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  1. 10-4 on the Bannik. Best in QC! Timbo
  2. Will be riding up 83 in a week or so. Is there gas in Weymo?? Timbo
  3. The Ring-Dang-Do, now what is that?? It's round and fat, like a bowler hat. It's good for me, ........ and it's good for you.... and it's what Uncle Bernie called the Ring-Dang-Do!!
  4. A hearty "attaboy" to Eddie!! you be da man.
  5. Happy, Happy, lads. So glad to see you are aging gracefully! See you in a few weeks. Timbo
  6. Thanks for the reply Mr. GutZ. We'll give Sawyerville a try..
  7. Haven't ridden the South Shore for a few years and the "Astounding Flying Potato Brothers" are planning our first Quebec fix for early January (decent snow permitting :-) . We're planning to drive up from PA on I91, cross into Qc , and start our trip from the Sherbrooke area. Anyone have any suggestions for a secure hotel/motel in the Sherbrooke/Lac Megantic area where we could spend our first night and leave our trailers for a 7 day loop?? Mucho Thanxo. Timbo
  8. timbo

    Man Down

    May the Glow of health return to you, Don..
  9. 10-4 on french "a must". GutZ's thought on google translations being a tad to literal (squirrel y) might be an issue. timbo