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  1. Was great to meet you, and snowsharks crew!! Friday ended up an awesome ride east on 83 ..... Albeit a little wet in the AM Our trip summary - Tuesday to Saturday
  2. Damn.....2 days ago it was open...... Hmmmm
  3. Red heading north from 63 - any information would be great 🙂 our loop starts tomorrow with snow racer headed through 386 trail marked closed .....if closed we need to head north to Parent to start..... any information if this is accurate or passable would be awesome !!
  4. 182 Ray - yes matters very much to me to a local business person in a community ....its all abut that!! Thank you much!!
  5. One in our group will need a rental ...... Usually start st raymond and get one from Moto Dion Fairmonts sleds - current year and decent? Im sure they cost more Any other rentals recommended near La Malbaie? or slightly North? Looking to hit cote Nord Region from this area - weather permitting 3/11 to 3/14 for departure
  6. Thanks!! Appreciate it!! found some info
  7. not much shows on interactive map for Cote-Nord ... neither fuel or Lodging....after Bae Comeau - yet i know there is and i see it on google maps as well..... Is there an information source - map available for download - really not needing map - but looking for Lodging and fuel
  8. 1st off im hoping we get some weather to hold off as this warming in February is ridiculous. Original plan was to be there this week.... but it had to be pushed back to 3/11 Considering starting from Casino or there about and hitting Cote Nord as we have not done this area, and have read great things about it. or Gaspie thoughts or comments on how long clubs are maintaining or panning to? I know weather will affect.... Last year 19th to 25th was still a great week... We are open to ride anywhere - thanks for any ideas or comments
  9. we have made that ride .... if conditions are good - nice fast ride! very doable with good conditions and riding during the week with little traffic....only slow down is through the city If bad conditions or there are issues ....there are options....auberge presbytere mont lac vert is a nice B&B type place....and or the Delta
  10. we have stayed at Bed and breakfast at Passion was fine accommodations!! very nice host!! sleep down stairs and come up for breakfast..... had dinner at ski slope....if i remember correct they close early around 8 ....maybe open til 9
  11. Ended up having a great 3 day loop!!! I was going with 2 buddies and we also had "snowracer" from forum and his buddy join us Thursday 23rd we left the roquemont around 10ish, we had this and that delay us as usual..... but we ended up at hotel Coronet 255 miles and some great scenery awesome trails, coverage and condition great on 3 Friday 24th we have soft plans, head out to a fast flat 93 for Mt. Valin area, planning on staying at any of the hotels south of river ..... we stop at a look out on our way.... bouncy trail up to look out and a machine with studs to long led to a cooler leak.... get him going as far as he can till heating up to much.... then tow him to Chappelle.... get a mechanique to come get him and get to welding on it, 2:30 and his day is done....we ride to garage .... find out he is going to be awhile.... so we book delta for the night.... have him trailered there with his machine getting there just before 9:00.....all in all good place for a break down and we still all had a good day considering 160/170 miles , trails were excellent and a ton of snow there Saturday 25th get loaded to leave delta and head back to roquemont..... finally a morning with everyone on time 8:30....yammie cooler leaking ....must of missed a spot...... new plan ....garage to come get him and we will ride to l'etape awhile.... we will stop along way for message to see if they can fix you and drop you there .... on trail we get message they can do it. So we wait for him at l'etape and all is not lost.... 383 368 23 all awesome and beautiful 23 was good almost all the way down last 58km from warming hut down got progressively rougher and by the time you got down to town all was very soft as it was warm.... it will be gone out of roquemont soon with the warmth we had Saturday. Great ride great conditions great times as always!! 610 miles of smiles
  12. In looking again I see there are only a few sections of white ..... And thanks for first hand feedback And through city area I'm guessing was all good....thx