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  1. I sure hope the cold holds on up there, it is supposed to hit 50f this Saturday in Pennsylvania . Same old shit.....
  2. Pipeman

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    I’m anxious to try it this season, it certainly feels more comfortable than the Bv2
  3. Pipeman

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Nope my BV2’s and my modular are both large so who knows maybe they’re just varying between batches so to speak or my previous concern is true.....
  4. Pipeman

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Roadrunner are you sure on the Oxygen helmet running small statement? I found the opposite to be the case, normally I wear a large helmet but had to buy a medium Oxygen helmet. Only wanting to clarify in case someone on here orders one. Could be I lost more brains too 🙄
  5. Pipeman

    Cool snow sculpture

    Very cool !
  6. Pipeman

    need help planning trip

    Thanks Tom won’t be long now!
  7. Pipeman

    need help planning trip

    I don’t recall off the top of my head what the ferry crossing cost ( at Tadoussac it’s free) you’ll have to Google that and pay attention to the crossing times because they may not always depart from both towns (BC & Godbout) each day check departing times for the date you wish to cross. make sure you’re there early to load. Then if you decide to take the shuttle at Levi’s last year that was $30 per person. Again for the ferry crossing just do a Google search it is easy to find and make sure you put in the date you wish to cross because there are different departing times for winter than summer
  8. Pipeman

    need help planning trip

    Mid February is a beautiful time to do that trip, you have several options of course but you can leave from Valdor and head north on the 93 towards Chibougamau and on to Lac St Jean area where I would take a day and ride in that area if you never have before. Then continue on the 93 towards Sacre Coeur or Forestville, from there. Also If you want you can take the PelChat trail across to Sacre Coeur instead of staying on the 93 the whole way. Once you pass La Chapelle it is on the left after a few miles, they will help you at La Chapell if you are concerned exactly where it is but as long as you’re paying attention you can’t really miss it. Just make sure you fill up with gas at La Chapelle before heading across. Then you can take the ferry at either Baie Comeau or Godbout across to Matane in the Gaspé were you could continue heading north east and circle it clockwise . Then continue on down through the Baie Saint Laurent area and the Chaudiere Appalaches region and take the shuttle across ( which will be a van pulling an enclosed trailer that will shuttle you across to the other side at a little restaurant called Colibri). That takes place at the old Bernier‘s restaurant in Levi’s. Then head towards Shawinigan and on up to Relais 22 or Windego and work your way across the 83 and back to Valdor. I would also recommend starting from Temiscaming on the Quebec side it will save your drive time and the trail up to Rouyn Noranda is a nice run. You can fill in the blanks where you would want to stay but that is the general trip you were interested in. I hope you have a good group it is a long run but easily doable in your time frame just allow a day for incidentals you didn’t plan on happening . 😁
  9. Pipeman

    All this early Snow....not good.

    Yep so how are things shaping up in the Hearst / Hornepayne area now ?
  10. Pipeman

    Great first ride of the season

    Awesome! Thanks for posting
  11. Son of a gun I did not know they were going to count them in Florida
  12. Pipeman

    Trees and lots of them

    Wow what a mess ! real example of how much effort goes into keeping these trails maintained big thanks to all who help 👍
  13. Wow congrats! I have been voting for Mark but I already know I will never win anything with low expectations I am never disappointed ⛄️😀
  14. Pipeman

    Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Snowmobiling in Gulf Shores Alabama this week....
  15. Pipeman

    Question about Balbuzard

    Doesn’t really matter what language she speaks I can’t understand any of them 😀