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  1. April 14, 2018 Snowmobile Run

    definitely one of the best springs ever and NOBODY IS RIDING!!
  2. Last ride of the season April 5th - 9th

  3. Looks great, does not get any better, basically the trail is all yours, carry a little gas, warm enough to eat a sandwich trail side and enjoy!!
  4. Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    6th anniversary of your 50th...a little more than half over, still a lot of trails in front of you...Happy Day...Bob!
  5. device !!!..........beeeeeeeeeeepp !!!

    Tthis has been talked about for 20 years, long over due to be standard equipment on all new sleds, with today's technology this should be easy!!
  6. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Third time is the charm, nothing shows up in FCMQ, how ever if you look in Quebec Automobile regulations, why would anyone look says no Quebec registration is necessary for snow machine under 450kg...if it is registered somewhere else in the USA...maybe they should re-arrange this so it is on the FCMQ page...and why is it apparently not enforced....why would Quebec even care if you rode else where in the states....if you have a drivers license, a passport and you own the vehicle and you have a valid trail pass and you are operating an off road vehicle, why would anything else be necessary, just a question??
  7. Gaspe- Season Ender

    I just went on the official FCMQ web site to read the rules about riding a sled in Quebec and no where does it mention that you have to be registered any where else, also looked at their snowmobile regulations, he is what I did find, if you buy a trail pass on-line one line asks for your plate number, as an in province owner of a snowmobile that you are using in Quebec you have to register as well as buy a trail pass, just like if I want to ride in Mass. I have to register to ride in Mass. and then have to buy a trail pass. But as I pointed out earlier, I do not ride in Mass. so I do not register there, since I do not register there I cannot buy a trail pass, just like if you live in Quebec you have to register your sled if you want to use it in Quebec, then you also buy a trail pass. If you want to hunt in Mass. and you live in New York, you have to buy a hunting license, but you do not have to register your gun in Mass. You only have to register your gun here if you live here, no registration required if you are out of that i have written that about the hunting -gun situation and read it ti myself...seems crazy, but that is how the law works in Mass.Tonight i will look on my trail pass paper work to see if anything is stated there, like i said, I have always been totally up front with everyone, if something is wrong maybe they should not of sold me passes all these years.
  8. Gaspe- Season Ender

    I have been doing this for over 20 years, been checked a dozen times in that time period. What is important is that you must be able to prove you own the sled. Initially I would have an expired registration from mass with me, then as years passed and I stopped riding in the states I carry a photo copy of my certificate of origin, my bill of sale, my warranty letter from ski-doo, my warranty card as well as my passport and drivers license, never have a problem.A couple of friends own dealerships and they often take a fleet of demos off the floor and go to Canada riding for a week, this is fairly common, and they never register them in the states. There is no law at home telling me I cannot buy a sled from a dealer in New Hampshire or that I must register it if i do not operate it off my private property, the registration is a must if I want to use it on public property, like a car you collect and store, no law to register it unless you drive it on the road , no excise is collected as long as that vehicle is unregistered. The registry collects tax and registration fees at the time of registration here in mass, same with sleds.When you buy a trail pass in Quebec it includes insurance for people from outside the province, I carry a personal umbrella policy as well just for personal liability, most business people do in the states.I was actually checked a month ago by FCMQ on the trail around Baie Comeau, they wanted to know why I had no plate, told them I was from USA and no plates in Mass., showed them my paper work and passport, other than suggesting that my trail pass could be a little more visible, they shook my hand and wished me a good day.If you are passing over a border between countries always be able to prove who you are and that you own the vehicles, very easy to check with ski-doo to see that i do own the sled, nice thing about riding in Canada. Also, no one has ever questioned me when buying a trail pass as well, they usually check you inn with a credit card and asked for a drivers license, that is how I have been doing it, I am hiding nothing and have nothing to hide, no one has ever questioned this, at the border, police and FCMQ, Also ridden New Brunswick and Maine this way.
  9. Gaspe- Season Ender

    I just saved 2500 on a 2018 backcountry in December with a phone call to a dealer 1.5 hours away, no haggle first offer, plus a state with no sales tax, I only ride in Canada so no reason to register a sled in Mass where I never ride. Shop around, you will be shocked at what a dealer away from your home will sell a sled for, I have been doing this for years, especially dealers in the states where snow is getting thin and sled sales are down from years gone by.
  10. Bob, Still not seeing PMs from me?

  11. Cote Nord Planning For Next Season

    Never thought of that, good idea.
  12. Cote Nord Planning For Next Season

    It is a real challenge crossing that divided highway and all those intersections, only do it if no other rooms are available, too much traffic there, even going to ski-doo dealer, just call a cab, it is a small town and the cab shows up in less than 5 minutes, cheap and fast, I use cabs a lot when in town going to dinner or chasing a part.
  13. parent area

    Yes, and everyone thinks it is over, Cote Nord has the same weather with snow coming for the next 10 days and they have a ton on the ground already, if you can get gas on the trail or have wheels a lot of great riding still left.
  14. parent area

    Just saw the weather forecast for the next 10 days starting Friday...and it looks incredible up north both east and west of Parent, 10 more good days left there for sure!!
  15. Here’s something you dont see often.

    nothing there, send it again