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  3. Hope it stays low for you jean -guy, a lot of water coming down river from Rigaud Pierrefonds etc around Montreal.
  4. hi cnc !!! wooww...not funny ....can see the trail very clearly ..... river still low here ..up maybe 16 '' since last friday .....still lots of snow to melt there s snow in my street ...for at least another week ... thx for sharing your pic... riding my 4w ,last year on april 23 th !!! jean-guy
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  6. Thanks, Normally we have a spring flood but the house is built to take it. This year we had tons of snow still left as the water rose from heavy spring rain, so we are pushing the limits of our flood proof basement. The garage first floor is flooded but it is cement part way up so no damage, all my toys from the garage are lined up on my road on higher ground, making it look like I am having a garage sale!😁
  7. Good luck with the water Norm. Looks like there is still lots of snow and ice to melt yet!
  8. Ha wish I could Jean-Guy, busy watching water rise here. View out my front window, if you look closely you can see what is left of our snowmobile trail heading down the lake.
  9. move it up to ste to my town ...snowing !!!😀 jean-guy
  10. Hi Jean-Guy, Good to hear things seem to be ok in your area. We are paying the price here for all the snow this winter. Epic flooding in many areas. On a positive note I did get to snowmobile today, moving my machines to higher ground!😁
  11. hi cnc !!! thx......don t worry !!! another blue sky day ....snow melting ... back to normal in matapedia since yesterday !!! jean-guy
  12. That’s why dispite the fact that I live in a flood zone, I would never take a nickel of government flood aid. If I want to move or sell it will be on my terms not the government dangling a carrot in the left hand and booting me off my land with the right foot. Feel bad for a lot of folks though. Nice pics Groomer, sorry to steer you post off track.😀
  13. bonjour playhard !!! yaaa..heard about that on the news....$$$$$$$ found pics yesterday ...from 08-09 and 10 !!! on april 21 th 2010 ...i was already riding my 4w at the lake .... and that same year ...brought back the machine to albertville...march 17 th !!! jean-guy
  14. Lots of scary news about flooding. And the PQ Premier talking about govt subsidizing people moving from flood zones, after they pass a threshold of govt subsidized rebuilding. Dratted Al Gore!
  15. logging rd... 17....16 and 14 miles !!! jean-guy
  16. hi artsled !!! yaaa...another great one....thx.....lots of wind again this season ... started grooming dec 9 th !!! not my pics....few from matapedia ....i guess taken earlier this morning !!! jean-guy
  17. Another great year of grooming!!! Great work Jean !👍🏼👍🏼
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  19. bonjour !!! a little pirouette up the hills toward the z e c !!! jean-guy
  20. You are welcome actionjack! with the forecast ahead for the easter weekend, I really think it'was the last one this season. I just watch the video I took on this ride and I have some insanely good footage in there!!! I will certainely have something to post before the next one ride! It was a perfect spring ride on a blue jay day, can't ask for better! It's two season in a row that I do some late april riding, was on the 21 last year! I tried to change Kristine's camera this season with deceiving results, we finally came back to the small sony 4,1MP from 2005 that do 3 to 6000 pics/seasons since we bought it and haven't completely failed yet. I will need to do better shopping for her for the next season... The Venture end up at 20577 miles which let me just a correct gap for riding it an other season. I usually keep my sleds 25000 miles/40000kms which we were doing in 5 seasons on past sleds but will be in 6 on this one... we are getting old!
  21. hahahhaha bonsoir jackstraw !!! wrong should have said....a month or so ......still christmas up the hills !!! won t start working before third week of may ...and won t cut the grass at my camp for the first time before first or second weekend of june...normally , second one.. so , no stress yet !!! just back from a short walk ...took a few pics !!! railroad....when i was younger....was my '' black trail '' to go to the hotel......... jean-guy
  22. Should probably think about tuning up the mower and sharpening the blades. Looks like a week or so and you'll be ready for the first cut
  23. hi gutz and gowser !!! just back from '' school bus '' taking a few pics !!! trail is soft a bit but in great conditions....sunshine day ...but can feel cold air if i can say that !!! just to let you know...ahahha this afternoon , i shoveled the snow in the yard of my neighbor and rode my 4w in the snow banks in front of my house !!! enjoy your in trip in the monts valin gowser !!! jean-guy
  24. Nice Heading to Valin tomorrow for one more kick at the can before we get the summer toys out. Rain rain stay away 😁
  25. YOU ARE KILLING ME!!! It's warm and no snow here! Later GutZ
  26. bonjour !!! still winter !!! jean-guy
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