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  1. It is a very sad day to realize that the real agenda is to continually push a liberal far left agenda where you encourage a base that refuses to pull their end of the rope to vote for a party that raises taxes solely for social entitlements. When that group gets bigger than the group actually working for a living they just keep voting to take more from those who are now supporting them. It is socialism and that turns into communism when everyone is depending on the government rather than themselves. Next stop, government health care, take away firearms, and presto....the people have no power. Glad I am not 15!!
  2. Cannot really argue with this statement, the last 3 years saw the largest percentage of employment in a half century, you could have had 3 jobs if you wanted, only people out of work on public assistance were those who refused to work, and everyone was still trying to hire until covid came. Trump may not have pleased everyone but no question he really made the economy go, we saw our best 3 consecutive years ever, 47 years, the best 3, absolutely no coincidence. Watch what happens, by August gas will be 3 to 3.50 a gallon, heating oil will go up, natural gas will go up, stock market will go down, and....they will blame it all on Trump.Raising taxes will not make it better, they will just need the money to be able to pay those who cannot find work. Crazy shit, going from everyone trying to hire to no jobs available.If this happens we will be looking at another change in 4 years.
  3. Over the years I have run probably 2 dozen different sleds, some modified sleds with 200 to 235 hp. I had sleds with 225 studs, 144 studs, etc. 20 years ago when properly done, when the tracks were heavier, I never had a problem. Today with the lighter tracks and better clutching I have seen a lot of studs pull out and ruin heat exchangers. I now have 2 850's a backcountry with a 1.6 and an Extreme with a 1.8. I never thought I would be without studs until I rode these sleds, they hook up very well and I have not found the need to go back to studs, last season I rode 5600 miles with no issues. I do know that they stop better and hook up well, but that being said, I never had a sled hook nearly as well as the extreme.It is a personal choice for sure, I guess if I was younger and hanging at the lake all day racing 1/4 miles I would use them. But for sure when out on the trail a thousand miles from my truck, I feel good not worrying about a self induced coolant leak.
  4. I will be surprised if something like this does not happen by the 1st of the year, everything is advancing quickly now, help is really just around the corner, I think we should be ready, we will probably get to ride some time this season.
  5. Everyone should end this game of life doing something they friend who is now 74 says he wants to go at 90....from the hand of an irate 25 year old husband!!
  6. With this new surge being bigger than the last surge....Vt has stopped non essential travel....and all New England states and New York...are going to have an emergency meeting this week plight a plan going forward....I am quickly loosing hope that we will be able to ride anywhere this season....unless you are lucky enough to live in a remote area where you can leave your door step for a quick rip around in an uninhabited area where no one lives. The good news is that things will very likely be back to normal by next season.I think moving forward there are a lot of areas that are moving toward an uncharted future, unfortunately the worst is yet to come for many people , probably more mandatory shut downs....this is going to hurt.
  7. A brown bear in the Gaspe, never knew they were there, they can be a little dangerous especially with cubs and in the fall while on their last feed.
  8. looks like it could be a really great season if the weather holds out, chances of that are really good so we can be tortured a little more.
  9. That really sucks, stuck in the city and having to do that, out in the country I can ride out my drive way, do not want to do that, it sure is not Canada. I feel your pain Jim, if you cannot sled I hope you can find a way to get away for a few weeks, be well, Bob.
  10. states now on the quarantine list to enter of 10/28. Any state with more than 10 positive cases per 100k on a 7 consecutive day rolling total....must quarantine for 14 days and cannot rent a B&B, hotel, etc. Mass is not on the list ...YET..... We are leaving in the morning for 6 days of steel head fishing, we called a few moments ago...still OK TO GO, BUT THEY TOLD US....IF YOU GO ON THE LIST WHILE YOU ARE HERE...YOU MUST CHECK OUT AND GO HOME.
  11. please open that @&)%@#_ border!!
  12. Funny how things like that work out, Hunter is on tape agreeing that he probably would have never had any business over seas if Joe was not VP, still gets a pass on being corrupt. At least we got a good court out of Trump, ABC will keep AOC in-check!!
  13. Very happy to see her confirmed, no one found anything on her, and it is entirely wrong to not support some one with this kind of a background because she is a republican or a catholic. Main thing, she believes in the oath to protect and enforce the constitution. Every politician takes this oath and most never do it, at the top of the legal chain this court will put some teeth into that all important document for a few decades to come!!
  14. The party is over??? Beginning to sound like gun control in the US.....drunk driving has always been illegal.....I almost never see this out on the is a very small minority....usually younger, local kids at the neighborhood bar on Friday night. Just a great opportunity for those who dislike sledding when they find the ear of a politician. I never heard that the guys who fell thru the ice were drunk nor did I see it in print....just a horrible accident.It is early and this is a big business that accounts for tons of employment. It is grossly incorrect to categorize the sport as a whole.I try hard to stay out of town,, those check points can tie up a lot of time...and for the most part 99% of the people in the line are in compliance.
  15. Now there is a real possibility of a vaccine in a few weeks....I am hoping it is true ...and that people who get the vaccine will be able to travel again. I will be feeling like a 12 year old going to Disney world on summer break if we can cross that border to ride by Jan 1st!! I love riding my bike, hunting with my Lab and chasing trout with my fly rod, but nothing seems to re-kindle my spirit or recharge my soul quite like Quebec's majestic winters and the camaraderie out on the trail..Last season started a few weeks from is to hoping, right now it is all we have!!