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  1. Joncas

    Memory lane . Sad
  2. Happy St. Paddys Day

    Celebrated in the land of Ice
  3. Pirate ride.

    I just pull into Parent hope to bump into Y'all somewhere .
  4. 2018 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions/Gossip/Tidbits

    No stipulations on sponsorships regarding to Eats So where's them Crepes at already. Ill tell you where the best club sandwich is in PQ .
  5. GT 2018

    Good stuff (as always) THANKS !
  6. An Apology In Order

    Your fine. I meant, if you look at "who's on line" on the bottom of the forum home page. Members user name's are either in green print or blue print. Green print means you have contributed $25 to the site on an individual basis,,,, I believe. M
  7. An Apology In Order

    Now , if all the "regulars" would have their usernames in "green" instead of blue in the who's online.............
  8. An Apology In Order

    Thanks Mike, drinks on me when Im in RDL .
  9. Moose killed

    The mother would not move away from her young and blocked the trail. Somebody on a skidoo expedition made a way around the mother thru the woods, so folks could pass. Somebody at the Quality in Matane had a vid on his phone of the 2 animals. Some friends from 1000 islands Trenton Ont , got charged by a Moose in the same spot (a week before this death). Moose smashed the hood of a new 18 850, and his hoof nicked my friends helmet. Then (lucky) left + moved off the trail. Very common in northern Maine to see moose on the trail at night. They love the hard pack trail for easy going instead of chest deep snow. And dont like to move off it, easy for them to feed. Piss Em. off they will charge.
  10. Moose killed

    J G did you hear anything about the baby moose hit by a sledder on the 595 above La Cache? Mother blocked the trail 3-4 weeks ago. I saw the carcass on the side of the trail, where the stream is full of tracks beside the trail. Guess the wolfs got it.
  11. Updated LA Cache

    Actually folks operating the place are Mic Mak Indians . They speak only native and English.
  12. Threesome to Lac St Jean and Charlevoix Feb 26

    No Vacancy on a Tuesday @ the Delta . Wow , I was in the Gaspie last week trucks and trailer everywhere, from RDL to Matane,. Especially sledders from ONT. Crazy winter.
  13. Wifey made the FCMQ news letter

    What a gal
  14. Permits - Rapids Des Joachims

    On sled , thats the only Biz ive seen in RDJ . On the left (riverside) right on the road. Small old fashion gas station .
  15. Suggestions anyone??