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  1. If you are from NY you need a PA registration, others no!
  2. What you don't know can't hurt you!
  3. Maybe Towing can figure a way to do live "Zoom" or "Teams" ride a long and we down here can have our cell or I pad on our machines and "dream ride" with them live?
  4. Happy Birthday , Jean Guy! Mario & Chris.
  5. That's what I read as well, but now a tiger at the Bronx zoo has tested positive for covid-19, this guy may have to look for a different outfit!
  6. JG, we are also going to miss your Groomer pictures!
  7. I heard that USA will be shutting down in less than 48 hours country wide, for a minimum of 14 days, ofcourse I am hoping this is not the case, but it is better to be safe than sorry and be with your family !
  8. Looks like it is right at the intersection of 5 and 518
  9. mcstar

    GT 2020

    Nice Jim, I see you are putting on the miles! We will be at the Universal tonight, will you be there,?