Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

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3 hours ago, Triggerhappy said:

The pictures you take really are incredible.  Love the fox.  Thank you for sharing them with us.


hi triggerhappy !!!

many thx !!!....for the fox , i made a little mistake , i stayed in my truck taking pics coming toward me....then i soon he passed helper side door...went outside and click-click again !!!

for the birds...when i saw them...they took off....they made a big loop while i was still driving ...they landed back where they had took off...stopped and click-click !!!

mushrooms...while taking a walk toward the swamps near my camp !!!




DSC_0318 (1).JPG

DSC_0439 (1).JPG

DSC_0408 (1).JPG

DSC_0353 (1).JPG

DSC_0411 (1).JPG

DSC_0352 (1).JPG








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3 minutes ago, hparaptor said:

If this is representative of a bad week, I'd hate to see what a terrible week would look like.

Please keep the pictures coming.  I enjoy viewing them.  Thank you for sharing, JG

hi hparaptor !!!


ahhaha....not much sunshine in the last 5-6-7 days...frost too ...great for pics...

i cleaned the last 1000' before landing at the camp last thursday ...lot wider...

merci !!!




DSC_0358 (1).JPG



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56 minutes ago, skidoo420 said:

Great pics JG making every QR long off season most enjoyable 

bonsoir skidoo420 !!!

great to hear from you !!!

merci ...yaaa...i guess it help a lot !!!...a bit less boring during summer time ...

my season to my camp is getting to closer to the end...few days of work there...then '' kapuutt '' for this year !!!









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1 hour ago, hparaptor said:

Wow.  Can't get enough of these pictures.  It's almost as if I was there.  Thank you.  

merci !!!....friend emailed me last night...almost 6'' of snow at my camp...sadly i still have my summer tires ...ahahha....and my 4w still there !!!

friend came to visit 2 saturday ago !!! he flew  a few times over the camp !!





billy 1.jpg

billy  3.jpg

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JG, my buddy has a camp like yours, 20 miles to get there by water, up 2 rivers and across one lake, in northern Maine. We go there at ice out for landlocked salmon every spring and another  week for brookies. Spend a week at a time, and never see another person, probably the best 2 weeks of the year, totally off the grid, I know what you are saying, hard to close it down for the year. We will probably go back in December to hunt dear, and hang by the wood stove. Best part of this is that it is starting to look like the season is turning to SLEDDING, we will all see you soon. Thanks for the ariel pics, really beautiful, Bob.

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