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  1. Lol. Had that issue last year with my darling. She kept telling me over the communicators that she was running low and I kept assuring her the gas pumps were only 5 km away and I couldn't move them closer. Then she ran out and her sled stalled. 🤢 Am still hearing about it.
  2. Sounds like you answered your question.
  3. Newer Ski-doo's or 4 strokes? Or are you talking polaris and arctic cat 2 strokes? Most sleds will do 125 miles on a tank without issue in groomed conditions at trail speeds. The less efficient 2 strokes I'd want to check range on.
  4. Yes it is. All online. Just print the paperwork you get when you purchase a carry it with you. No stickers for day, 3 day or weekly passes.
  5. North of town or south of town?
  6. I'd break the group up into 2 groups. That will help with fuel stop delays.
  7. No first hand experience, but that is what I have heard from several people.
  8. Most are fast open riding yes. Not all of it, but a lot of it.
  9. No it's working. I pulled the rear light out and tested the harness going into the helmet to the garage and shield. I only get resistance on one pair of wires. The second set is open line.
  10. Yes. Have tried it with all settings. 1, 2 and 3.
  11. Anyone have issues with the heated garage for the sun visor not working? Mine won't clear the shield of fog or frost when you flip it up in it. Left it for like 10 mins and still nothing. Is this a common failure and if so what's the fix? I've also been getting droplets of condensation running down the inside of the visor. Not between the lenses (I have the updated shield) but down the inside of the shield closest to my face. Is there a cure for this issue?
  12. Yeah I'm finding I'm getting more this way too. Lugging all the gear in and out of hotels daily is a pain. Two 20 L linq bags is more than enough storage room. Put garbage bags inside them to ensure everything stays dry and never have an issue.
  13. The relay at the east side is closed.
  14. Wide and fast 95% of it. Great ride. I highly recommemd it. My wife did it a couple years ago. Came in under 300 kms, but not by much. There is fuel and food at the west end of the wildlife preserve. Last fuel stop is at the mont Tremblant runway. Don't miss it as it's a long ways across with nothing but beautiful scenery.