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  1. Just an idea - my Quebec 511 highway app was working poorly, so I updated Google maps on which it was based. Worked perfectly after. Maybe the same thing will work for the iMotoneige. Personally having no problems with it on android version 8.1.
  2. slomo

    Trail Maps

    Good link and especially helpful is this part of it - a map of the different regions if you are unfamiliar with them : Took a lot of work and research to figure these all out working with an unfamiliar language to boot!
  3. slomo

    Trail Maps

    Here you go - in case your phone stops working! (ha ha - although that is a great app.) A list of different regions and links to order or download: Maps usually show up in the mail (in Canada anyway) within 5 to 7 days. It being the Christmas mail rush, your results may differ.
  4. Sounds good - looks like putt putting around is okay with those folks- might even help with packing. Thanks for the pictures - hard to judge snow levels from out of province and have a couple of places booked 3/4 way through December - fingers crossed!
  5. So, in Quebec you can ride trails that are posted as closed? Not haranguing you here, new to the Quebec trails. I appreciate your post as C/A was a favourite region last year.
  6. Worked like a charm exactly as you describe - two permits, bought two different times, insurance refund cheques received within 7 days later. Permits in 5 days - Canada Post.
  7. Please post some reservation and contact information and maybe a web site? Good to know about the wifi. Any pictures of the rooms? Frigo and microwave? I would like to bookmark your motel as it looks like a good place for spring riding.
  8. Thank you to all for the info! Looking forward to a great season - my second year snowmobiling in Quebec.
  9. My spouse's holidays are generally shorter than mine, so came up with a plan for her to fly to a destination while I drove and arrived earlier with the sled trailer. Wondering if anyone had any experience with trail access to the Quebec City airport Super 8? The trail map shows a trail in the general area, but then you have to cross a set of railway tracks. A few streets or back lots appear between the end of the trail and the hotel parking lot - which might provoke some private property concerns. Looks like a good place from which to launch for day trips which is my usual thing. Super 8 is a map trail supporter and advertised as sledder friendly. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.
  10. The contemplation of funding New Brunswick''s only viable winter tourism option has been in the works for two years now so the 'announcement' is actually old news. Maybe someone has lined up some sponsors in the area for 2020. I am a big fan of northern New Brunswick sledding but find their poor trail condition reporting a big problem - it is worse than Ontario's. Showing how long ago a trail was groomed is no indication of present condition. Last year, made a trip to NB trails that seemed to be open according to the on-line map, but didn't even get off the trailer as snow had turned to sand and grass in most places. Won't be buying my non-refundable 7 day pass in advance again and paid a fair amount for travel and gas to determine poor conditions for myself. Turned around and went to Quebec. I wrote a letter detailing my experience to New Brunswick tourism, heard back and replied to the New Brunswick sledding organization outlining out of province concerns to them, but see no change in condition reporting. Will not be visiting multiple face book pages to figure out if an area's trails are open or not and whether a logging operation is going to present several kilometers of rough to impassable trails without warning. As for tour planning I found this article much more useful than Nicholson'' s sponsor driven efforts: Tour in New Brunswick&request_locale=en I am going to put in a plug for Danny's Inn in Bathurst - most stay at the Atlantic Inn, but with a housekeeping unit at Danny's you get more space and can have your own meals or eat at their restaurant - your choice - direct trail access, close to gas, lots of parking - good base for day tours in the area. Make sure and ask for the sledder's rate when phoning for reservation - not readily available on their web site. No indoor pool though if that is your thing. I received no compensation or special consideration (other than the sledder's rate) for this mention, unlike some.