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  1. Absolutely! I'm not interested in how many riding buddies you have .... keep you hands on the friggin' handlebars.
  2. One of the francophone forums has a lot of detailed discussion of this tragedy by people who are either from the area, or are involved. Once again, "get-home-itis" played a significant role. They departed later than scheduled that morning, the trajectory was too long (350km) for tourists, and they arrived late, north of Alma, with still an hour to go if they took the marked trail through town versus 15 or 20 minutes across the unmarked lake. The guide made the wrong choice, and led most of his party, including himself, to their deaths. Why people continue to ride on unfamiliar or unverified ice confounds me too. However, in this case, most of the victims were blameless.
  3. Thanks for your understanding, Playhard. Case in point: Virtually all of our trails were dragged within the past 24-48 hours, but the trail conditions still show "closed". I contacted the director in charge, and she explained that she couldn't get the spreadsheet to open while she was at work and, while drafting a message to that effect to the tourism authority, someone came into her office with some crises or other (she's a fairly senior manager) and that was that. She only realized just now, while trailering to Ste-Anne-du-Lac, that the information wasn't relayed. She's trying to do it in transit from her phone, but I doubt the regional people are at work today (they're Mon. - Fri. 9 to 5'ers). Oh well ... it is what it is .... now ... bring on that storm!!
  4. The new "trail conditions" function is causing some confusion. The FCMQ has allowed each regional tourism authority back-end access to the interactive map. Each region has a point person who is supposed to upload data gathered from each club in their respective region detailing trail closures, conditions and the odd information note. What's happening, even in our club, is that the groomers are running around packing, or even grooming, but the club is being hindered from designating the trail "open" for various reasons. Thus the "grooming delay" function shows groomer activity, but no one has yet made the call showing the trail "open". It could simply be a matter of the club representative not having yet completed the requisite spreadsheet that has to be forwarded to the regional authority. Our club gal contacted me this evening wondering when we can designate sections of our network "open", but we'll have to hold off until tomorrow evening when we get reports from our drivers who will be out tomorrow grooming what we hope to be 10 cm of snow (though it's looking more like 5 cm or less - oh well ... there's more coming to our area on the weekend). Very long story short ... another duty has been downloaded on to the club executives' shoulders, and there will be teething pains until everyone is comfortable with the new arrangement. It should work well eventually, however, when it's all sorted out and everyone's comfortable with the system.
  5. Yipper .... we drove into Mékoos from 100 Lacs late Friday afternoon in a very light freezing mist. We woke up to pouring rain Saturday morning, but it had quickly turned to wet snow by around 10:00 am. By the time we left Mékoos for the trucks at Ste-Anne Sunday morning, there was close to a foot of good snow on the ground and still falling. On the way home, it had thinned out a bit by Mont-Laurier, and diminished to about an inch of wet snow by the time I reached home in Mayo. Anyway, Ste-Anne-du-Lac to Fer-à-Cheval and on towards 100 Lacs then back Ste-Anne via Mékoos was all good .... 10/10 I'd say.
  6. We drove up the hill immediately past the main entrance to the building and there was a decent sized lot up top. We had three pickup's with trailers and there was lots of room for them.
  7. We can vouch for this resort. It's luxurious and affordable, and they treat sledders like royalty. Moreover, the nearby Hotel du Chasseur is a great little spot to pop into for a pint and a poutine, wings or any other pub grub that suits your fancy.
  8. I agree with CNC's comment that the contractors hired by the FCMQ to process the requests were probably overwhelmed by the last minute rush. I was monitoring daily pass sales in our own club, and, up to the last two days, was starting to get a bit worried. Then ... boom ... they all started flooding in. Multiply that by 199 clubs, most many times larger than our own, and you've got quite the logistical challenge. As for the $15.00 charge, again, as CNC said, that's Canada Post's premium mail charge. When I was personally mailing them out for our club, I sent them registered so that I could track the delivery and have it confirmed by signature. However, that capability ended at the Canada/US border. We had one Vermonter complaining about us on Hardcoresledder, wondering if he'd been scammed because, weeks after his credit card had been debited, he still hadn't received his pass. After I contacted him, we found out it had been sitting in his post office up the street all along! The funny thing was, on HCS the Ontario Hill & Gully Riders were taking the fall for this as most didn't realize that there was also an identically named club in Québec! Phew ..... dodged a bullet there ....
