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  1. Dems want to cut medicare and medicaid to older folks who already paid for it their whole life to fund another stimulus bill, they figure it is the only way to get republicans to vote for it, and now have a civil war inside their own party....and they cannot figure out why they need a wall to protect themselves from their own countrymen....this cannot be free...we are going to be charged an entertainment fee!
  2. HOLY S#$%!! AMAZING anyone walked away from that...go buy a lottery ticket...every time I see something like this I thank God it has not happened to me in 56 years...certainly some luck involved, once had a renter run over my sled while it was parked in a parking cannot be careful enough....sleds are very good and fast and light and sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and meet up with someone who is not paying attention or has no business being out there...everyone be well and safe . Some are lucky to be able to get out this season with lock downs, this is the last thing you need, getting hurt a 100 miles from help, you can always buy a new sled.
  3. Mike, I rented a house by Watertown New York for 10 days, just below the border, leaving Saturday am, they have from 40 to 75 inches in the woods, probably will not be much logging road type riding, mostly remote back country in the woods, and hopefully not a lot of sleds up there. We will not be in the Old Forge area for sure, I am riding the 850 extreme and my buddy is on a 850 backcountry, should be a great trip. The pics of Maine look great, I have not ridden Maine since 1990, but have fished and been to Libby's and a ton of places in Western Maine all the way over to the Forks.We do not have to quarantine or test because we are a bordering state, one of the reasons we are not in Maine, we will post next week, be well, Bob.
  4. That bar looks an awful lot like Moose Valley .
  5. You really cannot make this s#$% up, very insulting for all the good , hard working folks who use to be proud of this country!!
  6. It is pretty amazing, hate to think all this wasn't straight forward, but there is a lot of double standard going around these days.
  7. very sad shutting down the pipe line, hundreds of millions spent already, 10k lost their jobs, good jobs, gas is already up 40 cents a gallon, home heating propane was 129 a gallon in October, just filled up yesterday at home for 199 a gallon, just wait and see 350 by next fall for gas ans diesel , this will do wonders for the economy and international relations , if we go into a recession, with inflation and unemployment, and the market goes down to 20k....these guys will never be elected again.Your friend will be one of many ready to declare war.
  8. I went to Port Ontario for a week in November fishing, rented a house on 1700 acres, brought everything in and had 3 miles of private water for a week, very nice. Then we had to go home and start being careful again.
  9. The new normal, 2 weeks use to be a joke!!
  10. No idea, I been riding Quebec since 1988 so I am way out of touch here at home....guess you could say I have been spoiled!!
  11. Small world , I was friends with Joe Heckle who owned Light House Marina back in the mid 70's so when they came up from Texas and wanted to go fishing I went there where I have a lot of friends, when you hit it right you can have a great day there.
  12. I hope he gets is a hell of a loss, especially on a newer T-cat.
  13. Mike I was riding 4 strokes for 10 years and I know the benefits...then in 18 I bought a backcountry 850....took a little getting use to going back to 2 have a 2020 expedition extreme and a 19 850 backcountry....amazing how far they have come!!
  14. I had a guy on a rental sled run over my SRX 20 years ago, while it was parked at Le Cabanon, he had never ridden a sled before and was from Troy New York, he tried hard not to give me identification, so I went into St Michelle to RV sports and talked to Mike the owner at the time, and we waited for this group to come back and got the police is hard to get paid if you do not get it settled and then the both of you go back home across the border, thankfully Mike helped me out, he also ran over the sled next to me. This is no sport for the inexpierenced or those who do not stay right.