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  1. Never say can't figure out how we can.Thats what we do in the snowmobile family.
  2. We start out from The Quality Inn in Mont Laurier.Have not had any issues and if it works stick w/it.Get there 1pm ish and then do the Devils Moutain loop.
  3. How do you think the trail Nord of Rabaska to Club Gatineau will be this winter logging wise.Any idea if Lac Trout Est of you on 63 is lodging people this winter.Gaf
  4. Any idea if Lac Trout is open this winter for lodging.Gaf
  5. I 2nd Trailblazer.I am trying to limit my guinea pig days.
  6. Any idea if Bill is coming to the Sled show in Syracuse the end of Sept.and selling passes as well.
  7. Looking good hope to catch up w/you guys in RDL again for a pop this coming season.Gaf
  8. So sorry to see and hear about all this flooding.I have no words to describe how bad we feel for you.Gaf
  9. Happy Birthday.Thx for your long hrs. out on the trail.Gaf
  10. Have not been up that way yet.But looks like it could be next yrs. end of season ride.Gaf
  11. Great to see the trip turned out so good.1 for the books I would think.Great positive attitude a must along w/ a good sense of humor.We are not here for a long time just a good time.
  12. Club Gatineau great hospitality food and drink.May need to be a little bit adventurous.
  13. Congrats Bill.Hope to see you in Syracuse next fall for sled show again.Gaf