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  1. Looks like there's a local trail off of 521 that ends at the racetrack on imotoneige
  2. mcstar

    GT 2019

    Jim, you got your moneys worth on that winch!!
  3. That's why you went back twice.....??
  4. The area should hold up as there was good snow cover, I did see the sign for the Meriotel, but it was a little further up so we took the Manoir trail, place has food, bar, rooms are a little small, food was good. Has a sled corral, and there is a gas station after you turn off the 55 to hotel
  5. mcstar

    GT 2019

    Are you referring to the pounding on your back from her....? That is why my wife now has her own sled!
  6. mcstar

    GT 2019

    Is Gemma giving the thumbs up for a good job digging or....!!! in the 3rd photo!😀
  7. That's nice JG, enjoy the ride and company, say hello to Linda for me!!!
  8. Glad you got to experience this up close, and it looks like he came by fast and moved on without no harm done, we suffered a broken windshield and bent handlebar on one of our sleds a few years back on 595 ! Moose went by the first 2 sleds then kicked the last sled ! He (friend) was cold the rest of the way back, the rest of us were laughing in our helmets!
  9. We left Montmagny Friday morning and conditions were still good. The best lodging is L'oiseliere, but I think that by March 17th you should stay at Econolodge , right on the trail , no need to ride the sidewalk off trail ,with this warm up it will not survive unless they get more snow right before you start your trip. The Econolodge is being renovated and rooms are nice. March 17th is generally a hit or miss for Montmagny area. A trip that late in March needs to be planned at the last moment due to conditions.
  10. mcstar

    GT 2019

    Thank you Jim and Gemma for letting us ride with you to radar tower and to lunch at Groomers club house. We took 5 back to Rimouski and stopped at L’Empress, at 4:30, was too cold to try making Trio Pistoles. We are going to head to Montmagny today, hope to reach truck in Drummondville on Friday.
  11. This morning we left Phenegamook, took 35 to 563 which was covered with fresh snow which made for a great ride, we did lose the trail at one point as it was not marked well, a quick look at the app and we back tracked and found the trail and onto 85 to the gas in Deglis, 85 was good as well, we back track a little and take 571 north which is excellent all the way to Sqatec, have lunch and onto 35 to 5 both good as well all the way to the 579 intersection, we checked into Domain Valga with 165 miles, looking like a daisy tour with these low miles and look who just pulled in.....Jim and Gemma and they did 270 miles!. Getting ready for dinner, not sure where we are going tomorrow. We only saw 7 sleds all day. Full house here at Valga.
  12. When you get off 5 there is Econolodge, carry on down the trail on the same side, a long the road, it is on same side , same road no turns
  13. You can park at Roquemont, maybe the dealer next door sells passes, or they will know
  14. Would of been great, next time, this confirms that it was gtrider we crossed on the trail!