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  1. Well this is depressing. No updates I guess?
  2. Wow ballsy. Cool video though. Hate to think the predicament they'd be in when they drive a chunk of ice through the haul and started taking on water.
  3. Any new news on this endeavour? Did they find a way to deal with the one lady causing all the grief?
  4. Buy BRP. I'd be hesitant to buy Bombardier. Not nice holding stock in a company that goes bankrupt.
  5. Charge them all. That's my worst nightmare meeting idiots like that coming at me. Absolutely no respect for other riders.
  6. Yep super jealous. Congrats. Looks like tons of fun.
  7. Absolutely correct if you plan to carry all the gas you need with you, cook campfire trailside meals only and stay in a tent. Short of that it's still traveling. If you unknowingly are sick you're gonna take it with you and share it at every hotel, restaurant and gas station along the way. Anyways maybe this will pass by mid-April. I sure hope so.
  8. Hate to say it, but probably best to cancel the trips. It sucks, but next winter will be here soon enough. Ski hills are all closing. Schools are closed, concerts are cancelled, etc. Don't be surprised if the FCMQ isn't next. Tough to argue that sledding is essential travel
  9. Thsys the 2nd person that has told me to avoid the Acadian Peninsula. I will take the advice. Thanks
  10. Ok you convinced me. I like the itenary. Thanks for the advice. Hope to get this run in mid March. Its 250 km for the last day which is manageable with the drive home still to do. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Is the run up through Campbelton a better choice than down towards Miramichi?
  12. How do I make a full 300 km day on day 2 in that itenary? My original thought was to go into Campbellton, but was struggling with how to make the mileage work. Definately going through Moose Valley. That was on my day one itenary.
  13. Thanks That's kinda my plan. Day 1 - Edmunston - Bathurst - stay at Atlantic Host Day 2 - Bathurst - Governors Lodge - stay at Governors Lodge. Day will consist of a loop towards Miramichi and out into the Acadian Peninsula a touch before heading back northwest Day 3 - Governors Lodge - Edmunston. Looking at roughly 300 km days with the third being a touch shorter as we will have a 10 hr drive home to complete same day. Any recomendations for where to stay in Edmunston the first night? Figured I wouldn't have issues finding a hotel there. Any must see's or must ride trails we should hit up in this loop?
  14. I've had a few small issues with my Oxygen helmet too (cord failure, shield issue, etc.). That said it's still by far the best helmet I've ever owned. All problems have been addressed by my dealer no questions asked at no cost to me. I didn't realise how nice it is until I was at a dealer and saw a ckx mission helmet on the shelf. So I figured why not try it on. Nice lid, but man do you ever feel confined after getting used to the Oxygen. Sight lines are not nearly as good and the neck liner is 1/2 what you get in the Oxygen. Definately happy with what I bought and no plans to go back.