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  1. Her brother is Cletus, might be dad's name too, not sure
  2. Well. we were going to do one more trip but Justin has closed the border between the US and Quebec. See you all next year
  3. Hi everyone. This is not directly related to snowmobiling but I would like to share this story. At the end of TQ3 the White Road begins which is mostly a gravel road in the summer months but only usable by snowmobiles in the winter, along the White Road are several communities (this area is known as the lower north shore) that are shut off from the rest of world and and everything most of us are able to get to by a quick car ride. Up there, the only access is by airplane and helicopter
  4. Fortunately for my real estate business I have been too busy to get away...unfortunately my snowmobile time has suffered HUGE , only 300 miles which is ridiculous for me.
  5. Mikerider , myself and Mike who you met last year will be arriving 3/4 to begin our Gaspesie ride with some newbies, hope you are still there so we can visit' Mark
  6. Jennifer's father owns the only garage/shop in town and I just told her about the QR community. We now have a great connection on the white road for help there. If I can get my friends to do this trip next year that will be our plan
  7. So just in case you are there and cannot get ahold of me ask around town for Jen Gallichon, she has recently become a local celebrity due to serious health issues with her Bernese Mountain Dog, the lack of veterinary service and no way out except by snowmobile which she does ride and the amazing support from the community and air helicopter services. Her plight and the local response has garnered Canadian notional attention. It's a pretty cool story.
  8. If you travel the white road and find yourself in la Tabatiere let me know, I have a person that I recently became friends with there that can help point you in the right direction if you have problems and would also like to just say hi.
  9. You are right, the NY enhanced license allows you to cross both ways on land or water
  10. Not completely correct, the NY enhanced license is ok to come back to NY at least and also crossed into NH from Quebec last winter with no problem (land and water)
  11. You can ride to and stay right at Mt St Anne. Direct message Stupe on here and he can give you the info
  12. Snowdogs, Stupe and 4 others arriving Wednesday evening to start a Gaspesie tour Thursday. See you at the usual place (bar) Mikerider and any others that will be there.
  13. Glad you survived, we are starting a modified loop this upcoming Thursday, I have done it before and told the rest of the group "if you need to be somewhere on a certain day don't go on this trip" . Shit happens and you must be ready for it,. Hoping we don't have to hunker down and hide out for a few days but I know what the possibilities are.
  14. You are a freakin riot Mike. Keep on keepin on at our favorite place. Regards, Mark
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