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Guess..????How many surfacers?


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Yeah Ontario went through this a few years ago.  Aging fleet and no plan to replace it with the majorityof the equipment being closer to 15 years old.  They ended up overhauling the entire provinces funding model.  Pooled all permit money, started paying clubs based on hours groomed (something like $75 an hour), a small amount per km of trail they had, some money for admin and then kept the balance to buy new equipment.  Started buying groomers in bulk and distributing them across the province.  They also fund major repairs to units that made sense from this fund.  Big kicker in it was a reduction in the total number of units in operation to make the math work on replacement on an ongoing basis.  It's worked, but I wouldn't say it's perfect.  The fleet reduction is arguably not the best thing to occur, but was done in the name of utilization and efficiency.  Will be interesting to see if Quebec goes down this road.  For fleet procurement I can't see it not being beneficial to pool resources and buy in bulk.  FCMQ is currently putting $14 a permit into a groomer replacement fund.  This will be around $1,000,000 a season provincially.  Probably 10% of what they actually need to be spending.  The clubs will be funding the balance of the purchases under the current model.  FCMQ is typically ahead of everyone else, but I think it could be argued that Ontario has jumped ahead on this issue.  Interesting to see how much equipment the FCMQ has in operation.  

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