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  1. No it’s my reverse psychology, if I believe it’s going to happen there’s not a chance so I have to a pessimist. Like showing up in time for supper with a fork in my hand expecting that I would be fed ......pointless. Therefore I expect not to be fed and everything works out fine ! 🍝🍷
  2. Hope it happens, never put any faith in the weatherman 🤞
  3. Ice’s new ride

    I can’t stop staring at her.............helmet
  4. 2100km Loop Guidance

    I always go Jan, Feb, and March, December you will lack connectivity for sure. In early January the upper part of 93 always has brush sticking up through the snow except the Chapais area which is typically pristine. You will also be whacking sticks near Wemotaci heading west from Relais22 unless you can run the forest roads. February is always the most reliable month, run the same trails and you will think how can this be what I rode 3 weeks ago ? It’s perfect now! March can be excellent as well but you start rolling the dice much past the 2nd week. But hey it’s always an adventure, that’s what makes this sport so great ⛄️ I don’t usually book until 3 days before heading up because things can change quickly.
  5. Ice’s new ride

    Congrats on the new ride👍
  6. Mt Valin looking good

    Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing 👍
  7. la cache !!!!

    I always loved this place one of the best night stays I ever had was at La Cache we stayed there with a couple from Nova Scotia and the owner treated us all like gold and was actually an excellent cook , sorry that he sold it if I recall he also had a restaurant down along the coast near Maria maybe I don’t remember. I hope the new owner will be as gracious
  8. Sad news to announce

    That’s a real shame to hear , I remember way back when he started the whole forum mostly for helping us owners of the Firecat F7 ! He was a great asset to snowmobilers and will be missed. RIP
  9. Suggested Tour guide?

    For reasons work related I cannot do it.
  10. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    Yep,I will never understand why they don’t make a heated shield that will take care of the outside instead of just the inside “breath fog”. I swear back in the late 90s my HJC had one but I could be nuts.
  11. Suggested Tour guide?

    Thank you very much to everybody for your contact information and helpful comments. I think we have it figured out now and I have the resources and contact info if anything changes , thanks again. I know for sure that they will have a blast in Quebec regardless and if I was to pick for them it would be a small Iceman or Bill’s friend for me as I think that would offer a lot more fun and personable trip !
  12. Suggested Tour guide?

    To easy, Straight to Labrador or nothing!
  13. Suggested Tour guide?

    Yes Bill please give me the info and thank you!
  14. Suggested Tour guide?

    Careful what you wish for ! I thought of offering the same thing but if a sled breaks or they wreck one how will you get another to them etc...?