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  1. momojohnny

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

  2. momojohnny

    Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Usual party animals . Weather was perfect, hope you have a good run tomorrow in Kingston
  3. momojohnny

    Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Trigger you in ABAY for Pirates weekend. ?
  4. momojohnny

    She's Warming Up : (

    They cut the wood I bet. Live in there all week, home on weekends.
  5. momojohnny

    La Sarre to Cochrane Usage Question

    This help ? We where headed west on 93. That is old the Cochrane sign from the closed A105 Q connection. I dont ride with a GPS so I dont know the exact spot sorry.
  6. momojohnny

    La Sarre to Cochrane Usage Question

    No, hasent been open in 2 yrs. Dont think it ever will be, from what ive read. Was in the neighborhood 3 weeks ago checking it out .......Next yr Im going to Wawa .
  7. momojohnny

    parent area

    Last week they were only sell gas in 10 liter cans. Big tank was empty, no delivery's till after mud season is over.
  8. momojohnny


    I guess just the small seasonal fishing cottages remain so I was told last week . I asked Natalie ( owner of Pavilion La Verendrye),,,, who operates -owns Joncus now after the fires, and she said the government. She could have meant gov owned , but leased out to whoever now . I "think" somebody in Phils 1's gang said the Natalie has a 99yr lease on her and husbands open + operating Pavillion lodge in the park. Makes sense, big investment on their part. They are critical to get across 63, hope all patronize them. They seem to be doing well, place is great FMCQ needs to park a tractor and operator at the place . Who ever grooms the western part of 63 out of Belletere, turns from around at the Joncus gate and heads back west.
  9. momojohnny

    Cote Nord Planning For Next Season

    Keep you eye on the weather
  10. momojohnny


    Memory lane . Sad
  11. momojohnny

    Happy St. Paddys Day

    Celebrated in the land of Ice
  12. momojohnny

    Pirate ride.

    I just pull into Parent hope to bump into Y'all somewhere .
  13. momojohnny

    2018 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions/Gossip/Tidbits

    No stipulations on sponsorships regarding to Eats So where's them Crepes at already. Ill tell you where the best club sandwich is in PQ .
  14. momojohnny

    GT 2018

    Good stuff (as always) THANKS !
  15. momojohnny

    An Apology In Order

    Your fine. I meant, if you look at "who's on line" on the bottom of the forum home page. Members user name's are either in green print or blue print. Green print means you have contributed $25 to the site on an individual basis,,,, I believe. M