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  1. Grampsledder

    Trail Info

    Roller coaster section last winter. Pam didn’t want to get any closer to the edge.
  2. Grampsledder

    Gaspesie trip intel

    We always do the 595, 597 and the Chic Choc trail. A few years ago we also did the orange trail from Gaspe to the 597. They are great trails, wide open and groomed unless there has been a recent storm. There is a nice gorge on the 597 near the Chandler end. In our nine trips to the region we have only done the tip 2 times. The grooming is usually much better inland. Planning our 10th trip now for the spring.
  3. Grampsledder

    Carleton/Nouvelle Orange Trail

    Good to know. Appreciate the feedback.
  4. Grampsledder

    Carleton/Nouvelle Orange Trail

    Thanks. Pam likes to know what we are getting in to. Weather permitting we will give it a try.
  5. Grampsledder

    Carleton/Nouvelle Orange Trail

    Presume you climb in elevation like the 595? Also, it looks like there are switchbacks on the trail?
  6. Grampsledder

    Carleton/Nouvelle Orange Trail

    Has anyone ridden the orange trail from Carleton/Nouvelle area to La Cache? What’s it like? Do they groom it? Doing some planning for our Gaspe trip in March (our 8th to the region). Thought we might try some new terrain. Appreciate any first hand experience from prior years. Bring on the snow. Russ
  7. Grampsledder

    Gas on the 383 below the Saguenay River?

    Thanks. Friday we went straight down 3 instead of taking the 383because of the new snow. Had a great day on 9" of ungroomed snow all day.
  8. Grampsledder

    First time to Sept Iles

    There is plenty of snow in this region if you’re thinking of a trip. The new snow will reinforce the base. The exception is near La Malbaie, the snow in some of the fields was thin, very wet, and brown. It will go quick with a warmup. We will start in Escoumins or Forestville next time and shoot for Havre St Pierre, and try some of the local trails. Planning Abitibi for next year-always weather permitting.
  9. Grampsledder

    First time to Sept Iles

    Powder day today. Left Escoumins and had second tracks. 12-18” snow. Ungroomed almost all day. Great way to end!
  10. Grampsledder

    First time to Sept Iles

    Two nights at the Richelieu-first and last. A favorite of ours.
  11. Grampsledder

    First time to Sept Iles

    Great day, great trails. Timmy Hortons for lunch twice in one trip. Snow held off until 2:30 and by 3:30 it was a whiteout. Powder day today. The 850 Renegades will be breaking trail. Destination Fairmont Richelieu via the 383/83.
  12. Does anyone know if there is gas on the 383 from Tadoussac ferry drop to the 301 local trail? The map says gas in Baie-Sainte-Catherine, Petit Saguenay, and L’Anse-Saint-Jean but I don’t recall gas a few years ago.
  13. Grampsledder

    First time to Sept Iles

    Great day yesterday. Road up to the Mosie River to check out the white trail. Next time we’ll head to Havre St Pierre. Picked up the women at the hotel and headed for Baie Comeau. Great riding, great snow. Loved the twisty hills with the soft snow. Gas station lunch again-two times in one trip, a record. Storm coming in this afternoon. Will set us up for a powder day Friday in Charlevoix.
  14. Grampsledder

    First time to Sept Iles

    Hi Johnny-We decided on this trip because Trish raved about it. Having a great time. The Fireball nips are a staple on the trips. Russ
  15. Grampsledder

    First time to Sept Iles

    Trails were a 10 again today. Some bumps in places but not enough to rate. The hills started about 20 miles out of Baie Comeau. There were a few roller coaster sections where you couldn’t see over the peak. You had to pay attention here. Half of our group loved the hills. The other half loved the wide open trails for the last 100 miles. Some are headed up to see the white trail early before we return to Baie Comeau.