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  1. Shield Heater Tester

    This is for out on the trail. Several times over the years we have been left guessing is it the cable, port, shield. Last year it was the new Enduro, they have a micro fuse in the port. (By the way, they bury that f'n thing way up under the dash) Later GutZ
  2. Shield Heater Tester

    Hey Bill has one of these and I think it's a great idea: For when you don't know is it the shield, cable, jack, etc.... GutZ
  3. KM 31 Today

    But what will it be like in 2 weeks?
  4. KM 31 Today

    NIce! Bottom of the hill:
  5. Advertising Input

    HAHA, Good Point! I'm just throwing out suggestions. Later GutZ
  6. Advertising Input

    Thinking about myself and my short attention span..... -Reduce the words. Quick and to the point. -Dont use a particular regions ad. (Great fro the Delta, may Snub the Drakkar...) -The larger the QR Code, quicker the "Recognizing" . These are just suggestions, I'm no Ad Exec! Maybe: (sorry about the size) Or list more info on the back. Thanks Don
  7. Advertising Input

    Try this: GutZ WOW it worked for me!
  8. Advertising Input

  9. Advertising Input

    I was thinking QR Code! lol, one of those weird square things. I think we need to have some input from the Site Admins as I can really only take this so far.... We would\will need a buy in from the site admins as they would be fielding the emails and banners and etc.... Later GutZ
  10. SNOW THIS DATE 2016,2017,2018

    Mt Valin Today!! Ski Area!
  11. Advertising Input

    You are correct, I don't have any of that info and it is a quick first draft. French would be good, Google translate may make it too literal, if we had a good translation we can swap it in. If any of the Administrators have input that would be great too. Thanks GutZ
  12. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Thanks!! GutZ
  13. Advertising Input

    That was my thought, also if we had an email for contact purposes, or if the link had some analytical data to backup the claims. Bi-Lingual? GutZ
  14. Advertising Input

    Just a thought? Input, suggestions, wording, etc.. I would need better Logo Images. Later GutZ
  15. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    We could invite it to a QR Gathering!!!!