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  1. Ventured out into the circuit early. 10:46 now on counter clockwise tour bottom of lake 93. Destination unknown Close to St Monique 1:50 more than half way around. Crossed river in Dolbeau 3:16 on the home stretch. Relive video should be fun !
  2. For sure you guys need to stick around for APRIL ridding !👌 Show us how to do it..
  3. Tracking the Spring Fling 22 ridders. 10:47 on 83W heading towards Relais 22 Yes there 1:04 Taking the Gaz , Gritts and chewing the fat ! They gone stealth 2:08 shut down satellite ping pong on me.. On the move finally😂 . must of been a nappy. Following their crumb trails back to the Aqua Pool !
  4. 1:06 now cruising on 373 trail to Gerardville. Got to be fantastic trail conditions my stop watch says so !
  5. They will manage ! At least 75 years experience between them !!
  6. I thought she was leading that ripper loop this morning !🤣
  7. Play hard fortunately has 5 yes 5 back ups !! 🤣
  8. Never ever seen a Yamaha be towed !!
  9. The rest of the gang on the white carpet 9:26 most likely headed to RDL
  10. Off to the races Day 5 8:41 am. Headed 5W Arrived Amqui @ 1:36. Andre Halle BRP dealer for John's shock. Grommers family owned state of the art facility. Fantastic service help they provided to us over the many years of Touring. Thx Thinking probably still in service shop 3:08 no movement.
  11. If you are wondering what this means. Quest to satisfy their passion for sledding each residing in different areas of the north east NH, NY, MA-NYC. Not knowing one another. Over 20 years ago they answer a advertisement to sign up and ride the smoothest sled trails ever. It read come to Quebec CA. They all meet up and a few seasons latter ridding together graduate top of the class students of New England Bob snow tours !
  12. Day four out into the wild 8:04 am. 5W Moving down 595S 8:52 La Cache 10:42 Passing warming hut 12 noon, Ski park 12:30, New Richmond 1:00. Seaming like a sweet sail down 595 ! Passed carleton 2:42 heading to point a la croix , hovering around Carleton 4:05. Exploring local orange loop probable layover Baie Blue. 6:07 now all bets down.
  13. 9:07 They are on the move. Heading East 5 North shore. Destination unknown 10:04 Rut ro backtracked to Mt St Pierre ? Thinking trail east sucked New snow hilly terrain Recon @ Mt Pierre. 12:40 traveling 5W Gaz La Marte @ 1:18 next monitoring intersection 595 4:28 Cap Chat👋
  14. You know Grommer will have your back !
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