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  1. We will also be up the first week of March, renting a house near Stockholm
  2. you actually don't need a PA registration to ride PA any state registration is fine and there is no trail permit
  3. Ha Ha that guy was riding all winter on 2" he will call this mint
  4. We stop there all the time too, that place is awesome
  5. Give it a good nights sleep and the answer will be clear in the AM
  6. Actually rode through that covered bridge a few years ago on my sled. It's in Hartland NB and it is the longest covered bridge in the world at 1,282 feet. We had looped from Madawaska Lake in Maine through Grand Falls NB South before crossing back into Maine at Houlton then back up to Stockholm ME
  7. If you do that take some extra time and loop around the trails North of Moose Valley, they are wide flat and fast with little or no traffic. You can really rack up the miles there. And just a reminder NB is one hour ahead.
  8. You need to sharpen your Beaver hunting skills
  9. Don't have the foggiest about the trails in 2 weeks but lets not get anyone started on an Amsoil vs. OEM battle!
  10. No subject is more polarizing for snowmobilers than this one. I really don't get why but there seems to be no middle ground. I personally think signaling how many are in the group is a silly investment in blind faith but I admit when I see a group coming at me on a straight stretch practically falling off their sleds trying to signal me I will give them signal. I think everyone needs to remember that no matter which opinion you of signaling you follow, it is just that....your opinion. As aggravated as you may be that someone does not signal back they may be just as pissed that you are trying to get them to signal
  11. wng-2 where was checkpoint at the NB/Quebec border in the past and where were you when they wrote you up? I was always under the impression you could go to first place a pass was available
  12. If you only have 3 days for sure drive to Matane. If you have 5 or 6 then RDL