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  1. Thanks CNC. I hate to upgrade just for the app but time will tell
  2. I am also having a similar problem. When I go to the Android play store, it says all of my devices are incompatible with this app. ?????
  3. When I go to google play and try to download the app to my android phone, tablet, or desktop, it says there are no eligible devices What am I doing wrong? I was able to download it back in 2017. Any help would be appreciated Jeff
  4. Just put 17 miles on my sled at home. About 12-15 inches deep with some drifts. Fun but have some sore unused muscles. Better get in shape for a long season ( I hope)
  5. Colder than normal in North East
  6. Is the new app for iMotoneige 2019 available yet. I can't find it Jeff
  7. Thinking ahead for new snowmobiling adventures. Has anyone ridden the snow train from Sault Ste. Marie? Any affordable packages out west or in Labrador that you have gone on? Don't get me wrong, I just retired and plan to do a lot of riding in Quebec as always.
  8. I like the sign on the ship, "NO NAKED FIRES" Road one of my Seadoos today. Fun but not the same amount of fun!
  9. That has got to hurt! Hope the rider was off the sled.
  10. Jackstraw, If you were at home in Chester, and wanted to ride one last time for 3 to 4 days, leaving Wed. after work, and wish to keep it to about 180 miles per day, where would you go? Jeff
  11. I hope to ride April 5,6,7 on groomed trails. It looks like PQ might get some more snow. Nothing left hear in Mooers Forks, NY. Did ride Tuesday locally on great trails. Any suggestions where to ride for 3 days going about 180-210 miles each day? FMCQ today showed very little grooming activity. Not ready to put my 2016 Blizzard away with only 9700 miles on it. Jeff
  12. Rode 120 miles yesterday and 212 today. The season has definitely opened early!!.. 63 from St. Michelle to Cabanon was about an 8, 33 to 360 to Hotel Marineau 7-9. M 20 a ten. NOTICE! 33 North of St Michael where 360 starts , is still being logged according to owner of Cabanon. The loggers were supposed to be out two weeks ago. ALSO 350 from Le Glaciers to 23 is closed due to flooding and washout. It is not marked, no signs saying it is closed until you are almost to 23 about 4 miles in. Temps were mid January 0 to 10 deg. F, trails were well covered and groomed, hard pack with only a couple of water holes. Thanks Mother Nature Jeff
  13. Thanks for the info and inspiring pics. I plan to come up with a friend and ride almost in your tracks this Wednesday-Friday Finally readied my sled, 2016 Blizzard with 6530 miles. I was able to dust it off in my fiedls last night with new LED lights. I'm psyched! Jeff
  14. Bill,

    A friend received his trail pass but has not put it on his old sled. He now just got a new sled. How does he use the same sticker but re-register his new sled? How much will it cost?



  15. I had over 17000 miles on my 1200 when I sold it. When storing , I put a 1/2 can of Seafoam fuel injector cleaner and some Startron, filled tank with regular gas with ethanol. I always start my engines once per month. No problems. My 2016 900 has over 6000 and one storage dose. Jeff