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  1. When comparing the top of line models from each manufacturer who has the warmer and better product for trail riding? Just looking for some opinions from those that have ran both.
  2. Lol. True enough. My wife says I'm in mourning. Mourning the end of the season.
  3. Was this for the Oxygen Helmet thread?
  4. Seems like these are a love hate thing. No in between. Guys either think they are the best helmet on the market. Or that they are an overpriced piece of crap.
  5. Lol. The replacement shields aren't holding up?
  6. Has anyone heard. Is BRP going to limit production again next year? Or will they start stocking at reasonable levels?
  7. Awesome news. That is going to open up a great loop riding around the park.
  8. Any updates on this link. Will it be built for next season?
  9. How are things traffic wise south of the river on the weekends? Is it a similar situation towards Sainte-Marie? Or would I find lighter traffic levels in that area on weekends?
  10. We rode out of hotel signature this March. It is a good setup and the free shuttle downtown is a bonus. My wife loved the ice hotel (its north of town and you have to drive your own vehicle to it). The hotel is very snowmobilier friendly. Only thing I'd say is go mid week. The traffic in the area on the weekends is detrimental to a good holiday. We left on a saturday morning headed for Saguenay. There was lots of fresh grooming, but by 10 am everything along the north shore of the river (TQ 3 essentially) was trashed. We met hundreds and hundreds of sleds. We didn't find smooth trails until we swung north on TQ 83. The scenery is great, was loads of snow and I do believe the grooming is very consistent, but the traffic was unreal. I can honestly say I won't go back on a weekend to the Quebec City / Charlevoix area. I'd start from St Raymond and try and stay further north. That or drive right through to Saguenay or Tadoussac.
  11. Impressive. I think even I might have had enough after a season like that. Then again maybe not.
  12. Where is the rock climbing wall at?
  13. Thanks, 83 it is then. The ferry sounded neat, but it's just a ferry ride.
  14. Working to 300 km days or a little less. I kinda liked the 83 option as we end up in Saguenay for two nights and it looks like the accomodation would be nicer than we might find in Tadoussac. Is 83 big open trail that you can make good time on? Access roads and utility corridors? I've heard TQ 3 is going to be a slower ride to start day one unfortunately.
  15. And miss 23? I thought it would be the best of the three?