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Playhard: Re-Boot/Re-Opener

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Topped off in La Tuque, smelled the rotten eggs at the wood pulp mill, ooo-ahh'd the waterfall, lapped Club Odanak & see they've got a bunch more pooches...












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After that y'know 73 starts getting bigger-wider, and that's when the 6"-8" snow gets heavier. It's kinda somewhere in between fluffy & cream-cheesy. GREAT riding but would be nice to see the trail in the wide opens. 





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We start seeing tracks in front. BIG help when/where needed like in the big dippy hilly bowls. I'd be happy to buy whoever that is a beer or three!

Sure enough, we come up on the 3 hard-core dudes we saw at the gas pumps. Can't mistake them for anyone else, aside from them appearing to be loaded for an expedition, all three have big yellow-green patches with reflective "X's" covering the backs of their jackets. 

Smiles. Bon jour?!... Smiles back, perfect English. They're Vermonters also headed to Relais 22! Bingo, their front man is a playfull puppy. Got GPS? Points to his head. We go!

They easily saved us what would have been an hour or more of hunting and pecking!

The beers with Skip & Dave & the Capt'n were an absolute pleasure, as were the stories.

As were the flank steaks, and the hospitality, and the groomer arriving from the east at breakfast!



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Tues 3/10, fine rain, as promised, no worries. That's why we nixed plan-A to loop west & south to 100 Lacs & Chez Igance. 

We know it's going to turn to snow as we head north & east toward LSJ.

Just need to figure if we go over the top to Dolbeau (too much snow, if there is such a thing?). 

Or under to Saguenay (to set up a sure return to the barn Thurs?), coin toss... Destination Delta! 

Rain put a crunchy crust on top of the fresh 4"-8".  We leapfrog with the Vermonters, they're headed to St Felician du Jardin. Bon Journay! Thanks again for the miles & smiles!

Raining turns to snowing pretty well as we go, but way better visibility. Joseph's discussing the theories of cornering & body-Franglish & controlled track spin.

This lad's a natural, keeping right whenever I peek in the mirror. And always there, smiling a mile wide after oncoming traffic passes. 





















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Sorry for not posting in real-time!

All in all Tuesday ride kicked arse! And the last 10 miles into the Delta just kept us honest with drifty dippy fields and stick-to-stick low visibility.

Riddle me this: When there's just one stick and zero clue of the trail before the wind blew the new stuff all over the place, do you go to the right or left of it?

Anyway, there's no photo evidence of any stuckage, and it was ruled a non event since it was me that led him astray, plus no recovery apparatus was used. So Joseph graduated tug n blip class with flying colors!

But seriously, WHAT UP with all of the culvert bridge signs being upside down?!

And who told the Quebecers that Boston has any rights to pizza glory?

Anyway, check the box on 1st poutine, deluxe with smoke meat, and sugar pie! And warm Caribou "blood" in the lobby. 

Miriam said Bill's back in NH, so didn't get to kiss that ring. But had a nice visit in the bar with 800Steve & Co. all headed to Central in Parent to pay (300mi) of respects. 

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So where to Wednesday to be set up for Thursday in 3 Rivers?  We'd love the 23 down to St Ray, but that'd make Thursday short. And my protégé has well earned a cush stay, so destination Le Manoir Richelieu Charlevoix!

There are a dozen miles of stutter bumps, but that became a distant memory with section after section of bliss. First with slidey cheesy flatness, then the Clermont E-train. The best I've ever had it. 

Swapped sleds for a stretch. Great place for tasting the step up in weight & horsepower. Go cart is fun as hell for me. But what the hell?! Who left the front door open?!  I'd forgotten how cold it was this morning until I got behind the mid/low windshield! Good thing Joseph didn't love wrastling with the big girl.

Had a quick class on what the puffy-face cloud guy sign means at the drifts at bottom by the river. Then what the yellow dash light with the "F" number counting up the clicks we've done on reserve. 

Pas du problem! I'll dump the gallon into the Apex, and the Vector should be fine for the last 10 miles into the pumps. Oops, musta forgot to fill that roto! Grab the other, oops? OK! Let's have a class on throttle control! We make it. Nice new station in Clermont.

Then the last 8 miles to the Fairmont look fresh groomed! A nice way to end the (early/3hr) day. We don't tear it up. "Tread Lightly". Just then a light flurry starts as we roll down the golf course. They really think of everything over here. 

Tuck into the undergound garage, Team sticker still on the Zamboni, Jack & Gingers pre-game, out to the pool, over to the Casino, first a stop at the on-site St Hubert bar for finger food, won BIG at the cashier booth (35% exch), made the donation and hit a few times at roulette, and bon nuit!


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On 3/10/2020 at 9:50 PM, PLAYHARD said:

Still gotta wrap up yesterday and fill in today.

In the meantime: Where are we now?...

(hint: Just had a nice visit with 800-Steve & Co.)







Great to see you Tuesday night. Best uncle ever. Nephew smiling ear to ear. Have a good trip back and good luck with the leg.

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