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  1. But things are looking up!! https://kalkinemedia.com/ca/stocks/consumer/can-brps-tsxdoo-soaring-profits-attract-investors
  2. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/brp-trying-to-honour-every-order-despite-chip-shortage-185721453.html
  3. Yup . First time ever for me ! Heard a bang , thought a it was a belt but looked up in the air about 20 feet to my left at saw about a 6 in piece of something flying through the air and thought , WTF went to hit the brakes and then it hit me , Track!
  4. You can even have issues in the deep!
  5. Out in Montana at Big Sky skiing but rented some sleds yesterday. Had a blast even though no fresh snow.
  6. Not going to happen my friend . Dr Tam who is in charge of the federal medical stuff says no way! Even if you are a returning snow bird you will have to do the 14 day quarantine even if been vaccinated. She says “ the vaccine might be 90 % effective but she is worried about the other 10 % “ WTF !! I get the whole safety thing and the quarantine thing but if it was left up to her there would be no cross boarder movement or any movement! That’s all fine and dandy if you got a government job and get paid no matter what but the rest of the world has to start making a living after a year of shutdown up here!
  7. Where were these guys 15 years ago when I need them. Helped my daughter and her friend build a snowmaking project for a science project and it was a pain in the can ! This equipment would of made it so much easier lol
  8. Yup I figured you would be the one on that one! Great stop!
  9. No , but here’s a hint. it’s in the Mauricie-Centre du Quebec
  10. No takers? Domaine La Guadeloupe/ Saint George’s
  11. Here’s one but it goes back a bit. Not open anymore I do believe.
  12. Thanks guys. Happy Birthday Andy and Steve! 4 inches of fresh white snow here today!
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