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  1. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Please dont encourage them!!! Now they'll say "other people do it"! GutZ
  2. 355 From Latuqe North to Lac Bouchette

    Damn trail side Boondockers!!! Thet're always getting stuck or breaking sh!t! GutZ
  3. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Or a cape.... Or wants a large animal fur shawl and helmet cover....hmmmmm GutZ
  4. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    I close my eyes in tight corners!! LOL GutZ
  5. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Imagine the scarf dangling and getting caught in the track..... GutZ
  6. Last Run of 2017\2018

    We remember the Hill, No Hair started running out of gas 1/2 way up. Beautiful Lake! There was a sign at the top-ish I believe, it showed LAC Carling to the right and left, we went right. The chasseur was on the way out, but it seemed closed up and we felt we could make it to the next gas place. Each sled took 39+ liters at the gas station. GutZ
  7. Last Run of 2017\2018

    Were did you go at the beginning of March? GutZ
  8. Last Run of 2017\2018

    The Chausseur may have gas, but did not pass it on the way to Lac Carling. The Hotel gave us a couple gallons and we made our way to La Chute, I think. it was off of route 3, a truck stop. Signage was poor and tracks were disappearing, late season.... GPS also died on day 1. Imotoneige drained phone too fast and we had to stop to use it each time. GutZ
  9. Last Run of 2017\2018

    Small world! Any chance you found a Skidoo Cargo Bag Cover near the Glacier? If it was us you'd notice our lights! Later GutZ
  10. Last Run of 2017\2018

    I thought you guys were going out on the Gaspe last week. GutZ
  11. Last Run of 2017\2018

    Without Mechanical Issues I'd bored over the summer. At least that is what my brothers tell me! Nice areas we went through, our only complaint if we had to Nit-Pick were all the road crossings. How was the Gaspe area? I am not caught up an all the reading of posts. GutZ
  12. Last Run of 2017\2018

    CNC Do you know you have no gas in your area? We stopped at the boat dock\launch\general store and it was good and closed. Beautiful area, loved the lakes, super smooth!, trails were great, the people we spoke to were nice as well. We will be coming back to that area again! Oh and there is no longer gas in Pine Hill. LOL GutZ
  13. I'm boycotting QR!

  14. I'm boycotting QR!

    Phil Call ahead, I tried to get into Mekoos and he was booked. GutZ
  15. Secure trailer sled storage near LSJ

    Again I'm biased but the Delta is a good place. Stay a few nights, leave the office the keys to the trailer, just in case it needs to be moved. If you like the place, tell your friends to stay there, everyone wins! GutZ