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    timbo got a reaction from MrGutz in Split rail ski vs snowtracker   
    Big fan of the Split Rails.  You enjoy two sets of "edges" on each ski.  They really "carve" without being overly aggressive.
    they handle primo
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    timbo got a reaction from GT Rider in Best place you have ever stayed?   
    10-4 on the Bannik.  Best in QC!
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    timbo got a reaction from Carman in Best place you have ever stayed?   
    10-4 on the Bannik.  Best in QC!
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    timbo got a reaction from nyskidooerinnewhampshire in Jackman Maine to Quebec City help/suggestions   
    Good to know!!
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    timbo reacted to MrGutz in Shawinigan Season Opener   
    Or spin it around and pull with your index. (No-Hair's favorite feature)
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    timbo got a reaction from PLAYHARD in Auberge Motel Drakkar   
    The Ring-Dang-Do, now what is that??
    It's round and fat, like a bowler hat.
    It's good for me, ........ and it's good for you....
    and it's what Uncle Bernie called the Ring-Dang-Do!!
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    timbo reacted to MrGutz in Oxygen Helmets   
    Hey GuyZ and GalZ
    I've had some PMs about the new Helmets and I want to give you a quick run down. This is not a technical eval.
    -We needed new helmets and we were going to just renew the BV2Ses (500.00) each.
    -The O2s were a little more.
    -They fit tight, but are starting to mold\form to our heads and really fit nice.
    -You will not be able to hear anyone if you stop for a quick chat with them on the trailz. They are quiet.
    -Adjust them, the ear muffs move up and down and in and out with the pads. Take the time to do it.
    -Wear a thin balaclava, this will help with getting the damn things on more than anything else. They are tight.
    -Built in curtain works great. No need for a balaclava other than they are tight.
    -No Breath Box!! Need I say more. (we are a bunch of Mouth Breathers and it kept them clear)
    -The controls are nice and do something. I ran mine on low and it kept the shield clear with no problem.
    -High is warm.... I mean warm..... Dry my contacts out warm.
    -Rear light is bright. Nice.
    -They fit the Uclear Amp Pro communicators like they were designed for them. Wire Paths and Cut-Outs.
    -No-Hair's fuse popped on plugging in his to the Enduro.
    ** (Skidoo installed a micro fuse on the helmet port, it is not on any diagram, you should be able to find it under the dash (PITA) small hands helps.
    -I would buy them again.
    Any questions let me know.
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    timbo reacted to iceman in Mt Valin Early Ride   
    Sleds are made to be scratched. 
    If your not scratching your sled on the right side then you are riding the middle of the trail. Now scratching the left side is a different story.
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    timbo reacted to Trailblazer in Mt Valin Early Ride   
    And empty them as quick as you can, the lighter the tail the faster the trail.
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    timbo got a reaction from PLAYHARD in Who did the special snow dance? grooming has commenced October 5 !   
    Good Post, Playhard!
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    timbo reacted to Phil 1 in Trudeau puts tariffs on american snowmobilers   
    Even if it were true, which I doubt, the exchange rate today is 1.32 less 25% we are still 7% ahead. 😁 How much fun can you afford to have. It’s just money...
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    timbo reacted to PLAYHARD in Who did the special snow dance? grooming has commenced October 5 !   
    Pierre Coulombe @ Club Rapide Blanc Mont-St-Pierre getting antsy?

