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  1. Sad news to announce

    R.I.P. Rob.
  2. Ice’s new ride

    There's nothing like seeing her for the first time naked!
  3. Iceman's Season Ender part deux

    I think that is an 800.
  4. 4 - ST185/80D13 on galvanized rims, brand new never used, sold my trailer with old wheels! Pm me interested, they are upstate NY for now.
  5. The Accidents begin.....

    I just read that there were 2 more deaths in upstate NY. Please be safe everyone, everywhere.
  6. Gaspe tour 3/4 to 3/11

    Much better on your own with a smaller group, do your own thing at your own pace. I dont like to make plans and reservations , just go day by day , sometimes the weather does not always work out so you dont have to push for a reserved destination or the opposite, get there early and you have to stay! when you could ride farther!. Next year we will probably do the LSJ area, i dont like doing the same thing over at least for a few years, but the Gaspe is a favorite! .
  7. Gaspe tour 3/4 to 3/11

    Maybe the tour may have been a mixed bag of fast and slower riders so it was hard to keep it together? No one passed on the right, I was radioed that some one wanted to pass and so i was going to stop after I crossed the street but they passed as i was stopping for the crossing then they stopped on the other side maybe because the others were not there?. So I just went past them and kept going and I think the same thing happened again. At the next show I will look out for the T.I.T.S. booth !!!
  8. New to Gaspee - Stop recommendations

    Local trail off of 5 into Ste. Anne Des Monts, we were there Wednesday night and it was still accessible, stayed at Hotel & Cie, a little pricey but very nice place,
  9. Gaspe tour 3/4 to 3/11

    Well, I dont think the lead rider and his 3 "wannabe racers" were very professional passing at high speeds when i was slowing down for a stop sign! Then stopping again on the other side to wait for the rest of the group and then the same thing again! And the 2 last guy's (one with a gopro and back packs) always doing a hole shots on takeoff, leaving craters behind, I thought I was back on "tug hill". ! . Good thing we were not on any schedule and no reservations so i googled your tour route and went the other way! I hope you were not one of those if so i apologize, this is a family fun sport, not a " i paid so i can do whatever i want" attitude. Everyone i have met on QR are seasoned professional snowmobilers. Glad you enjoyed it.
  10. Reservations

    There was a lot of traffic going east to mont st. Pierre, we cancelled our reservation at 1 from murdocville and opted to go to sainte anne des monts for the night,
  11. The Iceman!

    Today the Iceman strikes again.... in the Gaspie !
  12. Yet another Gaspe report!

    Neksleder, groomer was done by that time, we met him 9:30 on his way back from the cable bridge, the short cut is just a few miles once you go over the bridge, I almost missed it,if you are "moving" you can miss it, it was not heavily travelled so I assumed lots more miss it, great run for the first day!!
  13. mont saint pierre to gaspe conditions?

    Right now that section has snow drifts and the wind only died down this morning and they are working on opening it up, just keep on checking the interactive map, we are on the south shore now planning on passing that section Wednesday, but we may bypass it if not fully groomed
  14. Gaspe March 5-10

    Nice meetig you Russ and Pam at dinner with the rest of the QR group, we will see you on the trails for sure!
  15. Conditions...

    Looking at the grooming report this morning and LSJ area looks like the place to be riding !!!