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  1. Towing Gaspesia week photo ride report March2018

    very nice.
  2. Rain rain go away....

    Heading to Mont Laurier tomorrow afternoon.Think positive
  3. Rain rain go away....

    I 2nd that
  4. mont Laurier ?????

    Do the snow dance.I am heading up a wk.from Thursday.
  5. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Looking forward to seeing this new territory[for me] starting next weekend.Will be in touch soon.Gaf
  6. Best place to stay?

    Stayed at KM 31 last season.A good time,to be had and experiance seeing all the mountain sleds.Be on your game cause sometimes we had long tracks pop out on the trail from nowhere.Beautiful area.
  7. 2018 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions/Gossip/Tidbits

    Happy retirement my friend.
  8. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    I put a pull start on my 800.Just start pulling it over and hit the start button,she always fires up then.
  9. She says she's going to miss me,

    Does she pack your lunch also.What a good women.Some guys just have all the luck.Gaf
  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

  11. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Those potato's remind me of the old country before the Great Potato Famine,that pushed many families to go west to N.America.
  12. Snow to Fall in Abitibi

  13. hahhaha gaspesie !!!!

    I like it.
  14. Club Notawissi closed for the winter season.

    Great watering hole stop on our way to Club Gatineau sorry to see.Wonder if this will affect the Christmas trees that grew out of the ice.
  15. Never Forget

    My prayers are for every single person involved that September day and all my union brothers and sisters that jumped right in and helped w/ recovery and clean-up.God Bless America and our friends to the North.