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Springing Ahead…… Peninsula Play


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Yeah, armchair-rider this season! All good over here though thanks!

Since we got retired I’ve been keeping the sawbones-docs & physical-terrorists busy! And Mrs. PLAYHARD is THE BEST cheerleader!

Kinda funny too, when people who don’t know my ortho history hear that I’ve gotten into “body work” since retirement, they think I’m talking about cars!

For this winter's chapter, I've got a fantastic new knee in a horrible old leg, and they're slow to play nice together!

But TABERNAK, I put this poor limb through so much over the years, been busted and repaired a couple/few times, so it’s only fair that it pushed back!

Looking forward! Thanks again! Woo hoo!

(Oh, about Aruba, I need to close this chapter first, then DEFINITELY some One Happy Island rehab!)





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7 hours ago, poltodoo said:

Best of luck

Don't wanna hijack here, but... BIG merci!

Yeah, prosthesis polymers keep getting better! Hip was done beck in '88 (35yrs?!) back when non-cemented was new! So 3rd revision was the charm!

Still gotta get the shoulders done once the knee is spiffy. Rotator cuffs are fine, so I could ROCK a wheelchair, just not at this time!

And getting back to the topic: We once saw 2 guys wobbling out of Cabane Chez Hill with their arms locked, carring a 3rd guy out between them like a king, and they slung the 3rd guy onto his sled! Thought they were just feeling their beers & treating the dude for his birthday or something. But as they peeled off, we saw a wheelchair hooked on to the back of his sled! Grandé inspiration!

And speaking of birthdays!... ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!  Happy 60th Poltodoo!  Rock n Roll class of '63!

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On 3/21/2023 at 5:26 PM, jak said:

Keep sluggin Playhard, you will get better. Believe it or not I have as much, maybe more metal than you. Did about 4800 miles this season. Some reason don't feel any pain when bustin down the trail. Be well, see ya next season.

Well.. until some asshole put gas in your LinQ Gas Can......



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