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  1. Planning a loop

    Thanks playhard, we stayed at Roland last time and he had gas but as I understand it the last 2 years no gas. I would really like to show my friend the rock but if not, the rest of the trip and scenery should make him happy
  2. Anyone want to ride Gaspe the week of 2/11?

    Do you have a plan for your trip Turd (lmfao)...itinerararry etc..
  3. I hope we can FINALLY connect this winter Mike
  4. Planning a loop

    Thank you, I know it is early and was hoping to hear if there would be gas in Perce, I also have a new guy that i would want to show him the rock, if not...the rest of the trip and the scenery should make up for it. Thank You
  5. Planning a loop

    Hi everyone, happy new year. I have done the Gaspesie loop a few years ago. I am trying to arrange a trip for some newbies this year. We previously did RDL to Matane, Matane to MSP, MSP to Perce where gas was available at Roland, Perce to Carleton, Carleton to Amqui and then we split up with some going to RDL and others headed to other stops en route to Thetford and a freinds home. So...what is the current intel ? gas in Perce anymore ? Give me your recommendations and comments please
  6. 2017 RDL Conditions

    about 5 inches of snow last night with no ice or rain. windy today so there was a lot of drifting
  7. 2017 RDL Conditions

    Thank you all for the kind words, we arrived last night, rode today, only 150 miles since the temps never got above 5 degrees Fahrenheit, all trails awesome, crossed the groomer a few times and had first tracks on many. Still bitter cold, waiting to see what the weather does tomorrow, if it is snow we will ride, if it is ice we will not, the snow here is deep and this wont hurt anything. a few Quebec Riders here, met woolsock and his dad tonight and they said they had seen some other QR people, a lot of sleds coming and going today. All is well here so come on up. Thanks, Mark
  8. 2017 RDL Conditions

    I started this thread when I was going to the Universal a month or so ago, unfortunately my beautiful 31 year old daughter's melanoma came back with a vengeance that day and didn't go on that trip, thank you to the Universal for not charging me for cancelling my reservations. We buried Erica yesterday. I am headed to the Universal tomorrow until Friday with some long time friends, 2 of which have only ridden in the Saint Zenon area and one who has never ridden Quebec. This is a week to try to clear my head with friends. If you are at the Universal to do day rides or just stopping in, please say hi. I also ask you to hug your wife, husband, significant other and your loved pets every chance you get. The time with them is precious and too short. Thanks, Mark
  9. 2017 RDL Conditions

    Mike, we will arrive Monday late afternoon and depart Friday morning. Looking forward to meeting you and riding if you would like. We are 2 guys 55 years old and I am still nursing a knee fracture so no crazy riding for us. I will be drinking rouge in the bar as medication
  10. 2017 RDL Conditions

    So since I just booked next Monday through Friday at The Universal I thought I would start the 2017 thread. I will report daily and let mikerider pick up after I leave. Can't wait !
  11. Fuel prices

    And riding in Quebec is worth every penny
  12. Antarctica

    Shaggy , are you part of the 109th out of Glenville ? My dad retired from there years ago
  13. Season Finally Mont Valin

    Passion says they will still be open this week, now I have to decide if I want to make the long drive for only a couple of days of playing. Hmmm...
  14. Season Finally Mont Valin

    wow, looks great, what did you hear while there, we they still be open this week ? My doctor just gave me the go ahead to get back to a normal life and might make the trip (9 hours) Mark
  15. Auberge la villa Des Frontierres

    We stopped for lunch a few weeks ago, in the past they weren't usually open for breakfast or lunch but the waitress told us they are now open all day, great place.