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  1. Wow..Sledders have run into many things, but he may be the only one in the world that can say he t-boned a Black Hawk.

    I'm sure he would rather be saying he almost hit one.I hope he has a speedy and complete recovery.


  2. 11 hours ago, Trailblazer said:

    You guys won’t  be disappointed with the Ice Ripper, I’ve been using those tracks for years, gave up on the studs for obvious reasons, in my case the tracks were ripping on the outer edge. I recently had to change my original Ice Ripper on my Enduro so I opted for a 1.6 lug in a 16” width. If you do the calculation the 16” x 137” has more square inches of coverage than a 15” x 144”. For a 137” it does quite well off trail and gives you the grip off the line on the trail. Good luck and happy trails.

    what was the reason for the change?How many miles were on it?

  3. 10 hours ago, Muskoka2 said:

    Some years ago on the railbed just north of Temiscamingue we came around a curve and saw what we thought was a deer loping along about a 1/4 mi. ahead. As we gradually got closer it turned sideways to look back @ us and with it's furry tail we realized it was a wolf. When we got within about 50 m. he jumped off and as we got up beside where he'd disappeared he was just down to the side baring his fangs as we rode past. As the last rider past he jumped back on the trail and started loping along behind us! We took off a few mi. up the trail and stopped and wondered what would happen if you broke down/ran out of gas and he came along?

    1.)That's why you always need to ride with at least one buddy who is slower than you.

    2.)Chances  are a single wolf is not going to take on a pack of helmet wearing aliens unless it is rabid.

    3.)If it is,refer back to #1😉