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  1. Really great pictures, I have them in the stone wall behind my house, I see their habits everyday, running and playing every morning as the sun comes up, they have been there in the same wall for 32 years, never had one in the house or barn.
  2. Multi -Talented, very nice job, maybe next year you can invite some friends over to enjoy it, 2 years if you are in the USA!!
  3. Yes I am down here in Western Mass wondering what the hell are these people doing as well, realizing that they are ruining all the travel plans that anyone has or had, we are now an island, we cannot go anywhere and nobody can come here. Perfectly understandable that Canadians will be very worried until there is a concrete test and vaccine, I am really going to miss all my Canadian friends, when I am there it feels like my 2nd home, this cannot get over soon enough.
  4. Yes, it is hard to believe that everyone is acting like this will just go away and everyday it keeps getting bigger.You know that deal where you are asked if 1 guys jumps off the cliff will you...well it seems like a lot of people are saying yes right now....we are all tied to them, if this keeps way we will ride this year.
  5. It has already ended badly, they were paid to stay home and could not do it, now we are the laughing stock of the world, and we cannot go anywhere because of these idiots!!
  6. You are right, I knew it was 600 weekly, when this ends they will be looking to go back to work, and will not be happy about their old pay, but they have to realize that while they were realizing this free gain, the business owner was shut down, suck it up and go back to work, if they don't like it, then they can start a business, all us self employed people know exactly how that will work for them, it would be very funny to watch how they would respond to being responsible for everything 24/7!!
  7. Quebec had 50 k cases, we had 45k yesterday and predictions are 100k a day by next week, simply out of control, anybody's guess where this is going. Borders opening are a long way away, and many business' will be hurt, I can only imagine what riding will be like in 2022, hopefully Quebec has it until control and our good riding buddies North of the border will keep all the places on the trail in business for us, it is really going to hurt seeing the posts and pictures if we are shut out this year, I am still hoping, but the reality is fading daily.
  8. I am not very happy about the current mess we are in. The government basically paid people to stay home, gave them an extra 600 a month on top of regular unemployment and gave business' loans they did not have to pay back as long as the used it to continue paying their help, and here we are 4 months later, in way worse of a spot than we were in to begin with. I see this getting much worse in the next month. All along I thought we would either be saying guys were lucky, or , look what you have done to us. Well, we have our answer, and all of us who were doing the right thing are now in the same boat with those who could not do a simple social distance and wear a mask. We need a vaccine or a test that is instant, or all bets are off on riding this season. I really cannot blame Canada if they keep the border closed, as much as I love sledding, and I really love Quebec, this is a personal responsibility for everyone to be conscious of the well being of those around us, and that is going to have to be number 1 for any thing to happen.Predictions are for this to come back hard in the fall, just in time to postpone everything.You just cannot tell some people anything!!!
  9. What are they doing to try to stop these worms, it is a really serious issue. Later all those dead trees will be a tremendous fire hazard with lightening.Seems like this is the year we will never forget!!
  10. Happy Birthday to Quebec, but what I really want is for a happy New Year to Quebec , WITH THE TRAILS AND BORDER OPEN!!
  11. I am rebuilding my deck right now, I used Trex 16 years ago with the blind clips, 600 dollars for that fastener system, all the boards are now cupping up, really should have drilled and screwed them down with square drive stainless steel. So I priced the materials, Trex is 45 % more than Mahogany, I am going with the real wood, this close to retirement, I will oil it once a year.
  12. On another note, this is for all our married friends, when ever you are having a bad day at home, it could always be worse, there is some one named Mr Pelosi!!
  13. George should not of died the way he did. How ever he did pass a counterfeit 20 dollar bill, a felony, to start the whole mess, and it really has turned into a mess of unimaginable proportions. He was a career criminal, with 5 different stays at prison, all serious crimes, and now he gets this on top of everything else. You would think this happened to the Pope, this is the ultimate insult, and this woman could quite possibly be making serious policy decisions for our country very soon if they win in November.You just cannot make this stuff up, seems every day some one tries to top yesterday, I am going to need a minimum of a month of solitary on the Quebec trails away from television and internet and phones, like others have said, I should have stayed out there in late March, God help us.
  14. You pretty much have it covered, like I said it is very insulting for all the folks who get up each day, take care of themselves and their families, pay their own way, try to play by the rules...and then we are suppose to buy into this , never going to happen here!!