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    Ferry Conquered and back to Shawinigan

    I am so jealous of your north shore trip. We had plans a couple weeks ago do do the same trip but ferry was only carrying supplies and wouldn't let us on. Plus I came down with the flu. I really wanted to go over that bridge and ride the hilly section. We did get to ride that one ferry. Amazing the size of it. Great pictures. Next year we'll plan on a March trip there. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Shore1066

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    We put together a couple GPS systems this year and it is great to know when a trail is coming up. Made a few decisions much easier. Ours are old garmin's with the trak map program. First day mine kept stopping and restarting. Next day on a full charge It lasted a couple hours. Anyway I bought some toe warmers for my feet in case they got cold. Well 1 toe warmer on the back of the unit seem to solve the problem. At the end of the day the battery still had over a half a charge in it and the toe warmer was still warm.
  3. Shore1066

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    Funny story. I bought a pickup truck in Canada one time and the speedometer was in KM. Told the salesman how will I know how fast I'm going. He gave me the times 6 method and said that close enough. I bought the truck.
  4. Shore1066

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    Our experence is it is very close to be accurate. We take the maps KM's number and multiply by 6 and and drop the last number for miles. 100 km's times 6 is 600 less the last number and you get 60 miles. That works for us and it always close.
  5. Does anyone have any info on a possible starting point to get on trail 53 near Buckingham east of Ottawa. My oldest boy wants to drive there and park and ride north. Any info would be appreciated.
  6. Shore1066

    Gen 4 feet freezer.

    This is only something I did and I feel it helped in keeping my feet warmer. A couple weeks ago during the deep freeze weekend myself and a friend went to Mont Laurie and rode for the weekend. I wore the same boots as always and in cold weather same as that weekend. Different sled .My feet and toes would last 40 miles and they were froze. Note I do have diabetes and have that nerve pain in my feet. After I got back I got great advice on some new boots, Sorels , and they are great. Very comfortable for my feet. Well still thinking more could be done I cut out some plates and covered the first two holes on the running boards where my feet set. Of course I asked my kid if he wanted his done and he said of course. As things always happen the second design is better but both work. There is differently heat coming from the muffler area and the clutch side. The new plates always stayed dry and never had any snow or ice build up. I think I could feel the heat on my feet . Maybe it was just me hoping. New boots and a couple plates made my cold feet problem just go away. I do know the plates stopped the air flow from coming from below. What one helped the most ,I don't know. Anyway I just wanted to share.
  7. Shore1066

    Gen 4 feet freezer.

    Take a roll of duck tape with you too. I also have Baffin boots and my feet never got cold until I got this Gen 4 renegade. This is a true story. Last year we were riding on the river above Shawinigan and it was smooth as silk. Well we were clicking along pretty good and the air flow from under my feet was so great that it was picking my feet up. Now I wasn't really sure this happened but on our return trip it happened again. We were really clicking this time and it was very noticeable. The weekend we were riding when it was sooo cold the bottom of my boots would form a ice ball in my toes area. The Sorel boots I bought are really great and my feet didn't get cold but I did shut that air flow off. Just ideas from me but others have said the same thing. Stop the air flow. Plus there is heat that comes from the engine and muffer. Have a great ride and mostly be safe.
  8. Shore1066

    Trail 53 in Buckingham area.

    Thank you so much. This is good info for all. Thanks again.
  9. Shore1066

    Gen 4 feet freezer.

    I bought the Sorel Glacier model from Amazon. Zeusand from Quebec rider suggested them and I believe he was spot on. I bought a size and a half larger that my regular shoe. Wore light socks and were as comfortable as I had been for years. They say they are good for 90 or 100 below.
  10. Maybe BRP, Artic Cat and Polaris should be let known of what is going on. I'm not leaving out Yamaha for any reason except they don't push back country sleds like the rest. If there are no trails in Quebec I'm not going back to tug hill. The sales personal should tell customers about the issues that are happening. Only an idea.
  11. Shore1066

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Well he made it. lol. The area between Pulaski and Watertown center was the problem. Worst driving he has ever been in. The snow was coming straight down. 10 miles per hour and the snow would build up on the hood of his truck 4 inches. There was other cars and no one was an idiot. Now if he was going back home he would tell me snowing too hard. Coming north to ride his snowmobile, now thats different.
  12. Shore1066

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Fuzzy. That Dmv is less than 4 miles past the Ridge View. It would be alot easier to go there than in Watertown. Only a suggestion.
  13. Shore1066

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Just goggled it and it's on rt 12 in Lowville.
  14. Shore1066

    ON MY WAY!!!

