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  1. I use TD bank and they don't charge any fees as they are a Canadian bank, I think the Costco Citi card also has no fees, I use the atm's and also no fees and great exchange rate, the 2 permits were $505 .00 us dollars
  2. Snowmaster had posted photos on his way by, so he would know, but I thought he was reporting Le Domain, not le classic?. I couldn't find the post!
  3. Great to hear that you hooked up with CT rider, since he was looking for a riding partner. Would like to hear about the off trail mishap, Brion!!
  4. 66 degrees F here in central New Jersey right now .
  5. I meant the relay, gas and restaurant, Midrange had posted that it's closed for the season
  6. Look's like the upper half was groomed recently, remember that the relay and gas is closed for the season on the 309,
  7. Why doesn't he just use the green key? You can always wait for him at the next intersection!😀
  8. Hi JG, is that groomer from "our " clubhouse as well?
  9. Got mine as well today, ordered Dec 8th!
  10. I got confused with trail conditions and groomer delay. The map changes color.
  11. Looks like it depends on if you're using a PC or your cell, mine are different!
  12. Nice, I may try this....may need a day or two more to complete!
  13. mcstar


    I don't believe you abuse the crap out of anything.......😀