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  1. I got the app just wishing it groomed and wasn’t updated. To much snow on the trails very narrow and loose
  2. Anyone know if 597 north to cut through trail to 595 south got groomed lastnight. Trails were rough yesterday on 5
  3. Never been to cheval but 100 lacs is one of my favorites. Always got a cabin though, never saw the rooms in the lodge, heard they were small. Food is the best there
  4. Anyone ever stay at rivière Matapédia? It’s between there and domaine valga for out last night out on the trail before we head back to Matane.
  5. Wow! I can’t wait, looks good
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I called Table du Roland today and got it reserved. Was getting scared for a minute, another guy couldn’t find anything in chandler or Percé. I think everywhere we are staying now I got off of this site. Thanks again
  7. Can’t find a place in chandler for 2/16 so can anyone recommend a place in Percé with easy access, good food, safe place for sleds? Sorry for the confusion but I was asking about domaine varga separate from chandler.
  8. We are doing 5 days the same as you trip but day one we are leaving Matane to 595 to cut through trail to 597 to mont saint pierre, so we are doing the orange cut through twice.
  9. Thank you for the replies, we are going to stay at varga. The one near cap chat is too close we are starting from Matane. We looked into the one near Madeleine and they aren’t doing snowmobiles this year.
  10. First time for Gaspé and was looking for lodge-outfitter type places to stay instead of regular motels. I have been to 100 sud lac, rabaska, 22 mils, meekoos, and was wondering if there are any of these type places in Gaspé. Was looking for these places in or near Matane, mont saint pierre, chandler, Carleton, but especially near chandler. Also has anyone stayed at domaine valga? Any help is appreciated.