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  1. Where is the rock climbing wall at?
  2. Thanks, 83 it is then. The ferry sounded neat, but it's just a ferry ride.
  3. Working to 300 km days or a little less. I kinda liked the 83 option as we end up in Saguenay for two nights and it looks like the accomodation would be nicer than we might find in Tadoussac. Is 83 big open trail that you can make good time on? Access roads and utility corridors? I've heard TQ 3 is going to be a slower ride to start day one unfortunately.
  4. And miss 23? I thought it would be the best of the three?
  5. Still pondering our final route for next weekends trip from Quebec City to the Saguenay / Mont Valin area. Which is the better choice. Run up 83 to Saguenay from the Malbaie area, or head onto Tadoussac and then come up 93 the next day. Either way I will spend day 2 riding the Mont Valin area finishing in Saguenay again and day three is the return trip down TQ 23.
  6. West coast of nfld is awesome. Definately find a local if you can to show you around the back country. You don't want to miss the Lewis Hills and the run into Grose Morne up to the big fjord. One of my most memorable sled trips. Was there for a week in April 2008. Just be aware the backcountry there is very hazardous. Avalanche areas and there has been more than one sled over the years that was unintentionally driven off a 500' tall cliff. On an overcast day you don't see the drop coming. Have a great trip!!
  7. Well ran up 386 and back today from Swisha. Absolutely awesome. It hasn't been groomed in almost a week, but doesn't matter. Only bumps was the odd snow drift. Couple small trees down as well to navigate around. I think I was one of 8 sleds that rode this trail today. Great ride. Very remote, but great fun. Food was good at the Pouvoire. Gas was expensive, but no real surprise considering where it is. I highly recommend this ride to anyone considering it. Endless logging roads for 160 plus km.
  8. Looking to start a tour from Quebec City. To cut the length of the days back a touch I'm thinking about starting in Saint Anne du Beaupre. Is there a place to park there? I was thinking we would stay in QC, and drive out the morning we start the trip, so thinking the local motel there isn't an option. Anywhere we can leave our truck / trailer around town or around the ski resort?
  9. Looking at a run up TQ 43 from Swisha to Temiscaming this weekend. Does anyone have any intel on grooming of this trail? It's not showing as groomed on the FCMQ site and north of town is showing as groomed almost a week ago (Feb 14th). Is the groomer beacon broken? Or are they actually not grooming (broken groomer maybe???)
  10. I found it to be fairly accurate. Its GPS based. Your odometer might lie to you over time some if you spin your track a lot.
  11. Lol. My wife will be happy. I'm sure her next question will be is there a box spring too? Or still just a sheet of plywood over the 2 x 4 legs the bed is made of.
  12. Just ride it in reverse direction. I've had good luck riding into St Michel on a Friday and leaving Saturday morning before things get beat up. Your options to get accomodation 100 miles from Mekos are more plentiful north of Mekos towards Parent. This is a great loop. You will enjoy it.
  13. Yes nice place. Only complaint would be the plywood beds. Great spot still
  14. Take 33 8nstead of 63 and stay at Auberge Manawin. The reserve is a little rough, but this place looked really nice when riding by. There is nothing on 63. It's a big park road that goes for miles. Wide and smooth. Great trail, but absolutely nothing on it.
  15. I think it's the ear muffs that make it feel smaller. They can be adjusted some or removed completely.