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  1. Good points. I like the idea of a form that can be completed and email for completion. Concern is that I dont want to dump manufacture and fulfillment onto neksledr. ... Think easiest route is using a flat rate priority mail box for domestic destinations and first class for international. What's the best route? Cost plus expenses and shipping with a small percentage to the forum?
  2. Nice. Need to add this to my bucket list. Thanks!
  3. Hmmm. What's a good way to set up orders? I could make up a pdf order form for ordering. How far do we go? T shirts only? Maybe add some polos? How about fabric colors? Limit to white, black, grey.... ?
  4. If there is some interest, there are a few sites that will make up your needs.
  5. I might be able to locate one of the water tanks. Let me know. What's this about the pipmuacan ride? Would be a great ride if the trail was raptor friendly.
  6. It always was! Forgot how many times we switched lines to make it up. The reward was worth it
  7. Wow. Looks like it got more paint. You visit the summit of Jiminey peak?
  8. Please invite them on for the next ride! Need to ring up some goodies for the next ride.
  9. My group tends to like miles and we usually ride around 150-200 miles a day. Be mindful of your range and plan accordingly. I get about 75-80 miles per 2.9 gallon tank of fuel, riding at 60mph. Me current setup has a 1.5 gal fuel can mount
  10. Riding ATV in Quebec is an incredible experience and suggest that you do not pass up the opportunity. Staying at the Cabanon is a good starting point, ride the trails around and have fun. Points north are nice with open roads and the opportunity to remove most of the built up carbon in the engine. A Raptor is highly recommended. Lol
  11. Hmmm. Been about 12 years since I've ridden PSF. Actually surprised the trails are open with all the rain we received. Had lots of good times riding there.
  12. All I can say is WOW. Great pictures and am really impressed with those trails. Thanks for sharing