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  1. I probably have ridden every trail on that mountain over the last 50 plus years, yes it has a lot to offer. 40 years ago, when there were little rules for dirt bikes and no 4 wheelers or bicycles there were twice as many trails. Over half of those trails are now grown in, and that was before they started putting those locking steel gates up to lock us off our property. If you went there every weekend for a full season you might see it all, great way to enjoy the weekend. Living there on the mountain, maybe I loose a little appreciation for how beautiful it is on a daily basis, thanks for the pics, really great!! Bob
  2. you have a good wife, I'm wrong most of the time!!
  3. We have a very safe place here in the Berkshire Hills, much like some remote Maine places, I keep saying how lucky we are not to have had this happen here YET. BUT IT ONLY TAKES 1 PERSON TO SCREW IT ALL UP!! Sooner or later it will probably happen, then all the small business' will probably not make it as everyone will lock themselves down for the winter as most people around here are 60 plus and will be afraid to go anywhere, we have to be vigilant and safe to keep this thing in-check while waiting for a vaccine, not really rocket science anymore, masks and distancing, wash you hands, get a flu shot, we should be able to do this, WTF!!!
  4. Some how these clowns think they are helping out or are pretending to be helpful, I just can't figure out what they are helping, killing people and rioting and burning everything down and looting whatever they can.Only thing I want to protest is getting the border open for healthy people so we can ride out of the range of news networks and enjoy some backwoods Canadian Hospitality!!
  5. So what do you do with 420k at Sturgis, we are going to have 16k tonight when the Chiefs and and Titans play.....Secret place....I think China may have had one very secret place too...and nobody still knows where it was ...or where the detainees went!!
  6. Congrats on the 30th anniversary of your 20th birthday, hopefully you are only half way there!! Have a great one, Bob.
  7. You are 100% correct, employers pay 100% of unemployment, a program controlled by the government, where no employee pays in, most employees THINK they pay for it, but employers pay the whole bill.
  8. Quebec has 132 new cases in a day, no better than any New England state, actually some in New England are better than that. Who really knows what January will bring. If it opens I will be one of the first ones over the border.
  9. I would love to step into one of these photos at the end of these hot, humid days, that crisp healthy weather called winter cannot get here fast enough. Best part of winter is almost everyone who does not love sledding stays inside, away from us!!
  10. I am sure if it is blue tooth that would be an option, any blue tooth phone or tablet can now be a scan tool.
  11. Nice spot you have there, we may have many like that on the trail if we all miss this season!!
  12. Who knows, maybe we get lucky and this goes down, but with flu season coming , anyone with a cold, cough, sniffle, temp, .....still wishful thinking...but we have to hope and dream that a way will come around for a fast reliable test so we can RIDE!!
  13. With all of today's technology I can see helmets changing big time and all for the better, cameras, heads up display, music, who needs mirrors with a camera and heads up display. Built in communication for your group, groomer warning, the sky is the limit, first guys in with a patent, big time home run, sleds , bikes, four wheelers, skiing.
  14. A complete disaster, why I live as far from black top and concrete as I can get, and why I love those Quebec trails, no contact with any of this garbage, I feel for the folks that have to navigate this daily, especially those that are trying to raise a family.
  15. Over 5 MILLION CASES AS OF TODAY, TOO LATE, TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL, MAKE YOUR PLANS FOR THE CROWED TRAILS IN THE STATES. Maybe something here will be open, but I would not count on it. We are going to be in need of an Italy style 10 week lock down to put a dent in this, once the fall flu season arrives this is going to be a complete disaster.It will take a complete miracle to change the course of this by that time and I am pretty sure that a few hundred thousand at Sturgis is only going to make it much worse when they all travel back just can make this up...we are %$##^&!!