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  1. Glad to hear all worked out ok. They were in some deep snow.
  2. We stay at the Chateau Roberval in the Chambord area. We always stay at the Delta if we are in Saguenay. Always good to meet fellow QR riders, and to see Bill. Both have restaurants and easy trail access. Doesn’t look like it is on your route but heads up to others. We had a bad experience at Carcajou last year. Our previous stay a few years before was great. We have taken it off our list.
  3. Look forward to your adventure posts every year. They take us to a place we’d never go. Glad all are safe. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great spot for sure. We were glad we missed the storm the prior week. Even in Southern NH the wind howled for 3 days. We did the peninsula on our motorcycle with a group about 5 years ago. Retiring soon, want to get up into the Charlevoix and Saguenay areas in the summer too.
  5. Great group of friends to travel with. Two left early so our group of 6 became 4. Always fun. Planned next year’s trip on the drive home.
  6. The moose was definitely upset. A few younger guys in another group chased it for a bit. After we all stopped and turned the machines off he started swinging his head around and looked threatened. Finally he turned back towards us and trotted down the trail. We were behind trees for his passage and our safety.
  7. That was mine, and he did stop at look at me in the woods. Pam
  8. Waited while it passed. 5AB821C6-3655-422E-A3C3-779731C981F1.MOV
  9. Last day and it was a 10+. Amazing what grooming will do. Ran the 595 north on our way back to Matane. Two days ago it was bumped up from La Cache and the last 30 miles were bad. Today perfect. There are areas with drifting but it is due to the wind and soft snow. Cold and barren up top. Had a close encounter with a moose by the river. Waited for a while on the trail and when it turned back we moved to the woods to let it pass! And, to top off the day saw a car that drive down the trail for a mile or so by the Grand Nature du Chic Chocs. Not sure what they were thinking... Fantastic trip. 1119 miles in 6 days.
  10. Saw tracks but no deer. One dead deer-assume hit by a snowmobile
  11. Highly recommend the 587 between Pointe a la Croix and Causapcal. First time on it today. Great trail. Wide open riding for 70 miles, paralleling the road, along the river, and in the woods. Said it hadn’t been groomed in a while but it was in perfect shape. Glad we added it to our day. Trails overall a 10 today.
  12. Thanks for the reply. We did the trail today. Terrific! Beautiful region
  13. Groomer-how is the 587? Hoping to do it today but it looks like it hasn’t been groomed in a while. Thanks
  14. Trails were great yesterday. All groomed as we left New Richmond. Nice views over the bay in Point a la Croix. Temps dropped and we had a few snow squalls in the afternoon. Amqui last night. Headed back to the Francis on the 587, never done it before. They groomed the 595 yesterday so that’s back in the plan for Friday.