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  1. Today we rode to Mont Vilian for lunch. Then went into Alma, ran the edge of Lac St Jean on the local trail, then onto St Bruno ,383 to 83. It snowed here at the Delta about 2 inches and about 4 to 6 inches in the higher elevations. Trails were great.
  2. No they don't come standard on Ski Doos. But they should come standard on Yamaha's. I had a friend who's Yamaha, the one with the 2 exhaust pipes coming out just under the seat, and his saddlebag caught fire. Only thing left was the plastic handle of his toothbrush. Great design. Fire extinguisher mandatory for those ridding Yamaha saddlebaggers. Not necessay with a Ski Doo. I have mine to help out the Yamaha's that didn't come prepared.
  3. Rode 83 east to Local 22 to 383 to Ferland. Had lunch in Ferland and found out that a local boy,Sam Girard, is an Olympian speed skater representing Quebec in the Olympics, from Ferland, population 500.
  4. Hi jak Ended up going down Fri as there was no one to ride with. Came back yesterday. Busy night last night here at the Delta. 99 sleds were here, I counted them this morning. Big group, over 50 sleds, from Victoriaville, rode in from Quebec City.
  5. They came fron the "hill", as it's dated 2013 and came up here. Glad to see someone confront the a**holes. I refused to ride up here on Sat. By 2PM they are coming at you with both skis in the air.
  6. Yesterday we went up to KM 31 for lunch, stopping at the Ski Hill for a hot chocolate. After lunch we took Bras Louis and returned back to the Delta at 4 PM. Trails were very good. The signs of Johnny Standup and Bobby Backback were quite evident. Side of the trail off trail riding is not off trail riding.
  7. Hi Mikerider So far, 2500 miles, I like the Blizzard 900. Getting a consistent 21 1 /2 MPG. Like the adjustable carbides. Just enough power for me.
  8. Yesterday we rode to Relais du Lac, had coffee, then on up to Mont Vilain for lunch. Came back thru L'Ascension, Alma and St Bruno. Nice temps,+10, sunny afternoon skies and great trails.
  9. I personally stay away from Mont Valin on the weekends. Too busy. But a great place to off trail, as long as off trail is not next to the trail. Plenty of power lines to ride. See you Sat morning. Going back to NH Friday morning, back Friday evening.
  10. I'm at the Delta but I'm not familar with the FCMQ site map or the Polris ride command map but it is on http://www.viaexplora.com/velo/tourismesaguenaylacstjeanold/hebergements/delta-saguenay-hotel-centre-congres/attrait.saglacmn.110734.h.html?attraits=Hébergements
  11. Today we rode up to the Truck Stop for the best ldressed to ride, walkded unch in town. Just a great place. After lunch got dressed to ride, walked out door saw a sled with NH registration, walked back in and who is standing there but skidoo420 and 2 of his buddies. Talk about a small word. Great to see them. Funny seeing 420 with out eddieskidoo. eddieskidoo down with flu. Great ride except trail from Milot to Mont Vilain not groomed in a while.
  12. If I was 20 years younger, maybe but the more I think about it, too much work digging them out. Only way to go, groomed trails, Playhard.
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