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  1. First tracks of the year, you guys are lucky!!
  2. I'm really surprised that the turbo R isn't offered there yet, maybe after things get back to normal, the expedition turbo does have longer legs than the 850, but for climbing and deep snow the 850 really shines when you get use to manhandling it and throwing it around, incredibly versatile sled, a lot of fun
  3. Only thing I had to get use to was going back to adding oil, sled is incredibly versatile and as you get use to it, it 's like a big sports car, no trouble with belts or anything, I spent a month traveling and most of it alone, it's never let me down.I would like to see the 900 turbo R in this sled. It is very nice being able to haul what you need for extended weeks on the trail.Keep the reports coming...we are all jealous as hell, Bob.
  4. Washington is a complete national embarrassment, no surprise hearing that. On the Kings, paupers and peasants scale they are the Kings...for now...this experiment we are currently enduring will and is failing miserably.
  5. Every year we have a contest to see when the first groomer passes, maybe we should change that contest , this would be more exciting...to pick the first one to sink...groomers included!! ,
  6. And only 15 people risked their life's to save him...good thing he had a floating jacket....seems like 15 local people knew he wasn't very smart...when you go riding do you have 15 people worrying about you when you call home the next morning instead of at night...no they know by now things like plans can and do change when your out on the trail, like it was said one lucky idiot...thankfully everyone knows!!
  7. you will love the 850 extreme, you can go and climb almost anywhere, way more versatile than my 850 backcountry, I still love my backcountry, but for traveling I ride the extreme, happy trails, Bob.
  8. are they going to let sleds cross that ??
  9. Very nice bridge, that design looks like it will last a long time, big commitment to outdoor recreation, nice to see for sure!!
  10. Yup, it's that time of year...now let's all hope this new covid surge doesn't finish us before it gets started!!
  11. It's open, but with too many conditions....if your triple vaccinated...the door should be open....now we are going to have another surge...and maybe it gets even harder to cross the border...it's like somebody coming into my shop with a Mercedes and saying they have a small electrical problem...that's already been to 3 other shops !!
  12. All the people he promised to help are now being slaughtered by inflation and can no longer afford vegetables....groceries, gas...or heat....this experiment has failed miserably...first time in my life I saw an administration cause this much damage in this short period of time, and it's not close to over.
  13. great start let's hope it stays
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