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  1. Our second chance are the White Road
  2. That was at Hotel du Havre last year.i agree no studs here
  3. If you have studs its probably a heat exchanger. We met you folks in Motel Fraser I think. We had two Cat Turbos and it had snowed about two feet
  4. Hey MR Gutz; Thanks for the review of the Oxygen helmet. My friend and I both bought them this year and were excited to get them. Here are our observations; 1) They fit tight but pulling the straps to spread the helmet so to speak aids in donning this beast. 2) Ear cups for noise abatement are down right painful. There is no way else to describe it. After two days of fiddling and adjusting we both gave up and removed them- Alas freedom! the next years version should have different sized earcups as options. 3) The peripheral vision is terrific and much appreciated when crossing road ways. The shield seems optically correct. When in the up position be careful when moving around as you can bump in to things and other folks with Oxygen helmets! My friend and I had dueling shields more than once! 4) The neck warmer is too short . It needs to be at least two inches longer all the way around. Lots of wind goes down our backs and makes us feel cold . To fix this you need a very thin balaclava with Gore Windstopper material around the neck. . Zip up jacket and leave helmet neck warmer outside . This seals all wind. 5) At high speeds the helmet shakes and makes vision somewhat harder. I believe it to be the odd sculpted helmet shape and the wings on the lower sides. 6) Light on back of helmet is a great safety feature and is operated by the machine electrical system and not a battery. 7) Magnetic proximity sensor heated shield cord is a nice feature. We disconnect at the helmet when we get off the machine. Its easier than disconnecting at the machine. 8 The drop down fighter pilot sun visor is optically correct is very easy on the eyes but hits your nose when looking to either side. It should have minor down ward stop adjustments . 9) The heated shield cord has memory and will remember settings when machine is shut off. The highest setting keeps the inside way warmer but glasses still fog up under certain conditions. 10) If you remove the breath deflector you can eat and drink with the helmet on. 11) Ventilation thumbwheel works well and there is sufficent air that comes thru. 12) I lay bets that version 2 will have these issues addressed.
  5. Thanks for the great grooming effort . Even though we did not experience the trails in the gaspe t h is year our trips to sept isles and woodrunner. Trail were superb!
  6. Teamgreen

    GT 2018

    GT rider has the best pictures for sure. Home now and back to being a keyboard racer!!!!! Hey GT rider.we had great trails today hope you had the same Made it to the White road . Went down about a mile and there was so many feeder trails couldn't tell where to go but just wanted to say we really went to the end of the world!
  7. Rode from Port Cartier to Godbout on Friday. Stayed at the Q'artier Thursday night. Great place people were very Nice . Trails were a mixed bag because of the snow and high wind . Storm Quinn I think . Wonderfull wide open stretches ruined by drifts , Flat light ,poor visibility and high wind! Just goes to show that the region can be very tempermental weather wise. Sun came out later in the day and Godbout area did not receive any snow so it as awesome down there. Loadedd the trailer and headed for home . 700 miles total and both Thundercat and Turbo ran well.
  8. Left Havre St Pierre today over cast skies..... Trail was great leaving town but hard to see with no sun..... Groomed real nice 8 out of 10. NeXT 60 miles tight and twisty. ...power line almost impossible to see sticks because of flat light...sept iles to port cartier a magic carpet ride. ...9 out of ten. Staking at Q,artier hotel.... very nice... tommorow on to godbout. ...
  9. Heading to baie Johann betz today.going to the end of the groomed trail. Hope there is a sign there.... Ok here is the sign Sorry wrong one! Moose carcass on trail.... there was blood on the trail for about a quarter mile..... first thoight the groomer was losing tranny oil
  10. Heading to baie Johann betz today.going to the end of the groomed trail. Hope there is a sign there.... Trail was groomed to a "T" 9.5 out of 10. Only reason it wasn't a ten was because it hadnt been packed down by sleds. Judging by how many sleds we saw today it won't happen any time soon! Some really great stretches to let the little Kitty stretch her legs! Lol
  11. Rode from Sept ilse to Havre St Pierre today. Bright sunny day. ... very good grooming conditions for part of the way....most of trail is groomed about one to one and a half width wide....some water bars and some corners are off camber...rider beware.....102 miles between and gassed up at garage Poulin. Worried about making it but got 14.5 mpg and was happy with that....crossed 10 bridges on the road so wheels a must have for this trek....scratchers a must have on this trip as well because the snow is real grippy and crusty......very tight corners with some u turns...... crossed about 6 rivers ...solid and no open water despite above freezing temps.... Lots of panoramic views and stark scenery makes for some great picture spots. Stunning views of water and some mini icebergs floating by..Honestly if there was a place for a UFO to land it would be there.....
  12. Teamgreen

    GT 2018

    Had a great meal at Chez.Julie with GT rider and his wife . Tonight
  13. Took the ferry today to godbout an then on to sept isle. Although it was somewhat warm the snow was grippy and groomed most all the way . Probably 40-50 miles of some really great open running. Staying at comfort Inn and heading to Havre st pirrelevant tommorow. Bought some gas cans for the 102 mile run.
  14. Teamgreen

    GT 2018

    Hey GT rider we are in the comfort inn well
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