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  1. rob

    Thanks Rob

    Thanks Steven, Andy, Ray, and everyone. It has been a good run, and I enjoyed meeting and riding with many of you, but things change. I don't ride at all now, and haven't been keeping up here like I used to. I think John and Gary will take good care of things in my absence. Good luck everyone and stay safe.
  2. rob

    What ever happened to Rob?

    thanks guys. It's been a long time, but in some ways it still feels like yesterday. I still take care of the websites even if I don't post much.
  3. rob

    Forum Upgrade

    I think the star means you have posted to that topic and the circle not..and if you click on either it takes you to the first new post. The threads that are not highlighted you have read. I think, LOL Lotsa stuff I'm not familiar with either.
  4. rob

    Forum Upgrade

    I will be upgrading the forum to the newest software version this morning. Afterward you can post any questions about the upgrade here in this thread.
  5. Welcome to our newest advertiser, Greg du Vermont for Vortex-sport.
  6. rob

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys
  7. Just a heads up. When you are sent a PM, or someone replies to a PM you sent to them, you will get an email notification letting you know about the PM message, (as long as your forum email is correct). The email is just a way of letting you know you have a message, you need to log into the forum to reply to a PM. This isn't something new with this version of the forum, it has always been that way. On the bottom of the email notification it states: > PLEASE DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL! > You can reply to this personal conversation by following the link below: > Unfortunately, some members seem to be forgetting how to reply to a PM and missing the above message, as the system has been getting an increasing number of emails where members have simply replied to the email notification. These email replies end up in the trash bin and never get read by anyone.
  8. rob

    Forest Fires raging in Québec

    Cool Great clip
  9. Please welcome Pierre Thibault and the Bar Grand Galop as the newest advertiser on QuebecRider
  10. rob

    camera problems ???

    Well said Jean-Guy
  11. rob

    camera problems ???

    Check out Canon, I feel they are the best out there. Time to move up to a DSLR? I have a 7D and a 5DmkII
  12. rob

    camera problems ???

    Looking at the Sony website I don't see any firmware available for the dsc h1, only the h2. It could just be with over 30,000 pictures, the shutter is giving out. It might be time for an upgrade. Either way, good luck. We don't want to miss any of your great pictures
  13. rob

    camera problems ???

    What kind of camera? I would try downloading and installing the latest firmware for the camera, many times that will fix problems like that. Good luck! Edit: Just as a sidenote, we picked up a few inches of snow in the last several days. I imagine it will be heading your way next.