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  1. MichiganRev

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Hi Jack and Sandi Looking forward to your posts. Good to see that at least there is rideable snow somewhere. Congrats Sandi on the 600R, welcome back to the 2 stroke world. Have fun, Dave
  2. MichiganRev

    Westbound from Shawinigan

    Nothing wrong with that photo, trail looks awesome.
  3. MichiganRev

    Northbound 2018

    Great pics Jeff and Sandy. Trails look great. 62 degrees here in Michigan today, ugh.
  4. MichiganRev

    Back in UK

    Glad to see you are back home safely. As always, enjoyed spending time with you and everybody that comes to the Delta. Only downside to staying at the Delta.......time flies by, just a blur. But like anything in life, our memories will get us through till the next time....and look at that, the good Lord willing, were already less than a year away till the next time. Take care Dave .
  5. MichiganRev

    Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Back in Michigan after the 16 hour drive, but worth every mile to ride the world class trails of Quebec. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit or ride with folks from New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ottawa, England and of course Quebec. Great friends and great times, lifetime memories for sure. A very special thank you to all the groomer operators and volunteers and others who give of their time so we can enjoy this sport. It's hard to fathom what it takes to put a trail system like this together, but every year it just seems to get better. Again thanks! Only downside to this sport is you just can't get enough. I rode 8 days, 1600 miles, have been home less than 24 hours and all I want to do is get out on that sled and ride. Everybody enjoy the rest of winter and be safe out there. Dave
  6. MichiganRev

    Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Yeah but in Florida their groomed trails aren't very well maintained.
  7. MichiganRev

    Arrived in Paradise

    Glad to see you are back in paradise Bill. Looking forward to your trail reports.
  8. MichiganRev

    2018 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Great pic Don. Looks like a sneak peek photo making you wonder "what are they coming out with now"
  9. MichiganRev

    2018 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Have my map out and following along. Also had my first ride today in northern lower and you're right about getting dressed for the first run of the season, geez took me a half hour to figure it all out, lol.
  10. MichiganRev

    Something to check

    Just put new couplers and chains on both trailers last week. Glad that happened to you at home and not on the highway.
  11. MichiganRev

    Meanwhile today at the Delta...

    Looks good, nice start and it's only November! Thanks for posting Ray.
  12. MichiganRev

    Happy birthday Saguenay Bill

    Happy Birthday Bill. 🎂 Dave
  13. MichiganRev

    A great year for sure!

    Great post. My Dad introduced me to snowmobiling many years ago and I miss him dearly, but the memories we had together will last forever, thanks for sharing. And I'll second Jacks post, you'll love your 850's. Dave
  14. MichiganRev

    2017 RDL Conditions

    Great pics, looks fantastic!
  15. MichiganRev

    Trip no. 6

    I just tell them that I'm going to see Saguenay Bill and they let me right through, no problems.