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  1. 1 hour ago, PISTON LAKE CRUISER said:

    I think someone posted a week or two ago that the cottages at l'hombre didn't have cutlery or dishes in them. I can't find the post but maybe someone can chime in with more info. I also saw where the restaurant at the Central Hotel in Parent was open this past week at lunch time at least.

    Central was open for lunch on Wednesday. Food and service good.

    sign right on trail for I’hombre du vent 

  2. We came across a trail that runs from 2 miles south of Notowissi on 13 down to Rabaska. Trail was 25 miles from 13 to Rabaska,  35 miles  shorter than going through St. Anne du Lac if staying at Rabaska or near by.

  3. 6 hours ago, markusvt said:

    Lots of upgrades at Kanawata.  New barn, new grader, all new windows, new sliders looking out over the lake.  And a new gas guy and a new server, (I'll leave it at that, but worth the trip).  Gas is $2.90L.  

    We spent Tuesday night at Kanawata and heading back with truck to pick up a buddy with a back injury. 😡

    we were told Mario sold the the lodge and still running things. New owner some developer from Montreal with money to spend.

  4. 1 hour ago, towing said:

    Under a cloudy sky with a little snow/-2C we made this ride yesterday January 6, 2023 in St-Zenon area through the Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve starting from St-Gabriel de Brandon


    As a drop point we chose the parking lot of the Multifunctional Center 111 Chemin du mont Lanaudière (it's the road just past the Highschool) which is an official parking lot for trailers and the trail pass just aside. We arrived a little late and parked on the roadside in front of it. 


    Despite the last thaw there is still a lot of snow, the conditions are good here in the field in St-Damien.


    Even the big hill in climbing on the mountain was nice with barely a couple browning snow spots , otherwise very good. Given the traffic there were a few bumps but it ride very well.


    We passed the Renard Bleu outfitter


    The road is plowed farther this year but has been widened and our trail is next to it. We just have to cross it a couple of times as the trail change of side otherwise it's fine.



    the snow cover is very good



    From the #23 we then took trail #350 east.


    After this thaw I was expecting to ride on very hard trails but no there is a good layer of loose snow on top , thick enough that the skis were not even bite the trail hard base most of the time. Very good conditions



    Passed the junction for the #23 towards the Cabanon we continued on the #350 towards Koubec with even better trail conditions




    We stopped for lunch at the Relais Koubec (Outfitter Mastigouche)



    It's been a while since we stopped eating there. It was very good and quick and their huge double-sided fireplace in the center of the dining room always impresses me!


    After the lunch break we continued in the Mastigouche reserve. I did a round trip stretch on #23 eastbound. We passed the junction for the trail to Gaston (#350 towards Lac Blanc)


    Before turning around and continuing on #23 westbound



    The section of #23 which comes to reconnect on the #345 (towards the Taureau dam) is less used and as usual it did not disappoint us with its good condition and beautiful fast sections.




    There had been more traffic on the #345 towards the Cabanon. The snow cover remains good even if there are a few spots of more brownish snow in the few km that leave the forest road and which had been reworked with a bulldozer just before the season.



    We stopped to fuel up at Auberge Le Cabanon



    And we went back down to our starting point via #23 trail


    Real Masse outfitter, which had major problems with their plumbing and water distribution system during an extended power outage (christmas storm) is not open and the trail goes straight, trail not groomed yet


    the #23 south of #350 was weared from traffic and was bumpy on the way back south, especially in the section maintained by St-Charles club


    The last section groomed by St-Gabriel club was better but the traffic had still done its job. With the announced cold and grooming, it will come back good because the snow cover is good.


    To summarize,  the storm of December 23 had left impressive amounts of snow, the following thaw packed it down to give us a solid base for the trails and the last snow put some cream on the cake which gives very good conditions. There are still a couples of not frozen small ditches and you can still see the remains of fallen /damaged trees but the ride we did was very nice overall. 

    Trail opening and grooming is still underway, I know that from St-Zenon or Mattawin it is possible to go to Pourvoirie Repos. Kanawata wrote their trails was open (4January) and Alliance du nord club that groom norther on the #83 state that they finished opening trails and are at grooming them. Many places in Parent/clova were starting their operations this weekend. Latuque snowmobile club also state their trails opened.

    With the cold announced I expect that the open trail network will continue to expand and connect rapidly in the coming days

    Happy 2023 season!


    As always, Thanks for the great reports. Our group will be heading up the 22nd starting from Rabaska so your report is very encouraging.

    Thank again 

  5. 1 hour ago, iceman said:

    That place does very well. With hunting, fishing, atv’s ,sleds and hydro quebec booking the place for work crews. 

    always dreamed of having a Relais/Auberge, with all the places I been I know what riders want. 

    maybe when I hang up the helmet

    i would need a divorce as well as no way in hell my wife is going to call Parent home.

    me i like it in the bush


    And after the divorce you’ll be lucky to have half of what you planned on spending for the Auberge. 😩

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