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  1. Pirate ride.

    Back home. All blue sky days, had a great run it’s still there for the taking. Normal spring riding. Recap below a bit over the 43 MPH threshold at times. 😏 Probably our last ride, now time to decide what to ride next year, had some interesting conversations over cocktails about that very subject.
  2. Pirate ride.

    We are headed home, will pass you on 87.....
  3.  Pourvoirie Windigo.

    Must be headed south plenty of snow up there.
  4. Pirate ride.

    In Villa Marie right now, Greg gave his buddy Dan his spare sled, Dan blew his polaris last week, so we became 4. Let’s talk about Gaspesie.
  5. Pirate ride.

    Another slow morning, hit 93 stud groomed and nice and fast, not 43 MPH 🤪, to 83 also nice went to Val Dor for fuel and lunch. Hit 309 as none of us had ever ridden it, more turns than any other trail over here on the west side. Could use a groom, we stopped at Rapid 7 they were closed, BJ said that trail would be perfect if it were groomed well we got off the dam and viola the trail was perfect just groomed. Ran it to 63 that was also just groomed making first tracks a lot of the way. Got to 303 sud to Villa Marie for the night.
  6. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    43 MPH is like watching paint dry just shoot me. I would rather knit.
  7. Pirate ride.

    Not much imagination needed on the rail bed just great coverage and smooth.
  8. Pirate ride.

    Parking lot completely covered here.
  9. Pirate ride.

    BJ has been having issues with ice building up on stud backers and eating rear idlers, this morning he was at the dealer at 8, they took him right in changed idlers and hyfax, out in a hour. Kudos to the dealer in Chibougamau for their great and friendly service. Stayed at the Nordic rooms have been redone quite nice and reasonable. We were in no real hurry anyway sort of a rest day, left around 9:30 did not stop in Chapis for fuel. 93 was flat and fast we would alternate between hammer down and mild speed as it was pretty cold again. Fuel began getting low BJ and Dan stopped to dump some in, Greg and I wanted to see if we could make it to LSQ we put the diesels in eco and held them to the bar 40 mph, pulled into gas with 165 miles on the speedo. Greg took 37.6 liters and i took 39. Last couple miles mine was stumbling on the up hill sections, not necessary but fun to push mileage. 4 days left to ride we are in no hurry to get south of the fence it will be our last QC trip this year.