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  1. Buying a permit is the least of my worries.... Concerned how this new covid variant BS that is being introduced affects the border !!
  2. Of course the parking lot 100 % Black. Muddy gravel getting out to mushy main trail on Saturday the 18 th.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. LUV this site ! heading to Matane Saturday to Devour 95% seniters of Gaspesie ! Just finished Rouski Wheel Kit install.
  4. Happy B Day ! Dig the real time Pics and Chit chat !
  5. Fantastic ! Have a great run John & Mark. Enjoy the terrain the Gaspe offers ..
  6. Ya But, It looks to have snow tires !
  7. Ventured out into the circuit early. 10:46 now on counter clockwise tour bottom of lake 93. Destination unknown Close to St Monique 1:50 more than half way around. Crossed river in Dolbeau 3:16 on the home stretch. Relive video should be fun !
  8. For sure you guys need to stick around for APRIL ridding !👌 Show us how to do it..
  9. Tracking the Spring Fling 22 ridders. 10:47 on 83W heading towards Relais 22 Yes there 1:04 Taking the Gaz , Gritts and chewing the fat ! They gone stealth 2:08 shut down satellite ping pong on me.. On the move finally😂 . must of been a nappy. Following their crumb trails back to the Aqua Pool !
  10. 1:06 now cruising on 373 trail to Gerardville. Got to be fantastic trail conditions my stop watch says so !
  11. They will manage ! At least 75 years experience between them !!
  12. I thought she was leading that ripper loop this morning !🤣
  13. Play hard fortunately has 5 yes 5 back ups !! 🤣
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