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  1. Signfan

    Accommodations north of Tremblant Park?

    Lol. My wife will be happy. I'm sure her next question will be is there a box spring too? Or still just a sheet of plywood over the 2 x 4 legs the bed is made of.
  2. Signfan

    Accommodations north of Tremblant Park?

    Just ride it in reverse direction. I've had good luck riding into St Michel on a Friday and leaving Saturday morning before things get beat up. Your options to get accomodation 100 miles from Mekos are more plentiful north of Mekos towards Parent. This is a great loop. You will enjoy it.
  3. Signfan

    Accommodations north of Tremblant Park?

    Yes nice place. Only complaint would be the plywood beds. Great spot still
  4. Signfan

    Accommodations north of Tremblant Park?

    Take 33 8nstead of 63 and stay at Auberge Manawin. The reserve is a little rough, but this place looked really nice when riding by. There is nothing on 63. It's a big park road that goes for miles. Wide and smooth. Great trail, but absolutely nothing on it.
  5. Signfan

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    I think it's the ear muffs that make it feel smaller. They can be adjusted some or removed completely.
  6. Signfan

    St Donat

    Opening this back up would definately make the area more attractive to ride too. That and a link through to the west past the town of Mont Tremblant and they'd have something again.
  7. Signfan

    St Donat

    Our region is now split in two ", according to Stéphane Bisson, which evokes major economic losses for the region. In his opinion, the cases of Mont-Tremblant and Plaisance are highly similar. "They, they bawl well, but we too, it hurts us, in the Outaouais. " Papineau's Caquist MP, Mathieu Lacombe, engaged in an election campaign to complete the path to Thurso. However, he did not specify whether it would be bypass or access to Plaisance National Park. A bypass project would have been valued at over a million dollars in 2015, said Bisson Friday. "The government should keep its millions for hospitals and the real needs we have in Quebec when we already have a trail available [in the park] that would cost nothing. " For the moment, the Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs remains out of the debate. "We do not have a favorable or unfavorable position," explains spokesperson Marilou Perreault. We are waiting to be informed. Perreault reminds us that the recreational and tourism activities related to the snowmobile industry represent an annual economic spinoff of approximately $ 1.9 billion in Quebec. Environmental groups that had campaigned to ban snowmobiles in national parks are strongly opposed to reopening trails. "This is a major setback in terms of protecting the integrity of national parks," said Nature Quebec's general manager, Christian Simard. An opinion shared by biologist Alain Branchaud, which highlights the "precedent" that the government may create by opening the door to snowmobiles in the Mont-Tremblant park. "This is already a national park under heavy pressure, because of the ski resort. And more generally, it is an example of the great difficulty we have in respecting the ecological integrity of our protected areas. " Quebec is behind in the protection of its terrestrial natural territory. The target for 2020 has been set at 17%, while the rate is currently 10.3%.
  8. Signfan

    St Donat

    According to Mr. Michaud, the three million dollars of public funds injected to build a bypass and to rehabilitate several other sections located outside the park did not help to retain snowmobilers in the area. "The region is empty," dropped the one who had called to vote for the CAQ in a video posted on Facebook. "People who used to come to the Saint Donat area are now bypassing the area," which would lead to major economic losses. The case of Mont-Tremblant is not unique in Quebec, since the practice of snowmobiling is no longer allowed in national parks since the year 2000. This decision was taken because of the impacts on the natural environment, the disturbance of wildlife, noise pollution and incompatibility with activities offered in national parks. Since then, snowmobile trails have been developed outside the boundaries of six national parks in Quebec, including those of Mont-Tremblant, Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie, Monts-Valin, Lake Témiscouata, Pointe-Taillon and Mont-Orford. Have any other formal requests been made to the government of the Coalition avenir Quà © bec by snowmobile associations wishing to regain access to national parks? "No other project has been proposed," Véronique Boulanger assured. The minister would, however, be ready to hear the grievances of snowmobile enthusiasts, according to Pierre Dufour's press officer. "We are studying all requests, and currently there are no other requests." Upcoming cases According to the checks made by Le Devoir, the case of the Mont-Tremblant National Park may not be the only one to land on the desk of the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. "If they reopen the Mont-Tremblant park, I'm sure I'll go to the Quebec stretchers," exclaimed Stéphane Bisson, president of the Association of Snowmobilers in the Vallée de la Nation. In 2002, due to the opening of Plaisance National Park, the 10-kilometer snowmobile trail that connected Plaisance to Thurso in the Ottawa Valley was closed, although snowmobilers were tolerated until 2012.
  9. Signfan

    St Donat

    One of the first environmental decisions of François Legault's government could be to give snowmobilers access to the Mont-Tremblant National Park, Le Devoir learned. This practice is prohibited under the Parks Act, unless authorized by the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. The latter could also receive other requests. In the name of the "economic boom" and support for merchants in the Saint-Donat region, in Lanaudière, three Caquist candidates campaigned to reopen a thirty-kilometer trail named "Caribou". It passes through Mont-Tremblant National Park and was closed to snowmobilers in March 2013. The Caquist government could, however, review things to allow snowmobilers to access once again the largest and oldest national park in Quebec. Press Secretary Pierre Dufour, Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, said on Friday that a "decision" will be announced shortly. "We should normally go ahead next week" with a decision, said the press secretary of the Minister, Véronique Boulanger. The Minister could authorize the reopening of such a trail, as this provision is provided for in the Parks Regulations. However, Ms. Boulanger did not want to confirm the exact nature of the Minister's decision on this file. Can we expect a positive decision for people in the region? "We can expect that," she said only. A decision on this issue is expected by the president of the Club Motoneige Saint-Donat, Jean Michaud, who said Friday that everything seems to indicate that a "positive" decision will intervene quickly. "We are all for the respect of the environment. But we've been in this business for almost 50 years. The CAQ does not want to change the law, but only to recognize our acquired right, "he explained.
  10. This is about as unfair as the steel and aluminum tariffs. I'm all for it. Fight fire with fire. We love you American sledders. Not so much your presidents unfair policies. Lol.
  11. If it’s an early winter consider Petawawa or Mattawa Ontario. Similar driving distances to St Zenon, great trails and your son can get a snowmobile license for Ontario online this winter. All weather dependent of course.
  12. I don’t think your 15 year old can legally drive his sled in Quebec. Something to consider. Le Cabanon is a good call if they get the snow.
  13. Signfan

    Which trip is best???

    Interesting idea. Been looking at it some and thinking one of the following Idea # 1 Sainte Anne de Beaupre to delta via 3 and 83 Delta back to the delta doing a loop out towards passion and Mont Valin and back Delta to Sainte Anne de Beaupre via Mont Apica and L'etape Idea #2 Roquemont to Alma via 23 Alma to Robertville running trail 373 for most of the run followed by 93 at the north end Roberville to Roquemont via trail 355 and 73 Anyone have any experience with this loop. What is trail 373 like?
  14. Signfan

    Which trip is best???

    Prefer open bush roads or utility cuts. Open riding. Not big fans of the tight and twisty. Variety is good though. Scenery is always appreciated. Probably 3 days of riding. Maybe more pushing it out to a 5 day trip. We only make a trip or two a year to Quebec so usually do the three day pass thing. A seven day pass would be fine too. Like I said 300 km is our limit per day.
  15. Signfan

    Which trip is best???

    3 ferries? Tadoussac and Baie Comeau. Where is the third?