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  1. Hopefully Alan and Carol buy it, they enjoyed Clova and Parent is even more upscale!
  2. What a shame, deserves a hammock in the tropics. Best of luck
  3. I am trying to figure out how to buy a trail pass without my sled having come in yet since you are supposed to list the make model vin etc. I sent an email to FCMQ , they said sorry you can’t, not much help. When Covid hit they had a program where you could do it but I don’t see that on their website anymore…
  4. Damn, that’s a shame. Thank you for the info Don.
  5. Got it thanks. I have the 10.25” ordered on my 850 gade but I have not heard any of them coming in yet on the gen 5 sleds. Probably be here in May 😀
  6. Excellent info above , I was just going to tell Chris to reach out to Markusvt or Kenny(KRM) for info.
  7. Nice! Which gauge did you get?
  8. Yes our support is so fragile and this is more proof of it, every year we struggle with trail closures. Thankfully there hasn’t been any pushback from the farmers union this season yet…
  9. I always love the let’s schedule a psychological report….well no shit? Sounds like he’s perfectly sane to me!! What a waste of time. Always a way out for these nut jobs, toss him in the ground before he kills someone.
  10. Yep still in business, I used them last year.
  11. Of course they did, same for Lou Dobbs. “His fair share” was a Bernie quote 👍
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