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  1. Phil 1

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    The ole sports car looks good back on the snow. 12/9 nice.
  2. Phil 1

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    The old Zumo’s still work well, I use a 550. Thanks for the photos.
  3. Phil 1

    Happy Birthday Snowfarmer Smclelan!

    Happy Birthday boys.
  4. Phil 1

    New beginning / era

    The sled looks like a perfect fit.
  5. Phil 1

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    December 26, 2018.
  6. Phil 1

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Gary Gary Gary it’s not noon EST yet, keep up. 😁
  7. If Quebec gets an equal amount of snow that we got rain yesterday the above is believable, it rained here in PA like mad for 18 hours.
  8. Phil 1

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Those dates were picked before Ice put up the December 1 noon engagement point.
  9. Phil 1

    Any chance ?

    Yes plenty of snow....
  10. Phil 1

    A visitor stopped by the other night

    If the reduction in hunting continues yogi will be in your bed.
  11. Even if it were true, which I doubt, the exchange rate today is 1.32 less 25% we are still 7% ahead. 😁 How much fun can you afford to have. It’s just money...
  12. Coming in from RDL on 85, which is a popular route, there are fuel stations on the right that sell passes and that is like right at the border. From Beincourt or Amqui I don’t believe passes are available till Moose Valley.
  13. Phil 1

    Whose Ex is This?

    Well what did you get?
  14. Frogs are not the primary species I see in Quebec in the winter. In fact I can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen a frog in Quebec in the winter. They would probably be safe under the ice...