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  1. Amen brother.Just want to be done w/this yr.
  2. I live 45 minutes from those trails.But travel 51/2hrs for the best trails.Thank you Quebec clubs for what you do for us.
  3. Hopefully they were on another continent where they have one way trails.Or they have a death wish.
  4. 2600 mls.including riding through the storm where we got 18-24".Next yr. back to the Gaspe for end of season ride.Thank God for another safe and eventful season for our group.Maybe by next season there will be another microbrasserie or 2 that I have not tried yet.Be safe my friends.
  5. Thank you to all involved in the Quebec trail system.It was another adventurous season w/great hospitality.We appreciate all the work that goes into it. Gaf
  6. Try Club Gatineau.20k or so North of Rabaska.Mark and Natalie great host and story tellers as well as outfitter.Great food.Been staying w/ them for 15 or so yrs.wont be disappointed.And reasonable
  7. Is Haltiparche anywhere near Oseola.Hatiparche does not come up on a google search.One of those places you just can't get there from here.
  8. What is the completion date supposed to be.
  9. Rode from Mont Laurier to Belleterre last Thursday.Long day big mix of riding terrain.Plan to stop at Lerendrye for gas.
  10. We took it Monday from a few miles Est of Clova to Chevel.Just stay on trail that you can tell a groomer went through.
  11. Nice to put a face to a post today.Gaf
  12. Sylvie you are in our prayers.Sorry to hear this happened.Hope that he will be taken care of the old fashioned way.
  13. How is 63 from Mont Laurier to Belleteire.What I am seeing is that it is not open?