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  1. Anyone been up it this year? Is there any plowed sections? Just thinking about a trip and wondering what condition the trail is in.
  2. From time to time I've had condensation in both areas. It's never been a real issue for me though. Never froze to the point that things wouldn't work. In rare instances you get a water droplet run down the inside of the shield from top to bottom as well. It's annoying, but not the end of the world. Would some sort if moisture control be nice? Absolutely. Still the best helmet I've ever had without it. I think results vary based on how heavy the rider breathes and also on ambient temp and humidity levels you are riding in.
  3. No it's not. Take it back. Never had any noises from mine.
  4. We decided to put this trip off by a few weeks. Still a lot of good riding to be had at home. I did talk to the LE DÉLICE MOTEL RESTAURANT tonight and recieved a very welcoming "you're always welcome in the Gaspe" response. So we may just stop there. It doesn't look terrible at all. Not high end but that's ok. One more question. What is the best place to stay in Amqui? Looking at maybe leaving from there instead of Matane.
  5. Anyone know what's up with it this year? Marked closed for the season??
  6. Got this reply to my inquiry tonight. Guess I'm not as welcome in the Gaspe as I thought. To her credit she was polite about it. Very sorry, but we don't take red zone or ontario, Julie Show quoted text -- Auberge l'Amarré Julie Asselin, directrice 30, 1ère avenue Est Mont-Louis (Québec) G0E 1T0 Tél.: 418 797-2323 || Cel.: 418 763-8707 Facebook | l'Amarré Café-Bistro
  7. Yeah probably need to go now or not go. Was thinking the free weekend would be one to avoid as well. Debatable what is going to happen in the next month. I know it's takeout only if you aren't a local and the pools and hot tubs may be off limits to anyone who isn't local as well. 9:30 curfew in the Gaspe, but have to be out of the other regions while driving down there by 8 pm. All reasonable and achievable, but will require some planning.
  8. Yeah we're coming from the south. Planning 3 days. Matane - New Richmond New Richmond - Grande Valley area Grande Valley - Matane I really want to ride 587 south, La Cache to Murdochville and Grande Valley - Cap Chat. Trying to stick to days at or under 300 km and with decent accommodation. Riding with my wife which limits the length of the days and need to avoid the less nicer establishments. Is Hotel Copper in decent shape?
  9. Awesome. Thanks for the info. Exactly what I was looking for.
  10. Any reviews on AUBERGE L'AMARRÉ in Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis? Their website is terrible. That said the more I look the more it looks like it might be ok. Just wondering how covid friendly it will be.
  11. Working on trip plans. Is there anywhere nice to stay in this area (or the general vicinity)??
  12. Run it on high heat and open the vents. I run this way 95% of the time with no issues and quit playing with the heat settings. In warm weather I may turn the heat down and run with the shield cracked slightly. If the sun visor starts fogging just crack the shield for a minute and it will clear without giving you much of a draft. Then you can seal the visor up again if you want. I wear a balaclava if it hits 20 below Celsius, but just the neck curtain for Temps above 20 below. If 30 below you might need to add something more around your neck, but that's not common for most rides. Great helmet. I'd never go back to anything else. Congrats on a great purchase.