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  1. So the lac tureau dam crossing is open again eh? Interesting.
  2. Looking to ride from the 25th - the 27th. Which destination is the better choice for conditions? Does it matter? Would ride from St Raymond north east if going to Saguenay followed by a trip up Mont Valin. If going to St Michel was thinking a loop to La Tuque then south to Shawingan and back.
  3. Anywhere in Quebec good now? not province wide, but they do have a map like what you're saying.
  4. bridges.....kaputtt !!!!

    Wow!!! Ice dam up in the river and take them out?
  5. TQ 63 - Mont Laurier to St Zenon Area

    So given the weather forecast is this trip still doable this weekend starting Saturday? Or better to put it off? How much base is on the trails in the area. Will they take a day and a half of 8 degree weather with 20 mm of rain?
  6. TQ 63 - Mont Laurier to St Zenon Area

    Thanks. That's a relief.
  7. TQ 63 - Mont Laurier to St Zenon Area

    Anybody know where Snack Lu-Nic is located? Just checking conditions on the Lanaudiere site and it says trail 33 is closed from Manawan to Snack Lu-Nic (too many branches in the trails). This is throwing a big wrench into my plans if I can't get across Trail #33.
  8. Theft Issues

    Is theft still a major concern while riding in Quebec? Just curious if it's the problem that it once was? Or if there's nothing to be concerned with. Specifically in the Laurentians and Lanaudiere areas.
  9. TQ 63 - Mont Laurier to St Zenon Area

    If anyone else is going beware there is a hockey tournament in Mont Laurier next Saturday. Everything in town is booked solid.
  10. TQ 63 - Mont Laurier to St Zenon Area

    Awesome. Appreciate the feedback. Can't wait to go.
  11. TQ 63 - Mont Laurier to St Zenon Area

    Ok that's great feedback. Was it ok around St Zenon?
  12. TQ 63 - Mont Laurier to St Zenon Area

    Ok that adds up. I was looking to do our trip on the 12th of January. Guess it's a wait and see game. Forecast has a couple 2" - 4" dumps being called for.
  13. Google Earth

    There is a NASA satellite that will show you ice cover on lakes when the cloud cover isn't thick. NASA Modis I believe it is. I use the NOHRSC site for snow cover. It's the best I've seen. Just change the settings from "water equivalent" to "depth". I also turn the roads on which helps to keep you oriented. Let me know if you find something better.
  14. TQ 63 - Mont Laurier to St Zenon Area

    Yeah was looking for some first hand local knowledge. Have already looked at all of that. Thank you though.
  15. Can anyone provide some insight into when this trail might open? Also an update on the general trail conditions in the Saint Michel Des Saints and Mont Laurier areas.