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  1. We need that adopt an American program reinstated. Trail riding is isolation? Right?
  2. Happy Dominion Day to my friends across the border. Enjoy the day! Yes, I know the name was changed in 1983...but like to be different.
  3. I am working on a project with startup testing next month. Unsure if this qualifies as essential or not. Doubt having a Raptor in the truck bed will convince the border agents to let me cross. Must come up with another strategy
  4. So, when does the border open? This is the important question.
  5. Nice. Thank you for sharing. Has something been produced for ATV (side x side, sport, utility...) use? Would be interesting to see the comparison. Expectation is this is growing
  6. Too bad they are questionable. Seems like a really good idea. Perhaps version 3 may work better. It's a tough decision. Larger magnet has more weight increasing fatigue at connecting areas. Smaller magnet has less force causing it to disconnect. Maybe change choice of magnet?
  7. Thanks. Hard to say about the ears part. This one is very quiet (warmblood) and predictable compared to my first ride (retired racehorse). Both are smart, and each had their own set of fears or trigger points. Found it interesting that once I explained something to the thoroughbred, it seemd to be acceptable. He could not deal with boats or small watercraft on ponds and lakes. Luckily, I had multiple trail options behind the farm to get past this obstacle. Not sure who trained who in this case. Just something that continues to make me laugh when I think about the experiences
  8. Wow. Great idea. Price makes it a bit expensive for a nice to have item. Will check it out next time I'm in the area of a shop that sells them
  9. Thanks. Its definitely different and a nice change. Since a majority of local trails permit 1hp vehicles, it seems to be a good choice
  10. It's called a seat warmer. Benefits from assisted drying when wet. Drawback is it tends to develop mud and dirt accumulation during refueling. Handlebars as minimal due to rider assist and verbal instruction features. For those who haven't experienced these features, its awesome for 99% of the time. Unexpected forward acceleration and rapid lateral acceleration rarely occur when automated feature is engaged. Guess one cant have everything. Lol.
  11. Looks like something from a Christmas card. Very nice pictures. Thank you for posting
  12. I saw that video Thursday, before it was removed from YouTube. Others have popped up... I am in agreement with ICE, what is mentioned here should make others think and be concerned. Pharma groups are very powerful.
  13. Lol. I needed to watch this. Looks like all had a great time