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  1. Early December Trails

    Understood. I'm just asking historically what do we typically see. New to riding in the province. Still learning the typical weather patterns.
  2. Early December Trails

    It's July so starting to think about where to go next year. Where will I find good trails in early December? Mont Valin is the obvious answer, but where else?
  3. Starting point  Rapides-des-Joachims question

    I’m not 100% sure where, but you will find a place to unload there. It’s a small town and people stage from it all the time. I’d just go.
  4. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    I personally think the limit is just right. Even in the north where the logging roads open up to 16’ - 20’ wide 70 km is moving whenmeeting incoming sleds. Yes I’ll squeeze it to 100 km or more on the straight stretches where I can get away with it, but at my own risk of getting ticketed. I totally agree on the riding to the right points. I regularly find untracked areas up the right side of the trail. Lots of people say they ride right, but the evidence in the tracks they leave proves otherwise. I definitely find myself riding more defensive as I get older always thinking about who’s coming at me from the other direction. I also like seeing the 30 km/h zones marked. Much better than Ontario with the flat 50 km/h limits. When I see a 30 km/h zone I slow down for it knowing there is a reason it’s posted that way. Other comment I’d make is I bet there is a lack of interest in the volunteers to want to re-sign the trail system with new speed limits. I also bet the groomer operators figure having sleds coming at them at 70 km/h is plenty fast enough.
  5. Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    Where is there to stay in Parent? Much there? Is hotel central decent?
  6. Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    Lol. I looked at this loop last week and figured there is a great 2 day saddlebag ride.
  7. Abitibi temiskaming

    Even still it’s losing the experience. Hopefully they recover quickly from the loss.
  8. Abitibi temiskaming

    Yeah that’s the thing about snowmobile clubs. Only as strong as their volunteer base. I’ve seen it many times. The clubs that are the absolute strongest become the worst when a core group decides they’ve given all they can and pack it in. All of a sudden everyone else sees that it’s not as easy as it looks when viewing from a far.
  9. 100 Lac Suds vs Mekoos

    Are these two resorts comparable? Riding with the wife so looking for somewhere 1/2 decent to stay at. That said not looking to break the bank.
  10. La Cabanon vs La Glaciere

    How are the trails in the area holding right now? Looking at going mid week so not overly concerned with traffic provided they still have snow. We rode out of Saint Michel Des Saints in January and found things to be good. Little rough coming in at night, but I've seen far worse elsewhere.
  11. Looking for some first hand reviews. Which is the better place to stay at?
  12. Saint Donat Area

    What are the trails like in this area? Is it worth the added time to ride south into the area for a night? Planning a three day trip from Mont Laurier circling by le Cabanon at St Zenon and then north on 33 back to Mont Laurier. Prefer logging road trails and am looking to avoid tight bush trails if I can. Just wondering if this area is worth the detour and how bad the traffic would be on a Friday around the town. I’m sure when the trail in the park was open it would have been well worth the detour. Deciding between this detour or making our last day a day to take in Devils Mountain back near Mont Laurier. Thanks for any insight.
  13. I think it was Resto Bar 504 we ate at last month in that town. Brand new building. Had a wood stove running which was great on the -27 morning we were riding in. Good food and very friendly people. Would definitely recommend the restaurant. Didn’t see the hotel/motel, so can’t comment on that. Trails in the area were all freshly groomed. Would go back in a minute. Was great!!!
  14. Ontario vs Western Quebec vs Gaspe?? 3/3-3/11

    If going the Ontario route you have to buy your passes online. They aren’t available locally. Just go to and pull the permit page up. You need your sled ownership paperwork to do so. You can print temp passes right from your computer, no need to wait for the mail.
  15. Ontario vs Western Quebec vs Gaspe?? 3/3-3/11

    Avoid Cochrane / Timmins area on the weekend and you’re golden with Ontario. The southern half of the province is bare now, so they are seeing heavier weekend traffic (they are the closest drive to the Toronto area). Ontario is faster riding. Hills in Wawa. Much flatter towards Cochrane. Wawa has seen 3’ of new snow in the last 2 weeks and I believe your entire route has all been dumped on recently. It is still mid season riding up there. Given your three choices I don’t think you can pick wrong. They are all great.