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Snow Miser

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Been to Quebec backpacking all Over so far but haven’t rhode 93 in between lebel via chibougamau to Roberval before. Does anyone have any places that are their favorites in between or at the locations we are staying at below that they have awesome food/drinks at? Looking to set a place somewhere in between and at some of places that don’t offer package somewhere close. Thanks 

ps anyone that have been on these this year how are trails recently?

Pourviorie fer a cheval—-lac faillon

lac faillon—-motel du lac

motel du lac——marina chibouamau

marina chibougamau——Roberval

Roberval——pourviorie fer a cheval

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Not exactly sure what your asking for a place to stay or just stop and eat. You indicate that your spending the night at the Marina in Chibougamau which I’m sure is fine. Haven’t personally stayed there but know many who have. Lebel-Sur to Chibougamau is pretty much a long straight run with a “whole lotta nothing “ in between. Heading east out of Lebel there is a clubhouse building out about 12-15 miles that’s usually never open. The next thing you will run into is the very small enclave of Miquelon, a very small Native Indian campground. Might not be anyone around but if there are make sure you tell them Chris from NY wishes them all well and that I’m very saddened on Sammy Blacksmiths recent passing. May you always fly with the eagles now my friend.

15 miles or so past Miquelon you will HAVE TO stop at the depanneur in Desmairsville. Nancy has most anything you will need including crazy priced gasoline. It’s a haul from there into the Chapais clubhouse but it’s one you don’t want to miss. One of my favorites. Good food and atmosphere and a lot of locals drive their cars in there. I always stay in Chapais at the Hotel Opemiska (another one of my favs) and know Isabel the owner quite well.

while up in Chibougamau try and do the loop trail that circles around the west side of town. Cool trail for sure.

your drop down from Chibougamau to Roberval is long (150 miles or so) with no gas this year. Be prepared. And again, literally nothing out there so if you’re in trouble pray that someone else is coming through. And my best advice while doing this whole run is that if anyone in your group has a higher mileage 2 stroke to remember to back off the wick from time to time. That 93 has claimed a lot of engines in its day. 🙂

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Thanks snowmaster. I knew there wasn’t a whole lot in between, and it seems less on the map so I was looking for insider info on places along the way and then maybe any knowledge about dinner or drinks around places we were staying. A sidewinder and 900 ace turbo are what’s making the trip. A number of years ago I couldn’t ride with oil anymore on these trips so i made switch. 

ive seen the post on the fuel on 93 but for some reason thought that was on trail west of chibougamau not east. I sure I will bring another small can and bungee jus in case. Thanks for your advice on chapais and demairsville we will definitely check that out.  Any other insight from you or others is much appreciated!

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Snow Miser, the run from Faillon to Motel du Lac is a pretty fast run.  Once you get north of Senneterre it is arrow straight.  You will be at your destination easily in the early afternoon.  You could make the run to Marina Chibougamau from Faillon and be there around dark.  The run down to Roberval will be a nice day.  Bring gas as Snowmaster already stated.  From the gas stop,in Chibougamau to the station in LaDore is 150 miles.  Nice place to stay in Roberval is Chateau Roberval.  Since you now picked up a day, from Roberval you can stay at one of the unique locations on TQ 83.  A short 125ish miles to Pourvoirie Windigo, or about 230 miles to Barrage Gouin. Nice run the next day to Fer a Cheval.  Just some food for thought.  Enjoy your ride.

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Many years ago we used to stay at the Hotel du Jardin in St Felcien.  That was quite nice.

While on 93 between Chibougamau and La Dore, you will feel a million miles away from anything but in reality it parallels auto route 167.  Something to keep in mind in case of a big emergency.

Enjoy the ride.

Jack & Sandi

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