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  1. Thanks for thinking of us on a special day in the US.
  2. looks like Eskers is in the middle of the city.Can you get to it alright by sled.I'll be coming down from Matagami.Do they include breakfast
  3. That is exactly what I have scheduled for Jan.19
  4. Thx sounds like Motel du Lac is it.On another note we had a father /son team ride w/us 1 time a few yrs. back.Trailered to Mont Laurier and rode North.Young kids sled broke down when we got to Matagami,on a Saturday night.No shop around to help.They found some young local going to Montreal.Drove them back to Mont laurier,to get their truck and trailer.Then they drove back up to Matagami to get their sleds and drive back to Syracuse.Have not heard from them since.
  5. Anybody have any suggestions on where to stay in Label-Sur.
  6. Any suggestions on a place to stay in Labelle-sur-Quevillon.

  7. Sounds like a father son team I ran into one night at Rabaska many moons ago.
  8. Nord of Rabaska and Est of Notowissi
  9. Sounds like this is not President Trumps fault.Not yet anyhow.
  10. God willing and the creeks don't rise we shall be stopping in sometime in 2021.My riding buddies call me every other week to see if I have set up any trips yet.
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