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  1. After playing locally in the early season snow, I'm itching to go riding
  2. Ditto. Also found it strange that I received my coverage letter and it only covered part of te season, expiring on Jan 12, 2020. What's going on here?😄
  3. Nice. Thanks for sharing this information
  4. T-shirts arrived today!!! Thank you neksledr.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all friends north to the border!!
  6. That would be sweet! Yeah, please put me on the list. In fact, I will be more than willing to test out the prototype. Let me know how much to send. Thanks, Mike
  7. I'm about 5 hours from the border. Looking forward to the open trails next year. If you thought riding in a SxS isca blast, give it a try on a sport quad.
  8. Yeah, that looks fine. A little sketchy, but it works
  9. It's not the end of the month, yet. Good things take time.
  10. Just wide enough for a Raptor to fit through. Recall the branches hitting the handlebars. Cant imagine what it was like in a SxS. Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing
  11. Great photochop (as I call it) opportunity here for anyone willing to create a disturbing image. NOT ME!!! as I would most likely have to burn my computer afterwards
  12. True. Wanted to point out the width issue.
  13. I hear through the grapevine, Gutz is actually looking for something else...