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  1. I heard about this on Tq83 from a local rider the day after . Holy Moly poor lady
  2. Well , guess Ill say it again . On any given day "in" season , there are a lot of regulars views who do not make the annual contribution of $25 . Paying up your $25 buckers makes your name in GREEN ink on the bottom of the page on "who's on line" My suggestion to the powers to be is that to view the fabulous pictures and videos posted (if possible) you have to pay your $25 bucks. I think that if everybody ponied up, this site would be pretty much be self sustaining . Really, 😎 who could live without seeing all the pictures and videos from this fun gang here on QR. Please support the site by contributing annual dues of $25.
  3. And( (L' Etape) QPP with a radar gun on weekends 😳 Limit is 50k 😇
  4. Outstanding stuff as always. Thanks
  5. 😎 Central Michel De Saints on "Thursday Night" 😍
  6. In sept isles. Here’s the big drift that closed tq 3 between port Cartier an Sept Isles
  7. When ya'll get to the "picnic table" . Take a Pic 😀
  8. X3 😭 If everybody chipped in, site be mostly self sufficient. Shame we lost Bill over preference on where everybody prefers to sled and sleep in PQ. Not what this site is all about. Going to miss who's sledding in - around LSJ
  9. Usual party animals . Weather was perfect, hope you have a good run tomorrow in Kingston
  10. Trigger you in ABAY for Pirates weekend. ?