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  1. Wow that's crazy. Everything flood? Or is the infrastructure in the area designed well enough to take that?
  2. You could try Charlevoix if the weather co-operates. https://www.fairmont.com/richelieu-charlevoix/?goto=fiche_hotel&code_hotel=A556&merchantid=seo-maps-CA-A556&sourceid=aw-cen&utm_medium=seo+maps&utm_source=google+Maps&utm_campaign=seo+maps&y_source=1_MTIzNjE0MTItNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D
  3. There is some really nice air bnbs on lac Taureau. Not the same service, but you can drive or ride to the resorts for meals.
  4. Swisha north gets pretty remote on 386. 160 km seeing nothing but lakes and the odd hunting outfitter that's closed for the winter. It's 200 km from Swisha to Temiscaming. Haven't made the trip yet, but heading east from Val D'or towards Clova also looks to be quite remote.
  5. Anyone know what she's asking for it?
  6. After riding day after day of moguled up trails in the Gaspe last March that the clubs just couldn't get to setup (not that they weren't trying, just too loose of snow and too much traffic) I'm thinking trying to get some trips in in early January is maybe a good strategy. I'd say watch the weather and either pull it in or push it out till later in March.
  7. Lol. 68 vehicles. Might be some sea doos in that number. These guys are in trouble if they can't start putting vehicles in their customers hands soon to bring in some cash flow. Too bad. Difficulties of a startup.
  8. You guys did it the right way. Pay full pop. Then remit a refund form afterwards. You avoid the fee and get the full insurance refund. It is time sensitive though. https://snowmobile.intact.ca/intact-forms/intactformsdb/webdrrcmotoneiges.do?action=web&lang=en
  9. Too bad the natives wouldn't allow one year. Sounds like it will be a well built trail when it's completed.
  10. I think you have a perfectly fine sled that you no longer trust. That's a crappy situation to be in. I've been there. Trust the guys on here on the oil issue that it's fine and carry on. If you cant get past the worry / reliability concerns then time to deal it. I'd say your garden hose did a good job of simulating real world conditions and things are working. Only thing I'd ask the dealer is was the thermostat replaced? If not replace it. Other than that it will be fine. It's a 4 stroke.
  11. Take the bypass to the west. Toll road and a bit of a detour for some. Well worth it though. I refuse to go downtown Montreal anymore.
  12. Is the closure east of Sept iles seasonal? Or is there an actual issue there too? I believe it was open last season and was changed that way at seasons end.
  13. https://www.quebecrider.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7267-big-chunk-of-tq-3-closed-east-of-forestville/page/3/#comments
  14. Ah that sucks. Cote Nord back on the bucket list for another year I guess. Might be the winter to check out New Brunswick.
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