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  1. Weather is the only thing that would prevent you. Certainly no shortage of snow! You need a week of good weather, getting out there is one thing but you also need to make it back.
  2. Yep wifi sucks, long walk from cabin expensive here
  3. WiFi only at the bar here at Mount villain blue sky day trails mostly fresh groomed life is good!. Ran into saguenay Bill and 182 Ray at onatchaway for lunch.
  4. Room was renovated nice views, food was ok. No complaints at mount villain tonight no WiFi except at the bar
  5. Well day 2 the plan was to keep heading East and see how far we can go. TQ3 in great shape to 378 into st Simeon for lunch at small b&b. Owner said 93 closed to sacre cour and 3 closed from tadousac East. Ok plan b. Backtracked to the 83 up the clermont express which was stellar! To Auberge des battures for the night. 200 miles. Still a ridiculous amount of drifts in open areas. Looks like the elusive Cote Nord will have to wait!
  6. A heads up can only go as far as tadusac 93 and 3 both closed
  7. After a hectic ride up yesterday to shawinigan with massive vehicle pile ups on i15, sitting in one spot for close to 3 hours finally made it to the goevenour hotel. The plan was to ride to Sept isles. We shall see. First of all leaving this place sucks! Too much snow! Ended up riding the road to get to the bridge which was actually fine, they bladed the sidewalk. Drifts no tracks, limited signs, the river to deal with. Would not recommend this place. Anyway finally hit tq3 freshly groomed. Pretty nice most of the way East. Snow getting deeper the farther East you go and still super windy. Passed 2 groomers without the drags. Just trying to get the trails passable. You can tell there where massive drifts that they knocked down. In Bae St Paul for the night with 204 miles for the day. The plan is to continue East depending on conditions. Few pics before the wind picked up and battery quit
  8. Cote nord May not be an option at the moment!
  9. Powder day for sure! We are driving up to Shawinigan today. Headed out for the week, not sure which direction yet. Well deceide tonight. The plan was sept isles. Not sure that's an option with this storm
  10. Or ride up to amqui and take the trail into NB
  11. At the motel there they called a shuttle for us picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel on the other side
  12. A guy on HCS complaining about that same run, back breaking! No grooming
  13. Doubtful, on my first 1200 miles I was showing 14mpg. Leaving Tues for a giant loop will check again, hopefully better!
  14. My concern would be a secure spot to leave the truck
  15. Jackstraw


    Would think you would need a super long auger!
  16. Sounds like George might need some knee pads?
  17. What happened to Domenic? No go?
  18. That's it? March is the best month in QC!
  19. Instead when heading back from the gaspe drop down into New Brunswick, do a loop and come back up to RDL through edmunston have done that a few times. NB is beautiful!
  20. Have a feeling George will end up in a groomer! have fun guys