    I would think there would be a DMV in Lowville or Copenhagen.
  15. What needs to done is when a trail pass is issused you have to state your track length and lug height. Then like was said out law lugs bigger that 1.6" and no more than 146" tracks on FMCQ trails. If the clubs catch them fine them like they were caught with no trail pass. $500 might make them look for another place to ride. Anyone caught off the trail and I mean all riders should also punished. This is effecting a persons life. I was at a outpost getting gas last weekend and four guys came in that were off trailing. Nice guys but not one had trail pass stickers on their sleds. I looked on purpose. They were talking about their day and last thing was said was they were glad they could ride the trail back to their hotel. The guide just laughed and said if they get caught they will just jump off the trail and no one could catch them. This is going to be a problem in the future. The guys I met were from Toronto but they were being guided. I blame this on the guide because he is getting paid. These are my opinions and only mine.
  16. Shore1066

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Great to see a post from this location. Say hi to Bill for David and me. Let him know we will be at the delta the first week of February for a few days. Have a great next week. Be safe.
  17. Shore1066

    A new @ stroke from YAMAHA????

    I agree with everyone here. I personally and this may sound different have not ridden any ones sled except my own and my sons since 2007. Reason is every sled has something attractive that others don't. My problem would be I might like a couple things about a different sled and forget about the many things I love about the one I'm riding now. So changing brands is something I would have to think hard and long about. So I'm keeping what I know works for me and I think everyone should keep what they enjoy. These are my opinions and only mine. Also note I didn't name my brand of snowmobile. Everyone, your choice is up to you and sled bashing is not good for anyone. Ice I believe your high mileage with your sleds is mainly because you take care of your ride the same as you do your truck. If it breaks fix it now not before it breaks something else. Be safe every one. There's still a lot of riding to do.
  18. Shore1066

    At work with Iceman

    Amazing what cold temperatures can do to steel.
  19. Shore1066

    In Parent we are

    We stayed in Manawan last Sunday. Stayed at the Aberge Manawan. Can't miss it as its across the main road from the 33 trail. Also the police station is across the road. The building is new I believe. We were on the ground floor and parked the sleds right out side and glass sliding doors. Back of the building looking at the lake. Room was great. Only draw back was no restaurant in the building but there was one next door. Little tough to get out of town mainly because it snowed and the trail was hard to follow. Great place to get a good night's sleep and continue on. Rooms were great.
  20. Shore1066

    Val d'Or Wednesday - Sunday

    I don't like doing this but my boys say oh just squeeze the throttle and you will land softer. I have rode them hills a couple times and they can sneak up on you. Be aware and stay safe. Oh yea they're just as sneaky both ways. Lol
  21. Does anyone use a heat sore for your feet. I like many I'm sure are diabetic and my feet have the nerve damaged thing. I rode last weekend and I had a problem with the coldness on my feet. I have good boots that are good for 60 below my feet just hurt more than feeling cold. I still don't want to take a chance on them getting frostbite. Just wondering if anyone uses heated socks or insole heaters. I did see a lady last weekend who had insole heated and she said they did keep her feet warm. They were wired into her heated shield power supply. Also I ride a renegade 850 and have read others say their feet get cold so I am covering the running boards with plates to stop the wind coming from below where my feet set.. I noticed this at the end of last year while riding up the river north of Shawinigan that the air pressure from below was lifting my feet. 30 below and 60 mph means really cold. Thanks for any advice.
  22. Shore1066

    Heated socks or insole heaters

    Thanks guys. Step one, new Sorel Glasier boots on the way. Step 2 finish building plates to cover first two holes where I put my feet and got nascar type 200 mile per hour tape coming from north Carolina. Going tomorrow to look for new socks. Cold feet aren't going to stop me from riding my snowmobile. Lol. It's only money. Lol
  23. I would like to acknowledge all of the troops, American and Canadian, on this day. Thank you for your bravery and giving part of your life looking out for the citizens of both of are countries. Again thankyou.
  24. Shore1066

    In Parent we are

    We were in that area yesterday and the trail thru Casey is special. Stayed in Matawan last night. Was hard to follow the trail out but after we got on 33 to 53 it was great. Only thing was the cold. Your right about no sleds. From Matawan to Mont Laurie we meet 4 sleds. That was more than 120 miles. Now the cold may of had something to do with it. The locals in Parent told us we were f ing crazy and that was the women. Be careful with the frost bite and be safe.
  25. Shore1066

    Quebec Free Weekend

    We left Mont Laurier this morning. Both sled said no. One had a recoil that made it start and the other got a new battery. Headed north on 63 to 53 to 33 to 13 to 83. Lot of 3s there. Ended up in Parent.was trying to get to the Groin Reservoir but too cold to make good time. Stopped at dark . Too cold to ride after dark a d not much between Parent and the Reservoir. I think it was too cold to even walk. Anyway tomorrow might be worse. The locals told us we were f ing crazy and that was the women. Coldest day I've rode in in years. It's fun.