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  1. Certainly has a great operation there...
  2. got to love it...I'm not 35 anymore but still love the adventure...this is a young mans game...and an expensive one...imagine these sleds don't go much more than 2k miles without major service...that's a little more than a week for me...3 rides and I had 5300 on my expedition extreme...thanks for posting
  3. Early 90’s in St Donat… half way across Lake Archimbault my friends 583 MXZ seized a cylinder…8am.. first morning.. 10 minutes into a week long trip… we tow him a few miles to the tiny ski doo dealer… they loan… for free.. him a sled… we come back at 3 in the afternoon… sled is ready with new cylinders pistons and rings… and clean carburetors… 650$… those were the good old days… and it saved our trip… I’ve been extremely lucky over the last 4 plus decades… but aI feel for everyone stuck or broke down… for many it’s their yearly vacation… and timely help is of utmost importance… for the most part I’ve found Quebec service and hospitality to be second to none… but we are living in a new after covid world… and this great experiment is failing miserably
  4. Absolutely… this article is 100 percent on the money.. exactly who he was… one in a million… a true gentleman… long live his legacy
  5. I certainly feel for you...trail and grooming info has been inconsistent all season...no doubt about it
  6. Sometimes the frustration of the moment gets in the way of logic.
  7. Best and lowest prices I see are on U haul trucks and vans...if available...nothing is cheaper or better
  8. You saying 2 feet...I'm praying you are right
  9. Blow up these to see the cooling fins on the ski… been doing this for 15 years
  10. Very sad day...Real was bigger than life.and worked extremely hard at delivering a top shelve product with a smile... and made many friends...Heart felt condolences to his entire family.
  11. yup leaving from the coronet area and riding north on 3!!
  12. look at the ski on the floor on the right side to see the cooling fins...which are now on the lynx skis
  13. My friend in Michigan also has this sled with the 2.4 track...which is a lynx only track not available on ski doo ....it has 35 percent more paddles than ski doo 1.8 track...and much stiffer. We have trimmed it down to a tad under 2 inches with a jig and a meat carving serrated saws all blade...it looks factory...and increases track speed...and works well on the trail...hooks way better than anything currently available...and gives up very little in deep snow. We put cooling fins on the inside of the rear portion of the skis to throw ice and snow off the carbides into the windows on the track and they work 10 times better than scratchers...and never wear out...he has 5 k miles on his so far with zero issues...this sled weighs 570...and is much better than the ski doo extreme I traded in...which was a great sled...the radiator is also a great feature and I believe is the only 2 stroke that comes with one...looks like I,m headed to Cote North as things are looking good there
  14. Here’s my Brand new Lynx… also 0 miles
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