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  1. BRP better watch out. Patent infringement lawsuit coming there. Lol
  2. When do they open the online portal up to start sales?
  3. Anyone heard what Quebec is doing for permits and pricing this year? Any new ideas? Ontario just took a stab at it with sales planned to start a month earlier than other years and a promise of a rebate program should the system get shut-down due to Covid. Will be interesting to see how Quebec and New Brunswick go about their sales this year.
  4. Lol Will it scratch my arse too if I have an itch? Cool tech, but can't see it for me anytime soon. It would probably fog and already dropped the bank on an Oxygen. 6 hour run time goes to 2 hrs in cold weather too I bet. Neat to see though. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Yeah we actually did a trailside bbq last winter. Packed food and a linq bag full of kindling for firewood. It was fun in good weather. Becomes a bit of a safety issue when she's 30 below out and you need that warmup. Not practical at all on a multi day saddlebag tour. Hopefully we can get a vaccine and get back to normal sooner than later.
  6. Will be interesting to see what policies ofsc and the fcmq put in place for permit sales for folks that come from out of province. I planned to buy quebec passes this year, but comments like yours do make you question whether it's a good idea. Would be an ever tougher thing to contemplate buying if you were stateside. What does riding look like if you can't stop and sit down at a restaurant which is currently the state of things in most provinces with outdoor seating available only?
  7. Well this sucks for the american sledder. I still can't get over the lack of respect for this virus south of the border though. Saw pics of friends that are stateside that just had a huge party last week. No regards for physical distancing whatsoever. My april 2021 opening date I still think is a good guess. May get pushed out further the way we are headed though. Very sad situation. I can tell you there is absolutely no political support for a border re-opening anytime soon from Canadian politicians or the public in general.
  8. Probably doesn't effect the new smaller blast chassis they released either. That or a kitty cat and zr120.
  9. Yep I foresee a alpha one ski doo mountain sled coming soon. Not much else CAT could offer. I wonder how it effects Yamaha. Can they sell into the cdn market on a Cat chassis this fall?
  10. Great article. Too bad they were stuck riding Arctic Cats.
  11. This looks interesting. Is the road groomed all winter? Or just for this event?
  12. Is it still? Or has it plateaued? A lot more competition for the powersports dollars in the summer. I can choose from boating, jetski's, motorcycles / trikes and atv / side by side. Definately a larger market being all of North America vs just the north though. The sport is definately changing with the shift from ATV's to side by sides. I'd be interested to see if there really is growth there still though. Probably is dollar wise due to the price of the larger units. I'd question if unit volume is keeping pace. I personally don't see as many atv - side by side units locally in the summer as you see sleds in the winter.
  13. Lol, In all fairness Ski-doo did stand behind their product with free replacements. It's by far the best helmet I've ever owned. No intention of switching to anything else anytime soon.
  14. Yeah it is better. But only available on g4 rev's. Not much good for the rest of us.
  15. Well I'm disappointed, but happy to hear the truth. I was buying these for both our sleds, but will hold off for now. Thanks guys.