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  2. bonsoir steven !!! hahahaa...good one !!! don t expect a pic... sadly for you , no rabbit this summer....i saw 3 back in june....always the same one at the same spot ....on the road for the 16 miles...very quiet !!! jean-guy
  3. Send me a message when that rabbit turns white and I will be up!! LOL
  4. bonsoir !!! -6c this morning !!! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...😜😁😛 jean-guy
  5. bonsoir fuse6 !!! great idea !!!....i wish i could have a new one... can t tell exactly .....they buy a new one about every 10 years( average )....but mine still don t have too many hrs....can t remember for sure...must be around 3400 hrs something ...don t think higher than 3500 hrs...if memory still good...the one i had before ...the sur-trac was at 5600 hrs ... when i started grooming with the gilbert ...i was saving 3 hrs grooming tq 5 ...compared to the sur-trac well , i guess if they buy a new one for me....another gilbert .......i won t mind...never drove a br jean-guy
  6. Last week
  7. Hi Groomer, Must be time for a new Tractor for you soon. How often does your club replace machines. And when they do want type of machine will the new one be? Steve
  8. bonsoir jack and sandi !!! hahhaa.... i think its still a bit early....😀....but you still can dream !!! just checked , i was on tq 5 for the first time last season on dec 17 th....then ,rain 2-3 days later !!! jean-guy
  9. You are already grooming and I don't have the sleds ready yet! Jack & Sandi
  10. bonjour !!! few pics of last friday frosty morning !!!.....-5c moose was still at work when i landed there this morning !!! jean-guy
  11. groomer

    sold !!!

    bonjour paddy o !!! great for you !!! thx.... i ve been 3x to the dealership in matane !!! have nt been to the one in amqui since may i think ...summer time...i don t visit ....always in the woods !!! jean-guy
  12. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing a summer view of winter areas.
  13. Blueberries everywhere. Some other nice views....
  14. Yes. Had to wait on vehicles there before in winter as well. Road is plowed there....
  15. Yeah it wouldn't take much to fix it. Wonder who came up with the design. Perfect for ATV's. Not so much for sleds.
  16. .....and scratchers...... trust me......🤬
  17. We visited the Matane dealership in '19 for purposes of our 1st service on our 19 - 900T's. The staff could not have been more accommodating. I trust the professionalism & positive representation of the SKI-DOO brand name will continue. Congratulations to all involved. Best wishes.
  18. You bring us some real great pics Chris! I prefer the white scenery but the summer on have some charm... You seems to had a great summer run 👍
  19. Big bridge. Looks like it would be hard on carbides and studs though.
  20. Managed about 200 miles on the ATV an about 30 on the fat bike
  21. Oh really! I thought it looked a lot like the new bridge linking Mekoos to Ste Anne du Lac.
  22. Just North of LaTuque before Odanak.
  23. Where is the suspension bridge located?
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