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  1. 40 minutes ago, quebec bob said:

    Other than being inside at stops, sledding is something we can safely enjoy, but at stops, that steam coming from our breath is what is dangerous.

    In the good old days it used to just be the steam coming out of our bibs that was dangerous🤢.

  2. On 4/4/2020 at 7:03 PM, PLAYHARD said:

    Brother Iceman!  This just in!  You & all brave field-ops heroes who need to wash your hands twice!  Tell Alain you need a paint touch-up?...


    "When you live outside the city limits you usually have a septic system that needs to be pumped out about every five years.  

    It's a pretty big business and requires a special "Pumper Truck".

    This one gets a lot of return business.  Septic tank cleaned out by a local guy with a sense of humor getting a lot of business these days."



    That must be the dump valve 

  3. On 3/28/2020 at 6:12 PM, snowmaster2112 said:

    i just want to go back to Haltaparche and live out my days with Jean-Guy & Gypsie. With all seriousness I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life there. He's only going to be around a few more years and could get me "up to speed" with everything there. My dream would be to make it like the "Joncas"  or "Meekos"  but only more spectacular. All my friends (snowmobiling) and others would come to visit and we would have a grand ole time. 

    From what I have seen in my years riding Quebec,the locals don't take kindly to non Canadians owning things that generate income like you speak of.Camps ,cottages,homes yes.I am probably wrong and someone here hopefully can correct me, but I can't recall any current  American owned places I travel thru that lasted for long.


  4. 22 hours ago, quebec bob said:

    it was 152.8 early today, dealer in joilette told me ski-doo told them they cannot sell sleds to US people , period. That sure did not stop me from going strait to the bank to change over a few thousand for next season, it is on sale right now!!

    You then should have used that to buy toilet paper and you would have been able trade it for a new sled and trailer....or 1 oxygen helmet.

  5. 55 minutes ago, iceman said:

    The big issue here in Quebec is... with the school break being just over 2 weeks ago now. Those who returned from travel with the virus are just showing symptoms now. And they have been out and about amongst others before this real red alert was sounded.

    Buckle up,keep your head down, and good luck.....   

    Good time not to travel to U.S. with the Canadian dollar tanking. New sleds will be $25,000. Canadian😲

  6. 9 minutes ago, momojohnny said:

    I was there last weekend ,1st 20 miles ok but icy . Once you climb up in the hills - park 4-5 feet of snow to Le Tape and plenty  of  snow all the way to top of LSJ (Girardville) and down 93


  7. On 3/8/2020 at 8:22 AM, groomer said:




    in the 60's...70's and 80's....he was a bit lower ...at the 20 miles....i used to go there when i was 8-10 y / o...nice camp there....all kaputt  now...destroyed by ...a-holes...





     Still taking nice pics without the groomer!

    A-holes are everywhere....seems like every time you turn around there's one.


















  8. 1 hour ago, groomer said:

    bonjour nshm !!!


    to be honest ....they are having hard times i guess.....there s 3 guys to do my job now....

    i rode a bit of the local trails last monday .....its not like the way it was before...without swelling my head up....

    guys from nova scotia noticed the difference and some guys from cross point too.......they asked the waitress what happened to the trails...sad...but c est la vie !!!

    they ll have to give more '' love '' to their grooming ....

    on the funny side...i learned that guy went for a 6 hrs run...he told someone that it has been a loooong day....6 hrs run ....you re in vacation ...

    im in a hurry .....must go to dealership !!!




    Let your head swell...it is what it is.The more guys running a piece of equipment,the more chance for problems.

    Enjoy the rest of the winter!



  9. 26 minutes ago, groomer said:

    bonjour !!!


    went toward st leon .....ski hill.....sayabec ....pente abrupte....and back to select hotel 

    awesome weather ...a bit warm !!!

    met great friends from qr  the 2 nights i was there !!!

    world is small !!!





    Since you have now become a rider...how is the new guy doing grooming your old territory?

    Did you let him in on any tricks of the trade?












  10. 12 hours ago, mikerider said:

    You are right NSHM,  Explorers is 35 & 526 intersection. My bad. I think only because it was a Monday that they were half open. Any other day I believe it would be the full menu. The usual cooking crew was not there today.

    Mark, I believe these clubs are owned by the snowmobile clubs.  Imagine that in Maine? Snowmobile clubs selling alcohol! Good forecast ahead, no storm means more riding. See you end of the week, I hope.


    We were there on a Saturday morning.The menu on the wall is very limited and no breakfast.What a shame.