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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Really enjoyed those old time pic's JG......
  2. Queen Mary II in Sept Iles

    Kind of interesting seasonal view of the ferry terminal with the huge cruise ship in port
  3. Happy Canada Day

    Everybody ............
  4. Giant Lobster

    Glad they let him go .........
  5. Happy birthday Saguenay Bill

    Happy Birthday Bill
  6. DRC Alma fire

    LoL,,,, I never knew the old building burned down, so Cheers New one sure is full of nice toys "A"
  7. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    Well, Off 2 all involved. Love all the pic's, totally spectacular stuff.
  8. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Im Open to March Options ..........2
  9. First Ride with Team Iceman

    Good Girl, she Just keeps on going. Hash Tag 182 :) Enjoy Nick !
  10. Hard work.

    Nice story about the skating 7km canal rink, only in Canada. Wife and daughter went to Vail between Xmas and New yrs. Great MT.
  11. Superbowl 51

  12. Bottes Jaune: Passing of a Quebecrider Legend " The rest of the story" RIP
  13. 2/ 2017 UPA Trail closures

    Well, with regret, but it is what it is. Might as well start a thread to see what open and closed. Looks like TQ5 is closed in L'islet. And,
  14. Trail Conditions

    Get well my friend.
  15. Groomer Contest 2016-2017

    Ill share my day with someone Dec 28 9am - 9pm. We will split he bottle of Jack if we win........