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  1. Yeti62

    Oxygen Helmets

    My exact words 182Ray! Apparently nobody wears glasses!!thats why iam back to the BVS2!!!!
  2. Yeti62

    Oxygen Helmets

    Hey Mxzeerider do u happen to know the part number for that updated Shield??
  3. Yeti62

    Oxygen Helmets

    Jackstraw that's the problem I had for a week can't have a drink or a cigarette comfortable had to ride with the shield cracked open or my glasses fogged up -15 out a little chilly on the face!! Next trip back to the BVS2!! Oxygen on Craigslist!!
  4. Yeti62

    Oxygen Helmets

    Hey MXZeerider did ski Doo give you a free shield? Any type of a recall ?
  5. Yeti62

    Oxygen Helmets

    Yes I also had streaks between lenses!! Also was wandering if there was a Recall
  6. Yeti62

    Can I get out of the roquemont

    Yes u can no problem just went through their yesterday!! Down the 23 out to the 73 all good!!!
  7. Yeti62

    Oxygen Helmets

    Mr Gutz I just got back from 1,000 mi trip! Great view from helmet I had Weather from 20° to 18 below zero I wear glasses my glasses always fogged couldn't keep'em clear! Always had to keep shield cracked open!Disappointed going back to my BV2 for next trip!!!
  8. Started in La Tuque Saturday to LSJ West side of lake great! around to Alma a little scratchy! over to La Baie not bad! Today 368 to 23 Relais Mont Apica closed! Bummer onto L'Etape trail was good to get gas! Nice!! 23 down to Roquemont groomed to the Hotel!! Time for Beer!
  9. Yeti62

    Delta renovating restaurant...Boston Pizza is coming..

    Buffalo chicken pizza was great!! Nice big TV behind bar was excellent to watch Bruins hammer the Black Hawks today!!
  10. Yeti62

    Roll of the Dice

    Snowmaster great report Iam in La Dore' now going to try & go to Chibougamau any Intel on when trail will be open?? Thanks 😊
  11. How many miles is the trail ?thank youthank you
  12. Yeti62

    Next stop St Ray stay tuned

    Keep us posted on ur adventure!
  13. Yeti62

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    WOW that's cool stuff JG! So do U see your trails opening anytime soon?
  14. Yeti62

    Early ride

    My friend rode yesterday lac Etchemin area