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  1. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Gutz, that sure is a tough looking set of bumpers, good thing they are aluminum, would add 40 lbs if they were steel, nobody wants to rear end that sled!!
  2. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    JG, I hope some serious rain comes your way soon, does not look good for the salmon..or for that matter , anything, way too dry, lucky no fires, maybe the weather man is saving it all for us this winter, Bob.
  3. Moose Valley NB

    3 day passes we available, cannot remember the cost, the trails are really well maintained with less traffic than other areas, and it is done by a lot of volunteers, very impressive!!
  4. Moose Valley NB

    If crossing into New Brunswick at Point Crossing, just after you go over the suspension bridge the Hotel on the left, right where the trail is , has passes and also a great place to stay, use a tow service flat bed to trailer over if there is no safe ice on the bay.
  5. Eco trails

    Gullyrider, thank you for your input and especially thank you for clarifying , publicly, what I have known for years, and yes even though many suffer financially, many on the other side just do not care who it hurts, as long as they get their way. It really make no sense to me, you would think that there would be a large push back from business and employees, if these trails go away, folks outside of the city will see a lot of business hurting. I am a business man and when I see the amount of people at the hotels, restaurants and fuel stops, it makes me feel good that these people are earning a good dollar from us..and unlike the US, most are very happy and smiling to be busy and running hard...there is a lot to be lost...or this conversation...that will not go away!! Thank you for this post.
  6. Eco trails

    When the snowmobile industry was told sleds were noisy, they responded, when they were told riders were hooligans they responded, when they were told sleds polluted and 2 stroke had to go, they responded with etec and four stroke that no one thought would be a go, thanks to all that criticism and hate for our sport, we now have the best sleds ever and not that it is a good thing, but an older group where everyone respects property and the environment, all that is left is to try and close trails and cut regions off from each other. This sport contributes billions of dollars into the economy and employs many in a wide array of industry, good people working hard to support their families. The time has come to realize how much this sport is relied on for many peoples well being, next time powers to be are at the table, this should be a large part of the conversation, when St Donat was cut off from the park by environmentalists, business and people their have suffered financially and want the park reopened, it should happen, no one was being hurt with sleds passing thru there.
  7. the '' rock ''......kaputt !!!

    very similar to the suspension on my old 320 Olympic!!
  8. Eco trails

    I often thought that environmental lawyers in the States had the best line of undefinable BS I had ever seen, but clearly some of them have made it north of the border, I truly believe in protecting the environment but, how about putting this down in common sense language that anyone can interpret and understand exactly what it means and what it does not mean, the way it is written 50 people could say it means 50 different things...only thing for sure is it is TROUBLE!!
  9. Eco trails

    You can be sure it says or means something and we probably will not like it, politics is a dirty business where governments have no money, they have your money, and when the government does something for someone or gives someone something, they took it from someone else, exactly why I love Quebec, getting lost in the trail system and leaving all that garbage behind!!
  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

  11. Bad Day in Perce

    Not good, when you are that far away from anything you have to have a fire station, ambulance, etc, big risk to be with out one, hopefully they get back on their feet soon!!
  12. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    A year ago we left Portland Maine on the cat ferry, 175 miles to Nova Scotia, rode to Cape Breton then PEI, and down thru New Brunswick, Northern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and back to the Berkshires, Cape Breton is a really great ride, another great Canadian Get away for sure!!
  13. Finally Got the AIr Conditioning installed.

    definitely today's hero, hope he does not have a sled!!
  14. Meanwhile on a different Island.

    Gotta love it, back in the mid 70's we had a blizzard in late May, dropped a foot and went down to 10 f for 3 days, nobody ever saw it coming!!
  15. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    J G, great pics of the moose, in New York they would break that phone open for the money!!