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  1. Don’t judge the new lynx 850 by this video or most of the videos I have seen of it online. Yup first thing they show is wheelieing all over the place, what a disservice they are doing to the overall functionality this skid frame offers. Smooth trails or rough I thoroughly enjoyed it. For once I agree with the Snowtrax online review.
  2. If you are able please tell him all his fellow Quebec riders are wishing him a speedy recovery. I will send him an email as well.
  3. How goes it Chris ? Glad to see your still kicking! We worked on the hose or a fitting or something with the chain case last winter on our way to Lac Faillon if I recall. Couldn't have been the other Chris and my handy work though.....
  4. Well the riding is done around here. Switched back to two wheels , good to be back on this also !
  5. Dang, sorry to hear that! Always an adventure....
  6. Next season is going to be just fine, I can feel it! Or it could be the tacos I had for supper 🙂 Na! We will all be riding in Quebec next winter!
  7. Good to hear he is a great man, my hat is off to him for being able to do what he truly enjoys !
  8. Let’s hope so but sadly there are an awful lot of people who are clueless, and really don’t care. Once they get their $1400 they can buy a new cell phone!
  9. After reading the bill it makes perfect sense why the Dems want the national guard left in DC !
  10. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/feb/25/stimulus-check-1400-you-1400-week-federal-employee/
  11. That is a fact! And something else of interest is that the same attorneys who were pleading Christine Fords accusations against Kavanaugh is who they have for the woman accusing Cuomo. Which tells you the liberals want Cuomo out of there, he is not progressive enough for them. Soros money and AOC are driving it.
  12. Can you just imagine how hard China, Russia, and India are laughing at this ?
  13. Motel du Lac in Lebel S Q is fine, no supper only a nice continental breakfast. I suggest OPC Deli for supper. I would make the 93/83 loop as smclelan no problem to pull off in 5 days. One thing to check on is earlier in the season there was no gas at the lumber mill so you need to find out for sure if there is gas there on your way from Chibougamau to Saint Felecien. If that’s not in the cards Iceman gave you great info also. Happy trails and post some pics of the trip 👍
  14. Excellent find! I just found the BRP/Lynx page that has all the accessories but still there does not seem to be a combo bag that will fit for multi day trips in Quebec. Might have to get intuitive 🙂
  15. They worked great on the trail, I can’t say how well they would work in 6+ inches of fresh powder because what we rode was groomed trails but they are wider than the regular pilot skis.