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  1. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    This is how it looked when I left The Mont Vilain not long ago. 😜
  2. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Not sure what the ticket is for speeding in Qc, is it based on how much you are over, similar to getting a ticket in your car? In Ontario it is a flat rate, $120.00 I think. So if you see the radar gun in Ontario, you might as well give it shit and see what you clock in at. lol I was skiing in Mont Tremblant last week, was reading the paper regarding ticketed infractions for snowmobiling. Was surprised to see wearing a scarf while sledding carries a fine of $150.00. There was no mention for a speeding infraction.
  3. I am so happy to see that the trails are looking so good. I have the Ottawa Home Show to contend with this week, then be heading there for the end of March!
  4. Pirate ride.

    Looks like me. 😜
  5. Wow, I think you guys got the better deal with that Cabin at Mont Valian. I was there about two weeks ago and our Cabin didn't look anything like that. lol The 8am breakfast is kind of silly. Especially because everyone staying there shows up all at once to eat.
  6. St Raymond to LSJ, March 2 & 3

    Mont Vilain, in the town of Lamarche, north east side of Lac St Jean.
  7. I was on it last Friday and it was no groomed then. I could tell also that it had not been groomed for awhile.
  8. PLAYHARD Shawinigan Chibougamau Loop

    Hmm Auberge Lac Tarreau on a Thursday night.... did you guys go to the Central for the ballet synphany?
  9. St Raymond to LSJ, March 2 & 3

    Friday morning we wake and we're in good shape. No hangover which is surprising. The plan is to take a different route home, head over to the lake, loop over towards Roberval and grab the 355 to the 73. Supposed to be a little longer run back, no problem, good planning since we have a 5 hr drive home 😜. Coming out of the Mont Vilian the trails were freshly groomed, sleds were running fast but couldn't get top speed out of them as the trails are soft. First time at the lake. We get to Lac Bouchette for lunch. Nice spot right at the lake, can't remember the name but the food was good. We stop for a break not realizing Lac Bouchette was just down the hill. First time riding this area. This is where the trails were whooped out. It didn't look like they have been groomed in awhile. We make it to Lac Edward, last feud up till we are back in St Ray. The plan was to take the 355 to the 73 but at the gas stop the guy says there is a short cut trail, LT3 ( I think that's the trail number ), it doesn't show on our new acquired map. We take it, what a great trail, perfectly groomed, fast with nice sweepers. We get back on the 73 which will take us into St Ray, we see a great little Relais with a few sleds stopped and everyone inside. No time to stop as we need to hammer down and get going. Lots of great places to stop and take pics as we ride along these huge cliffs but we need to keep moving. We pull into the parking lot at Roquemont at 7:30, same amount of time riding as Thursday but with more mileage, around 440 km. The one less beer at lunch helps 😆. Home at 1:30am, up at 6am, out the door for a quick job at 7am. I was tired Saturday and dreamt of my bed all day. No riding for two weeks, I have spring break with the family, Bucky is in Florida. The plan is to go again at the end of March somewhere, then our season finally at Mont Valin mid to end of April. A funny story from Thursday. Out of L'Etape about 20 km we come up to three riders. I am in the lead with Bucky right on my ass. Find safe spots to pass, first rider no problem, then the second gone, come up to the lead rider it's a chick on a Sidewinder. She turns and sees me and starts getting onto it. This chick can ride! I find my opportunity, I get on the throttle hard, my ski is beside her running boards and the boom, my belt blows. Dam!!
  10. Wednesday afternoon Bucky and I leave Ottawa for a two day ride in Quebec as sledding in our area is pretty much done. We leave Ottawa in perfect timing to hit the Montreal traffic. We get fuel for the truck in Bertherville and a quick bite. As we get back on the Hwy, the snow starts and it's coming down hard making for the rest of the drive to St Ray slow. We arrive at the Roquemont around 9 pm, check in and off to the bar for a couple of beers. This is a nice place and no doubt it was booked solid. Thursday morning we are at breakfast as soon as they open and then we're off. The plan is to take the 23 to LSJ, then to Lamarche as we have a cabin booked at the Mont Vilian The 23 is fantastic, loose with the new snow but just a beautiful ride. We make it to L'Etape with not a lot of gas to spare. We were hard on the throttle. After getting gassed up we make it to Mont Apica for over priced hotdogs and beer. We enjoyed the over priced beers so much we had seconds. Getting to Lamarche wasn't as easy as we thought. Leaving our map in the truck doesn't help either. We figured we would see signs for Mont Vilian and would just follow them in. Didn't work out so well, ended up stopping at BRP dealer getting a map, still getting a bit lost and finally getting in there at 7:30 with 420km for the day. What a great place. $160 tax in each includes the cabin, four course dinner and breakfast in the morning. Spent the night talking to some locals. Lots of laughs and a good chance for me to brush up on my LSJ French. I grew up in Montreal, went to school in the English system, learned barely any French from school. Learned it all in the streets and when I moved to Ottawa, my work involves working with guys from LSJ. It's amazing how much better I was talking after a few shots lol. to be cont...
  11. I see my trailer in Pic of the parking lot. I arrived on Wednesday night rode out Thursday morning and arrived back Friday night for our drive back home. Will post pics tomorrow of our ride. Couldn't imagine riding on weekends, always avoid it.
  12. Two of us are leaving Ottawa Wednesday night to go sledding Thursday and Friday. The plan is leave from St. Raymond Thursday morning take the 23 through the park to Mont Vilian. The next day to ride back but taking a little longer route taking the 355 back to St Raymond. My question is, besides staying at Mont Vilian are there any other places you can suggest. Not really interested in staying at the Delta. Would prefer a place not in a city.
  13. 2019 ski-doo models released

    You should be called the Iceman. We can call the Iceman from Shawinigan the Honey Wagon or Mr. Poopie lol.
  14. Trailblazer, 603 and RR depart

    I did that when I was 14 years old. Was arrested and watched my 1972 Skiroule RTX being put on a flatbed towed to the impound. Lol