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  1. Advertising Input

    10-4 on french "a must". GutZ's thought on google translations being a tad to literal (squirrel y) might be an issue. timbo
  2. Tackling cote Nord and Labrador loop

    Sounds like an adventuresome trek. You will want to haul gas, fer sure. Bush roads? Logging roads? Powerlines?? Ice? timbo
  3. He is Alive!!!!

    I was moved, nearly to tears of joy, when I espied Bill manning the booth at the Big E. . As jak opined, the man has a magnificent leg. Pud and I enjoyed visiting with MrGutz at Bill's stand. Ran into 8 or 9 Quebec Riders circulating the displays. Everybody stoked for the winter to come. Crowd was jumbo, and folks were spending money like crazy. All good, with the exception of the "seminar's" conducted in the Ballroom Saturday Afternoon. A tad low on content. I was looking forward to the segment on setting-up and tuning your suspension for conditions. Not much take-home. Timbo
  4. Moose Valley NB

    rev We looped into NB a couple of years ago and had a great stay at Moose Valley. We rode down from Cabano on TQ85. If I recall correctly we got NB permits from a trailside store just after we crossed the border on NB12. Moose Valley Lodge is a great stay. Good accommodations, good food, and we enjoyed super trails. timbo
  5. the '' rock ''......kaputt !!!

    Some great pics, JG. Reminds me of the very first years Thad and I visited La Belle Province en Hiver. Thanks for sharing. Too bad the club is loosing Henriette. She was a big asset. Timbo
  6. the '' rock ''......kaputt !!!

    Great pics, JG! How's life in Albertville?? Timbo
  7. the '' rock ''......kaputt !!!

    Quite the "reproduction"!! Timbo
  8. Groomer may have some good ideas. Timbo
  9. Bad Day in Perce

  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great Pics, as always, JG. Love seeing the seasons change. Timbo
  11. Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    Bon Anniversaire, mon ami! Sorry the pics of the Flying Potatoe Brothers last ride didn't make it thru. It was a hoot. Enjoy your birthday. timbo
  12. Super report, Alain. Truly a ride to remember! What a year!!
  13. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Or imagine that scarf blowing up in front of your faceshield, just when you are at the apex in a tight corner (and running a little "hot"). Timbo
  14. Nissan Sled!

    My, My, MY!!
  15. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great Pics, JG. Starting to get "worked-up" as the trails open. Hope to see you soon!