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  1. Grampsledder

    Mont Valin Lodging

    We were just up there last week. The restaurant that was up the road from gas has closed. The ski area had food. They opened up a yurt restaurant with good food but it is down the trail a short distance.
  2. Grampsledder

    Mont Valin Lodging

    We like KM 31. We stay in the lodge. Basic lodging but good food and friendly people. We priced the cabin last week but it was more expensive than the lodge. Never stayed at Passion. We don’t like to get back on the snowmobiles to eat.
  3. Grampsledder

    Leaving Tuesday

    There is a ferry post under general discussion you might check out. Conditions are great in Saguenay, just got back on Saturday.
  4. Grampsledder

    Best driving route to RDL from NH?

    When we leave from Concord area we always drive up 93 to 91 near Littleton and the 55 and 20. Roads are good, plenty of places to gas and eat.
  5. Grampsledder

    Big snow near Tadoussoc

    Wanted to share a few pictures of the big snow we encountered Thursday. We started the day at KM 31 headed to the Delta via 93 and the 383 south of the river. Only 50 miles of our 217 mile day was groomed. The snow was near 2ft for a lot of the ride. We broke trail for 50+ miles, then a group of 5 guys led. Never would have made it without them. It was one of rose days you never forget. It was Epic!
  6. Grampsledder

    Conditions around Saguenay and Mt.Valin

    We are headed up Saturday. Hope to see you! Pam and Russ
  7. Grampsledder

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Thanks for the suggestion. Interested for our next 129 sled. Pam and Russ
  8. Grampsledder

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Good to hear! I know you were undecided initially. I switched to the 129 a few years ago. It isn’t as smooth in the bumps but it is so easy to turn in the twisty’s. My concern was also deep powder on storm days but given that I usually ride 4th the snow is packed by the time I get through. We use the stackable LINQ so I can carry gas and a bag. Russ still likes his Renegade (XRS this year). Safe travels. Pam
  9. Grampsledder

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    What are Sandi’s thoughts on the MXZ now that she has ridden it for a while? Does she miss the long track? Seems like she is having fun on it. Pam (Headed up to LSJ in a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing Bill and the crew.)
  10. Grampsledder

    Heated socks or insole heaters

    We use the adhesive toe warmers when snowmobiling. On really cold days we change them at lunch. Work well. Pam uses Hotronics in her ski boots-a chargeable battery plugged to a boot insole. They work well for skiing but might be a little cumbersome for snowmobiling. Good luck.
  11. Grampsledder

    Stolen Sleds

    We do a lot of the things mentioned when starting. We’ve also carried a forgetaboutit lock on the trails for years. Lock the sled together at night. So far we’ve had no trouble.
  12. Grampsledder

    Outfitter, lodge, near chandler

    The north shore mountains are spectacular. In my opinion they are the highlight of the Gaspe. You shouldn’t miss them.
  13. Grampsledder

    Gaspesie Trail Conditions

    I noticed they stopped posting when the FCMQ started selling the trail passes. I assume their pass sales were lower, revenue lower, and they didn’t have the staff (or the incentive) to call the clubs for daily reporting. Just our guess. I agree it is a huge loss. Dale and Louise were a great resource.
  14. Grampsledder

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Hi Jack and Sandi-we are interested to hear about the secure parking at the Delta. Is the corral gone because there isn’t enough snow? Sandi should love the 600R. I love my short track. You lose a little in floatation but they are so easy to ride! Enjoy your trip! Pam and Russ
  15. Grampsledder

    Trail Info

    Roller coaster section last winter. Pam didn’t want to get any closer to the edge.