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  1. Well I'm disappointed, but happy to hear the truth. I was buying these for both our sleds, but will hold off for now. Thanks guys.
  2. Anyone on here running these? How do they work? Any issues with them coming apart while riding? I see ski-doo just came out with a similar product that incorporates the heated visor cord and tether all in one. It's not compatible with rev-xs sleds though, so this looks to be a good 2nd best for anyone not riding a g4 rev. Just looking for folks experience with this product good or bad.
  3. North west of Mattawin. South of La Tuque. North East of Saint Michel Des Saints.
  4. What's at the north end of the M21? Is there an outfitter or something up there? M20 looks like a good detour. Just curious what's 22 km north on the M21 for the trail to exist.
  5. It's not even summer yet and the withdrawal is setting in. Something to pass the time. Post your top 5 Quebec trails you've ridden and why they make the list. Pictures are encouraged if you have them. Here's mine. 1. TQ 83 south of Saguenay towards La Malbaie - open riding and exceptional mountain scenery 2. TQ 63 through the Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve north of Mont Tremblant National Park - just an incredible road. Big wide and open 3. RT 355 Saint-Joseph-de-Mékinac through to La Tuque - pipeline and awesome access roads 4. TQ 23 north of L'Etape - great mountain scenery, tons of snow 5. RT 386 Swisha to Pourvoire Pavillon la Verendrye - 160 km of remote riding on great forest access roads. Really gives you the sense of isolation. Very little traffic 6. LT 267 Monts Valin East area. Big wide open road running at elevation with lots of snow I know I posted 6. Couldn't makeup my mind. So many great choices to pick from. I feel I have lots of exploring left to do in la belle province.
  6. Looks like they've got about 2 more weeks left before their season is over.
  7. How is the Spyder on gravel roads? I hear that road north to Lab City is all gravel and not always the best maintained.
  8. May 5th 2021. Not popular but they are saying 18 - 24 months for this thing to run its course. A vaccine is a year out.
  9. You will love it. Great motor. Super quiet and plenty of torque for trail riding. I own two of them and there is nothing else on the market I've seen yet that compares.
  10. Did you ride it with the navigators? Was it as good as the snow trackers? Any darting issues? I put semi aggressive snow trackers on my wife's 14 renegade 900 ace and found them to be great. I really like the adjustment idea on the TS skis though for those fresh snow days.
  11. Looking for opinions. Which is the better setup for moderately aggressive trail riders. What has everyone's experience been. Please comment on which skid you're running (rev xs vs gen 4) as well as I'm told results are different on each skid.
  12. Well this is depressing. No updates I guess?
  13. Wow ballsy. Cool video though. Hate to think the predicament they'd be in when they drive a chunk of ice through the haul and started taking on water.
  14. Any new news on this endeavour? Did they find a way to deal with the one lady causing all the grief?