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  1. Hills are north of the town you will hnow when you when you start in to them.
  2. Yes it's a road. Be careful of the hills before kitcisakik they sneak up on you pretty quick.
  3. Pack some cheese and crackers and some cold meats. With nine guys it will be a long day. Fuelling up that many sleds adds time pretty quick .
  4. It happens to the best of us it doesn't matter if it's an old machine or a new one sometimes they let us down. At least it was in the morning not too far away from town .
  5. I'm glad your sabbatical is over we missed your reports .😁
  6. Thanks for all the great reports sounds like you're having an epic season . There are very few people that would do what you do, all those miles alone. hats off to you or should I say helmets. I always wondered what the 2112 meant Since you are riding for Neil Now I know .
  7. Byrd

    3 M tour

    Day six. Woke up to -12 windy and a light snow. After a big breakfast left 100 Lakes with two batteries fully charged. Down 53 to the 319 two hours into the trip, sled dies. Changed batteries . Had lunch at Sainte-Anne-du-Lac onto The Village De Windigo, but it was Closed and not enough gas to make it to Maniwaki. Off so off To Mount Laurier. 10 km in sled dies again. Changed batteries and get up another 10 km. Pulled out cluster, disconnect it and the head lights. Changed out battery again and it started up and took us all the way to Mount Laurier. Get hotel and spent the night. Wake up to -20 and off to Maniwaki we go. Trails have all been groomed and are as hard as concrete-ice scratcher are a must. Load up and back to Oliphant by 9. Anybody thinking about going sledding, trails are in great shape and lots of snow. Over and Out, The Byrd
  8. Just got back last night trails are in great shape groomed and hard as concrete. There is tons of snow. Parking Lots and roads are bare. I would be tempted to run down to the 351 is the gas pipeline it is straight and fast.
  9. Byrd

    3 M tour

    Day five, woke to blowing snow, big breakfast. Martine said today was her last day except for a group of ten next week. Thanked her for her hospitality and off we went. The flat light and the blowing snow made it hard to see and sometimes hard to find the trail. Pulled into wemo for gas. The boy's Machine is beeping, battery light flashing and the engine light on. Rode on to just past Halterphcape the sled dies! out with the tow straps and into Parent. Mon Bon Chum luckily had a battery. Off we go again just outside Parent we see our first group of sleds. Turned down 13 to trail 53 limped the sled into 100 lakes. Borrowed batterie charger and off to cabin. New owners have renovated the cabins, two single beds in each room as well as 3 piece renovated bathrooms. A couple of stiff shots and off to dinner. No disrespect to any other place we stayed at but this, by far, was the best meal. Lots of shooters with the locals. Back to the cabin and off to bed.
  10. Byrd

    3 M tour

    Looked like 800 etec
  11. Byrd

    3 M tour

    Day four, woke up to a little rain recalculate, recalculate, recalculate. Left Auberge Éva around 11:30, up 83 as Far East as we are going to go, turned left on 83 to St Hedwidge for gas on to relay 22. Light rain, thank god for high windshields and Rainex on our shields. Arrived at relay 22 for lunch and gas then off to Windago where the hospitality is next to none. Lots of beers, lots of wine and off to bed.
  12. Byrd

    3 M tour

    You're exactly right I have a piece of plywood bolted to the frame and the Tupperware is screwed on the bungee cord is to keep the lid works great . Patent pending 😁
  13. In st ray yesterday there is a ton of snow one warm day won't affect.
  14. Byrd

    3 M tour

    Day three, woke up to ice fog no rush for hitting the trails today, left Hotel Requemont after a very good breakfast (never had a bad meal there) around 11. Got on the 23 to the 73, trails are in good shape. Got on the 355 stopped at the trappers for a beer, carried on to Lac Édouard for a great lunch and some gas. On to Auberge Éva for the night, great food. Today's ride was fast and when it was done we had stiff drinks to celebrate a great friends life, anyone that was around oval racing in the 70s or 80s knew Andy VanDolder the Flying Dutchman, who passed away last week, his memoral was today and unfortunately we could not make it. RIP Brother #33
  15. Byrd

    3 M tour

    Day Deux, left Lac Taureau around 10:30, up 33. Took local trail south of Repos on north side of 33 that lets you protage across many lakes, for anyone that has not done it, it is a great run and highly recommended. On to Relais du Repos gas and go, down 345 to M20 to the 360, Picnic lunch on trail at the intersection. 345 and M20 are in great shape. On to Trois-Rives gas and go east to M19 down the river, to trail 3 to 351, made great time on the 351, back on 323, one more gas and go, getting dark light snow. Into Roquemont, big dinner and off to bed. Kudos to the Mrs for her 455 km day