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  1. Where would you eat? Nothing is open. Just wondering.
  2. Wow, Soo much bad information out there being spewed. Once a vaccine is administered, your body starts to generate antibodies. After 3 weeks you will have immunity. The booster shot 3 weeks after the first shot only makes your immune system even stronger. After 6 weeks you are immune and won't get covid, and won't spread covid.
  3. You are right. It was -35C when we woke up in the morning. If you ever stayed there, you would know how cold it was inside. You could see the sun shine in from between the logs. I had icicles on my nose it was so cold. Wonderful owner though. We were well taken care of.
  4. Most rustic place to stay overnight.
  5. Had a couple of lunches there with the crew.