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  1. Yeah it wouldn't take much to fix it. Wonder who came up with the design. Perfect for ATV's. Not so much for sleds.
  2. Big bridge. Looks like it would be hard on carbides and studs though.
  3. Where is the suspension bridge located?
  4. Were you atving or fat biking with an e-bike?
  5. Got lucky on both fronts. Only ever rode this trail once.
  6. I'm thinking on trail 345??? Not 100% sure on location. Is it near Barrage Gilardo?
  7. Great pics. I'd prefer the 4' of snow though. Lol. How long do I have to wait again?
  8. TQ 63 in both directions of the lodge? Or just east or west?
  9. I've heard mixed reports on conditions in the area. I rode in from the south last winter in February and it was in great shape. Unfortunately was limited on time so had to turn around and head back south on 386, so no idea what the other 3 trails were like. I think mid season it's a good bet. Probably best to watch the grooming delay on the FCMQ interactive map before heading in there. You can complain about gas prices, but reality is they are keeping over 80 km of road plowed to feed the place. I get it. The extra $30 a sled didnt break me.
  10. I could see the local clubs have troubles justifying it. Too bad.
  11. No there is a lodge at the intersection of 386 and 63. Pavillon La Verendrye. They have gas accommodations and a restaurant. Nice spot. Expect $2.50 - $3.00a litre for fuel. It makes this trail system work though.
  12. Lance's in Swisha. It's just a gas station, but they have some cold meat sandwiches there. You can also cross into Ontario (across a not so pleasant steel grated bridge) and there is a restaurant, motel and gas station in Rolphton. Other than that nothing but lakes, closed camps, rocks and trees between stops. It's great running. All forest access roads with minimal traffic. The run from the junction of 383 / 43 south to Lance's is a bit of a hike. You do need to run down there though unless you are packing a lot of extra fuel. I highly recommemd the trip once trails are open. Because of the remoteness it doesn't get first priority though early season. Big area with few volunteers.