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  1. Hey Florida snowman what kind of carbides do u have on those skis? Thank you Thank you! Yeti
  2. Hey Groomer is that a recent picture of your camp with all that snow?? Yeti
  3. Hey Playhard I was at Relais La Cache last week gave her this Web Site she said she would love to advertise on this site next season!!
  4. Day 5 Thursday trails were all groomed from Amqui to RDL!! Just met 5 guys on sleds rode up from Jackman Maine to Hotel Universal said trails still good!!! Till next Season Yeti out!!!
  5. QDay 3&4 Murdochville to New Richmond South shore still holding up good!! Onto Groomers Club House for a Fine Cocktail & say hello to Joyce! Off to Amqui tonight have dinner with Joyce & her husband!! Trails awesome here!!
  6. BTW if anyone has information to send La Cache I talked to them they would like to become an Advertiser on this site for next Season!!!
  7. Monday Matane to La Cache the 595 was nice still a lot of snow!! New Gas Pumps getting installed over the summer right in front of the front door! Also new kitchen going in more verity of foods! Then took the Orange trail through the Chic Chocs to Murdochville bummer couldn’t see the Mountains because it was snowing!! Talking to Jack at the Copper said they’ll keep grooming as long as it stays Cold!!!! Yeti Later
  8. Left RDL From The U! This morning trails all groomed from front door to Matane!!! Great Spring Sledding!
  9. He’s out of the hospital now chest injury and a little head trauma!!! He is a lawyer so I’m sure he will get what is owed to him!!
  10. Groomer iam heading up March 23 how long will you groom till?
  11. Team Yeti says rock on Mike! We Will be up March 23rd!!