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  1. Crazy what mother nature can do. This is getting scary for the locals in this area.
  2. Is there anywhere to park an unload near Shawville or Portage du Fort that I can leave my truck at?
  3. Grooming started around Les Escoumis and around Saint Zenon. Nice to see.
  4. Haha. Absolutely love it!!!
  5. I believe the flight thing is mainly for Canadians. That saying doesn't mean it can't change. They are saying the US will see the vaccine a month ahead of us up here. I could see opening it up to anyone with proof of vaccination. Canada has a vested interest in getting it opened back up. Will hsve to be in a very scientific way though to gain approval of the public here. Lots of folks have no interest in seeing it opened until a solution is implemented in the US. It's not just the US either. It's pretty much all countries that the border is closed to.
  6. How do you guys find the 1.5 / 1.6 ice rippers vs the 1.25? Much difference in performance?
  7. There has been talk of this with air traffic and a pilot is occurring in Alberta. I know Ontario was looking at it as well From what I understand the traveler has to foot the bill for the test and has to come get a second test in a weeks time. Would be a major improvement.
  8. I could see the centre median being the last place a highway engineer would want this trail built. That would be space for a third lane in each direction and also the area where most car run offs will end up. From the pics I've seen they kept a good portion of the trail as far away from the traveled roadway as they could. I'm sure this was all vetted by highway engineering. Like the club rep said there is a small group that will never be happy. Let's all behave and not give them a legitimate excuse to complain about. I wonder what this means for the trail north of Saint Donat through the park. Do we get to keep it too?
  9. Is it ice in the tunnel pulling the lugs off? Or just wear and catching the track on obstacles in low snow conditions. Is the 1.5" ice ripper worse than a 1.25" ice ripper for this? My xs chassis 900 ace sleds do suffer from lots of tunnel ice build up in certain conditions. Never had any track damage from it though. Running a 1.25" ice ripper. Based on what I'm reading no one is having motor or turbo issues with the 900 turbo which is nice to hear.
  10. Nice to see it opening. What a bunch of whining from people that already live beside a freeway. As silly as the original closure. Those homes all were built next to an operating railroad. This will make a great loop around the park. Everyone respect the posted speed limits. This club has had enough grief with this. Respectful riders will allow them to show this can be used safely. Prove all of the folks in the article wrong.
  11. Now that they're a couple years old how are these engines holding up with the turbo on them. Are folks seeing 30,000 - 40,000 km with no issues like you get on the naturally aspirated engine? Figured there would be a few big mileage guys on here that could comment.
  12. Get the club to write you a letter saying they can't fill the position locally and agree to a 14 day quarantine with a plan on where you'll stay and it probably will.
  13. Not likely that the V'al Dor club will buy into that. Last time I rode this section it was awesome. Does sound like it's a little hit and miss. 100 miles is a long way in the groomer. Close to 24 hrs of grooming just to go up and back. I imagine it will be better this year if the club still grooms once a week. Being one way it will cut the traffic levels down I'm sure. Will have ride ride it with the eye patch. Hopefully the loggers end early and we get a late season opening on the north end.
  14. Wouldn't want to blow that corner. A lot of water skipping to make the other shore.