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    timbo got a reaction from PLAYHARD in Man Down   
    May the Glow of health return to you, Don..
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    timbo reacted to smclelan in He is Alive!!!!   
    You are exactly right Ray, just that simple. 
    We should all mention at check-in etc, that good reviews on QR helped influenced the decision to stay at their business. 
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    timbo reacted to actionjack in Quebec elections? Making the trails great again?   
    Club Saint Donat already printed trail 310 through the parc on this year’s map. 
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    timbo reacted to MrGutz in He is Alive!!!!   
    It is a long story and it centers on "IF" we go to a place and report about that place more often than not, we should try to line them up as a sponsor with an ad. We (QuebecRider.com), I've been told, have metrics and KPI's on "Eyes on Pages", "Clicks on Adds" and "Unique Page Requests"  all showing value for your ad dollars. Bill actively brought on several site sponsors and their support is Very Appreciated, but he had a hard time looking for New Sponsors and Asking them to buy in when other businesses were getting "Free" advertising.
    For me this is a little difficult as I don't usually feel comfortable with the "Ask" to the business owners.  Some people slide right into it.
    Maybe we can come up with a way to make it easier, a Card with contact info and access to metrics we can hand out at these places? I don't have a good answer.
    I do not want this place to end up like Dootalk.com. I tried to pull it up on my phone and I waded through 3 video ads just to find out the Torque needed for a PB80 Clutch.
    We do miss having him on and I wish he\we could put it behind us.
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    timbo got a reaction from MrGutz in He is Alive!!!!   
    I was moved, nearly to tears of joy, when I espied Bill manning the booth at the Big E. .   As jak opined, the man has a magnificent leg.
    Pud and I enjoyed visiting with MrGutz at Bill's stand.   Ran into 8 or 9 Quebec Riders circulating the displays.  Everybody stoked for the winter to come.  Crowd was jumbo, and folks were spending money like crazy.
    All good, with the exception of the "seminar's" conducted in the Ballroom Saturday Afternoon.  A tad low on content.  I was looking forward to the segment on setting-up and tuning your suspension for conditions.  Not much take-home.
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    timbo reacted to nyskidooerinnewhampshire in Delta renovating restaurant...Boston Pizza is coming..   
    When we viewed the hotels website we too said the same thing about the pool area....Looks nice...Too nice to park sleds in ?
    Funny story.... When I first booked the Delta by telephone a few years back for the first time in the middle of February I inquired of  the receptionist if the hotel had a pool onsite. The receptionist politely replied , yes. Subsequently I told the wife to pack her swimsuit. When we arrived a few days later the on duty receptionist gave us a warm welcome with directions to the elevator, bar, restaurant, mall, gym, & sled coral, etc.  Not giving us direction to the pool I inquired where the pool was located. The receptionist gave me a peculiar look and and gave me the same directions as she did to the sled coral. I thanked her, went to our room unpacked & changed into my bathing suit and set off for the pool sporting my beer belly, swim trunks, flip flops & towel. I walked down through the lobby, past the desk & all holding court with Bill & JD whom we did not yet know, , and turned right out the pool door. Whoa ! Dam it was cold. it was then I learned the pool was seasonal - outdoors.  Thinking there was a mistake , that there must be an indoor pool I returned to the front desk, patiently standing there in my trunks,  flip flops & towel over my shoulder & glancing at those that were looking at me. . When it was my turn I stepped up to the desk / receptionist & with great confidence  I inquired where the indoor pool was. I was told there was no indoor pool - only outdoors. I announced I was told the hotel had a pool when I phoned. The receptionist replied, yes Mr O'Reilly I took your phone reservation  (coincidentally ) and I did tell you we had a pool but you didn't ask if the pool was open. Too funny....Hysterical.. Needless to say it was a comical minute.  A valuable lesson was learned.  :  ) 
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    timbo reacted to mikerider in Delta renovating restaurant...Boston Pizza is coming..   
    Or a shuttle service to Tim Horton's at 5:30 AM. Dam that's a cold walk!
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    timbo reacted to hparaptor in It’s getting closer   
    For the less fortunate members who dont receive the magazine,  you may read it here....
    Enjoy!  Looking forward to riding again 
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    timbo reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonsoir a tous !!!
    merci.....i had a problem with google chrome...could nt go on most sites...
    the cartoon reminds me...when my mom was still with us...i used to tell her ....from riding ...if im not back tonight....call the army ...
    the riding will slow down a lot in 2 weeks....bow hunting ...moose...don t mind ....work to do at the camp ...
    temps dropped a lot ...30 c monday ....11 c yesterday and 5 c right now...light rain most of the day 
    on the pic of the river ...trail for the lake....if you use your imagination a bit ...don t need rouge for that ...the island has the shape of a shark !!!

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    timbo got a reaction from towing in St-Zenon/Mattawin/St-Michel des Saints photo ride report 7april2018   
    Super report, Alain.  Truly a ride to remember!
    What a year!!
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    timbo reacted to Andyman in Relais 22 today!!!!   
    RoadRunner congrats to your cousin on his upcoming retirement. We most likely have crossed paths in our careers. December 2nd marks 40 years since I enlisted in the military and started my aviation career and I am very happy to be retired!!!
    Timbo I wish that was my new sled ! Unfortunately mine is still parked in my garage. A quick run down to Cuba with Miss Lisa and then I will be able to start looking for snow!
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    timbo reacted to ckf in Slow Times   
    Chasing the fall foliage around VT / NH with rob. We have been having a ball with our drones this year.



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    timbo reacted to smclelan in Slow Times   
    Practicing my Rouge drinking skills while enjoying fall colors at my cabin.
    When you sit down with people like Groomer and Timbo, you need to be prepared, they are professionals!