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  1. William Gaf Gaffney

    Come and visit

    Heading Nord out of Murdochville around the shore line past Gaspe and Perce to Chandler.Sound good?
  2. William Gaf Gaffney

    Come and visit

    Can be reached at 315 399-8063
  3. William Gaf Gaffney

    Come and visit

    Yes RDL,toMatane to Murdochville to Chandler to Motel Interprovencial to RDL Hows that
  4. William Gaf Gaffney

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Will be pulling into RDL this Thursday hopefully 3 or 4ish. to The Best Western.Look us up for a nice cold pop or 2 or 3.Gaf
  5. William Gaf Gaffney

    Come and visit

    Heading to RDL on the 17th to do the loop around Gaspe.Look forward to seeing trail/snow conditions.Gaf
  6. William Gaf Gaffney

    When will it stop?

    Pay back is a bitch.This person will get whats coming.
  7. William Gaf Gaffney

    Pourvoires Du Lac Repos

    Stayed there twice.Worked out fine.Food was warm beer was cold people friendly.Hell wish I was passing through there right now.Happy New Year.
  8. William Gaf Gaffney

    Lac Fallion

    Have rooms booked for mid Feb. Ride.Stayed there 3 yrs.ago and all worked out very well.
  9. William Gaf Gaffney

    Trudeau puts tariffs on american snowmobilers

    Sounds like something you would hear on The Clinton News Network.CNN
  10. How far North and are you think Lab.City at all.Gaf

  11. William Gaf Gaffney

    Memorial Day

    I 2nd that.
  12. William Gaf Gaffney

    She's Warming Up : (

    Once I saw the wood stove I kind of figured I'd seen enough to call it quite the unit.
  13. William Gaf Gaffney

    She's Warming Up : (

    Met up with these guys at gas station in Parent around Feb.27 Check out the wood burning stove
  14. William Gaf Gaffney

    HAPPY summer sports to all .

    Thank you to all the club members that make this trail system the best in the world.
  15. William Gaf Gaffney

    Gaspe- Season Ender

    Thx for beautiful pics.Hope to get back to Gaspe again next yr.Have a nice summer everyone.