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  1. Hard to read the image. Can you provide a source or another?
  2. Thank you for the reports. Enjoy reading the stories. Have fun!
  3. Thank you for cleaning up the 2 additional posts. Any reason why we can't delete our posts? I can see plenty for deleting others. Thanks
  4. How does one delete a duplicate post? No longer see that option available. Also encountered a bug with posting a reply. Do not get an acknowledgement when a post is made. Text entered is still in editor allowing it to be posted again.
  5. Yea, I customized it. Glad to see my .... um... modifications... actually worked.
  6. I agree. Great company and excellent support from Chris. Thank you for your support
  7. Mine took over 3 weeks to arrive. Saved the temporary, but that expired about a week before the real one arrived
  8. I wouldn't rely much on manwan for fuel if you plan on going in the opposite direction. Personally think the line for fuel is much shorter in the summer.
  9. Merry Christmas to all. Prefer to build a snowman instead
  10. Thank you. Switching to desktop view, reveals more tabs. Sorry. These dont seem to be visible in mobile view.
  11. Regarding the product. Anyone who has an electric shield should carry this tester. Takes the guesswork out of diagnosing a cable problem.
  12. Other than a banner atop each page, where exactly is the advertisers section? I must be overlooking something. Thanks.
  13. Thank you for the report and pictures Alain. Cannot wait to get up there and start riding again
  14. This was implemented in New Jersey. Completely closed down every trail. Now the system is in place on all major highways. Don't be like New Jersey.