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  1. Phil 1

    Snow conditions

    Fuse we are likely to be in Forestville Wednesday night to begin the ride north. We’ll keep our location posted here maybe we’ll be on a similar schedule.
  2. Phil 1

    Mont Valin Lodging

    Thank you was unaware that restaurant closed. That would put KM 31 as the logical choice.
  3. Phil 1

    Mont Valin Lodging

    This unit at Passion is not a cabin but it is right next door to the restaurant bar no riding to eat or drink.
  4. Phil 1

    Mont Valin Lodging

    Food is equal. Gas at both. Riding is equal. Steer clear on weekends very busy area. Passion has a store and you can buy beer and drink in the unit. They also have a stay 2 nights get 1 free, we did it last year there’s also a washer dryer in that unit. 3 bed rooms and bath down and 1 bed and bath up. Liza and Vincent are great hosts. I prefer Passion and have stayed at both. View out the window at Passion.
  5. Phil 1

    Snow conditions

    No too much riding for him...🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Phil 1

    Snow conditions

    Some is pole lines and very fast. Wednesday we will likely be headed to forestville on the Pelchant. Keep right. 🤣😂 Its a great ride looking forward to the weather cooperating.
  7. Phil 1

    Snow conditions

    Sorry Tuesday the 26th we’ll be behind you, but will keep an eye open for the Monker. Red BC, Black 850 and 2, 900T’s...
  8. Phil 1

    Snow conditions

    Leaving shawinigan Tuesday with the same destination.
  9. Phil 1

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Looks like it came apart at the joint.
  10. Phil 1

    ON MY WAY!!!

    FWIW great day, too much snow. 😳
  11. Phil 1

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Then two sleds are dead nuts even, nothing between them. Both great. Yes a 19; 850...
  12. Phil 1

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Will Doo headed to the North side today where they got hit really hard. Record is like 77” in 24 hours this is just a regular lake effect event. Crazy right. 😁
  13. Phil 1

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Was Pretty sweet today, it’s like going to Valin on the weekend you should know better. Had a fabulous day... 3 to 4 feet today going to explore the hardest hit areas tomorrow, plan on getting stuck many times.
  14. Phil 1

    ON MY WAY!!!

    The Edge is 15 miles South on Rt 12 the same road as Ridgeview.
  15. Phil 1

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Sitting here in The Edge hotel in Lyons falls NY East edge of Tug Hill waits for the snow. Rode today was really nice getting cold right now. Where you staying?