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  1. Fastest cure to Solve the virus lock down would be to delay the USA election for four more years I’ll bet it would go away in a month
  2. It looks like Canada is doing a fantastic job and I hope the case trend continues to go down quickly for them and every other country. Just to put it in perspective though keep in mind California has more people living there than all of Canada does.
  3. Out riding around on the mountain roads
  4. An interesting fact regarding this is that many countries in Europe are running death rates ten times higher than the United States proving private care is always better. Another thing related is smoking in Europe is also higher than here which no doubt having an effect on being able to fight off this virus that attacks the lungs.
  5. Ha ! Yes and fortunately I found it for the trip. Yes doo is getting to be brilliant like HD, offer all the accessories for sale instead of putting anything worth a damn on it.
  6. I put snow tracker semi aggressive runners on my DS2 skis on a renegade 137 that has a 1.5” ice ripper track., 99% dart free easy steering. My only complaint with them is in soft snow your fuel mileage definitely drops a good 3+ mpg. Usually not a big deal but a bit annoying for sure....
  7. I bought this 2020.5 XRS Renegade and took it on our last trip in March , so I am all set for next winter, very pleased with it.
  8. That is an awesome accomplishment Chris! There was zero doubt in my mind you would make 10,000 miles . The sticker is off my sled and ready to send.😀👍 perhaps I will stop by on my motorcycle this summer and drop it off, shower in the am and hit the road😀😀
  9. That’s awesome! You are my hero👍
  10. Excellent trip report as always! Thanks for taking the time to share it.
  11. I am sorry I missed your post earlier, yes I would definitely reserve a room chances are it’s not needed but you don’t want to come up this far and not be certain you have a place to sleep.
  12. Thursday 3/12 we enjoyed a great evening with Snowmaster 2112 at Lac Faillon. We awake to pounding on our door, yep it’s Snowmaster telling us to get the ....up it’s 10:30, he charges in our room grabs his helmet he left in our room and outside he goes. It’s really only 7am but he’s ready so we get up and eat breakfast. We leave about 9 and the 83 to Balbuzzard our first “stop” was mint, as it was the rest of the way to Clova. We had intended to ride to Parent with Snowmaster who going to then head south and IKE and I were going to stay at Parent but with the rain they were calling for in La Tuque on Friday we hammered all the way to La Tuque and ended the trip early (385 miles for the day) . It was a great season, crazy weather for sure but one of my most memorable ones with a great riding partner and many memorable times . Thank you also to Triggerhappy and Snowmaster2112, two awesome guys to ride with!
  13. Very sorry since it was only 11:45am we decided to go farther than Parent and after looking at the weather again for Friday we rode all the way back to La Tuque 385 miles (lac Faillon to Marineau) and ended the trip. I sent you a text but assumed you went to camp also to avoid riding in the crappy weather on Friday. Stay safe and here’s hoping you hit the 10,000👍