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  1. Merci! Was in that area three season's ago in my first year of riding Quebec. Good memories of the Condos at lac Taureau and the trails north and south.
  2. Not to beat the wasp nest with a stick...but my future border crossing friends...keep yourself clear of these "elements" that have come to life might be getting a few extra questions and checks at the border... January 10, 2021 Feds looking at declaring Proud Boys a terrorist organization in wake of U.S. rioting Further, in a separate interview, Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne said the federal government is “reflecting on what additional measures could be taken” to protect Canadian democratic institutions from future extremism and violence on display in the U.S. this past week. I am not picking a fight, arguing, or anything of that nature on this forum with this post....just be aware of what you might be running into trying to cross the border in the future.
  3. Your prize is a personal key for the nearby warm up station and the inflatable outhouse next to it! I was impressed with the propane heater in the building - many are wood fired but the propane enabled instant warmth when you stepped in.
  4. No trails? Had a bad week of rain one February and stove off the blues by putting this together....your kids might like it as well.... Instructions - print and cut out: Paper-Snowmobile-Project.pdf
  5. The folk singer? Sorry momentarily confused....I was thinking of Gilles Vigneault....a winter song...not sure where he is from...he starts to sing about 40 seconds in past the stringed instruments.... Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver Mon jardin, ce n’est pas un jardin, c’est la plaine Mon chemin, ce n’est pas un chemin, c’est la neige Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver Meanwhile here's another spot for you.... This is close by.... ?
  6. You are correct sir!....I remember you liked that area a couple of years ago now I think. The first picture is the trail to La Pociatiere and that "pingo" would be seen from hwy 20. Incidentally if you are planning to stay in one of the motels there, make sure this trail is open as the geography does not lend itself well to low snow conditions and it is the only sled trail out of town. The middle picture is on a main trail south of St Jean Port Joli.
  7. close but more to the east
  8. OK ...close by where ? BTW the pics are all from the same general area...iceman seems to need some cheering up...☺️
  9. Some clues...guess the general area...
  10. If you like crossing the border, you might consider that the pollution you are spouting here might block you for life as a violation of Canada's criminal code or tie up your travel here for years while a panel or commission made a decision. Here is the "outlet" for your consideration: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) The RCMP does not use the category "hate crime" in any formal way. However, some hate crimes are clearly addressed by the National Security Investigation Sections of the RCMP. Criminal, political or religious extremism, for example, can take a form that most people would recognize as a hate crime.[5] on·o·mat·o·poe·ia Learn to pronounce /ˌänəˌmadəˈpēə,ˌänəˌmädəˈpēə/ noun the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g. cuckoo ). the use of onomatopoeia for rhetorical effect. for instance in snowmobiling - brraaap - recognizable sound of revving 2 stroke sled engine. bleeting - wounded animal sound of those whimperers unable to cross border to the best snowmobiling in the world.
  11. After having given your response some careful consideration, it would seem to me that if you have no faith in the institution that decides the leadership of the world's second largest democracy (United States) or in much of the other of the governmental establishments, then perhaps we north of the border should pay some attention. It would follow that we would not want the taint of this corruption to flow into our country. Your institutional criminal record keeping being suspect, perhaps much further scrutiny at border crossings is warranted - instead of the usual wave and "have a good time" we should more rigourously investigate any drunk driving, drug dealing, weapons offenses, wife beating, fact anything which is equivalent to Canada's criminal code and would therefore prevent entry. For life. We should also be wary of vehicle registration...are ownerships, insurance, and vehicle condition acceptable to our standards? We can't be sure according to the various registration systems from whence you came....perhaps a stringent search of vehicles and trailers for contraband or weapons "for personal protection" is warranted. You must get that "border security" show down in the U.S. Should vaccination against covid19 be mandatory for border do we really know those confirming certificates are real? Extrapolating further, as it seems like the majority of anti-maskers, anti-safe distancers, anti-vaxxers, gun toting protesters are registered to vote as Republicans, maybe we ought to start a check list about this affiliation as well...although there are some good ones. There are those that will start the usual bleeting about the economy being depressed with so many turned away, but we're just fine thanks. Two feet of snow here...getting ready to ride some back roads. Have a nice (Boxing) day.
  12. There were 81,282,903 votes cast for Biden and 74,223,030 votes cast for Trump. By your way of thinking, your favourite sports team might lose a game 7 to 0, but in your mind, the team that got 0 has won the game. Many Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fans are delusional this way, so it is not uncommon.
  13. The process to vaccinate everyone in Canada is going to take many months - projected up until September. In the meantime, even those who are vaccinated are told to continue with the social distancing, mask wearing etc. If you do get vaccinated, ensure you have "official" documentation. In terms of future border crossing, the anti-vaxers are going to have a hard time of it.