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pics therapy...


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hope everybody doing well, maybe with some thumb itching beginning!

Not sure if it will help you or get it worse but I share with you some pics I like from past seasons, feel free to contribute yourself to the post!

This first one was taken somewhere between La Cache and St-Paulin many years ago, not sure why but It always make me drooling when I look at it! 🤣


here's another one from a relay that still exist and is popular but completely changed from this pic... any thought?



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Great idea on the thread.  I am definitely ready for some “throttle therapy” as Kenny calls it.

 I have no clue on the clubhouse, looks  remote. 

I love meeting fellow QR riders on the trail.  Those would be some of the best pics, but I always forget to take one.  Here are some favorites to keep the thread going.  



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Great idea Towing.

Many will know where these pictures are from. This was a trip last February. Unfortunately they don’t groom the east -west trail that leads to the cave from the local trail that runs north and south. So have to ride a few km of ungroomed moguls. Was reading they are trying to discourage people from visiting the cave. 




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1 hour ago, Je me souviens said:

Entre La Cache & St. Paulin….Was that the year I met you at the top of the mountain and we took this pic?



No it was few years before but I too have very good pics of this great surprise encounter! i'm glad you reconize us and took the time to stop and chat a bit


it's you that pointed us the little curious beast that was looknig at us in the background, just behind my partner


Kristine got the lumix out and zoom in some great pics of it



Hoping our paths will cross again on the trail! 😄

59 minutes ago, Je me souviens said:

this looks like the last new bridge of the 49e trail in LSJ area ?

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24 minutes ago, smclelan said:

Steven, have seen the odd picture where people have ridden their sleds right out to the rock. Have you ever been there when that is possible? Also do you know if Table du Roland is going to be open this winter?

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I have seen the pictures but never been lucky enough to get there at the right time.  Don't think it has been possible for a few years.

Not sure about Table du Roland better call ahead for sure.   There are places closing for the winter due to labour shortages,  going to be a season to book in advance for sure. 

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Bonjour Alain, I had forgotten about the fox joining our impromptu summit gathering, that zoom made for a great shot.  Yes the bridge is indeed the one that crosses the Peribonka river at the old Scoobyraid (Otis) end of the 49th parallel trail.  I bet you laughed while digging out that picture of us from back in 2008.  

PA Dragon - that middle pic looks like Mont APICA on the way to Monts Vallin where I believe the other 2 shots are from.

Fuse - the cave is a cool place.  I will never forget meeting Bill at the HI back in the day, he ended up taking us for a guided tour out to it the next day.

NYNH Skidoo- second pic has “that skidoo feeling” to it.

Steve -  I have never seen the rock in the winter, guess I will have to add that to the list. Classic Gaspe, like the MSP lookout.  I had bad timing when I was at the lookout in MSP, my pic below.

Grumpers - Add some pics to the post, if you have videos you gotta have pics somewhere…lol



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Walking to the outdoor pool :  )  971972903_ScreenShot2023-11-16at7_22_30AM.thumb.png.ba2bb717df44830f4118fa7a344f211d.pngF9DEB5B3-C30A-4E84-9F5D-C328F24FAD41_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.5178ceea96beab5157d0a54d92ce5ca6.jpegNote the sticker on  the zamboni  :  ) 109830B2-54DA-48A0-9C70-AABF90D52281_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.c29f724047162ad65650dffa8c635945.jpegDepth! 33234CBF-B109-4547-A383-96F0391B75A3_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.2bb4e2f03153ca6b15e145f2b9a922bd.jpeg.FE766277-7A2F-4B84-8614-F3C743ECB828_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.3e2efb539d70f57c1e8d2449c40229e4.jpeg

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