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  1. I call that place Hotel University Tuition.
  2. Fozzy

    '19 Trip

    I filled up at the Gathering Place in Tug Hill last week and was charged $5/gal. Best thing to do is shut-up and pay and like Snowmaster said, take a mental note not to go back.
  3. Someone mentioned to us about Cranberry lake yesterday. Will put it down as an option. Our next ride up there will be for the day only. So thinking of crossing the border at Ogdensburg (40min drive from home) and unloading somewhere near Potsdam and ride out there and go towards Malone.
  4. My experience at Tug Hill was a good one. I did not experience any of the negatives that you hear on line. The Ridge View is a great place to stay only drawback is there is no breakfast other than continental. It was a bit of a late start for us on Friday as we had to be at the DMV for 8:30 to get our stickers. Good thing we did, first hour into our ride and we were stopped by the police making sure everyone was in compliance. I think it was 9:30 by the time we rolled out. Plan was to get into the plateau and see what all the hype is about. Lots of snow and trails were soft. The groomers were out doing their best to pack down the snow. We headed to Redfield then Williamstown where stopped at Bucks for a break. From there we went towards Osceola and looped but the other side of the park. Trails were awesome and Trail C4 has to be one of the best. We made our way to the Hook& Ladder by recommendation of you guys. Great place and food is really good. From there we made our way back. Really enjoyed it here, nice to be at place where I have never sledded before. I did not see any of the horror stories, everyone stayed right and trails were the best than can be after a snowfall like that. One other note, the people so very nice and accommodating. Can't wait to go back.
  5. The wifi is not working well up here so will do my best. It's crazy up here! The drive up was the worst I have ever been in. Roads were being closed just as we got through. It was snowing so hard we drove 10 miles past our hotel witout even knowing it. We could barely see two feet in front of us on hwy 12. We came upon Boondockers, went in for directions only to realize we blew past our hotel a ways back. Decided to grab a bite eat there. I realize now that is the place you are at Phil. I should have looked you up. We finally get to the hotel and decide we will go for alittle rip. The lady at the desk said its best not to go. Well we are not good listeners. Let's just say I hate Yamaha!! Stuck?? Dam right we got stuck! 2 km out of this friggen place and Bucky got his Apex buried. Took us close to an hour to get that beast out. The snow here is funny. At first it's very light, but after a few minutes it packs like concrete. This has to be record snowfall storm here. Never seen snow fall at this rate before. So far loving the adventure. The hurdles I had to jump through to get here is a post all on its own. When back I will make it a topic for discussion. Phil, keep an eye out for two Canadians, one driving a Nytro (Fozzy) the other on a Apex (Bucky).
  6. Packing to head out soon. Although not Quebec related, I'll post what it was like when I get back. Thanks for the info on the DMV, will go to the one close to the hotel.
  7. We are staying at The Ridge View in Lowville. We have to stop in Watertown first tomorrow and get our sleds registered so expecting a late start with that and possibly bad roads.
  8. Two of us are heading to Tug Hill tomorrow. We have never sledded in NY, hear all the horror stories but the pictures and videos I have seen the place looks very nice. We decided to register our sleds there instead of buying Quebec season pass for this year in hopes of witnessing the Lake Effect. Well I guess we'll see it in full action tomorrow.
  9. I know I will never buy a 2 stroke again even if it is a Yamaha. I consider myself lucky getting 17,000km on my Viper 700 with no blowup. We all trail ride other than guys like Dooright and MarkusVt and few others that ride sleds off the beaten path, so a sled weighing 100lbs more makes no difference. Plus if you like to go fast you will want the added weight. The reliability, not having to worry about oil, carrying oil and spark plugs are hug benefits to me. I am glad we all don't ride the same sleds though, or the talk at the bar and hotels would not be so fun lol.
  10. This is why I ride a Yamaha, the Hells, Rock Machine, Evil Ones or which ever biker gang is stealing these things will never be able to carry off with mine. Especially if it is parked on the porch.
  11. Take some pics of the hills everyone is talking about. I have never seen this and curious how crazy it is. Sounds like a good spot to take a break and watch people fly over.
  12. Nah, I think you're faking. You are just afraid of the cold and only want to sled after Easter lol Nothing worse having a health issue during sledding season. Hope you have a quick recovery.
  13. This question is only asked if they are Yamahas. BRP on the other hand they let you roll right through. 😉
  14. It's not cheap at Mont Apica that's for sure. Gas + burger (no fries) + beer = $60.00 min. Lol
  15. The place where these sleds were taken doesn't have a fenced in area. I heard a similar story once before in a different area where the whole trailer was lifted out of a fence area. I find it hard to believe that this can be true. The amount of noise a picker would make the whole place would wake up and catch them in the act.