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  1. No idea. Never dealt with them. I was just good with Google to look up co-ordinates. I'm sure they offer something. I think I'd be checking what my private health coverage will pay for before subscribing.
  2. Nope. 48.4281 is Saguenay 49.9132 is Chibougamau so that plan isn't much good for snowmobiliers as very few trails are that far north.
  3. Interesting that it's just seasonal permits. The day and multi day passes didn't change. Quebec has a great system. Worth the money for the permits. Even if it is the most expensive jurisdiction in North America. I will be back.
  4. What were they last season?
  5. Who is looking at the cost of the trail pass when contemplating where to go ride for holidays? It's peanuts in the total cost of a trip. I'm much more concerned with the quality of the product I will receive. Will things be groomed and signed? What are the snow conditions like, etc. Never ridden in NB, but if they are getting on par with Quebec like many say they are then they are worth looking at for a trip IMO. The cost of accommodations and distance to trailer to a destination would have a much larger impact on your travel budget than the trail pass if money is a concern.
  6. How does this service work? Thry only respond if you've purchased? Or you get a stupid big bill if they respond if you hadn't purchased the service originally?
  7. What kind of mileage are you guys riding on a typical ATV trip in a day? Been looking at maybe trying a trip north of Saint Anne du Lac. Just curious is 130 km a reasonable day? Comparable to maybe a 300 km day on the sleds?
  8. Sorry no experience with either. Every report I read on both options have great reviews. Snow Trackers are definately the more cost effective option.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense. I agree as snowmobiliers we have no problem paying for trails. When asked to pay twice it gets a little tough to stomach though. I take it the St Donat club is looking after maintenance on this 28 km stretch despite not being able to enforce FCMQ permits or to receive any of the funds the park collects?
  10. Is there a collection box at both the north and south ends? If there is no one there what proof do you have that you paid?
  11. When comparing the top of line models from each manufacturer who has the warmer and better product for trail riding? Just looking for some opinions from those that have ran both.
  12. Lol. True enough. My wife says I'm in mourning. Mourning the end of the season.
  13. Was this for the Oxygen Helmet thread?
  14. Seems like these are a love hate thing. No in between. Guys either think they are the best helmet on the market. Or that they are an overpriced piece of crap.
  15. Lol. The replacement shields aren't holding up?