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  1. Or it could be the show called “Alone”. It is a survival skills show. Several individuals are dropped off at remote locations separately to survive for however long and the last person to tap out wins the money.
  2. My niece who has it was prescribed immediately by her physician with the Z-pak and hydroxy combo. Within a few days, she felt better. It seems to be effective for her. I did research in the medical field for a few years . These “studies” take a long time (years) to be even considered valid/scientific. I am actually impressed with the amount of information that is coming out. Kudos to them.! /
  3. Mike, I perfectly understand you. I am in NYC and I am a healthcare provider myself. My sister, her daughter and son are nurses and have direct contact with C-19 patients. My niece recently acquired it and is currently home recuperating. She is better now . The sad part about it is as soon as she recovers from it, she has to go right back to work as there is a shortage of staff. Everyone in her facility is getting sick, they just take turns. I hope your wife stays healthy. Please thank her for us for her courage to be out there in the frontlines. Be safe and stay healthy. Gemma
  4. Hi Mario, Yes we will be here. Looking forward to see you. Have a nice ride up.
  5. There is a gas station on TQ5. It is "Multi Gaz". Traveling toward Perce just out of Gaspe.
  6. MrsGTRider

    first run

    Hi Jack, Thanks. We are here after a 10 hour trip. Very nice scenery from Ottawa on up. The parking lot is packed tonight. Lots of vtt's. We are off to Lake Trout in the morning.