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  1. KM 31 Today

    Sweet !
  2. Trail Info

    For sure , sometimes you have to “make “ your own snow
  3. New term for your snowmobiling dictionary

    I agree but I have had plenty from Quebec blast by me as well, idiots are on both side of the border.
  4. The 998 turbo motor outrunning the old 1100 with the same tune?
  5. Hope you have a good ride Chris !
  6. Iceman and the Boss man

    Nice report ! Your getting good at it , way more patience than I have to do them.
  7. Updated LA Cache

    Awesome thanks 👍. Frenglish , I like that
  8. Current conditions

  9. Current conditions

    Excellent condition in the Monts Valin and LSJ just rode it yesterday and today, heading across the 93 tomorrow for Amos from La Dore
  10. Sept Isles

    Well we changed directions today due to the weather calling for freezing rain potential on Thursday in Matane. So this morning we went to Chanel du Nord then took Benoit’s trail over to the Pelchat trail and ended up at KM 31 tonight. Going to play in the Monts tomorrow then head for the Abitibi on the 93 Wednesday then back the 83 eventually Shawinigan. Want to stay where the cold is. Oh well we will be back up March 2 maybe try again. By the way the trail from Chenal du Nord to Pelchat trail was outstanding,, we hit some impressive drifts!
  11. Sept Isles

    Yep looks like a full on blizzard right now 30mph wind 15-20cm tonight 🤺
  12. Sept Isles

    Yeah we know and I expected it to be less than perfect but it was truly 💩
  13. Sept Isles

    Day 2 was a brand new day! The groomer God’s worked their magic all the way to Forestville👍 Only issue was after gassing up at Escoumins the wind began to howl and the snow was really coming down, fun stuff til we pulled into the Econo Lodge in Forestville for the night. This should make trails entertaining tomorrow
  14. Sept Isles

    Day one mostly trail 3 to Bair st Paul for the night. From just north of Quebec City area to 25 miles south of BSP the 3 was trashed! I don’t think we ever ran such a long stretch of trail that bad. I was ready for a hot shower and a couple Advil. Room at motel Chalets chez Laurent was great
  15. Sept Isles

    Heading there from Shawinigan in the morning, not in one days ride but you knew that 😀 then we will back track to Godbout take the Ferry Wednesday at 5pm to Matane and work our way back to Shawinigan.