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  1. Hi Mike, Have fun!! Be safe. Pictures , if you can?😁 Gemma
  2. The view from there is fantastic. Both summer and winter. Jim and I went up there in the summer more than ten years ago and the a few years ago when we did our annual snowmobile trip .Jim posted that trip in the Gaspe section. Thanks for posting.
  3. Wishing you a quick and uneventful recovery. Gemma
  4. Hello Mrs Ice, I love your story telling, nice to read it from a female rider’s point of view.👍I appreciate it. There is a different feel to it. Great job! I sit behind Jim (GTRider) , so I cannot describe how it feels to steer/drive the machine with different kind of trails. I do know how it feels when Jim hits a bump😁However , I get the best seat in the house with all the sight seeing that I do.😁 Enjoy yourselves and be safe. Gemma
  5. Hello Jack and Sandi, Thank you for the great story telling. Hopefully Jim and I will be there, too. On a side note, when you get back home, if you want to bring with you an OTC (over the counter) pain meds, there is Advil Dual Action that you can buy. It is a combination of acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen ( NSAID). These two pain meds work in different pathways so it is very effective for relieving pain. Plus it is also very effective for a toothache if you ever have one.🙂 Looking forward to your next report! Gemma
  6. Domaine Valga in the Gaspe is one I like to stay at. Food is not fancy but definitely home cooked, one of the best steaks I ever had.
  7. Hi Mike, I love Boothbay!!! These pictures made me smile 😊 Thank you. Gemma
  8. Not a province, it will be: United States of China That is their goal. ( Just my opinion)
  9. I emigrated to the USA when I was 20 yrs old and it took a long time ( over the course of 25 years ) for the rest of my immediate family to get here . We all went through the legal process . You are absolutely right. Not only is it an insult but a slap on my face. Not to mention to those who have been living here illegally (working and paying taxes)and have applied to obtain a legal status and still waiting to get one.
  10. Hi Don, She is not alone. I do it all the time😁 Gemma
  11. If you scroll down this list, you will see “GT 2018” post. Jim and I rode the North Shore from Godbout to Harve Saint Pierre and back. There are plenty of pictures for you to look at. Then ,you can decide for yourself.
  12. Hi Mike, Beautiful area, indeed! Jim and I visited Baxter state park a very long time ago. I will never forget that trip. A baby moose walked right up in front of the car,. It may have been a baby moose but it was huge. Like you, we also drove around those roads. And yes, the camera does not do it justice. Thank you for reminding me of how beautiful that place is. Gemma
  13. Hello Alain, I very well understand Kristine’s feet being cold. I have sat behind three Skidoo GT’s so I know how cold her feet could be. May I recommend electric socks? I have been using electric gloves and socks for 20 years ( thanks to my wonderful hubby). I could not be without those when we are riding.😁😁 Thanks for the pictures and videos. Have a safe ride ! Gemma
  14. Thank you for taking us along for the ride. I have to admit I am jealous! GTRIDER and I normally would have been there for our annual trip . Glad that you did not get hurt and happy that you are enjoying this sport with your beloved the same way I enjoy this sport with mine.
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