest staying on TQ5 as far as Mont St-Pierre then cutting down 597 to Murdochville, from there over to 595 down to New Richmond then to Chandler back up 597 to Murdochville again back to 595 then up to Matane." Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Think Snow
  14. Update - just spoke with the federation and they claim that have a number of people in similar situations - they claim it is a Canadian Post issue. They advised me to use my 14 day temporary even tho it expired on 12/23 as they are aware of the problem and that I should put the paper temp permit in a plastic bag and tape it onto my sled! I guess I can get a replacement permit once we hit Quebec, but I hate paying for something that I already paid for...maybe since I posted this it will be in the mail box today!
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