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  1. JG, Great shots , as usual, you live in Wonderland, a big part of why I love sledding there, nature at it's best, thanks, Bob.
  2. Also picked up my snow-checked sled on Saturday and trip B was already in it.Also saw Snohorse there picking up an expert summit for his son, Quick Nick, looks like everyone is getting ready for what looks like a good start to the season.!!
  3. That part of 63 that is the rail bed probably has more cops and radar than any place I have ever ridden in all of Quebec, it can take a while on weekends when it is patrolled heavy, a lot of complaints from neighbors there, like Fuse said, avoid that if you can.
  4. I am sure there will be some riding by then, probably Mt Valin, I am planning on having the trailer and 2 new sleds readied next weekend, earliest I have ever been ready, cannot wait for this season to start.January will be the 7th decade for us, we started in 1966, I like it more now than I did as a young boy on a 320 Olympic, this is a great sport, not too much that is this much fun and still legal!!
  5. Hopefully it is the start of a great season!!
  6. I just got an e-mail from the ski-doo dealer that my new 850 expedition extreme is ready to be picked up and I open Quebec rider and get this pre-season present, a good feeling watching this, it will not be long, thanks Alain!!
  7. my condolences to you and your family, I lost my dad to an auto accident at Christmas, never easy, Best Wishes, Bob.
  8. 38f at 5 am on the mountain at home...2000ft...the start of the fall season, we loose 2 hrs of daylight between now and Oct 1st...won't be long before we are building some more great memories of riding Quebec!!
  9. Have had both, Klim is really great stuff, but try it on, some sizes run a little small, and on the colder days, it is not as warm, I have been wearing a lite down jacket as layering and found it very warm and lighter as well , both brands are very good, and ditto on the ski doo absolute 0, my friend says it is the best he has ever had.
  10. They are going to be hard to get, I per-ordered one in March and was told it would be in in October, ordered it when I snow checked a 2020 sled, was told that was going to be the best way to get one, I tried one at the demo rides in New York, seems like a nice helmet.
  11. Dennis, the owner of Le Cabanon worked at the refinery in Montreal for 30 years, he has high test non ethanol and a lot of the stops on the trail do too. They make an ethanol tester, fuel tester by daansen, about 20 dollars. It is a small graduated test tube, pour fuel to the line marked fuel, the add water to the line marked water, and it will separate the alcohol from the fuel and you can read it by percentage. Go to 5 different stations and test a sample of the gas, you will be very surprised how much they differ, some will say 3 % others may say 14%. Almost all the on trail lodges that sell have non ethanol fuel.
  12. I'm having trouble figuring out which one is Eric?
  13. OK, I am not trying to be a wise guy or anything like that, but I want everyone to know about stable and condensation. This is one little test everyone who owns a piece of equipment with a seasonal gas engine really needs to do so they can see for themselves how important it is to treat your gas, whether it is a plastic tank or metal. Take a plastic fuel can and put a few gallons of gas in it when it is say 10f outside and leave it in your trailer outside over night.In the morning , before you pour it in your sled, get a funnel and a screen funnel for paint and place that paper paint funnel inside the regular funnel and place it in another empty gas can. Now start to pour the gas into the other can, DO THIS SLOW BECAUSE THE ICE THAT FORMS FROM THE CONDENSATION WILL PLUG THE SCREEN!! Gas does not freeze but when it is poured and goes through a screen it will separate the water from the fuel and freeze, it looks like ice from a snow cone. Yes fuel in plastic cans or tanks gets a lot of condensation in it. When we were racing and at the lake all day we wanted high octane and this was a little trick we would do to insure we had the best fuel, first time I saw this I was shocked, you will be too, some how this goes right through our sleds, but sitting all year with ethanol phase separation, not good. Canadian fuel is non ethanol, but good practice is to treat it, best practice is to install a few shut of and run it dry with stable. We started riding in 1966, so I have cleaned my fair share carbs and fuel systems, any thing you can do to prevent this is cheaper and easier to do. Nothing worse than getting there and having you or your buddies sled down on day one because of bad fuel. Proper Planning Prevents!! Bob.
  14. That fine is way too small, should include 5 years suspension and sled confiscation!!
  15. JG, did those clean shaven loggers run Quebec out of razor blades??