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  1. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean I know we have taken a trail across from the airport (Baggotville?) run along the fence to get there. Ill see if it's on the map still. I dont know the trail# Hope it helps GutZ
  2. The Challenge

    IT IS ALIVE!!!! No one is more surprised than me!! First Start Up... Lots of Oil..... After it ran for 10 minutes it cleaned up and runs good so far..... Couple leaks and adjustments. RR-Vid1.MP4 More Testing Tonight. GutZ
  3. Mont Valin Waterfall

    I think there is even a warming hut, right at the intersection with 93 and the yellow line. GutZ
  4. Better to when to "walk away and when to RRRUUUNNNN!!!!!" GutZ
  5. Mont Valin Waterfall

    NO! Anybody but you! Are you staying at the Delta? Call\Txt me when you get here. GutZ
  6. Question about St. Raymond to Alma

    23, you can stop at Letape, Mont Apica, and there is a Petro Canada past the Presbytere. I do not like going into Letape, but I don't think you'll make Mont Apica. GutZ Letape Mont Apica (near funny little lookout trail, take it up if it is nice out)
  7. Mont Valin Waterfall

    Last time No-Hair and I went there it was a goat path to the lake and little to no markings, kinda pulling it out of memory on how to get to it. The trail comes down into a house\camp\cottage's yard, then onto the lake and turn left. Be Careful! GutZ
  8. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    It's an odd stretch. 500 feet, under the powerlines, looks like a frozen swamp. All I can think is the landowner wants $$ for the trail passing through. Bill may have a better explanation. GutZ
  9. St Raymond The Roquemont

    LOL I forgot about that one! GutZ
  10. St Raymond The Roquemont

    DION Motorsports? in St Ray. GutZ
  11. hey Bill is up at the Delta in LSJ all the time and would love to have more riders. Conditions look good too. Gut
  12. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    I would take 23--83, stop quick in letape for gas, stop at Mont Apica for Lunch-ish, stop at Presbytere (may not be spelled right) for a coffee and to warm up, ride 83 into the Delta. The little red part of 83 going to the Delta is passable, not groomed for 500 feet. Later GutZ
  13. The Challenge

    It's frozen so....maybe... I do need something to seal it up. GutZ
  14. The Challenge

    Well, Due to life and the COLD (No Garage) weather, the last few items to fit and customize have gone slow. The exhaust is causing a few fitment issues. I'm going to try and test it in QC later this week! Or not..... GutZ