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  1. Snowdogs, Stupe and 4 others arriving Wednesday evening to start a Gaspesie tour Thursday. See you at the usual place (bar) Mikerider and any others that will be there.
  2. Glad you survived, we are starting a modified loop this upcoming Thursday, I have done it before and told the rest of the group "if you need to be somewhere on a certain day don't go on this trip" . Shit happens and you must be ready for it,. Hoping we don't have to hunker down and hide out for a few days but I know what the possibilities are.
  3. You are a freakin riot Mike. Keep on keepin on at our favorite place. Regards, Mark
  4. Since we don't have specifics, I will chime in on La Glaciere, if a trailer was taken I would suspect that it was NOT in the secured area which has a narrow bridge to access that gets blocked by a truck every night, Lionel also has an extensive camera system to monitor everything on site, I think there are at least 4 cameras in the covered sled area which also has trucks blocking the exits at night and if you are in the bar/resto you can watch. He closes everything up as soon as his guests are in for the night and always before 9:00 PM and only opens and closes them for late arrivals. He also lives on site.
  5. Those hills could kill, caught us totally off guard last year and really no warning even at a slow speed you get more air than you want or are ready for
  6. My wife has plates and screws in one ankle, she has rechargeable insole heaters and they keep her happy
  7. My wife and I will be arriving late Saturday afternoon/early evening. Hope to meet you. Mark
  8. The wife and I will be at The Universal this Saturday night through Wednesday doing day rides. If any of you are there or passing through say hi ! I will start the yearly RDL conditions thread while there. Mark
  9. Thank you, that's what I needed to know !
  10. Looking for some intel for a trip plan. I have done the outer (coastal) trail loop in the past. Can anyone shed some light on what we might expect on the orange/local trails between the 5 just below Gaspe to 597 and the orange/local from Murdochville to 595, are they usually fast and good or more goat path and not groomed well. Any and all comments welcome. Thank you in advance. Mark
  11. Are you going to be in residence Friday night mikerider ? Stupe and I will be arriving in the evening for the night for a quick little trip.
  12. Paid via paypal last week, still not showing as a contributing member ?
  13. With just the boys we like La Glaciere but 2 thumbs up to Vieux Moulin, super place ! That's where I took the wife this year for 4 days for her first ever Quebec trip (yes, you heard me right, I took the wife). She fell in love with Quebec and the Vieux, the massage I booked for her helped also.
  14. Have not stayed at Meekos but enjoyed 100 Lacs last week on our trip, great food and wine and Paul the owner is super friendly and speaks English very well.
  15. Balbuzard is awesome, Laverendrye is just ok, rooms are small and you share 3 bathrooms with all the rooms, dinner was sub par as compared to the other places we stayed on our trip last week. Mark