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  1. If it’s an early winter consider Petawawa or Mattawa Ontario. Similar driving distances to St Zenon, great trails and your son can get a snowmobile license for Ontario online this winter. All weather dependent of course.
  2. I don’t think your 15 year old can legally drive his sled in Quebec. Something to consider. Le Cabanon is a good call if they get the snow.
  3. Which trip is best???

    Interesting idea. Been looking at it some and thinking one of the following Idea # 1 Sainte Anne de Beaupre to delta via 3 and 83 Delta back to the delta doing a loop out towards passion and Mont Valin and back Delta to Sainte Anne de Beaupre via Mont Apica and L'etape Idea #2 Roquemont to Alma via 23 Alma to Robertville running trail 373 for most of the run followed by 93 at the north end Roberville to Roquemont via trail 355 and 73 Anyone have any experience with this loop. What is trail 373 like?
  4. Which trip is best???

    Prefer open bush roads or utility cuts. Open riding. Not big fans of the tight and twisty. Variety is good though. Scenery is always appreciated. Probably 3 days of riding. Maybe more pushing it out to a 5 day trip. We only make a trip or two a year to Quebec so usually do the three day pass thing. A seven day pass would be fine too. Like I said 300 km is our limit per day.
  5. Which trip is best???

    3 ferries? Tadoussac and Baie Comeau. Where is the third?
  6. Which trip is best???

    I have to choose one. Options I'm looking at are Quebec City to Mont Valin / Saguenay and back (make a loop) Gaspe (Matane to Perce and back in a loop) St Lawrence tour (Quebec City - Baie Comeau - Matane - Quebec City) No more than 300 km a day as riding with my wife. Never been to any of these areas yet.
  7. Lol Been seeing a lot of that the last few days. Don't know whether its grooming or just maintenance in the mont valin area. The balance of the province I'd say maintenance is a safe bet.
  8. Isn't it a national park? Is this an area the provincial gov't has jurisdiction over? It would be awesome to see those trails open.
  9. It’s getting closer

    Do they have an English version available online?
  10. Eco trails

    That would be awesome if it got opened up. Could make a loop around Mont Tremblant national park. Would make a ride into St Donat much more attractive.
  11. Eco trails

    Thanks for the explanation. Interesting to learn the politics behind this all.
  12. Pilot TS skis vs Pilot 5.7's

    Thanks for the comment this. I've been running 5.7's with two carbides per ski. Haven't had any issues with them darting. My big complaint though is they push in corners if there is much more than 1" of fresh snow on the groomed trail. For this reason I figured the TS skis would be worth a shot. Just didn't want to lose out on what I already have which is a good trail ski for groomed trail riding. I think I'll try the TS setup.
  13. Snow Train

    Try the west coast of nfld. Corner Brook / Deer lake areas. Some good trail riding in the area. Also worth hiring a local to take you off trail to see Western Brook Gorge in Gros Morne and the view of the sea from the Louis Hills out near Stephenville. One of the most memorable sled trips I've taken. Awesome scenary.
  14. Which is the better choice for a trail ski. Assuming the 5.7's are setup with 4 good carbides per ski. Do the TS skis dart? On a rev XS chassis sled.
  15. Snow Train

    I'd call ahead. I believe the snow train is closed now. Still a great area to visit. Some of Ontarios best riding there.