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  1. JG, did those clean shaven loggers run Quebec out of razor blades??
  2. Old Quebec must have been incredible, I wonder what the engineer set the weight limit at on that bridge, a double load of logs, and they worked!!
  3. I saw a couple 850's this year with 16plus k, still running well. I rode 3k plus on the original belt, it still looks new, no need to change it yet.
  4. Torx, what an idea, fasteners that most do not have a tool for, and now there are 3 different torx screws, must be tool manufacturers need a new piece of hardware so they could sell more tools. I thought the traditional nuts and bolts were working just fine, not to mention how hard these are to get out when they corrode and strip, great idea!!
  5. The weather is looking very good this coming week, highs in the low 20's f, cold enough to keep the trail crispy and plenty of snow. A lot of places are closing after next weekend, so this may be the last full service week of the year, !@%^#$!!, it went by way too fast this year, another incredible Quebec season is almost over, hope next year is this good!!
  6. Stan, you are dead on there, people come off the trail from the south end of town and if they are looking for the dealer the first place they find is the closed one, that has been that way for years now, then they turn around believing there is no longer a dealer. Who knows what they need, but now they are thinking that they are stuck, when in reality 2 more blocks down there is a very good , well stocked dealer and they are quite capable and very well stocked.This site and this kind of input can well make or break a trip for some one, this is what makes this place what it is!!
  7. there is a closed ski doo dealer there but a newer open dealer down the street a bit, can be a little confusing, but they are there.
  8. Hotel Marineau, just as you drive into town on the right hand sign, lodging, food, trail passesand parking , very nice people.
  9. You have an amazing eye that picks up everything at a glance, great pic.
  10. according to the menu it is also cooked and burned, hope this is not one of those places play hard has been telling us to just trust the chef!!
  11. RoadRunner, lot of Quebec Riders post all kinds of great,helpful , and interesting thinks here that we all like, but what you have posted here is way over the top, incredible to say the least, YOU HAVE NOT WON THE DAY...YOU WON THE YEAR!! Many thanks, Bob.
  12. Mike 6500 miles, that's a really great year, no break downs, even better. I am looking forward to retirement where my biggest to do list is wearing out a sled. Still a lot of snow, you will probably ride again, if not have a great summer paddling with your dog. Bob.
  13. I got to ride the 900 turbo extreme as well. To be honest with you, I was a little disappointed with the turbo in the extreme. It comes in a 2 up package that is very noticeably heavier than the 850 etec. I swapped rides in the middle of a 10 mile loop with a 70 year old and he took the 850 and I rode the turbo extreme back in. When we got back he leaned over and put his thumb down to the turbo. The 850 is way more fun to ride and I think the 900 turbo extreme has different suspension calibration, is heavier, the engine is twitchy at throttle input, and pops and backfires on de-cell. Also, on that sled Eco and the middle mode make it under powered and very heavy feeling. Also the 850 has RER and the turbo does not. The fuel tank is 12 gallons so with a can on back, 16 gallons or 250 ish miles, that is a nice feeling.For touring and maybe popping out on a big lake to explore and make your own trail, this is an incredible ride.I never did try low gear but I am sure it would pull out a stuck sled with ease. The wide body Gen-4 also offers much better wind protection.You will have no problem clicking off trail miles at 60 to 70 mph on this sled, I think that p-drive clutching really works great on this sled, it launches out of the whole with great authority, not like a heavy utility sled, I think is pulls better than a 600r MXZ.
  14. Phil, it cost me 2950 to ride 2 seasons, and 100 dollars to register in New Hampshire, bought the sled at 300 over invoice from Troy Power Sports in New Hampshire, they do that for all out of state orders, even on 2020 models, plus give 10 % off after the sale on oil, parts, clothing, etc. I never did anything other than grease it, and put oil in , 3/4 of a quart every tank, a little tough after riding 4 stroke for the last 8 or 10 seasons. I think any time you can ride a new sled for under 2k a season, you are doing it as cheap as you can