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  1. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    That was not your point and the reason I said it was a stupid comment is what I put in Bold in your statement. You are making comments that are stereotyping which is why I called it stupid. Enough said on that. Season is approaching the end and I am looking forward to my ride in Mont Valin in April.
  2. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    You can't be for real.... this is the 2nd thread now where you are showing your stupidity.
  3. Current Conditions: St Zenon or St. Raymond?

    Friggen Canada!! I can't believe it only happens in Canada. Holly shit are you stupid.
  4. Twin Peak Power Tour

    Was it ice that my have come loose in the tunnel? Happened to me once, I could swear I thought I broke something. I search the sled up and down and couldn't figure out what was going on. Put it reverse, it came out and noise was gone. Sounds to simple, but when you can't see it, it boggles the mind.
  5. Are you sure it wasn't her cat, aka ***** RIP Yellow Boots.
  6. Adventures of Team Iceman

    " Thank you little baby Jesus." That there is the post of the year! Lol Also I see Bill 101 doesn't seem to have an affect up in the Cree Region.
  7. High Octane Gas "2Strokers"

    I'm surprised to hear some Relais only having 87. The norm used to be they only carried 91.
  8. A tale of 3 women

    Only in Quebec do we hear of men having these problems.
  9. Club Etoile Doree

    The Sidewinder looks so dangerous.... I want one!!!!
  10. Exploring new ground.

    I had a round of golf there a few years back. Never even thought of sledding around there and always just seem to pass by it in the truck to go more north. Will be a nice ride for me from Ottawa.
  11. This Weekend Jan 6-8

    Good to know. Dail back the turbo to 5lbs of boost.... Check.
  12. Bringing the batterie in with you at night is a good idea. Unless you have a sled like Iceman and Florida Snowman, you will be performing an abortion in the parking lot just to get thing out. I recommend at least one person in the group to have a small set of cables with them. With regards to clothing, undies for each day, only one extra pair of socks needed.
  13. Big East Snowmobile Show

    Leaving from Ottawa in a couple of hours. Lunch at the famous pub first just around the corner from the OnCenter and then to the show. From here on in, it's all sled talk till May!
  14. New Longest Cross Country Canadian Trail

    You are right. The TCT already exsists in Ottawa and is part of the snowmobile trail system, it starts right the at end of my street in Stittsville (West Ottawa). You cannot travel east and pass through the city and there is tension by the growing community to close it where I live. The Stittsville community used to be sled friendly where you could take your sled to the Grocery store if you wanted. This no longer exists.
  15. Busiest gas stop?

    I think I would go with Le Cabanon as well. Would be interesting to know how many litres/gallons he sells.