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  1. Are you going to be in residence Friday night mikerider ? Stupe and I will be arriving in the evening for the night for a quick little trip.
  2. Paid via paypal last week, still not showing as a contributing member ?
  3. La Cabanon vs La Glaciere

    With just the boys we like La Glaciere but 2 thumbs up to Vieux Moulin, super place ! That's where I took the wife this year for 4 days for her first ever Quebec trip (yes, you heard me right, I took the wife). She fell in love with Quebec and the Vieux, the massage I booked for her helped also.
  4. 100 Lac Suds vs Mekoos

    Have not stayed at Meekos but enjoyed 100 Lacs last week on our trip, great food and wine and Paul the owner is super friendly and speaks English very well.
  5. Balbuzard is awesome, Laverendrye is just ok, rooms are small and you share 3 bathrooms with all the rooms, dinner was sub par as compared to the other places we stayed on our trip last week. Mark
  6. La Cabanon vs La Glaciere

    La Glaciere gets my vote, Lionel the owner tends the bar and waits the tables, his wife is a chef, the food there in my opinion is hands down far superior to cabanon. Parking for trucks in a snow bank enclosed area that gets blocked in by a vehicle at night, sled enclosure that also gets blocked in at night, new security cameras in the sled enclosure, as with Cabanon, gas on site. Mark
  7. Témiscamingue region trip

    The dogs only went after 1 of the guys
  8. Drakkar Lynch mob

    If you are the owner of a truck with CT plates 6050CX with a big brush guard on the front doing a loop from Drakkar, your truck alarm has been going off for 2 days according to a friend that is staying there. If you read this and have a key stashed somewhere , call Drakkar so they can shut the alarm off. Many unhappy guests that can't sleep.
  9. Témiscamingue region trip

    And Stupe, don't forget to mention as a warning to everyone on QR, the northern end (beginning) of 386 is outright dangerous...those steep hills or rises are very steep drops of 20 feet or more and almost vertical on the other side, even at 20 mph you will become airborne and not likely land well, I bring up the rear in Stupe's trips as I just don't ride very fast and I had 2 bad landings before I started to just creep over them. These places desperately need some warning signs or grading. I am not one to over exaggerate but it is BAD !!!
  10. Enjoy your retirement Mike, I have been retired 13 years and have loved almost every minute of it. We WILL meet up at the Universal this season !
  11. Planning a loop

    Thanks playhard, we stayed at Roland last time and he had gas but as I understand it the last 2 years no gas. I would really like to show my friend the rock but if not, the rest of the trip and scenery should make him happy
  12. Anyone want to ride Gaspe the week of 2/11?

    Do you have a plan for your trip Turd (lmfao)...itinerararry etc..
  13. I hope we can FINALLY connect this winter Mike
  14. Planning a loop

    Thank you, I know it is early and was hoping to hear if there would be gas in Perce, I also have a new guy that i would want to show him the rock, if not...the rest of the trip and the scenery should make up for it. Thank You
  15. Planning a loop

    Hi everyone, happy new year. I have done the Gaspesie loop a few years ago. I am trying to arrange a trip for some newbies this year. We previously did RDL to Matane, Matane to MSP, MSP to Perce where gas was available at Roland, Perce to Carleton, Carleton to Amqui and then we split up with some going to RDL and others headed to other stops en route to Thetford and a freinds home. So...what is the current intel ? gas in Perce anymore ? Give me your recommendations and comments please