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  1. If someone is trying to sell something online, don’t tell them the price is out of line or it’s being sold somewhere else for cheaper. Make an offer and then move on.
  2. These guys are not trail riding. These are the trails from the parking lot that gets them to elevation. But yes, one guy completely on the wrong side of the trail and the other passing on the right. If he didn’t lock up the brake and stayed on the throttle he might have made it lol. But that shows you these guys are mountain riders and not trail riders.
  3. I guess we will have to cancel our trip for Mont Valin for April 8th. If things improve and looks like we are getting ahead of the virus a plan to ride in May might be in the cards. Maybe we should plan a Quebecrider gathering in May at the Mont!! pics from a couple of years ago
  4. Corona Babies or maybe they’ll be called Coronials. Lol
  5. Going sledding is probably the safest activity you can do. On your sled with your helmet on and with very little interaction with anyone. I am booked for Mont Valin mid April, I don’t see how they can close anything related to sledding other than the weather.
  6. Bad stator happened to us on a trip once. What we did and the sled ran fine all day, unplug headlights and hand warmers. If it starts snowing hard try running just one light. Now for us it was an Apex with a bad stator and like I said earlier it ran great all day like this. Not sure if it would have the same outcome with a Ski-Doo but worth a try IMO.
  7. What do you guys do with your helmets when going for lunch? Bring them to your table or put them in the rack? $700 to $800 helmet I would be worried of someone stealing it.
  8. Fozzy


    I haven’t given hand signals in years. It truly makes no sense to me. I caught up to one group and the guy was giving the last man but I was right behind him lol. Something happened to me this past week riding in NY that has never happened to me before. A group of five people pass us and the last two guys in the group were leaning so far off their sled and trying to give me a High Five! Now that’s messed up.
  9. Leaking antifreeze... sounds like a loose clamp on a hose or cracked heat exchanger. Good thing you shut her down before all destruction of your wallet.
  10. I was up in Duhamel last week riding. We stopped at the warming shack on 43 between Duhamel and Montpellier at the end of the day where there were lots of sleds. A guy from the FCMQ noticed we didn’t have any passes on our sleds. Holly shit we got out of there in a hurry. Just kidding lol. We didn’t have printed versions as we only decided to go that morning. Showed him the screen shots of it on our phones. He was happy with it. I really don’t think he checked that the pass matched the sled but more that the date of purchase was correct. Nice guy and it was simple. But could see it being a problem if my phone was dead as it was at the end of our day and my phone usually doesn’t keep a long charge in the cold.
  11. Looking at the itinerary, what’s up with Monday’s ride? Looks like you ride on and off the ferry and that’s it for the day.
  12. I just arrived here at the Delta. Checked in and now at the bar having a beer and food after the white knuckle drive here from mtl. Meeting up with friends at the Mont tomorrow. Unfortunately there wasn't a room available for me till tomorrow. So here I am, first time here, nice place! If your here come and say hi, black shirt and blue cap on.
  13. Here you Gutz, she’s at Relais Le Chapelle waiting for you according to their FB page lol.
  14. Good to know, thank you. I am heading up on Thursday afternoon and staying at Le Cabanon for a ride on Friday. Normally we would wait another week in hopes of more trails opening but unfortunately my riding bud is having surgery so it’s go now or not till January.
  15. Is yours a yearly pass and what you printed is only a temporary till your sticker comes in the mail? What I have is a day pass, but still you would think they would want me to affix it to the sled some how.