  9. I was on a conference call Wednesday evening where it was explained that our regional tourism authority (Tourisme Outaouais) will have a point person with access to the back end of the FCMQ's interactive map (which also links to the iMotoneige phone app ... I think! My french isn't the best either!). Each regional tourism authority will coordinate with its various clubs to gather up to date trail conditions and upload those conditions - with comments if necessary (i.e. open waterway, washed out bridge, logging, etc) to the FCMQ map apps. The frequency of these updates (daily, every couple of days, weekly) will depend on the availability of the club's point person to provide them. Fortunately, we have a young, web-savvy and perfectly bilingual (she manages a shop of federal government translators) director who has grabbed the reins of this project and has promised to provide weekly trail condition updates to our regional authority where it will then be uploaded to the FCMQ site. It sounds like a good and viable initiative, and we're interested to see how well it works. Of course, groomer activities (the groomer delay button) will still work too.
  10. Trail patrollers, who, of course, are snowmobilers themselves, are mainly interested in seeing that you made a good faith attempt to support the trail network to which they devote so much of their time. I think it's pretty unlikely that any patroller, once presented with evidence that someone did indeed order and pay for their pass, would be all hardass about the lack of a sticker or whatnot attributable to mail delays As a patroller myself, I know that once I'm satisfied that someone made a by-the-book effort to obtain their trail pass, and is not trying to scam the system, I am more than happy to thank them for their support and wave them on. For the most part, we're not faceless bureaucrats trying to ruin someone's day because of some technical issue (though I have had issues with the odd police officer!). Because of the last minute rush for trail passes, and the volume of Christmas mail being processed by Canada Post, the FCMQ has requested that both patrollers and police officers exercise good judgement and be a little bit indulgent towards riders who are rolling with only a printed receipt of their pass purchase. Makes sense to me!
  11. It's probably worthwhile considering that Ontario, whose trail network and membership numbers are quite similar to Québec, have sold their trail passes exclusively online for about five years now. Anyway, at this point in time, our kitchen table would normally our be covered in the Club paperwork that our secretary had gathered up by travelling all over the country (at his own expence, I might add). My wife (the club treasurer) would be going out of her mind counting and recounting upwards of sixty grand in small bills (while trying to calculate the applicable taxes) and I'd be trying to input the data from 400 poorly written pass slips filled out in gas bars, dealerships and dépanneurs. Instead, this year we've simply received semi-weekly emails detailing just how much money was directly deposited into our bank account (with taxes already calculated), and I have access to a database where the info has already been entered. And ... to top it off ... our club is 27 members to the good over last year. If we had a bottle of champagne ... we'd pop it! I guess Molson's Ex will do ...
  12. I'd have to say that this is one of the more lucid explanations out there regarding the online purchase of Québec trail permits ... and it's in English!!
  13. Hi Mike ... I confirmed with the FCMQ this afternoon that the language switching back and forth is indeed a bug. Hopefully, they'll get it straightened out. In the meantime, folks have to keep clicking on English in the upper right hand corner whenever it happens. As for plate, you were correct. It's simply the field where you enter your registration number. Of course, in Québec we have plates .... it's just you can never get to police officers to agree where it should be mounted (side tunnel? snowflap?). I guess it depends on the phase of the moon ....
  14. Hi Folks ... I've been receiving complaints from some of my club's members that, even after choosing "English" as the language of transaction for the online purchasing of trail passes, the process keeps reverting to French at each step. I can't remember this happening while using the system myself, but I was wondering if any of our English speaking friends have been encountering this annoyance. On a positive note, I ordered mine on a Sunday afternoon and the pass was in my mailbox on Thursday. Of course, I'm a Québec resident so I guess that helps!
  15. The amount of behind-the-scenes-volunteer-discouraging hassle this initiative saves is mind-boggling and I would be happy to enumerate the problems solved ... but only because I'm a fast typist! Suffice to say that vast amounts of mind-numbing paperwork, needless running around (often at personal expence), flouting of FCMQ rules ("illegal" selling of trail permits at discounted prices for cash), and commissions paid to permit vendors will be eliminated. Volunteer labour and permit monies are better expended on actual trail maintenance. Speaking as a club president married to the club treasurer I can frankly and enthusiastically say .... we can't wait!!