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  2. bonsoir !!! back from riding ...strange day ... up to '' school bus '' ste marguerite and about 1 mile after 90's corner ...went toward logging camp ...lake frenette...casault and back to the 16 miles on logging rd.. many chickens...and 1 moose for 3 '' .....cloudy and windy jean-guy
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  4. wooww !!! nice.....and look very peaceful here in town ...only at the st jean baptiste.....fete nationale des quebeois....thats when you see the most canoes and tubes... they start going down the river at the big bridge ( trail for the lake ) and land at the '' forks '' right in town...then very quiet .....salmon anglers don t like to see canoes on the river... camping in amqui .....lac malcom ......val brillant and lac humqui are the places for that at the lake where i go to party with friends....maybe 2 canoes and 3-4 kayaks ...thats it !!! pics at the bridge where they start riding the river jean-guy
  5. This is my spot on the Schroon river tons of tubers and kayakers come by
  6. Well I'm disappointed, but happy to hear the truth. I was buying these for both our sleds, but will hold off for now. Thanks guys.
  7. Great idea. Almost worth the Yeah, Id buy one of these overpriced devices for each of our sleds...if it worked perfect. Helpful real world info here at QR as always. Stay safe. Help to Flatten The Fear. See you guys in January !
  8. Last week
  9. hi jackstraw !!! ahhaha....with a full face helmet and knee pads problem most people here to that kind of stuff on lakes...few kayak amateurs here reminds me ....back in the 90's....friends of mine ....about 12 miles higher on that same river...took their canoe and go .....i guess they did nt know the river at all ... not too long after they started canoeing ....river become a lot wider.....not enough water , they walked a lot in the river to arrive to destination pic of the '' mommies '' area taken a few days ago ....may 20 th jean-guy
  10. Looks like a great spot to float in a tube with a couple cold ones 😲
  11. hi smclelan reminds me a few years ago at my camp...after unloading the stuff in my truck the table for a cold one and that thing showed up in the yard ps.....don t forget to close your window driver side 😁 jean-guy
  12. bonsoir !!! this afternoon ....still no rain ... very dry the extreme !!! jean-guy
  13. Still isolating at my cabin on weekends. Last night company stopped in unexpectedly for a visit. He understood the rules and sat well over 6' away. LOL He was not invited inside.
  14. Lots of grooming & not so much traffic. Nice wide rollers east from there. Dreamy.
  15. Too bad they are questionable. Seems like a really good idea. Perhaps version 3 may work better. It's a tough decision. Larger magnet has more weight increasing fatigue at connecting areas. Smaller magnet has less force causing it to disconnect. Maybe change choice of magnet?
  16. One of mine is orange trail 701 from lac a Jim to 373 it’s not long but nice I’ve done this loop early morning while others were sleeping 😴 in
  17. bonsoir....good morning !!! over 100 miles ride.....sunny and very windy ....27 c when i left around 2 pm ... 1 bear 2 miles before camp ....3 moose ...1 deer and many gaspesie poulets !!! jean-guy
  18. What Alain says is true. I heard all the same things.
  19. good morning paddy o !!! the only reason im thinking ....there s a camp about 7 miles from there on the main road....only a guess ...maybe the guy , if its him ....he s waiting for the road to be out of snow to bring back his sled to his camp ...... another great weather day today .... merci !!! jean-guy
  20. Happy birthday Ice, Be Well, Bob.
  21. Wonderful photos. As always, THANK YOU ! What's with the abandoned snowmobile? Paddy O
  22. bonsoir !!! about 75 miles today .....8 moose !!! jean-guy
  23. I don't want to bash this new product but I heard too many bad comments last season not to mention it. The idea is great but the product does not seems to fill the promise yet. The first version sold last fall was poor quality and they came with a version #2 with a free exchange program for the version #1 buyers (which is great) but from the comments I read, the version #2 is not perfect yet. Poor contact, disconnect too easily and broken wires are the comments I have heard. Maybe they will come with a #3 version that will be more reliable... Here a french post on this for those who read french: connexion ao cmiq post
  24. Stay Safe and Healthy!! Happy Birthday! GutZ
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