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2020-2021 Shawinigan Snow Reports


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13 December 

-1c freezing rain....maybe 4” of snow (being generous) 

well regardless which side of the border you are on.....another disappointing storm. Better than all rain I guess, and with cold temps forecast for this week may make for a solid base. 

More snow than shows on spa was windy and now freezing rain pushing it down.


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21 minutes ago, Pipeman said:

We are supposed to get 10"-15" inches here tomorrow thru Thursday, I better start booking rooms ! 

Fire up the groomers

what will it be like in two weeks Wes?

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29 December 

-13c this am 

less than 2” snow yesterday followed by some light drizzle. 

Rebuilding the base little by little

*******however using the Covid Statistics math we received over 2 feet of snow

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8 minutes ago, MrGutz said:

Is that With Drizzle or From Drizzle?



in two weeks at this rate will be over the roof (using Covid Math)

impassable even for the groomer. 

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