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  1. going to be nice groomed out with the cold to follow, should be a concrete carpet!!
  2. Ice, we are parking at Koubecs and headed north and west, up to Gouin, west out to sennetier, then loop back east toward Kanawata, week long trip, 2 of us breaking in new sleds, looks like a great week for snow and weather. Bob
  3. The snow is coming down very nice right now north of Montreal, hoping for a foot by Monday am. Then the weather is turning to 0f by morning and high teens f by day, best week of the season coming up....We just got lucky to pick this week for a trip. Type in ...web cam in st. donat and hit enter, it is live and snowing hard, only more snow is predicted at elevation!!
  4. Steve, next break down is when you are on it, can it be trusted?? I hope this is it , sure makes it easy to do cote north, I bet it really hurts to be over there with no ferry service, everything probably goes in short supply.
  5. Like watching a movie, hard to believe this all really happened, being an emergency responder in Quebec is a very serious , and dangerous job.
  6. Being self employed I always shake my head in disgust when I drive by 4 guys watching and 1 guy working, especially when my taxes are paying for it, guess that show is universal anywhere tax dollars are paying wages!!
  7. Yes I can believe it , and before Reggie, Bernard was there doing the same thing, you are right, this almost never happens any where else, pretty normal for Canadians to go way beyond what any one else would do. That is why I always tip all these folks appropriately. Season to season they never forget who you are.
  8. I was at the rental shop one day a couple of years ago, a friend needed new plugs in a 17 renegade. I got a first hand view of a large group going out on rentals. The guy instructing those sledder was showing them how to start the sled, which was the gas and brake, etc. I was in shock that these people new almost nothing and were going out on the trail with all the traffic. Like ice likes to say, thanks for the heads up, I will make sure to be no where near this action. Not saying this was the case in LSJ, but I know first hand this happens, I have seen it. Some people drive onto the trail, it is their first time ever operating a sled, very scary.
  9. Ice you are 100% correct, I think a sign on both sides of this by-pass needs to make this very clear. If in fact everyone can abide by these rules, it will certainly help in the future, if people break the rules, it would certainly set a precedent down the road, that we a whole community cannot be trusted. It is up to everyone to behave!!
  10. Probably the easiest fix on the entire sled, lucky, too bad something as crazy as that ruined your trip. I once smelled coolant from my Warrior on the north shore by Mt St. Pierre, cap on reservoir was leaking because I over filled it, but I was very nervous way out there, my truck was in Cabano!!
  11. Yes, at this point nothing matters, nobody gets up in the morning wanting or expecting to be part of anything like this.And then the helicopter crashes!! You could not make this story up, makes you silent and speechless.This effects our whole community that goes out each day to enjoy the beauty of this sport, never thinking that anything like this could possibly lie ahead.
  12. Yes, The guys at Hotel Copper are very generous and have helped with emergency logistics for years, They are really great folks.
  13. Sorry to hear that Don, hope it is minor and you can get out again soon, season is too short to begin with.
  14. Been thru there many times, very nice people, and always remember you from year to year, a class act.
  15. Good thing it was not a studded track!!