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  1. Great Report RoadRunner when U saddlebag when you enter the border do you have to let them know your itinerary for the week each place you’re going to stay you can’t change it up?? Thank you
  2. Do you print out on paper your ArrivCan? Or do you give the border guard your phone? Thank you in advance
  3. Nice Please Keep The Reports Coming!!!!😊
  4. My cousin just visited his Grandmother last week from Derby VT to Sherbrooke no problem!!!!
  5. Eagle Lake to Madawaska for Lunch at Big Rick’s Burgers!!! Trails were all Cream Cheese!! down to Ashland gas up back to Eagle Lake 225 miles nothing but Smiles 😊
  6. Just like Schooter I also made it to Canada!!! Every Year for the last 33 Years!!!! But not the Same!!😊
  7. In Eagle Lake woke up to 6” of new Snow Tuesday very windy but Trails were groomed to Perfection!!!
  8. If you wear Glasses Good Luck!!! Just my opinion from my experience!😊
  9. Go North!! My Friend is in Matagami right now😊
  10. Bingo for u RoadMaster!! Bummer for me I was supposed to be there with him!!! Oh well
  11. My Friend & his wife are here tonight
  12. Sorry to hear JG!!! Good luck in your next adventure in life!! YETI
  13. Ate lunch today at Relais des Buttes Mgr of Club House made a phone call for me said maybe Friday! He said a Indian is holding up a section of trail!
  14. Started from St Ray Sunday morning up 23 to Heberville!!! Skinny first 10 miles out of St Ray more Snow as you go lots of traffic!! Today followed 83 to Roberval not to bad!! Took the Orange 617 on Lac St Jean ice 15-18” talk to a local ice fishermen!! In La Dore’ now trails good here!! Team Yeti
  15. Hey Snowmaster great report any intel on trail open all the way to La Dore’? Thanks Yeti
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