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  1. Eco trails

    That would be awesome if it got opened up. Could make a loop around Mont Tremblant national park. Would make a ride into St Donat much more attractive.
  2. Eco trails

    Thanks for the explanation. Interesting to learn the politics behind this all.
  3. Pilot TS skis vs Pilot 5.7's

    Thanks for the comment this. I've been running 5.7's with two carbides per ski. Haven't had any issues with them darting. My big complaint though is they push in corners if there is much more than 1" of fresh snow on the groomed trail. For this reason I figured the TS skis would be worth a shot. Just didn't want to lose out on what I already have which is a good trail ski for groomed trail riding. I think I'll try the TS setup.
  4. Snow Train

    Try the west coast of nfld. Corner Brook / Deer lake areas. Some good trail riding in the area. Also worth hiring a local to take you off trail to see Western Brook Gorge in Gros Morne and the view of the sea from the Louis Hills out near Stephenville. One of the most memorable sled trips I've taken. Awesome scenary.
  5. Which is the better choice for a trail ski. Assuming the 5.7's are setup with 4 good carbides per ski. Do the TS skis dart? On a rev XS chassis sled.
  6. Snow Train

    I'd call ahead. I believe the snow train is closed now. Still a great area to visit. Some of Ontarios best riding there.
  7. Eco trails

    I was wondering if this is a way the FCMQ is fighting back. I’m no expert, but wasn’t there some major trail closures in the early 2000’s? A major chunk of an abandoned rail line near mont tremblant, trails north of St Donat in the park being closed, trails in other national parks in the province being closed, etc. There is also an immunity clause in a piece of environmental legislation in Quebec that keeps being extended to keep the FCMQ from being sued over environmental concerns. Maybe this has to do with fighting back on these fronts??? I’d be curious to hear more from anyone who knows the purpose behind this.
  8. Eco trails

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. What does this actually mean?
  9. Eco trails

    What is this program the FCMQ is running all about?? The details are only posted in French on the website. Just curious what it is, what they are trying to achieve, etc.
  10. Early December Trails

    Understood. I'm just asking historically what do we typically see. New to riding in the province. Still learning the typical weather patterns.
  11. Early December Trails

    It's July so starting to think about where to go next year. Where will I find good trails in early December? Mont Valin is the obvious answer, but where else?
  12. Starting point  Rapides-des-Joachims question

    I’m not 100% sure where, but you will find a place to unload there. It’s a small town and people stage from it all the time. I’d just go.
  13. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    I personally think the limit is just right. Even in the north where the logging roads open up to 16’ - 20’ wide 70 km is moving whenmeeting incoming sleds. Yes I’ll squeeze it to 100 km or more on the straight stretches where I can get away with it, but at my own risk of getting ticketed. I totally agree on the riding to the right points. I regularly find untracked areas up the right side of the trail. Lots of people say they ride right, but the evidence in the tracks they leave proves otherwise. I definitely find myself riding more defensive as I get older always thinking about who’s coming at me from the other direction. I also like seeing the 30 km/h zones marked. Much better than Ontario with the flat 50 km/h limits. When I see a 30 km/h zone I slow down for it knowing there is a reason it’s posted that way. Other comment I’d make is I bet there is a lack of interest in the volunteers to want to re-sign the trail system with new speed limits. I also bet the groomer operators figure having sleds coming at them at 70 km/h is plenty fast enough.
  14. Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    Where is there to stay in Parent? Much there? Is hotel central decent?
  15. Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    Lol. I looked at this loop last week and figured there is a great 2 day saddlebag ride.