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  1. Meanwhile today at the Delta...

    Looks good, nice start and it's only November! Thanks for posting Ray.
  2. Happy birthday Saguenay Bill

    Happy Birthday Bill. 🎂 Dave
  3. A great year for sure!

    Great post. My Dad introduced me to snowmobiling many years ago and I miss him dearly, but the memories we had together will last forever, thanks for sharing. And I'll second Jacks post, you'll love your 850's. Dave
  4. 2017 RDL Conditions

    Great pics, looks fantastic!
  5. Trip no. 6

    I just tell them that I'm going to see Saguenay Bill and they let me right through, no problems.
  6. Trail Conditions

    Have a safe trip home Gary and Pat, it was great to see both again. I'm like you, already looking forward to next year. I didn't make it down to the Cage for ribs this year, did you guys make it there? Till next year Take care Dave
  7. St. Raymond- Lac St Jean

    I thought it was, Chim chim cha roo.
  8. Trail Conditions

    Wishing you and your 600 ACE a speedy recovery Bill Dave
  9. Trail Conditions

    Ok fill us in, what happened?
  10. Trail Conditions

    No thank you from them, must be trolls from "below" the Bridge. Not all Michiganders are that way. Dave
  11. Trail Conditions

    Alright Ray, let's here your take on what happened.
  12. Beautiful pics, gives you the feeling of being right there. Thanks for taking the time to post. Dave
  13. Trail Conditions

    How do you like the new trail Bill? Dave
  14. Trail Conditions

    Glad your back in paradise Bill, great pic out the window. Looking forward to your reports. Thanks Dave
  15. 2017 Jack & Sandi's trip

    Great reports Jack, thanks for taking the time to post them. Dave