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  1. Left the Universal this AM with a few inches of fresh snow. Took 526 to 85 to 5 East to the 3 pistols clubhouse. Hoped to get breakfast there but they are closed Monday and Tuesday this year so we headed down 571 into 3 pistols and got breakfast at the cheese factory in town neat place. Took 518 from there East to 5 then 578 to 5 again into Matane. Staying at the Riotel, has a mix of conditions everything from fresh groomed to loose powder the closer we got to Matane. Hope to get to Murdochville tomorrow via LaCache
  2. Does anyone know if the St. Paulin relay is open on a Tuesday? Heading from Matane to LaCache then onto Murdochville tomorrow morning and hoping to use it as morning stop
  3. Good to hear they are cleaning the place up. I was last there 3 years ago and the cage was around the gas pumps then still
  4. I agree guys, but the Indian reservation of Manawan is not anywhere near the Abiti. Manawan is only about 50 miles by car from SMDS. There are people that check this page that don’t have a lot of experience in Quebec and I don’t think it is good to recommend to them not to secure their sleds. I have been riding that area since the late 80’s and I remember when there were no doors on some of the houses because they used them for firewood (no shit) They also have a steel cage around the gas pumps in their own town. That’s all I am saying
  5. I have seen someplace that they are grooming the old trail this year but even if it’s not groomed, unless you really need the gas it’s not worth taking the Southern route, Jackstraw states in the West from St. Come thread they are using the old trail they just went through there yesterday
  6. I tend to agree Steve, but it would not be without sone sacrifice. Many years ago a business owner in St. Zenon did exactly that and many people berated him for it. Other businesses and patrons of other businesses had nothing good to say about him, everything from he made the trails go away from competing businesses to even being accused of burning down another lodge. Nevertheless he soldiered on and still helps to operate one of the most successful clubs in Quebec
  7. Jack absolutely, such a tragedy. Staked or not I never fully trust the ice and we always try to keep a pretty good space between riders and try to stay off at night
  8. Groomer, looks like enough guys there to just lift the front end up and turn it around
  9. I think Trout Lake is closed this year. Le Bannik is a nice place to stay
  10. Yes Bob for sure. Actually seems in this case like the group has some previous experience which may have been their undoing
  11. Fuse, we stayed there last year, there are a few different size cabins. The one we stayed in was a 3 bedroom
  12. Usually just drive to Mont Laurier now if we want to do a Western run, it's all far from NE PA but its all about the same
  13. Looks like a nice run 👍