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  1. Mourning no more

    Riding in Quebec doesn't need to stop once the snow melts. My schedule only permits 2-3 rides per year with at least one on snowmobile. The ATV gets an opportunity to breathe as well. Not sure which I prefer as both are equally enjoyable and annoying. Wild blueberries are a nice touch during atv rides....could do without the insect swarms.
  2. device !!!..........beeeeeeeeeeepp !!!

    Need to get everyone on board and use the product. Don't want to rely on it and get hit when an oncoming sled is not equipped with one
  3. Not how it’s done !

    Like those banked turns.... Doubt speed was an issue here
  4. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Interested in this beer. Oatmeal stouts are good.
  5. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    I thought those signs were in MPH. My bad.
  6. Pirate ride.

    Doesn't look much different than in the summer.
  7. Trails look nice. Would rather be out there than behind a desk.
  8. Thank you. That was funny and needed to improve a slow day.
  9. Okay, Now I want to read the story.
  10. Don't give them any ideas!
  11. Nice pictures and report. Thank you for sharing.
  12. White Road Run

    Frank can make anything work! Great shots
  13. White Road Run

    Don't know if I could do 2500 miles in an mx style helmet. Yea, Klim arctic balaclava works to a point. Feel the cold when riding below 0 degrees F. Regarding the module, a little dab of epoxy should do the trick....until the next bump. Hopefully it was an inexpensive fix
  14. White Road Run

    Glad to see Trailblazer up and running. Enjoy the run.
  15. Use atm card with no issues in Quebec banks. Tried another method over the last few years, my credit union charges a 1% fee on foreign transactions, with a rebate of up to 1% depending on my yearly purchases up to the day card is used. Rate is close to the day rate and I get purchase protection from the bank. Also carry some cash for those places that are cash only....