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  1. Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    Happy Birthday, JG!
  2. Gaspe- Season Ender

    We got stopped years ago, I had a NJ registration, now NJ does not give you a a plate or sticker, nothing but the registration card. The officer said I need to have numbers on the the sleds matching the registrations, I explained that in NJ it's ok to just have the registration card on you. He let me go (after running the vin's and our info for 45 min) but advised to get numbers on the sleds. If it is a trail officer checking permits it will not be such an issue but if it is the Police ( as in our case) the vehicle has to be registered and have plates/sticker w/ numbers otherwise we are operating a unregistered vehicle which is illegal (his words). This year I got stopped again and the police officer motioned to me with both hands together looking like a rectangle and I understood he was looking for the plate (he does not know where we are from so he is looking for the Quebec plate) , I pointed to the PA registration/plate at the bottom of the tunnel and he gave me the thumbs up and checked everyone else's!
  3. gaspie

    LOL.....You taking writing lessons from Mikerider????? (or drinking the same rouge?!)
  4. LOL.....a lot of us leave from there, some of us start our trip from there ......but you are LAUNCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a safe trip and let us know how the snow condition is in Maniwaki.
  5. Starting point  Rapides-des-Joachims question

    Someone had posted that they called La Varendrye and they said they are grooming 63 to Ville Marie once a week and the map shows it was done recently.
  6. When will people learn??

    ...and this area (Mt Tremblant, St Agathe , St Donat) has been hurting with all the prior closures , they have been working hard to reroute and try to reconnect those trails so the economy can pick up once again! I was there a few weeks back and there was talks of possibly connecting the 317 in 2019 and also north of St Donat to 63 thru the park once again, the 43 in this area is already disconnected so this is another blow to the area, if you cant ride thru an area the long trippers and saddlebaggers are not going to come to the area!
  7. ....and you never know who you might "bump" into on the trails, last Friday we bumped into the Gutz Brothers at the Drakkar...!! and while we were having dinner the one and only Don the "Iceman" stopped in to say hello and hand out stickers!!
  8. What are the odds of me taking the same cab from four points to ice hotel !!
  9. Drakkar Lynch mob

    I asked Reggie if he wanted to keep the keys, he said no, maybe he will ask for keys from now on just in case, i thought he would have the info when the guy checked in? So he could call?
  10. Yes Drakkar, should arrive around noon - 1, would be great to see you!
  11. How is it looking up there Don? Coming up Saturday for a week loop....?
  12. Trip March 4-9th

    Thanks guys, looks like I will go with Shawinigan since it is an hour less blacktop and my friends truck has issues so I have to take my (small) truck to pull the open 4 place with 3 sleds!