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  1. we may have to ride tughill next year!! Tug Hill gets a bad rap not always deserved. Sorry for the hi-Jack...
  2. Politics aside, this is a good read, at least for those South of the fence. Along with a photo just because.
  3. Hi George We left out of the Royal in Cabano and were faced with fresh snow, from a couple inches to a foot over freshly groomed trails, tough job but someone had to Doo it. 😁
  4. Nice pix Steven, thanks for posting.
  5. if operator took the pic...he s awesome not to let us see his footprints on the trail !!! 😂
  6. Thanks for the ride along, living the dream.
  7. Thanks for the effort Dave. Sorry you had clutch problems will have to hook up sometime.
  8. A drink just might by my friendship back, was good to see Mike thanks.
  9. Hi Mike: I’m very upset seriously think of not talking to you any more. 😁
  10. The trick is bending the other one to Match.
  11. It’s a trail now, that was when it was unmarked and rarely groomed. Easy as 1 2 3 these days.
  12. Dont know about Ice but from people who spoke to Bill you won’t see him here anytime soon...
  13. Jim uses the same dealer as I here in PA, he is 72 and does ride constantly. I personally have no desire to ride that much. 🤔
  14. Random pix, here you go. Some questions are better not asked. 😂