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Way back in 00 on my Yamaha triple 600. We were headed to Chapelle for the first time. We left from Sacre-Coure. We were following a track and it split. I chose the wrong one to follow. No shovel no winch saddle bag newbie. I cut a tree limb and worked at it for a while. Later three guys pulled up and got me right out. They said never backup. Lesson learned.

Film camera back then.



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On 3/10/2019 at 11:58 AM, towing said:

...already 2 rides behind without reports...I need to catch back the beat...With all the material I have this last one, it's will be a summer project for sure...

Good thing!  It will make the summer easier for all of us to survive!

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Years ago I started carrying a come-along. It was laborious but I was  happy to have it a few times.

Then I saw the warn "snow winch". It was not mounted on the machine. It was rated at 1500 lbs. I had to assist it pulling a few times.


I bought a ProVantage 3500 with wireless remote for my 2013 GT. I never got around to mounting it. I had a local fab shop make me receiver brackets for my 2019 GT.




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