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  1. Yes, and these people at the grocery store and hospital are on the front line...very dangerous...definitely not worth what they are getting amount is...we have a garage and tire store...some cars are filthy and if they do not get cleaned we will not work on them and nobody has been allowed in the building for over 2.5 of my guys has asthma and a 3 year old son...and not everyone can afford to sit at home...this is a really terrible situation where it is totally dependent on everyone's behavior, treat everyone like they have it, or this will get much friend is a doctor at the local hospital and is frightened to go to work and even more so to go home, showering at the hospital with medical grade anti bacterial 3 to 4 times a day as well as changing nothing any of us have ever seen. EVERYBODY BE SAFE SO WE CAN ALL SEE ANOTHER SEASON!!
  2. Great idea, I think I will cut mine out too, other than that great bibs, but I did switch to absolute zero comparison.
  3. There are a lot of below average ideas out there, I think I will just STAY HOME, this is only going to work if you STAY you want this to be over in 2 months or a year???If you do not STAY HOME...ICE is right , we may have to ride tug hill next year!!
  4. Yes, I heard that, you are right, and it was a joke, but she really deserves some karma here, from square one I am sure she had a plan, turns out she is a serious problem. I would love to see her get the money, build a place and see it get boycotted, now that would be great karma, I will personally pay for the trail signs!!
  5. What a big surprise, I would have never guessed that she wanted to be paid off, funny how that will make everything OK, then it starts happening everywhere??Somebody go cough on her!!
  6. I started riding Quebec in 1988, never ridden anywhere since, wouldn't mind trying backcountry in BC, but for trail riding, Quebec is no1 on earth, hands down!! With the US exchange rate right now is the time to buy Haltaparche, not sure what penalties an American would have to pay to bring that much cash over the border, then you need 250 to 300 more to get it where it needs to be. He has a really great following, about 200 fisherman annually and he only charges them 75 Canadian a day for fishing brook trout. With the limited business he does he pulls 75k a year, with no overhead and a lot of cash. I know this traveling fishing business very well, been doing it for 40 years. You could do really well there year round with fishing, snowmobiling and 4 wheelers. But it is a lot of work, you have to love it, turning your play time passion into work, that's another thing all together.With all that said I would really love to own that place, it would be a nice change for me, nobody likes paying a repair shop for brakes and tires, but vacationers are thrilled to show up on your door step, spending like drunken sailors and making memories, I certainly enjoy every minute I spend in Northern Quebec!!
  7. Rhode Island went door to door quarantine today for NY seconder homers to quarantine them inside their homes for 2 weeks early today, Trump talking about quarantine for all of NYC, and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. Getting real serious, like living out a Stephen King movie.Better to be pro-active than too late, this think only works if everyone stays home. One guy buys 68 bottles of hand sanitizer, only works if everyone has a bottle!!
  8. BRP stock was down to 32 cents a share at 4pm yesterday...Yahoo finance reports corona virus and slowing economy could be final advice is to stay away from this stock.... @#^&!*!!...this is a company that we all love....they are now out of boats, really hope they survive this!!
  9. For sure, but 35 percent unemployment right now and Canadian dollar tanked big time, looking like a big recession on the way. We all knew this great economy would not last, but no one saw this coming, stock market is also down 30%, everyone is taking a big hit.
  10. I have become good friends with the dealer over the years, we both run a couple of business'. They are quite honest with me about how our shops are doing thru this. We all have a big drop in calls, they are contacting people but commitments for new orders are way down, and they typically move 350-400 sleds a year. They are thrilled to not be carrying many left-overs. We are all in-waiting to see how this all shakes down. I have a 19 backcountry and a 20 extreme. Decided to stay put as both are under 4 year Best.In 1918 Spanish flu lasted 2 years. Hope that is not the case here. If it is....will any places like Manawan, Wemo, Chapis, etc allow us thru...worst case scenario...we will all sit and see how this shakes down. Millions will be taking a big hit, some will not make it financially, very uncertain times for sure.If this is real bad but goes away in August...maybe ski doo will have some great deal...or maybe they will scale production way back , lay people off, and worry about next year. Any way it goes I think trade value just took a huge hit.
  11. Mike, the dealer I use in New Hampshire finished this year with almost no inventory left over and they are a big dealer, best position they have had in years. Now they are open, but have basically no customers. I am willing to bet that this covid 19 situation has put most , if not all plans way on the back burner. Today I would like to reach out to our good friends like play hard, gt rider and Mrs. and all our other members who are living in NYC and surrounding areas to wish them the very best through this nightmare. I cannot imagine living in NYC thru this. This morning on the news they said they were expecting 50% of New Yorker's to contract the disease, Prayers to our friends, Be Well, Bob.
  12. I love the optimism, only good thing I have heard in 2 weeks!!