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  1. That was a good article back then and I believed in all what was said and I was hoping it was going to be all right! Its not quite as relevant anymore as far as the human toll to finances and everyday lives are concerned. I’m sure we all know someone who is in a tough spot or some kind of a bad situation and all be can to is to try and help a fellow friend or someone we don’t know. We will all get through this it just might take a little longer then originally thought.Man kind will prevail !
  2. Historically owning Yamaha and Polaris has been better plus they pay better yields . Having said that who knows if they will keep their yields?
  3. Is that Timbo’s and the boys rig?
  4. That’s my thoughts. I’ve never run open water so I don’t know what the sensation is like . I have a two stroke so it would be lighter. The night thing bugs me too. I also thought if you made it to the other side would your skis get caught under the ice. There has been times in the late spring and run a river after a rain , it shows open(the trail) but your scared and you pinned it at all works out fine. None the less your happy and swear you may never do that again!
  5. Now after watching that video I’ve asked myself, I hope I never find myself in that situation but we have all at sometime or another have crossed a slushy part of a river , a part somewhere maybe just not to wide with a little (5-8 feet of water) but land is right there . I can think of a couple of instances that wasn’t to smart but did it because shore was right there. So I ask myself when you see these guys locking up and slowing down and breaking through. In fright or flight( and God only knows what anyone would do until your in that situation) with seeing lights on the other side do you put the hammer down and try to make it across? We all have seen sleds do it . It’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately!
  6. Hunker down and be safe ! Calling for 12 hours of ice in some spots of Quebec!
  7. Didn’t they stop the free weekends?
  8. Interesting spot for sure! If you got one of the front rooms and were a light sleeper the truck traffic could keep you up at night. I do remember one really cold night getting a steak cooked in the fireplace. He was a good guy for sure!
  9. I’d bring a bit of oil. Your out in the boonies a bit. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find oil in places you’ll never expect and the places you expect won’t have it.
  10. Your riding mid week which is always better. One thing about that whole area is it has a lot of character. I’m not a big drinker but there are a lot of cool old bars to stop at and warm up and get a coffee or whatever. Food is usually pretty good at those places. Just remember to stay way right.
  11. It’s next to the diner across from arbys. Diner is good
  12. I second this ! Stayed a few times and was always good. They have rooms or a couple of cottages you can rent. Do your own cooking if the mood moves you. Linda was just there this weekend. The Groomer use to park there and leave from there . It’s been a couple of years not sure if it still does?
  13. So things must of changed since we stayed two /three years ago.The trail was great going in and they(the owner of grand valley ) had his own groomer doing the trail in and out.
  14. Try this link it’s from destination Polaris 2018 episodes. (ATV)It’s the last episode in the series. It’s on the Grand Village. Great place the owner is a good guy
  15. Happy Birthday 🎂 Steve and Andy it’s been along time since our paths have crossed!Enjoy the day