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  1. Yes I received one of those hand pumps also from BRP. It broke in ten minutes. I e-mailed them telling them it broke and I hope my spring checked 2020 summit expert 850 does not have out coursed parts to the lowest bidder. Heard no response ! But, previously they did send me a $500.00 voucher for accessories or put towards sled cost when pick up @ dealer.
  2. Oh yes ! The annual menstrual cycle tour . FANTASTIC FUN !!!!
  3. Thanks Moose for the hands on Intel. We are all appreciative of your efforts to the site. Ride on !
  4. John you got the rope ?🙄 Nice run boys !
  5. Nice to read the 900T is pulling closer to the 850. The issue I would have or had on my 1200 4-Tec is the ITC Integrated Throttle Control Technology. When in Sport mode which I prefer When ripping through a wash, control of the flapper gets out of hand.. Twisting throttle body does help out. Although a worse experience with that design was When ridding in blizzard like conditions the snow would pack behind the flapper in the hinge location cutting the response down to the ECO Mode. Recall touring with NH Moose in one occasion he is riding 990 Renegade and got off sled went back a couple sleds to ask his experience. Then I noticed he runs hand muffs. Thus no worries. I don't know.. ? Luvin my 18 ' Back country with 7800 miles. Don't care if she blows it is all Fun factor getting there !!
  6. Kwick Nick is running the 2.6 track. No issues with cooling out west but we have to get back to shawini in a couple days
  7. Had that problem 3 month ago . got the cortisone shoots about 98 percent recovered now. This season 5K miles should finish curing it ! Playhard get well soon Focker !
  8. I guess it best to stay with ones brand. Test pilots are always welcome.
  9. Fantastic ! Just wondering what the adventures thread will be called ? Thinking maybe Menstrual Cycle Tour.Have fun !!
  10. I feel all the local trail pirates should take advantage of the pie crusts that are left !
  11. I find it is best to search for the the dealer with the best bottom line here in US. I strive to have any service or warranty work done in Canada. The dealer I chose is 1 1/2 hours away. The Freeride I just spring checked $3K less than MSRP.
  12. Let the Good times roll Buddy !! Say hello to Alain for me . Enjoy the private spring ridding.
  13. GoGo Marty your ridding that 850 like you rented it ! Just the way some of your customers treat your rental equipment ..